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Pokemon: The Magical Guardians (The adventure begins; LSUs accepted)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by FlamingRuby, May 13, 2006.

  1. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    A few ground rules before we start:

    --Please make every effort to post here at least once a day. If something happens and you can't post for a while, please tell me.
    --No godmodding. You start with Lv.1 spells, and get more powerful ones through experience.
    --LSUs will need to post in the sign up thread so they don't clutter the main RP

    That being said, here we go!

    The moon's soft silver glow shone down on the lights of Celadon City, illuminating the hustle and bustle of the city nightlife. But outside of the city, where people lived, all was dark and quiet as the denizens of the various houses slept peacefully

    Suddenly, a glowing warp hole appeared in the sky, allowing a black, blue, and tan wolf-like creature to appear from it. Once the creature had materialized, the warp hole disappeared as mysteriously as it had appeared.

    The wolf-creature glanced around at the orderly array of houses before it. So this is the human world...funny how future mages like to confine themselves to these boxes... it mused as it hovered along, peeking in windows for any sign of human activity.

    Suddenly, some barking caught the wolf Pokemon's attention: a Growlithe in one house's yard had spotted him!

    "Destruction of nature, gather in flame! Heat!" the wolf Pokemon called, blasting a small fireball at the tiny dog Pokemon. The Growlithe yelped and slunk back into its house, afraid...
  2. Pheonix was having a late night stroll with Pluto, his Umbreon and Saturn, his Espeon. He had just finished a battle with a trainer who obviously didn't know how to make his Growlithe behave. He heard a Growlithe whine nearby and started walking in the direction of the whine. Pheonix wondered what made the dog Pokemon cry like that. He noticed a wolf thing looking at the Growlithe. Pheonix's eyes widened at how a wolf could make a Growlithe back off.

    Pheonix quickly signaled to Pluto and Saturn to attack. "What is so strange about that wolf?" Pheonix wondered to himself. Saturn knew his trainer was worried and so did Pluto with thanks to Saturn for helping him. Saturn quickly launched a Psychic attack while Pluto did a Faint Attack. Pheonix's worry increased as the wolf creature turned it's attention to Pluto and Saturn.
  3. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Suddenly, the wolf creature noticed a wave of blue energy and a wave of dark energy coming at him...if he didn't think fast, he'd be toast!

    "Shining light, protect from all directions! Shield!" the creature called. A green aura appeared around him, dumbfounding the Espeon and Umbreon that had initially attacked.

    The creature also noted the look of surprise on the trainer's face. He seems afraid...maybe I should talk to him and soothe his fears. he thought.

    "Please don't be afraid..." he assured the trainer. "I mean you no harm."
  4. TheTurquoiseTauros!

    TheTurquoiseTauros! This is bull crap!!!

    Justin was walking along with his slowking at his side when he heard a boy shout. Justin stopped suddenly,then just ignored it and kept walking. He heard it again. "I guess i should go see whats going down." he said.
    "slowking,use teleport to where ever the sound is coming from,i really dont want to climb all these fences." The slowking looked at his trainer and telepathiclly said "ok,hold on tight." The pokemon began to glow with an eriee light then justin and the pokemon dissapered. They reappered where the sound was coming from. Justin looked around and saw a kid with an umbreon and an espeon battling what looked like a wolf on two legs. Justin just stood there thinking that he has never seen anything like this.
  5. Pheonix almost went into a state of shock. "How could this thing talk?!" He thought. Pluto and Saturn heard the wolf and ran in front of Pheonix. "Leave him alone" Pluto growled in his native tongue. "If you what's good for you" Saturn inputted. Pheonix felt relief as his two best friends protected him. "Pluto, Saturn calm down so we can find out what he wants" Pheonix said. "Now then what do you want and what are you doing here?" Pheonix demanded.

    Pluto and Saturn still were getting ready for anything. "He better not hurt Pheonix" Pluto said. "If he does, he will get a world of hurt" Saturn replied.

    (OOC: Pluto and Saturn are talking in their native tongue so I am typing what they would be saying if they said it in English)
  6. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    "My child, don't be afraid....you may not realize it now, your world is in grave danger." the wolf-creature explained. "Notice how the moon has turned yellow?" he asked, gesturing to the moon, which had seemingly turned an eerie shade of yellow. That is because the balance has been upset in another realm--the realm humans like to call "fantasy". If it is not restored soon, your world will be destroyed along with it.

    There's still some hope, though...you can enter the magical realm through many places in this world--any dark and hidden place is a potential portal--and learn magic; magic that will hopefull drive back the evil pokemon that escaped from the shadows."
  7. Pheonix was surprised. He looked at the moon which really had turned yellow. "There could be some truth to this. Pheonix pondered about what the wolf had finished saying. "So the stuff we call fantasy actually exists?" Pheonix questioned. The wolf nodded. "Alright I'll help, Pluto, Saturn care to join me?" Pheonix said. The Eons nodded their heads. "Now then my name's Pheonix Aurion, these twins are Pluto and Saturn" Pheonix said gesturing at Pluto and Saturn.

    Pluto felt somewhat worried about what they're getting into. "Yes my brother I feel worried as well" Saturn said. The wolf had begun leading so the three followed. "Yeah you're right besides we'll get to fight!" Pluto responded with glee. Saturn chuckled a bit. Pheonix then picked the two up and held them allowing the Eons to rest. "So what's your name?" Pheonix said. The wolf kept silent.
    Last edited: May 13, 2006
  8. TheTurquoiseTauros!

    TheTurquoiseTauros! This is bull crap!!!

    "And my name is justin,and this is my slowking." Justin said as he stepped forward. "I couldnt help but overhear everything that was just said and id like to help get rid of the evil that your talking about." With that justin walked over to the wolf like creature.
  9. Animorph

    Animorph Bzzzap

    Travis storm, Traveling along with his Umbreon and Manectric, Umbra and Sparky, had heard a sudden commotion from in the night. He had raced out to see what was going on, and arrived just in time to see a mysterious wolf like Creature explaining something about the world being in danger. Travis hid in the shadows, trying to keep quiet as the wolf explained that fantasy was real. This intrested Travis alot, because he loved fiction and fantasy. However, He was reluctant to reveal himself, and quietly stepped back into the forest. However, he didn't count on himself stepping on a twig, which popped loudly.
  10. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    The wolf creature quickly turned in the direction of a twig snapping. "Who's there?" it asked, forming an ice ball in its paws in preparation to cast an Ice spell at the potential intruder. Nothing.

    "I suppose I should tell you who I am...I am Rukario, guardian of all magic both in the Magical Realm and in the human Realm..." He let that hang as he continued to warily glance in the direction of the twig snap.
  11. TheTurquoiseTauros!

    TheTurquoiseTauros! This is bull crap!!!

    As justin stood there,waiting for something magical to happen,he heard a loud snap that seemed to sound like a gun shot in the quiet of the night. He turned around and said sharply "who evers there better come out right now or my slowking will attack!" Justin looked right in the shadows,waiting and watching.
  12. Animorph

    Animorph Bzzzap

    Travis, after the twig had snapped, quickly wished he had brought along a Phycic pokemon to teleport away. One of the two kids in the clearing with a Slowking was threatening him with his Pokemon. Travis simply clapped his hand slowly over his mouth and began to breath through his nose, his eyes wide, staring at Rukarios...front paw/hand things. He quickly tried to think of a way to get out of there without being....done something too by the strange ball that had formed in it's hands.
  13. TheTurquoiseTauros!

    TheTurquoiseTauros! This is bull crap!!!

    Ok,this is really strange Justin thought. "ok slowking,teleport us right in front of the kid in the shadows." Again the green light surounded them and they teleported in front of the kid. "Who are you?" Justin inquired.
  14. Pheonix and his Eons heard the twig as well. Suddenly Pluto walked over and starting talking. Out came another Umbreon. "Rukario that Umbreon must have made the twig snap" Pheonix said. Pluto continued talking to it but then the Umbreon raised it's paws and slapped him. Pheonix just stared. Saturn looked like he had saw the funniest thing in the world. Pluto came back dejectly. "Must be a she" Pheonix commented. "We should leave now Rukario" Pheonix said turning to Rukario.

    "Hah she got you good" Saturn said. Pluto looked ready to cry. "Don't rub it in buddy" Pluto said with misery. "Hey every Eon gets rejected at some point" Saturn said trying to cheer Pluto. "Yeah your right thanks" Pluto replied.
  15. Animorph

    Animorph Bzzzap

    Travis jumped as a kid teleported infront of him, and quickly ran off in a completly random direction. HOwever, doing this, he ran head first into a tree with a thunk, and fell over, stunned
    Last edited: May 13, 2006
  16. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Rukario saw the movement of a human in the shadows--a very frightened human at that--but he wasn't sure what the human was afraid of; his spell or another trainer's Slowking.

    "Don't be afraid...come." Rukario called to the frightened human, unsure of how this human would react to his urgent message.
  17. Animorph

    Animorph Bzzzap

    Travis, however, had just run into a tree, and got up cautiously. He stared at the talking creature, eyes wide. He rubbed the side of his head, where a bruise had formed.
  18. Pheonix noticed Rukario was talking to somebody else. Pheonix went over to the boy had a bruise. "Saturn help him with that bruise" Pheonix ordered. A blue aura grew around Saturn and the boy's bruise began healing. "That should do it" Pheonix muttered. The Umbreon from before came running to the boy. "Guess it's his then" Pheonix thought. "Rukario should we get going now?" Pheonix asked.
  19. Animorph

    Animorph Bzzzap

    Travis looked strangly at the Umbreon, and then checked his bag. Both his POkemon were in there balls.
    "Uh, is that anybodies Pokemon? He asked. He then turned to the boy who owned the Espeon "Thanks." He said, nodding.
  20. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    (Guys, hold everything, I don't want this RP going too quickly, there are some people that haven't posted yet)

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