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Pokemon SwSh Story Discussion Thread (Spoilers INCLUDING POSTGAME)


Back when Tigers used to smoke.
There is one thing I'm very much looking forward to in the Pokemon Adventures adaptation of SwSh. Hopes that the writer will explain the game's plotholes, missing plot details and the characters that need to be fleshed out more, like Oleana who has a sad backstory but is never talked about. Cause if you know Pokemon Adventures, they explain a lot of out-of-place or weird details that feels like it's missing some story there. For example the guards that block off Saffron City? Very simple explanation, they are hired by Team Rocket as opposed to in the games where they won't let you in because they are just thirsty. So far it's looking good. Everyone's loving the hyper girl based on Gloria, an army of Wooloo is just a fun way to start things, the Pokemon Champion is basically Pokemon's Zoro and the foreshadowing of Chairman Rose pondering over the future. One thing I am curious about is will they ever explain why is Eternatus in that castle in the first place? You guys could say that it's just an adaptation but the manga does receive notes from GameFreak as well in order to carve out a faithful story with their own brand of liberties.