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Pokemon Tag Team Madness 2

Discussion in 'Games' started by MugoUrth, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    ;432; Ugh! Well the first one didn't even get finished. Should we try it again?

    ;435; Pthhh pth pth pth sure.

    ;432; Good luck finishing this one too.

    ;435; Pthere is ways thoo thweek ith.

    ;432; So it's more enjoyable? Like cut out the MS Paint challenges?

    ;435; Btheecause apparenthly no one hasth a program everthry one should haveth.

    ;432; Apparently only PC users have it.

    ;435; Prethhisely!

    ;432; And I suppose those redundant bonus rounds are out too?

    ;435; So, you gopthhh a plan?

    ;432; More than just a plan. A vision.

    ;435; You Puruh... I mean Purcuthies are smart.

    ;432; Huh. You learned from last time.

    ;435; Your earsth are sthill awesome.

    ;432; Whoo whoo whoo! You know it.

    Rules: The games may drag on for a while, so I will only accept 8 teams this season.

    1: Everyone who signs up will be controlling a team of two Pokemon.
    2: In order to sign up, you will need to fill out this form.

    Team Name:
    Member 1 Name:
    Member 1 Species:
    Member 1 Personality:
    Member 2 Name:
    Member 2 Species:
    Member 2 Personality:

    Pretty simple, I know.

    3: Keep RPing to a minimum!
    4: Most full evolved monsters, Legendaries, and Eeveeons are all banned from these games. I will accept certain fully evolved monsters like generation rodents, bugs, and some of the weaker pokemon (Ask) but stronger Pokemon are prohibited.

    ;435; Pthhhh, why?

    ;432; I'd rather have balance.

    ;435; But epthhheryone is going to d...

    ;432; Shhhhhhhh... That's a secret.

    In addition, 1st and 2nd evolved starters are banned. Only Basic starters are allowed.
    5: There will be no foolish MS Paint challenges or silly bonus rounds in this game. As such, I don't think many of you will appreciate this game.

    ;435; Wathelse you goteth Severus Snapeth?

    ;432; Huh? Who's that?

    6: When there is an even number of people, we will play a tournament style game that pits two teams against each other at a time, like tag team Hokey, tag team wrestling, and other games like that.
    7: When there are an odd number of players, we will play a game for points. You may have to catch things or pick cards or something like that.
    8: In 8 team and 4 team tournament, we will have loser brackets. The losers will play the same game against other losing teams. In the 8 team loser brackets, the 4 losing teams will be wittled down to 2 losing teams. The winners of the first two losers bracket matches will be safe, and the loser of the last losers bracket match will be eliminated.
    9: In 6 team tournament, we will play a Round-Robin style game for the losers bracket. In this one, only 3 wins are possible, so the team that wins 0 matches will be eliminated. If everyone wins a match, we will start the Round-Robin over.
    10: In odd numbered team games, the two teams with the lowest scores will face each other in another game to determine the loser.
    11: The winner of any given round will earn a prize. What that prize is is a secret till it's revealed.
    12: The team who beats all 7 opposing teams will then have to face us in one final game. If you win, besides the grand prize, you will win a bonus prize. But if you lose... mwahahahaha...

    ;432; And so I say, I am Paonin, and this is... errr...

    ;435; Pepe.

    ;432; Pepe, right. Paonin and Pepe are now accepting members.

    Team 1:
    Team 2:
    Team 3:
    Team 4:
    Team 5:
    Team 6:
    Team 7:
    Team 8:
  2. Josef Stylin

    Josef Stylin I want to die

    Cool, it's back.

    Team Name: Team BLARGH
    Member 1 Name: Slick
    Member 1 Species: Poochyena
    Member 1 Personality: An arrogant person that always finds an excuse for being "better than everyone".
    Member 2 Name: Night Shadow
    Member 2 Species: Golett
    Member 2 Personality: Night Shadow is a nuttie that thinks he is a robot and due to that, he'll always speak like a robot. But don't underestimate the fella, he usually carries a powerful punch, hence why Slick hired him as his bodyguard.

    Yes, those names were specifically made to see your reaction. But if you have THAT much of a problem, I'll change them.
  3. Nightfall_

    Nightfall_ Gamer Extrodinare

    Anyone that has been with Contest Chronicles through and through should remember the first character.

    Team Name: Team Color Fun
    Member 1 Name: Nyan
    Member 1 Species: :509:
    Member 1 Personality: Nyan is a outrageous Purrloins that ♥ Nyan Cat. She's a expert troller and can troll praticlly anyone with her extreme "Its a flying poptart" technique. She loves to act like Nyan Cat, so she decided to raise her speed. And wow, her speed can not match any other. In fact, she can run from Alabama to Texas in 2 short hours. Her favorite color is Rainbow, and her favorite food is poptarts. She's always rambling and she's also pretty Naive. In fact, she's the one that named their team.
    Member 2 Name: Picky
    Member 2 Species: ;198;
    Member 2 Personality: Picky, is a Murkrow of weath. He is not picky, but he is a simple Pickpocket. He gets hired by random people to do dirty work, and he does it in exchange for a bag of loot. He's a Pickpocket Treasure hunter, no doubt, and is probably the best of his time. He's quite young and will team up with someone who thinks he's a poor alleyway bird, but then will ditch them and bring it to his current "Boss" or "Master". Once he gets hired he'll serve his "Master" faithfully. He's had 10 masters in his time, and his current one is pretty evil. He entered to get more money and to help his master rule the world. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    My team name is better then all of your. Your argument is invaild.
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2012
  4. Quintsa

    Quintsa Roblox FTW

    Team Name: Racers
    Member 1 Name: Exo
    Member 1 Species: ;393;
    Member 1 Personality: He is always wanting to be first in everything. He is nice, competitive, and fast. He is a gourmet chef.
    Member 2 Name: Lucy
    Member 2 Species: :574:
    Member 2 Personality: When young, she was hit by a bike and got paralyzed from the waist down. She has to use a wheelchair to get around. She is also nice and she is good at wheelchair racing
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2012
  5. Ace of Shades

    Ace of Shades Well-Known Member

    Team Name: Safari Adventure yeah! Wait why is the yeah! in the name that makes us sound unprofessional, oh well
    Member 1 Name: Neferti
    Member 1 Species: ;203;
    Member 1 Personality: She is very shy and timid and is frightened of everything, most of all talking to and being around people she doesn't know. When in a tight situation she can't handle because she is too afraid she will hyperventilate and have a panic attack. She tries her hardest to overcome her fears but they always seem to get the best of her.
    Member 2 Name: Tutankhamen
    Member 2 Species: :523:
    Member 2 Personality: Cold and Harsh on the outside, Tut(what his friends often call him not that he has any) is a tough nut to crack. He feels very strongly about things but never voiced his opinions or took any actions to change anything. This all changed though when he was forced to take care of his little "sister" Neferti after her parents were killed. That is when he learned he that he does have a very strong and loving heart for those he cares about and will defend them no matter what.
  6. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    Wow, already half way there.

    Team 1: Team BLARGH
    Team 2: Team Color Fun
    Team 3: Racers
    Team 4: Safari Adventure yeah!
    Team 5:
    Team 6:
    Team 7:
    Team 8:
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2012
  7. Quintsa

    Quintsa Roblox FTW

    Uh, Exo was the name of Piplup. I edited the Team name.
  8. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    Duly noted.
  9. Spacial

    Spacial procrastination

    Team Name: Brains and Brawl
    Member 1 Name: Brad
    Member 1 Species: Tepig
    Member 1 Personality: Brad is committed and friendly, but is rather dumb. He likes to spend his time eating, but he is nice, even though he's greedy. Brad is also rather strong, as when he's not eating, he exercises.
    Member 2 Name: Data
    Member 2 Species: Magneton
    Member 2 Personality: Data dedicated it's entire life to facts. It is weak, but can outwit Pokemon and then deliver a blow. If it hears any bad grammar or words that aren't in the dictionary, it has to blurt out the correct way of saying them. Data doesn't really know how to socialise though.
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2012
  10. Alliance

    Alliance Re-Arrival

    Team Name: Team Victory

    Member 1 Name: Athena
    Member 1 Species: Ralts ;280;
    Member 1 Personality: She is of the rich snob sort, constantly bragging of victories in various competitions when she never competed. She likes to impress everyone to make her victory the most spectacular. When she loses anything, she'll throw a massive tantrum.

    Member 2 Name: Zeus
    Member 2 Species: Emolga :587:
    Member 2 Personality: He is very sweet and gentle. He always helps everyone he meets, even if they are on the opposite team. He would never hurt anyone unless the situation absolutely demanded it, and he loves protecting others. He is pretty innocent, and will believe most everything he hears.

    This seems... interesting
  11. RagingStarmie

    RagingStarmie The Pokemon Director

    Team Name: Team Odd-Couple

    Member 1 Name: Montgomery
    Member 1 Species: [​IMG]
    Member 1 Personality: Very talkative and always wants his opinion put out there no matter who he is with or where he is at. He's usually the center of attention. Loves attending parties and public-speaking.
    Member 2 Name: Professor
    Member 2 Species: ;120;
    Member 2 Personality: Opposite of Montgomery, Professor is very quiet and doesn't speak much. He is the intellectual type and is always the brains behind the operation. He enjoys studying new findings in science and marine-biology.
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2012
  12. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    Team 1: Team BLARGH
    Team 2: Team Color Fun
    Team 3: Racers
    Team 4: Safari Adventure yeah!
    Team 5: Brains and Brawl
    Team 6: Team Victory
    Team 7: Team Odd-Couple
    Team 8:

    One more!
  13. Quintsa

    Quintsa Roblox FTW

    Bumping it for you Mugo
  14. Cyber Robert

    Cyber Robert Shockingly Lovely

    Team Name: Team Razor Stalagmite
    Member 1 Name: Trono
    Member 1 Species: Graveler ;075;
    Member 1 Personality: Trono is the more intelligent of this duo. He tends to study strategies and read a good book as opposed to fighting, unlike most rock-types that he knows. While he is a bit more polite than his partner, Trono is not the gullible type. He is in this to win it after all.
    Member 2 Name: Jack
    Member 2 Species: Sneasel ;215;
    Member 2 Personality: A more sinister and conniving Pokemon than his partner, Jack is the type to fight dirty. He is willing to do anything necessary to win. Despite this...quirk, he and his partner do indeed get along. He is willing to go behind anyone's back though.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2012
  15. Ace of Shades

    Ace of Shades Well-Known Member

    please use the full team name
  16. lawmaster

    lawmaster What is that?

  17. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    ;432; NO! Team "Safari Adventure Yeah!" is as far as I'll go. The whole name is WAY TOO LONG AND STUPID!

    ;435; Well, pthue areth sthertantly setthing a good firsth impressthion.

    ;432; Sue me, I hate being nice.

    Team 1: Team BLARGH
    Team 2: Team Color Fun
    Team 3: Racers
    Team 4: Safari Adventure yeah!
    Team 5: Brains and Brawl
    Team 6: Team Victory
    Team 7: Team Odd-Couple
    Team 8:Team Razor Stalagmite

    ;432; Yippie, that's all 8. We will start soon. But I need some time to prepare.
  18. Josef Stylin

    Josef Stylin I want to die

    I have a feeling Paonin will not like my characters.
  19. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    ;261; Hmph! Why did I come here? Surrounded by retards.

    :622: We are awesome! Beep beep!

    :574: Uh, who's typing this anyway? Wouldn't their words be considered an insult?

    ;393; I wanted to be the first to say something!

    :509: Shut up! You can't take insults, go in the corner.

    :622: Affirmative. Beep beep!

    ;261; Hey cookie! I'm the one who does the insults.

    ;198; There's a Call of Duty copy in your pocket. YOINK!

    ;261; Go ahead, think you've won. I'll steal it back when you least expect it.

    ;393; I wanna start the game NOW!

    ;280; CAN IT, you nit!

    :522: Eyes on the prize. Can't lose focus.

    ;280; The game hasn't even started yet! Ugh! Stuck with these poor losers. Those guys think they're better than everyone else, that monster is impatient, that one is obnoxious with it's trollish attitude.


    ;280; And the rest haven't even said anything!

    ;203; Why did I come here. There are too many monsters here. *Starts breathing into a paper bag.*

    :522: Eyes on the prize. Come on!

    :587: I would really like it if we just all got along and stopped fighting, please.

    ;261; I don't think we should listen to an inferior.

    :622: Beep beep!

    ;280; Stop saying that unless you can back it up!

    :498: *Eating a hamburger right now*

    ;082; Save some room for later, Brad.


    :622: Does not compute! Beep beep!

    ;393; Now! I wanna start NOW!

    :574: I really think you should be more patient.


    ;075; That is because you didn't say anything?

    ;082; He's right, you know.


    ;120; ... ... (Why did I team up with him?)

    ;215; I think ol' hosty is showing up now.

    :509: And he's HUGE too!

    ;432; ...Apparently so. Good day, welcome to Tag Team Madness. I am your host, Paonin.

    ;400;;261; You're a character owned by that MugoUrth retard, aren't you? MugoUrth is so retarded. Anyone else who is retarded is copying MugoUrth's retardedness.

    ;432; Are you like this to everyone?

    ;261; Hey, I didn't say that! Who made me say that?

    ;400; Oh crap! No one saw that post! No one saw that post!

    ;432; Everyone saw it Mugo. You better delete it soon. So anyway, I'm sure you have all read the rules so let's start with the first game. Would anyone like to guess what it is? We will start with a little two-person basketball game.

    ;435; The rules are very similar to the hockey game from last time. One member of each team on one side of the court. The person with the ball must dodge both members of the opposing team before scoring a basket.

    ;432; What happened to your lisp!?

    ;435; You know it's fake. So anyway, to do this, when one member spars off against another, you have three options: Right, left and center. If the one with the ball chooses a different option than it's opponent, that is considered a dodge. But if he chooses the same, the opponent gets the ball.

    ;432; Very good. I will now be going to the random number generator to select the sparing teams.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2012
  20. Quintsa

    Quintsa Roblox FTW

    Here ill let you post.

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