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[Pokemon] The Arceus Holy Grail Wars

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Bleu, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. Bleu

    Bleu Shiny Catcher!

    [PG-13] The Arceus Holy Grail Wars

    The Arceus Holy Grail Wars

    The time has come to raise steel against steel and test which of the chosen will become the victor in the 'Holy Grail Wars' style tournament. Seven chosen masters must summon servants of various classes to aid them in battle and pitch them against other masters. The goal is for a single master to remain standing as the victor, who will be granted any wish they desire from the Arceus Holy Grail.

    The Mediator, Maverick Alberton a priest of the Arceus Holy Church in Castelia city observed the wish of the god himself that humanity would be granted one wish. As this was only a single wish, and there were many humans with conflicting desires Arceus suggested that they should do battle with each other to see of whom is worthy to expend the wish. The victor could claim anything they so desired, even something as selfish as ruling the world, but there is a price.

    Seven members must be selected for the war. These people are chosen when they find one of the seven magic artefacts dotted around the city of Castelia. Each one represents a Pokemon and a potential servant they can use in battle. These will summon special Pokemon to aid them in battle, and the artefact will transform into a special Celestial Pokeball that will contain them. Their power is several times that of a normal Pokemon and they must do battle with the other chosen masters. This will begin the selection process of the best candidate. Masters must either defeat the foe servants completely, force the foe to expel all three command seals or kill the foe master. Tactics and strategy play a key role in the Grail Wars over sheer force and power. Co-operating with Masters is legal and can also help change the tide.

    But something is amiss... the Mediator remains quiet and the morals of the war itself is questioned, but winning the War is the only way to discover Arceus's intentions.

    You will be dealing with a select amount of moves for your Servant Pokemon, as well as their class boons. Your Master will also gain their own skills they can use, a type specialty, to use to their advantage. All typing resistances and weaknesses apply, so bear in mind who you select as well as the skills you will gain. You will not be able to use any others. The goal of the RP is up to you. What is the wish your character desires the most? Be careful what you wish for.

    If you didn't know this is a mix of the Pokemon Trainer/Battling system, but instead mixed with 'Fate/Stay Night', 'Fate/Zero' and all subsequent names that make use of the Holy Grail Wars rules in their plot. Unlike arena based combat, the entire of Castelia City is the main grounds for the tournament.


    Quick Glossary:-

    (It is highly recommended you read this!)
    Mediator Maverick Alberton:- The Mediator is the person that watches over the Holy Grail Wars and ensures no set rules are broken. They also protect masters who have lost their servants. This is covered more in the Rules section. The Mediator is a non player character that I will be using in the RP itself.

    A master is a human pokemon trainer that you will be playing selected by the Holy Grail. They will receive command seals and a servant to aid them in battle. They do not have the power to fight an opposing servant. They will also acquire a type specialty, allowing them to use minor skills to help them on their way.

    Servant:- Servants are powerful Pokemon bound to one of the seven character class names.

    Celestial Pokeball:-This is the Pokeball which will contain your Servant Pokemon.

    Command Seals:- Each Master is given a set of three Command Seals with multiple purposes. They can be used to force their servant to do something that they would normally refuse to do, such as attack an enemy while knowing they are outnumbered. It can also be used to teleport the servant to the masters location, no matter where they are, saving them from a potential fall or certain death. Finally, it can also be used to allow the Servant to use their 'Noble Phantasm' without limit.

    Noble Phantasm:-
    A Noble Phantasm is the limit break of your Servant. You can select a skill from your pokemon's moveset to function as this Noble Phantasm along with it's effects. I will provide some examples of Noble Phantasms below, be creative when creating it.

    Reality Marbles:- A magic plane of terrain that accommodates a servant's special skill. Not all of them have them, it is more of it's own type of skill, but in the case that any are used, I've wrote down some priorities.
    Highest Priority:-
    -Servant's type is better than opposing servant.
    -Servants Sp.Atk rating is a higher grade than the opposing servant
    -The Masters typing is greater than the opposing servant
    If there are more complications, then I'll add more priorities. Thanks for bringing this up.



    1. This is a 7 member tournament and the battle takes place over several days.

    2. Fighting may only be permitted during night time. Masters can fight other masters alone.

    3. One servant class per sign up. If the class is taken, choose another one.

    4. If you use up all three command spells, you are OUT of the wars. You can still act in the story, but you can no longer participate for the Grail.

    5. Masters can be killed. If a master is killed, their Servant will vanish. Masters are always weaker against Servants, so be cautious of this rule. Noble Phantasms on enemy masters => death.

    6. Co-operating with other masters is allowed. If you see one player as a threat, you can team up with another master to defeat him. Just don't expect the two servants to get along very well, and make sure the Master you're working with doesn't end up stabbing you in the back.

    7. Masters may engage in their daily lives during the day time.

    8. No god-modding. Servants will be given statistics to judge their outcome in battle. Luck, tactics and strategy is also helps factor the battle outcome.

    9. Servants can recover by going to a pokemon center, but recover faster by killing innocent victims. (Don't be too graphic with this!)

    Other Vital Infomation
    Type Specialties:-
    Masters are granted one of 17 type specialties. Here are their properties. Each type gains a strength to their typing, all resistances of that type and all weaknesses of that type. If a master is resistant to another master, only the servant can kill him. Choose carefully.
    Fire:- Allows them to use simple fire magic. Reserved by Lost Requiem
    Grass:- Allows them to heal light wounds.
    Bug:- Can leech life from opponents with a hand gesture.
    Rock:- Can create deadly stalagmite from the ground.
    Water:- Allows them to breathe underwater.
    Flying:- Allows them to hover in the air and create winds. No higher that 4 metres. Reserved by SpyroxPikachu
    Electric:- Uses Electric spells. Reserved by AJ2000
    Psychic:- Can read the users mind. This skill is at the cost of major fatigue. They can also bend weak objects with their mind.
    Ground:- Create earthquakes, cause mudslides.
    Dragon:- They can survive a single physical blow at the cost of major fatigue. They can hover, but not as quickly as a Flying Specialist. Reserved by Samantha Sparks
    Ghost:- Enter a stealth-like state for 2 minutes. Only a Caster class or a master of an effective type can see you. Reserved by Nythe
    Fighting:- Increases physical strength.
    Steel:- Survive against one fatal blow by a 'not very effective' or 'resisted' typing. Increased physical defense.
    Dark:- Make a victim berserk for a short amount of time.
    Normal:- Create illusions. Reserved by Apollo77
    Poison:- Can grant the victim a deadly poison within them, making them unable to act for a period of time.
    Ice:- Can stun or slow foes in a block of ice.

    You must select a class for your Pokemon Servant. This is what you will refer them to during the RP, unless your Pokemon's identity is revealed. Their real pokemon name will remain unknown. Each class has a specific perk that can help change the outcome of the battle. Selecting the right pokemon for the right class is paramount.

    Saber:- Exceeds in Strength and Physical Defense, deadly in close ranged combat. Obedient and will follow the master closely. Reserved by Lost Requiem
    - Can act independantly from the Master and shoot from afar. Good attack power. Bad at melee range. They can often disagree with their master at times, making them difficult to control. Reserved by Nythe

    Caster:- Information gatherer. Generally weak in power, they rely on spells and tricks to win. They are best at collecting information about the other masters, using that as their trump card. Good magical power overall, weakest defenses.

    Assassin:- A class that can also act independently. They gain stealth boons, being able to hide in the shadows. Reserved by SpyroxPikachu

    Lancer:- The Lancer class excels in a balance of speed and power. They can scout the battlefield in search of dangers and traps quite easily.Reserved by Apollo77

    Rider:- Boasts the fastest speed and can help their master travel to locations in mere moments. Don't be fooled, they can fight well too. Reserved by Samantha Sparks

    Beserker:- A near uncontrollable class but gives the best power in the game. Reserved by AJ2000

    Sign Up Sheet:-

    Example Sign up Form:-
    (You must complete both the Master and Servant forms. One type per master, one class per servant.)

    Type Specialty:- (Scroll up to Type Specialties and select a special skill for your Master)
    Appearance:- (A text description or an image from a generator will do fine.)
    Their Greatest Desire:-
    Biography:- (What happened to them before this point? How were they selected to be a Master?)
    Strengths:- (What are they good at?)
    Weaknesses:- (We don't want a mary-sue, make them believable.)

    Pokemon:- (What species of Pokemon?) Eg. Dusknoir
    Type:- eg. Ghost
    Gender:- (If it has one) Eg. Male
    Class:- (Select one of the 7 character classes.) Eg. Assassin
    Moveset:- (Select only three moves it knows. The fourth will be saved as it's Noble Phantasm below.)
    Noble Phantasm:- (Limit Break skill. It does not have to be an existing pokemon move!) eg. Castle of Illusion:- Endless Night
    Noble Phantasm Type:- Ghost
    Noble Phantasm Description:- eg.The victim is placed in a magic hall of a black void dimension, were their soul is repeatedly ravaged by Chandelures and Gengars.
    Statistics:- (From grade A to F, no straight A's no all Cs and higher. Those will be auto rejected.)
    Attack:- D (Hand to hand combat.)
    Defense:- B (Defense in melee combat)
    Special Attack:- C (Noble Phantasm strength)
    Special Defense:- A (Noble Phantasm resistance and spell resistance)
    Speed:- F (Ability to outpace an opponent.)
    Luck:- D (Factor important to weak servants, can allow them to overpower stronger servants.)

    Current Participants:-
    The War will begin once I have selected 7 Masters. If this goes well then I may do more rounds in the future. Looking forward to this!

    1. Alex Ganston and Beserker - AJ2000
    2. Scott Williams and Archer - Nythe
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2013
  2. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Reserving Fire and Saber. I feel like Asher would be perfect here
  3. Apollo77

    Apollo77 John Doe

    Normal/Lancer reserve please.
  4. AJ2000

    AJ2000 Well-Known Member

    Reserve for Electric/Beserker Please.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2013
  5. Nythe

    Nythe Mostly Harmless

    Reserve for Ghost/Archer.
  6. Bleu

    Bleu Shiny Catcher!

    Updated the thread with current reserves. Hope to see your sign ups shortly!
  7. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    I'll take Rider. And Dragon.
    Oh, oh, interesting. I'd actually like to use historical figures, but this is just so unique!
    Say, won't the enemies know your weaknesses the minute they meet you. In the Holy Grail War, you're supposed to hide your identity well, according to Nasuverse laws.
  8. Bleu

    Bleu Shiny Catcher!

    I was thinking of going the historical figure route, but I decided to broaden my audience for the time being since there's still not alot of people who have embraced the glory of Kinoko Nasu. To your point on the identities thing, i felt logically in the pokemon universe beginning trainers will not necessarily be able to identify the Pokemon themselves outright, even though the player of that trainer might. Down the line if I ever decide to redo this, I may consider keeping sign up submissions private, but I felt that it would be in my best interests to keep the submission process simple for now, since I haven't RPed properly for a good while. Hope this clarifies a few things.

    I've updated the main post with reserves.
  9. AJ2000

    AJ2000 Well-Known Member

    Our character's type specialty does not have to be the same type as our Servants right?
  10. Bleu

    Bleu Shiny Catcher!

    You can have a different type to your servants type. It's generally preferred, because if you have an steel type master and servant up against a ground and fighting type servant and master, things wouldn't look very fortunate for you. =P
  11. AJ2000

    AJ2000 Well-Known Member

    I have another question. Actually I have a couple:

    1) Are we allowed Legendary Pokemon?
    2) Are the three moves(excluding Noble Phantasms) allowed to made-up as well, or only regular moves? And if only regular moves, can they be any move learnable by the Pokemon(eg. TM's, Egg Moves, Move Tutor)?

    Sorry for all the questions. Also, I should have my SU up by either Tomorrow, or Monday.
  12. Bleu

    Bleu Shiny Catcher!

    1) Legendary pokemon are permitted, but this does not mean you can have straight A ranks on your statistic sheets, the sheets, typing and class are the more important factors.
    2) Noble Phantasms can be invented from either previous moves, or creative imagination. At the end of the day, it's down to you if you want it to be more like a HGW Noble Phantasm or a Pokemon one.

    Questions are fine! And thanks for letting me know.
  13. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    So, based on the example app, can we use dual-types or must it be pure type? It seriously looks like we are required to use pure types.
    Legendaries are permitted? Sweet.
  14. Bleu

    Bleu Shiny Catcher!

    Dual types are permitted because it would have the same application as the Pokemon games. An additional typing gives them more weaknesses, resistances and advantages. However, having a steel/bug like Scizor would make the servant super weak to fire. Backing them up with a fire counter, like a water master can be advantageous to such a situation.
  15. Nythe

    Nythe Mostly Harmless

    I got a bit confused with the statistic desriptions, namely for attack and special attack. Is special attack important only for Noble Phantasms or also for "normal special attacks" (Eg. Thunderbolt)?
  16. Bleu

    Bleu Shiny Catcher!

    It applies to both.

    EDIT: Thought I'd mention, the actual scoring system they use for servants is much more complicated, the main reason I did it this way is to simplify things. In the actual HGW's in Fate/Stay Night the scoring system is something like:-
    Strength, Mana, Endurance, Luck, Agility, N. Phantasm, Class Skills, Personal Skills, Individual Noble Phantasm stats, so yeah... it gets incredibly complex and I didn't want to throw all that kind of stuff into the ball park especially considering this is a pokemon forum.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2013
  17. Nythe

    Nythe Mostly Harmless

    Thanks, I expected that was the case.

    I can imagine how hard it must be to make a combination of two very different game mechanics.
  18. AJ2000

    AJ2000 Well-Known Member


    Name: Alex Ganston

    Gender: Male

    Age: 19

    Type Specialty: Electric

    Appearance: Alex stands at tall at about 6’2”, almost 6’3”. He has medium-short black hair, and has dark brown eyes. He has light brown skin, with noticeable stubble. He occasionally lets his facial hair grow out, but most of the time he shaves it. He wears a black, long-sleeved crewneck sweater with a spade shape on the back(similar to crewneck’s made by Crooks & Castles). He wears dark-blue jeans, that are fit snuggly, and are slightly baggy. His shoes are Black and gold hightops(similar to shoes made by the company Supra). He wears white socks, and also occasionally wears an expensive, silver watch on his left hand.

    Physically, Alex’s build is pretty solid. He weighs approximately 200lbs, and he does work-out a bit, so if it came down to hand-to-hand combat, he would be able to hold his ground. He’s not exactly intimidating, but he’s not exactly someone should randomly start a fight with.

    Greatest Desire: No real desire, just wants to stay alive for the duration of the tournament, and hopefully not make any bad choices that goes against moral values.

    Personality: Despite his Servant, Alex is actually quite gentle and nice. He is not the violent type, and would honestly work things out though words. With this being said, he knows when words won’t work. Although he has never been in an actual, he has confidence in his abilities as a Master. He also likes to joke around a lot, which shows his more comical and non-serious side, as apposed to his usual quiet and more shy side. He does tend to get slightly nervous around girls, as he has never really had a girlfriend. Most of the time, he just doesn’t want to give girls the wrong impression, such as accidentally portray himself as a creep.

    He does tend to be a lone wolf in situations, however if given the chance, he can be a valuable ally. Not a backstabber, and he’s reliable. However, he does get scared of walking alone in the dark, and has a habit of being jumpy, especially from surprise scares. If anything, he would stay in his house for the night, but sadly, the Holy Grail War don’t allow for that. Speaking of which, his only real goal of the tournament is to survive. If anything, he does not want to die. His plan doesn’t exactly involve killing people either, especially the other Master’s. However, he is in the mindset that blood will be shed, and people will end up dying, whether he likes it or not. Although he doesn’t really have any desires he wants granted by the grail, he’s not going to lose easily, and would rather just win the grail to eliminate any sins he’s committed in the tournament.

    Biography: Alex has lived a fairly normal life, in the sense nothing extraordinary has happened to him. He went to school, got average grades, and was never the type of person to get caught up with the wrong crowd. With that being, he actually has no clue on why he's in the tournament. They say with the grail, you can have anything you desire, however, there's not much he desires. At least, nothing materialistic. Since he's in the tournament, he knows there's going to be blood shed, although he's going to try and avoid as much as possible. And he knows sins will be committed. If anything, the least he could do could be to wipe away his bad deeds.

    Strengths: -Size(he’s somewhat tall, and built)
    -Reliable partner(his Servant is a huge benefit)
    -Electric Spells come in handy, especially for ranged combat
    -Good at art, especially digital(If that means anything)

    Weaknesses: - No real drive to winning
    - Doesn’t think things through enough
    - Would rather not fight


    Pokemon: Giratina

    Type: Ghost/Dragon

    Gender: Uknown

    Class: Berserker

    Personality: Giratina is slothful, and gets disobedient at times. Despite this, the power Giratina holds is immense. He knows this, and can easily crush other Servants in a one-on-one fight. However, Giratina often feels as if Alex doesn’t utilize him to his full capabilities, which often leaves Giratina in a state of anger at times. Alex’s non-violent personality, as opposed to Giratina’s power and nature collide. However, When Alex does call upon him, Giratina is often enough more than happy to do his bidding. After all, if Alex dies so does he.

    Moveset: -Dragon Pulse
    -Aura Sphere
    -Shadow Force

    Noble Phantasm: World-Eater
    Noble Phantasm Type: Ghost
    Noble Phantasm Description: Giratina is able to rip a hole into the Distortion World, forcing opponent’s into the Distortion World. Whilst in the Distortion World, Giratina is able to transform into its Origin Forme, changing its stats. The Noble Phantasm is not designed to be a direct attack, but rather environmental change along with stat changes to Giratina.

    Statistics(Altered Forme):
    Attack: C
    Defense: A
    Special Attack: B
    Special Defense: A
    Speed: F
    Luck: F

    Statistics(Origin Forme):
    Attack: A
    Defense: C
    Special Attack: ---(Noble Phantasm Already in use)---
    Special Defense: B
    Speed: B
    Luck: F
  19. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    Hmm... just really curious...

    1. Are off-screen mana transfers allowed?
    2. I note that Berserker uses a Reality Marble as a Noble Phantasm. What will happen when two Reality Marbles are used?
    3. Can we turn Pokemon into non-canon forms e.g. Kyurem into the original dragon, Eevee into an unknown Eeveelution, etc.
  20. Bleu

    Bleu Shiny Catcher!

    1. Keep it PG-13 : P, actually, no I did think this through though. Pokemon Servants recover by going to the pokemon center, its much faster if you claim victims though. It gives the sense of whether you want to be a hero or if you want to be a villan type master.
    2. Generally speaking, Reality Marbles with the superior typing will gain priority.
    Highest Priority:-
    -Servant's type is better than opposing servant.
    -Servants Sp.Atk rating is a higher grade than the opposing servant
    -The Masters typing is greater than the opposing servant
    If there are more complications, then I'll add more priorities. Thanks for bringing this up.
    3. Forme changes and evolutions are allowed. Evolutions are a one way ticket though and don't offer much besides looks value. Calculate your stats based on the 'mon you want throughout the entire game.

    AJ2000 I've added you to the list.

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