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Pokemon TCG Online codes.

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I'm in the same situation, not many stores in my city actually sell boosters and none close to where I live sell them at all. There is no competitive or casual play here so the only chance I actually have to play this game is online. Any help you guys could provide would be SO GREATLY appreciated. :)
the closest area to me that sells pokemon cards is 30 mins away and seeing as i am 12, i have no way of getting to there even if i had the money to buy them so i would really appreciate it if i could get some codes for boosters


Have TONS of codes i could give in exchange for pokemon in black pm me if interested


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I have a tcg code that i don't need.... pm me if you want it.


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I really need one. There are no shops in my neighbourhood who sell the packs, but I love the game though.
already completed the trainer challenge completely.
If somebody is so kind to send me a code, maybe if I can do something for you too you can just PM me.

Thank you very much :D


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Next time I get any spare packs, I'll give out codes to people.

For now, here's some info:

You can get about 12 codes on ebay for about $2-$4. If you haven't got a credit card/pay pal account/ebay account, ask your parents to sign up (Don't forget to tell them that ebay is a great place to get bargain on other things)

The codes only work once- I tried it on my account, then my brother tried the code on his. Didn't work (Comes up with the message "Code has already been redeemed" or "Code invalid".

Don't forget it does cost to get codes- many people prefer trading codes for pokemon/cards on Online TCG. People get cross when they get hassled for codes.

There a 3 "free" decks given when you complete the Online TCG single AI player. You could mix these to crete your own decks.

If your new, or haven't got any codes for packs, keep to the novie room (when they put it back up). Yes, you'll meet people with amazing decks that clearly aren't novices, but many people will be in the same shoes as you.

If you need a friend, and me on there-my username is CandyCream


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Can I please get some codes as well. I would very much appreciate them. :)


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I have 3 more codes if any one wants them... pm me if you do :)

given them away oops
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not sure what packs there from but i have quite a few of the online codes
i dont know much about the online tcg, did make an account and used 1 code but havent been back on it in a couple of months :p

12 booster pack codes
5 code cards which dont say what they give
and 5 from the tins, (kyurem, reshiram, zekrom, mewtwo and samurott)

i wont give all to one person so dont be greedy. write on here or pm me and il give you a few, if you want one of the cards from the tin please say which one
i will only give 1 code from each of the tins as i beleive they give an item for your character to hold or atleast it was for the code from my serperior tin.


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Hey everyone!

I just found the Pokemon TCG Online game and I had no idea how to get new cards.After some research I found out that they are only obtainable by booster codes,which unfortunately aren't available in my country or at least nowhere near where I live.
Then,I found this thread and saw how many people have the codes and either don't need/want them or they just don't play Pokemon TCG Online.So,if any of you have any codes you don't need,I'd be very happy to take them.
If you are willing to give one or maybe even more,please PM me or E-mail me at blumblum10@hotmail.com

Thanks in advance!


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Hi there, if anyone has any spare codes they like to give away, I would really like to have them :) Thankyou!!
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