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Pokemon Sword & Shield - TRADING THREAD [Closed; Gen 8 WiFi Forum NOW OPEN]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Sword & Shield Discussion' started by Wulava, Nov 16, 2019.

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  1. UndeadCrypt

    UndeadCrypt Well-Known Member

    Anyone wanna trade a sinistea?
  2. HuntersBlood

    HuntersBlood New Member

    LF Galarian Ponyta. Can offer Galarian Farfetch'd for a trade.
  3. UndeadCrypt

    UndeadCrypt Well-Known Member

    I can offer a ponyta egg but do u have a sinistea?
  4. HuntersBlood

    HuntersBlood New Member

    Not yet. I'll let you know when i do if you like?
  5. Nyrhia

    Nyrhia Member

    I have one, join me on 2481
  6. Agosto929

    Agosto929 Hey

    Does anyone have a ,Gothita,Passimian to trade I have pokemon shield Im having a hard time finding goomy if anyone have it please let me know
  7. UndeadCrypt

    UndeadCrypt Well-Known Member

    I'll still trade
  8. Nyrhia

    Nyrhia Member


    Looking for a togepi, any nature will do.

    I can offer one of the following pokemon:
    Lvl 1 sobble male
    Lvl 1 Ralts (both genders)
    Lvl 1 galar ponyta male
    Lvl 48 Hoxarus (naughty nature)

    Thanks for reading and have fun
  9. JackRabbitII

    JackRabbitII Active Member

    Hey, I need a Sobble or Grookey for my pokedex ( or their evolved forms)
    what does someone want as trade?
  10. praaks

    praaks Active Member

    LF : Deino, Jangmo-o, Galarian Farfetch'd, grookey, sobble and flapple.
    FT : Scorbunny, appletun and Goomy (2 lasts are exclusive to shield)
  11. Williamsama

    Williamsama New Member

    Looking g for a litten if at all possible I have a bunch of alternative language starters and a mr rime and jpn ditto
  12. Nareik

    Nareik New Member

    I have a ton of Pokerus pokemon, open to offers, even happy to infect a specific pokemon if the offer is right :)
  13. JackRabbitII

    JackRabbitII Active Member

    i can't trade you a togepi for the galar ponyta male
  14. Nyrhia

    Nyrhia Member

    You can or you cant? i have a spare one, so.make me an offer
  15. JackRabbitII

    JackRabbitII Active Member

    mistyped like a moron! i meant i can
  16. Nyrhia

    Nyrhia Member

    That is great! My trade code is 1824
  17. skaterdan

    skaterdan New Member

    can anyone help me with a non-eng ditto ?
  18. Nyrhia

    Nyrhia Member

    Thank you!
  19. JackRabbitII

    JackRabbitII Active Member

    Thank you :)
    you don't happen to have a growlithe up for trade by any chance?
  20. oscura00

    oscura00 Active Member

    If I trade someone a feebas, would they give it a prism scale and trade it back? could trade stones or a Milotic for the scale
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