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Pokemon SwSh Story Discussion Thread (Spoilers INCLUDING POSTGAME)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Sword & Shield Discussion' started by shoz999, Nov 27, 2019.

  1. shoz999

    shoz999 Do you wanna try a good Tapu Cocoa? My treat.

    What are your thoughts on the story?

    To sum up mines, I have to say that I like the first half of the story... but... BUT WHY GAMEFREAK! Why isn't the post-game story the main story! That is so much better than anything from the main story. To get an idea what I'm talking about. It feels like GameFreak put a lot of care and handle into the post-game story which is short but they worked on the main story at the last second. So SPOILERS of course of the post-game, there are these two twin characters that are as obnoxious as they are weird and I freaking love it, they are hilarious. I have not seen this type of jerk character since Green Oak, Red's rival of the Gen 1 games. These guys should've been the main villains, not that Lysandre ripoff. Their backstories are way more interesting than perhaps most characters of the Galar region. How did this happen? I really want to know what happened here because the post-game story, although short, is way better than the main story in my opinion of course.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2019
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  2. Orphalesion

    Orphalesion Well-Known Member

    Yeah those two would have made a lot better villains. And them perhaps trying to reclaim their birthright would have made a lot more sense than and a lot better conflict....well....whatever that wannabe Tony Stark (Rose) was trying to do....
    And yes they could even have been rivals, just make them a few years younger and they are good to go.
  3. bigdaddy95

    bigdaddy95 Active Member

    The story plot behind these games were probably one of the most disappointing aspects for me. It just felt so bland, rushed, and predictable :/ Considering that we don't have access to Eternatus' eternamax form or w/e it's called, they may have saved a much deeper and more exciting story plot for a future installment(s), but my expectations are low. I agree that the game would have been a lot more exciting if the twins were included in the main plot, perhaps with their own team with Rose and Oleanabanana being a secondary set of villains to go against. Either way, there wasn't even enough tension in the story for me to take Rose and Ol' poker face seriously; my entire encounter with them was like.... "k"

    Rose's battle theme was badass though.
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  4. catzeye

    catzeye Writer's Block

    Definitely agree with the story being 100 times better with Sordward and Shielbert being the main villains. Like the way Sonia's arc was going through the main game with her showing up whenever we needed to uncover more about the legends, it honestly would have fit perfectly to have them as the antagonists. The twins use of the Galar particles could have also easily set the stage for awakening Eternatus as well.

    The more I think about it, the more I realize how easy it would be to rewrite the story of SwSh with them as the main villains and have the story be more coherent.

    Now if Gamefreak wants to do Ultra Sword/Ultra Shield with this as the plot, I'd be down for it.
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  5. shoz999

    shoz999 Do you wanna try a good Tapu Cocoa? My treat.

    If they ever make a third version, I hope they update the twins to main story villain status and Rose to secondary villain status or heck just a regular supporting character because honestly I feel like Rose would be better off as a supporting character because he really does feel like a supporting character in the wrong role.
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  6. Ignition

    Ignition Wake me up when get to Sinnoh

    I liked the main story up until Bede gets eliminated from the competition. Then it just...fell apart? The constant tremors from Enternatus and Hop’s development just kept bouncing back and forth without any coherence. But my main issue is nothing points to Rose being interested in Galar’s eventual energy crisis.

    Hop at least had the best development of any rival

    I found the post game story boring (and people get on XY’s) because the brothers just popped out of nowhere. It would’ve been interesting seeing them as main antagonists though. It would’ve fit much better: they could’ve challenged the entire cast & had connections with the legends.

    Overall very disappointed coming from the generation that gave us such a good story (well, SM. Not USUM or LGPE)
  7. Orphalesion

    Orphalesion Well-Known Member

    As I wrote in another thread, the biggest problem I have is that it isn't even a crisis. It's something that will only become relevant in 1000 years from the present. There's no urgency.
    The game even addressed that through Leon, but then didn't really give an answer to that. Which in turn made Rose's motivation (imo) laughable and incomprehensible.

    Imho it would have been better if the energy crisis WAS urgent, like in danger of running out every moment and if Rose's extensive use of the energy had caused it. Then Rose would have been a character with relatable/understandable motivations (I broke it I need to fix it, no matter the cost!) and would have provided necessary stakes.
  8. janejane6178

    janejane6178 XY over SM (ew) ANYDAY!!!! <3 (Anything actually)

    I also didnt like that the last route was SO short. We also didnt get any long maze like the victory roads in previous games and we didn't get a puzzle headquarters of the "evil" team... not to mention the boring plot. The games felt empty to me
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  9. clbgolden12

    clbgolden12 Alolan (and soon to be Galarian) trainer

    I was opposed to the idea at first, but the more I think about it, the more I realize that the Royal Brothers would have made better villains for the main story. A lot of the lore of the legendaries is straight up hidden/obscured (with the most obvious example being the mural), and something tells me the royal family had to do with it. Having Sworward and Shielbert as villains could’ve delved further into this.

    With that said, the brothers aren’t exactly the most, uh, intimidating people. Perhaps there should’ve been someone above them (their dad, perhaps?) that was the true villain.

    Either that, or they should’ve said that Eternatus was influencing Rose and those around him. Would’ve explained the weird loyalty Bede and Oleana had to him, and why he was so hyper fixated on an issue that was centuries away.
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  10. FlygontheRavager

    FlygontheRavager #1 Pokémon Anime Fan!

    Bede is loyal to Rose because he basically saw Rose as his father figure, and Oleana was poor before Rose let her work for him. That’s why they’re so loyal.

    Honestly, the League Cards hold so much important information that should’ve been actually brought up in the main story...
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  11. shoz999

    shoz999 Do you wanna try a good Tapu Cocoa? My treat.

    That would've made Rose such an interesting character, reminds me of Lysandre from Pokemon Adventures, the best incarnation of Lysandre in my opinion, where he recognizes the talent of certain poor folk.
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  12. Hunga

    Hunga New Member

    What wasn't really discussed is how freaking short the story is!
    I always hoped for something... More!
    It reminded me a bit of XY where the journey to the first arena was really long and overtime the journey from gym to gym just felt shorter.
    My shock when after gym 4 you get to gym 5 without any real delay or story taking you abroad was big and turned a bit to a disapointment.
    As someone stated this is the point the story starts to fall flat...
    Some elements like Bede becoming a gym leader or Sanias journey are really good and unexpected turns.
    Just hoped for something more... Like the power plant beeing a maze and some grunts trying to stop you, having some more insight why Bede is collecting the stars and the purpose of it.
    This games story has sooooo much potential but feels rushed and lacking.

    I agree on the postgame “villains“ having unused potential too!
    They should have been well known as the royalties of the region but aren't!
    Why is this so? Such things are missed too.

    If I needed to rate the story I'd say a solid 5.5/10.
    It's not bad just... Short and lacking overall. :/
  13. Baggie_Saiyan

    Baggie_Saiyan Well-Known Member

    I feel like since this was the first main RPG on the Switch they had to make the story simple ala XY because these games imo were so reminiscent, massive gap between one of the gyms (between 1 & 2 in XY and before your first in this) allowing players to get a feel for the region before it'll all be about the gym challenge once completed the story drops and the most predictable thing happens Rose is a bad guy shock.

    But at the point the story drops its like you skipped 2 acts of a movie and youre watching the last act, no build up at all admittedly the fight with Eternatus was cool.

    Although if I were a kid I would have loved the fact that I went through the gyms undisturbed as in Gen 1 & 2 especially I hated being interrupted by team rocket stuff.

    Hopefully like Gen 7, Gen 9 will be a lot more story driven given it'll be the 2nd main gen on the Switch as they won't have to worry about newcomers etc.
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  14. Ultra Beast Lover

    Ultra Beast Lover Well-Known Member

    I agree with everyone here, with some simple reworking the two brothers could've been interesting antagonists. Like the spring water that was said to heal the legendaries that never went anywhere, Shielbert and Sorbert could've ordered that no one be allowed to touch the water while they collect it. Rose does his thing because they promised to help with an upcoming energy crisis that would put an end to Dynamax battles but not put an end to basic living, it'd just be a massive hit to tourism. At some point Sonia manages to get some of the water and analyzes it, finding some healing properties within. Marnie has a bigger role as she spreads word on her hometown and gains fans who would love to go to Spikemuth just to battle her. Bede gets more fairy types to fit his fairy gym leader destiny. Then Eternatus could be awakened because the two brothers wanted to use its power to take back their right to rule, it's hinted at much earlier in the story in fact. You and Hop use the water Sonia collected to help revive Zacian and Zamazenta but it'll be a while so Bede and Marnie help hold the line until they wake up, those two are knocked out and the scene from the game plays out. Then the post game happens.
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  15. Ignition

    Ignition Wake me up when get to Sinnoh

    Bede & Marnie helping stop them from getting to you and Hop would’ve been a good moment. Shame that only Marnie somewhat participates in the infiltration of Rose’s HQ.

    Another thing, I don’t mind that Bede turned into a Gym Leader but I wish he didn’t have to discard his Psychic Types. If Raihan & Marnie could have a little leeway with their type speciality, I don’t see why Bede can’t.
  16. NeoDude-5000

    NeoDude-5000 Well-Known Member

    The story of these games was an absolute mess. That, Dexit, and the annoying lag the Wild Area suffers from while connected online are the big no-no's to me for this game. When we answer the question of which Pokemon game had the worst plot the answer would be Sword and Shield's.
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  17. DannyDark

    DannyDark The Earthquake Maker

    Especially when the infiltration of Rose Tower ended in "Shall we go get some food?" "Yeah, sure."

    I agree on the Bede front too.. even if they changed the gym from Fairy to Psychic, and gave it a refurbishment, at least then it would be a case of the Gym truly being a representation of the Leader as opposed to suddenly and awkwardly changing Bede into something he wasn't.
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  18. shoz999

    shoz999 Do you wanna try a good Tapu Cocoa? My treat.

    I'm not sure if I said this before but I somewhat miss how in previous gens, your giving these huge bases and caves to get lost in and explore, figuring out certain puzzles along the way while battling trainers or Pokemon and than later encountering either the boss man himself or a hidden surprise waiting for you at the end such as an legendary Pokemon. I think one of my biggest disappointments is the Battle Tower. The Battle Tower in the artwork reminded me so much of Realgam Tower from Pokemon Colosseum where it is essentially the villain's final lair full of admins and challenges to fight at the bottom, then you get to the top and see this massive stadium with a huge audience in the background. In the games, it isn't really a lair, it's a giant elevator and instead of a massive stadium with a huge audience waiting for you, it's a flat empty surface. The camera during the battles doesn't even get to show you the view during the Battle Tower like the view in SM at the Pokemon League.

    If I was ever given the job of re-making Sword & Shield, I would add those dungeon-like features you see in Rocket Game Corner or Cerulean Cave and put it into the Galar setting because their are a lot of castle and steamworks that could make use of that. Imagine seeing the inner workings of the steam works of Motodoke city or this vast labyrinth inside of Hammerlocke city? I think the closest this game has to a dungeon is the forest route full of fairy-types that lead up to the Fairy-Type gym leader, I want more of that in my Pokemon games, especially for the story which adds to the build-up.
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  19. DannyDark

    DannyDark The Earthquake Maker

    Oh the Battle Tower in SwSh is dreadful, in design and difficulty. I think rental teams are a fun idea.. but, and this can be said about a lot of SwSh, accessibility has taken over from any semblance of challenge and fun. The rain team from the rental list, for instance, is more than enough to get you through every single tier of Singles and Doubles without a shred of difficulty, really. And, once you do reach the max rank, there's absolutely nothing for you. Maybe GF felt that it isn't meant to be a challenge anymore? That there'd be no point in adding the mints/hyper training if casual/less experienced players couldn't get the BP to access them? The lack of any endless mode, certainly, is incredibly puzzling and lackluster. And, as you said, the actual stadium isn't anything visually noteworthy either.

    Bit of a rant, but the Battle Tower has probably been my biggest disappointment so far. They simplified and reduced a feature that was arguably already barebones in other games.
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  20. PrinceOfFacade

    PrinceOfFacade Ghost-Type Master

    I actually didn't care much for the post-game story at all. It felt more goofy than anything.

    The subplots of the supporting characters are honestly the highlights of the game's story. Hope and Bede in particular shined through the most. Seeing them grow and change, in more ways than one, was pretty spectacular, and unlike anything we've ever seen before. Getting to learn more about Marnie and Sonia, and getting a bit insight about how they feel about the course of their lives, was pretty refreshing as well.

    The actual main plot was a let down for me. Rose's reason for doing what he did was just dumb. Even Leon knew it. Not to mention the time spent with him as the villain was so minimal. More could have - and should have - been done.

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