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Pokemon Sword & Shield - TRADING THREAD [Closed; Gen 8 WiFi Forum NOW OPEN]

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Looking for someone to trade and trade back my Zacian for their Zamazenta to complete dex, can offer one of the following as payment:
- HA Snom
- HA Pincurchin
- Sobble
- Any Sword Exclusives
If youre still looking, im actually trying to get Zacian for my dex and would be interested in trading back ! *:


loves a puzzle
LF: HA Pancham

FT: Riolu
Looking for a non-English Ditto! Not at all picky about IVs, just as long it's in a different language. I have many rare Pokemon like exclusives of both games, weather-based Wild Area spawns, low percent encounters, and even two Gigantamax Pokemon (Butterfree and Sandaconda), though not a lot of them have Hidden Abilities. Ask me if you wanna know if I have a specific species of Pokemon!


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Seeking: Jangmo-o (or any one from that evolutionary line)
Flapple or a Tart Apple!

Offering: Larvitar, Applin holding a sweet apple, Sobble, Scorbunny or Grookey!

Thanks c:


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looking for a turtonator! can be any level. willing to trade any galar starter (LV 1), dreepy, corsola, or ask for other pokémon i might have.


New Member
Hey there! Looking for Hidden Ability Zigzagoon. I can offer Sobble, Grookey, Goomy, Larvitar, Deino, Jangmo-o, HA Passimian, HA Corphish, HA Silicobra, or HA Toxel.
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