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Pokemon that should've had some moves

Metal Force

What pokemon do you think should get on of the new moves?
For example I think Metagross should've learned Stone Edge, but it can't and it can learn Rock Slide >>.


Arcane Trainer
^Blaziken needed to have something over Goukazaru. Thats why Infernape doesn't have Reversal.

Flareon needed Flare Blitz.

Daaku JJ

Well-Known Member
Scyther and kabutops should be able to natuarally learn all moves that involve cutting.

Stuff like psycho cut.


Lunatone and Solrock still don't get Moonlight and Morning Sun.


Well-Known Member
Energy Ball on Raikou lol. Meteor Mash on Registeel.

FireHead Hank

Matt Fanboy
Definately Flare Blitz for Flareon, like someone already mentioned.

Nasty Plot for Magmortar, because it didnt get the fire version of Motor Drive.


Psychic Breeder
Cherrim and Synthesis would make a good combonation


Well-Known Member
ninjask needs extreme speed!(not that it needs it but it fits with it.)
dialga should have had meteor mash
arceus should have learned a move from every type