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Poke'mon that are important to you in-game.

Bolt the Cat

Bringing the Thunder
My shiny Blastoise in FireRed who pulled through as my last pokemon against Blue in the E4. His Arcanine had killed every one of my guys except him, but my Blastoise destroyed him despite being 10 levels lower. Thank you Hydro Cannon!
Also my Houndoom in Platinum for owning Argenta's Moltres at the last second and helping me finally beat my first Frontier Brain. (if you're interested in seeing it, the video number is 84-09867-54255)
I value a lot of pokemon, but these two especially.


Fighting Type Prof.
Just recently, my Primeape, Agrippina. I've had her since Yellow, but I've never really used her, because I've never been a huge, huge fan of Primeape, but she was the first fighting type I could get ahold of in LG. (I do love fighting types, but you already knew that, yes?)

I caught her as a Mankey outside of Viridian (the route to the gate to the Pokémon League) and leveled her all the way to lv 28 By The Time I Had Reached Cerulean. She swept Blue's team Twice without getting hit once. Both times, against his Pigeotto, she landed a critical hit with each fury swipe. She's epic in Leaf Green, just wish she could get a more varied moveset...



I live in hoenn.
That flying pokemon that takes care of grass type for my water starter


To me it is whatever pokemon knows toxic. I currently don't have one yet


Dawn Patrol
My shiny Gastly from Crystal and currently my Snorunt nicknamed "Mick" that helped me beat all five Pokeathlon courses.


Well-Known Member
Lucario and Lugia.(SS) I really like them And my shiny Roserade. First ever random in encounter shiny!
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Edge Of Glory
My Female Blaziken that i have raised since Sapphire, She has been one of my Favorite Pokemon since, Helping me with all of my e4 battles and Battle Frontier =)


New Member
Pretty much all of my Pokemon are important to me.

In Diamond, my Gastrodon was my most reliable Pokemon. That's not to say I had no other reliable Pokemon, or that any of my other Pokemon should have been more reliable. But that West-Sea Gastrodon always seemed to pull through for me. Almost any battle I used it in, it was able to hold out long enough for me to win. It could have just been luck, but regardless, that Gastrodon was very important to me.

My Togekiss in HeartGold fills Gastrodon's spot from Diamond. Togekiss is arguably my most reliable Pokemon on Heart Gold and it has won me a very large amount of matches.

Otherwise, my Torterra on both Diamond and Heartgold are important to me. I almost decided that I would transfer a Turtwig into my B/W once I got it, but I've decided against it. The thing is awesome and arguably my favorite Pokemon besides Gliscor, whom I also almost considered transferring into B/W.

However I noticed that, upon using Torterra in Heart Gold, I felt like I was just doing exactly what I had done in Diamond and didn't find raising him as much fun. I still love Torterra but I'd rather learn to use more Pokemon than take up a slot with a Pokemon that I've already figured out. Gliscor may be a little different because of it's huge movepool, but even so, I won't be using him either. Instead, I'll be going with Porygon-Z, who I oddly never have used despite wanting to for a while.

But I digress. Gastrodon in Diamond, Togekiss and Gliscor in HG, and Torterra in both were very very important to me. Beyond that, I can't think of a Pokemon (besides Suicune in Crystal, who is nostalgic) that is more important to me than any of my other team members.

Thanks for sharing.


Well-Known Member
3HMs and Superfang. Basically caught half the Chansey I have as well as Larvitar, Hoenn Sound pokemon and others Im too lazy to mention. Also has waterfalll meaning that Dratini is useless, except for breeding some more Extremespeed ones.


Pokedex worker
My lvl 100 Umbreon and my lvl 96 salamence from XD, they clear the MT Battle, the hoen league, the kanto league, and are useful for training other pokemon

Ace Trainer Alex

wants to fight!
As I have mentioned several times in several places on here, my shiny machoke (now machamp) is my pride and joy.

Apart from him, Lapras has won a spot in my heart lately. Torterra has proven to be my favorite starter of all. My Emerald's Gardevoir is also on my important pokemon list.


My Sceptile in my 1st ever Ruby file. It was amazing. It beat the Pokemon LEague by itself. But then, me being a stupid 9 year old deleted the file. T.T

I miss him :'(

Stardust .

Well-Known Member
Mine would definitely be Swampert.

He was my first ever starter pokemon, ever. It was in my Sapphire game.. I just kept passing it through all the games until it landed safely in my Diamond version,

Also, my Sceptile, he was so pwnage. He is still pwnage, but I didn't know about EV's back then, but it's still pretty powerful.

And lastly, my Blastoise from Leaf Green. Sigh.. It was one of my favorite pokemon.. Until it got lost somehow.. :(


Well-Known Member
I always carefully build my team so all of my Pokemon end up being equally important to me and holding a special niche within my team.

However, I'll go ahead and give a special mention to my Scizor from HeartGold. It was my first time raising one, and it was an amazing experience. I was pretty underleveled for the Elite Four, but I still managed to win thanks to him.