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Pokemon Tactics: Season Three


There are at most two more spaces left.
Both are reserved at the moment.
Feel free to put in a sign-up just in case.
To all already signed up. The games will begin shortly.


peace out!
I shall come back as a CO-OWNER

1 un-reserved slots remain


peace out!
please never spam it up here... no wonder this place filled with posts fast
this isn't like those adventure games where PKMN interaction is all vital... no

also i'll pm you brandyjay for any suggestions i got


Nine one six ~
1 more spot left! Gasp!
*quickly signs up*

Username: Visual
Pokemon Species: ;135; 135
Pokemon Name: Voltage
Ability: Volt Absorb
Moveset: Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Hidden Power(Ice), Agility


Active Member
Come on people, 1 more!


This is taking too F***ing long so therefore we will start the season with 11 contestants.
The first challenge is simple. You need to all work out a way to get through rusturf tunnel. there are whismurs and boulders that need to be moved.
Then you need to find a way to get accross the little river just after you pass mauvile.
btw, this is going to be the only easy challenge.

And on that note, GO!!
Btw this wchallenge will be done publicly. You have 36 hours to complete any given challenge.
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(Don't see how a Lumineon can be in the tunnel lol)

;457;: Inside the tunnel, Uses Twister to move all the whismurs and Bounce to jump over the boulders

;457;: Outside the tunnel, uses Surf in combination with its Swift Swim ability to quickly cross the river


*Gasp* He's back!
;036;: Inside Tunnel uses Ice Beam to freeze the Wismur and then uses Psychic to move the boulders and then went further, she tripped but outside of that she's ok.

;036;: Uses Ice Beam to freeze the water and skate over it with a formed Protect (The form of Protect are ice skates)

Shadow Eeveelution

DracLord Dread
;330; :Can I just fly all the way ... It' easier


;330; :Can I just fly all the way ... It' easier

Don't forget that I reward inventiveness and is flying all the way inventive. The point of the game is to make you people think! you will only be allowed to use fly in an incredibly limited way. I will give you the opportunity to change fly to something else.
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Miss Rarity

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Hey you guys are missing a person? Can I join?

Username: ~Angelic_Hymn~
Pokemon Species: ;439;
Pokemon Name: Pantomimi
Ability: Sound Proof
Moveset: Mimic, Psychic, Teeter Dance, Reflect