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Pokemon TCG Online codes.

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TCG Gym Leader, Ret.
are we 100% that the codes are single use? Has anyone tried reusing with a different account?


New Member
hey guys but it would be appreciated if someone sent one over to me please i cant get my hands on any at so even just one would help greatly please and thank you :)


if anybody has any codes left i would be most appreciative
I have codes..... for sale if interested lmk on my ebay/pokegym account


New Member
Looking for tcg online codes if anyone would like to help me out
i also have some i want to sell :)


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I too would like at least just one un-used codes, preferably the one from HS Undaunted Nightfall pack. If its not too much to ask.


if anyone has leftover codes plz PM me!


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I have 37 unused TCG codes from Next Destinies & from the Zoroark Illusion Box. If you're interested in buying them, feel free to PM me about it :)
I've recently gotten back into collecting the cards, as well, I've started doing booster/ deck opening vids on youtube. I've decided that I would be giving away codes to people who check out my videos. Any interest in free codes should check out my channel HERE. The codes are coming from next destinies packs btw, pretty cool cards that I've gotten so far (nothing extremely rare though :( )

Has anyone been having luck selling these code cards? its a good idea and all, but who really wants to pay for those.
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I also need some codes, as where i am there are only the most recent decks and boosters E.G Voltage Vortex ( zekrom ) and Explosive edge ( reshiram ), wheres as the only decks I want are nightfall ( umbreon ), daybreak ( espeon ) and the zoroark and excadrill deck. I would really appreciate it if you would send me the codes.
I dont have much but i am also willing to trade some pokemon tcgo cards ( have grass + lightning and am working on water ). Pm me if you are willing to send the codes or trade for them. (Edit) I have no bought decks yet only the starting ones.
please may i have some codes, i am tired of losing every single match i play. I really need to up my deck aswell as make new ones to use, at the mo i only have a grass and thunder deck, User name is Terrotic on pokemon tcgo. I would really appreciate it.
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