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Pokemon Tattoos.


Do it the bird way!
I doubt I would get a pokemon tattoo. I've never liked the idea of having an image permanently seared within my flesh. I figure I would bored of it in a few months. But I could see where some people could get creative though. Having Entei's shackles tattooed around the legs would look tight.


burning it down
Tattoos sound cool and stuff, but I just wouldn't like on me. I have a Pokémon T-shirt that I can wear when I feel like proudly proclaiming my love for it, so why get a permanent thing that'll last till I'm 60?
I'm for Pokemon and all, but I don't think I'd get a tattoo. Tattoos aren't things that are for me...


She Who Pwns
I adore tattoos <3 The stupidest argument about tattoos or piercings is 'think about what you will look like when you're 80!' Well, I guess I don't know about everyone else, but I don't live now thinking about what I will look like in the future. If I get something tattooed it will mean something to me and that will be the beauty behind it.

I don't have any currently (too broke!) but I have several that I've planned. I am getting the Dark Mark from Harry Potter tattooed in UV ink on my wrist, so it's barely visible unless under UV light. I'm not ready to commit to a tattoo that I am unable to cover up, but the Dark Mark is only suited for a wrist, so I think this is an awesome compromise. Due to the field I'm getting into as a career I don't think visible tattoos will be an issue, but I'm sticking to the safe side for a while.:D

I'm also planning on getting a pokemon tattoo although I'm not sure which pokemon I want yet. One of my best friends of 15 years is going to come with me when I get my pokemon tattoo. He's getting a vaporeon. It's going to be kind of symbol of our childhood as well as our love for pokemon. Because really, it's not about the fact that it's 'OMG a video game' it's about the memories and friendships created because of it.

I also want to design the tattoo myself so it will probably be a few years before I even know what design I want. But I'm okay with that, I'm only 20 and I'm not one to rush out and get something permanent done unless I know for sure I want it. Waiting and designing everything myself gives me plenty of time.