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Pokemon Tactics: Season 4

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Co-owner: ray2020

As my High School stint ends I am moving on to the next stage in my life. One were I have time to do this again. So bring on season 4.

For those who are unfamiliar to Pokemon Tactics, the main idea is this. Pokemon compete in numerous challenges from battling, contests. We have had dance competitions to sumo style wrestling.
Anyway after each challenge is over two people/pokemon/whatever get put up for elimination. It is up to their fellow competitors to decide who goes. Now there is also immunity which goes to the competitor who come first. That person cant be eliminated in the next round.

Those are the basics.

Here are the other seasons:
Season Three

Now to sign-up.
If there is any chance that you will NOT be on at least every second day then don't sign up.

Ok Sign Up Sheet

Nat Dex No.: (as a favor to me)
Ability: (just the one your pokemon would have)

btw almost any pokemon can compete a magikarp made it to the top 4 in the first season so anything is posible
The trick is originality, if you are creative you will do well.
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peace out!
i shall resume my post as co owner, if you may?

;006; Travis [ZFXZFX]
;332; Cacturne [fongerman]
;230; Prince [Houndude619]
;330; DragLord [Shadow Eeveelution]
;156; Jun [junpearl63][suicune lover]
;428; Jackie [glalieguy]
;257; Blaze [Dittoman97]
;232; Dodge [Visual]
;036; Lilac [Rheine]
;474; Tychno [Tyridium]
;282; Roze [rosso1111]
;040; yummy [pokemon special]
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Well-Known Member
Pokemon: Travis the ;006;
Nat Dex No.: 006
Moveset: Flamethrower, Earthquake, Slash, Flare Blitz
Ability: Blaze


The Mafia Godfather
The trust RNG shall decide

Pokemon: ;332;
Nat Dex No.: 332
Moveset: Needle Arm, Destiny Bond, Sand Storm, Sucker Punch
Ability: Sand Veil


Like a BadLuck Absol
Pokemon- Prince the ;230;
Nat Dex- 230
Moveset- Rain Dance, Brine, Dragon Pulse, Twister
Ability- Swift Swim

Shadow Eeveelution

DracLord Dread
;248; : This thing bring back memories
;374; : You are so true
;330; : It my time now

Pokemon: DragLord the ;330;
Nat Dex No.: 330
Moveset: Dragon Pulse , , Thunder Punch,Earthquake, Heat Wave
Ability: (Levitate)


peace out!
4 slots filled. to all participants please avoid spamming at the moment to avoid filling the thread during sign ups

Shadow Eeveelution

DracLord Dread
I hope this is not spamming

But could you put the link of the previous season for reference.

So the new people can see how this game is played during last seasons


their rooms
Pokemon: Jun the Quilava ;156;
Nat Dex No.: 156
Moveset: Crush claw, flame thrower, endure, reversal
Ability: Blaze


Almost there, buddy.
Hey guys!! I haven't seen Ray since... season 2! I'm joining this time... :D

Pokemon: Jackie the Lopunny (;428;)
Nat Dex No.: 428
Moveset: Focus Punch, Substitute, Thunder wave, Fire Punch
Ability: Cute Charm


peace out!
shadow eeveelution: i'll let brandyjay do that... but really it's just a simple search over the forums

junpearl and glalieguy: accepted [to glalieguy... maybe i'll play again next season... i'm just not in the zone yet to participate as a contestant]

6 slots filled... we're halfway there people


Pokemon: Blaze the Blaziken (;257;)
Nat Dex No.: 257
Moveset: Flamethrower, Bounce, Brick Break, Dig
Ability: Blaze


Nine one six ~
I'll join again! :D

Pokemon: Dodge the ;232;(you should because it has Rollout)!
Nat Dex No.: 232
Moveset: Rollout, Ice Shard, Earthquake, Double Team
Ability: Sturdy

I used a RNG to decide which Pokemon I want to use this time and it turned out to be ;006;. Since there is already a Charizard in the game, so I chose the evolution of the adorable Phanpy instead.


Stabby McStabface
Pokemon: Lilac the ;036;
Nat Dex No.: 036
Moveset: Grass Knot, Dig, Minimize, Flamethrower
Ability: Cute Charm
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COD fan
Tychno the ;474;

N.dex no. 474
tri attack, zap cannon, lock on, nasty plot
ability: adaptability


Active Member
Nice to see this back up again!

Name: Roze the ;282;
National Dex no. 282
Moves: Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Psychic and Flamethrower
Ability: Synchronise

Pokemon: Swampert
Nat Dex No.: 260 ;260;
Moveset: Earthquake, surf, Protect, Rock Slide
Ability: Torrent
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