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Pokemon: The Magical Guardians (The adventure begins; LSUs accepted)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by FlamingRuby, May 13, 2006.

  1. Silver Arrow

    Silver Arrow i like bagels :D

    Odd thought about weapons. He had always liked sharp bladed ones, maybe a bow or two. He decided to ask Ash a bit about it. He strolled around looking for him. Conincidence had it, that Ash was on a hill, above the tree where Odd fell out of. He spotted Misty and another girl, Ash was bending over a stream using his screened box.
    "Hey Ash, could you tell me about weapons and stuff like that? I would like to actually keep one, not having one made of thunder and disapearing every five minutes!"
  2. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    Serenity ran into the forest looking for Tobias but found Raigeki running towards the base.

    "Raigeki! Why are you so..um, battered up?" she asked him. he looked hesitant but then spilled the baens. "So, Aeon dremt he saw a monster...which was real, and now it's trying to kill him?! Hurry up and go get Rafal then!" she yelled. The Pikachu nodded and then sprinted into the darkness. She could hear Dash from far away but rushed over to where she could hear something else-something much more violent. She didn't care about the note, she was going to help.

    She released a large number of summon balls while shouting: "I summon the rabid Pikachu!!!" and a load of them came out, some foaming at the mouth.

    She ran towards the sound and eventually came towards Aeon and what looked like an Arcanine with three heads looming over him.

    "AEON!!!" she yelled. Once she realised what she'd done the monster lunged at her"Oh, c***." She ducked in time and commanded the Pikachu to use their attacks-but it was no use. The monster lunged again, this time hitting her in the face and stomach. She staggered a little and then hit the floor about a metre away from Aeon.

    "I just wanted to help...I didn't know it was going to be like this..." she said before she blacked out. Next thing she knew, she could hear the pounding of hooves...
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2006
  3. Bandana

    Bandana *~Friends/Rivals~*

    Anna Lucia turned to Misty and said,
    "Sounds like more fun than mining. Sure. I'll love to learn Magical Tecniques."
    Then she quickly added,
    "No offense to the Mining or anything."
  4. "Well she got in way" Cerebus commented. Aeon stirred and opened his eyes. "No" he muttered as he saw Serenity unconscious. "I'll make him pay!" he said and struggled to get up. "Haven't you learned your lesson Aeon?" Cerebus said playing with his claws. "Nope and I guess you don't know not to mess around with my friends" Aeon replied. He stood but his legs wobbled from the pain. "You monster!" Raigeki said as he came out from the bushes. Behind were Aeon's pokemon along with Rafal and his sons.

    "This rag-tag bunch are your pokemon? Wait is that a Mewtwo?" Cerebus said. "Sorry but I'm his best friend not his pokemon" Rafal said. "Same goes for my sons" he added. "Pitiful!" Cerebus said and attacked. Most of Aeon's pokemon were knocked out within a few minutes. "Ha! Aeon you don't even deserve pokemon if you can't make them stronger!" Cerebus gloated. Aeon growled and charged at Cerebus. Cerebus simply headbutted Aeon as he was coming in. Aeon yelled in pain and dropped to his knees.

    "I thought in a Dragonite body you would at least give me some difficulty" Cerebus said in a bored tone. Cerebus made smoke go around him and he ran off. His voice echoed through the forest. "I'll be back" was what Aeon heard. Aeon fell to the ground and was forcefully turned back to a human. "Great why did she follow me?" he muttered and slowly stood on his knees. He recalled his pokemon and sighed. Rafal came over and horror was etched on his face. He put his hand on Aeon and Aeon glowed blue. Rafal was using Recover. "Thanks" Aeon said.

    "We're back to being renegades again" Aeon added. "Go and help her" Aeon said and called Raigeki out. Rafal nodded and floated over to Serenity. Raigeki looked at Aeon sadly and glanced at his wounds. "I'm alive still you know" Aeon said. "Be glad for that" Raigeki said while shaking his head. "You were pretty brave for a little Pikachu" Aeon joked. "Who are you calling little?!" Rai retaliated. "Only kidding" Aeon said and petted Raigeki.
  5. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    Serenity stayed still as Rafal used confusion to levitate her throught the forest.

    The treading of hooves came closer and closer untill...

    "YOU!" Tobias shouted, a look of fury on his face. He then saw Serenity, being levitated and he blew a fuse. "WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED TO HER?!" he yelled. "What did you do?!!!" he raised his arm and let out seven pokeballs. A Sceptile, Meganium, Venasaur, Milotoic, Roselia and Sudowoodo along with Kari came out.

    "Why'd you bring me here? I barely know the guy!!!" She yelled. She ran over towards Aeon's side to Serenity's body. Tobias muttered something about being on the "oposition's side" .

    "You, me! Battle, now!"
  6. "You idiot! I risked my life so she wouldn't die! My pokemon risked their lives" Aeon said. Raigeki's cheeks sparked with electricity while, Dracon, and Sandclaw came out ready for battle. The Mewtwo quints growled intensely and rather loudly. "A lot of grass types huh? Dracon is going to have a field day with those" Aeon muttered. Rafal sneaked up behind Tobias waiting to strike after the battle. "Dracon just faint those grass-types, Rai shock that Milotic and Sandclaw deal with that Sudowoodo" Aeon said and sat down.

    "I don't need to give my pokemon commands to defeat rookies" Aeon muttered. Dracon roared proudly and promptly opened his mouth for a Blast Burn. Rai grinned and sparks surrounded him while he was about to tackle Milotic. Sandclaw flapped his wings and slammed down onto the ground creating an Earthquake.
  7. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    "Don't you ever call me a rookie! I came in the top 4 in the Hoenn leauge and have got nearly every single pokemon there is!!! Besides, I knew her a long time before she even met you! Why would she choose you over me?!" he yelled. Aeon looked just like Tobias did a couple of minuites ago.
    Serenity sturred. Carla had been poking her for the last few minuites, her sister trying to stop her.

    "Toldja all she needed was a good poke! Hey, Toby, LB! Come over here, she's waking up!" Carla yelled. Aeon looked as if he was about to blow a gasket.

    "Huh?" Serenity said. She tried to get up but she fell to the floor, but not with impact due to Carla's confusion.

    "Serenity!!! I thought I'd lost you then!!!" Tobias said, running to her side.

    "Oh, hi Toby...what're your pokemon doing out?" she asked him in a weak voice. Tobias just laughed a little but didn't explain. Serenity then drifted off again.

    "Hmmm," Carla said. She closed her eyes for a second but then opened then again for bad news. "She's in a state of half consiousness. Sometimes she is and other times she isn't."

    "All right...back to the battle..." Tobias paused for a while to make sure Aeon's pokemon were ready and then went for the blow. "SIMULTANIOUS TACKLE!!!" he yelled. All of his pokemon hurdled into Aeons, unexpectedly. This all made them fall over in impact. "Who's the rookie now, huh?!"
  8. "You know having too many pokemon is a bad thing" Aeon said while smirking. Raigeki, Dracon and Sandclaw stood and acted as if nothing happened. "See then that takes time away from training" he added. "Also you weren't the one to defeat Ash now were you?" Aeon said proudly. He took out two pokeballs which one had a black fox and the other had a light purplish fox. "You're going to see the best two pokemon I could ever have wished for" Aeon muttered and threw the pokeballs.

    Pluto and Saturn came out and let out some loud growls. "We're supposed to battle this guy?!" Pluto asked who was about to burst in a fit. "Please he's not even near Ash's level" Saturn remarked. "Yep" Pluto said. "Pluto do the same thing we did with Ash! Shadow Assault!" Aeon said. Pluto looked back and smirked. He disappeared and numerous cuts appeared on Tobias' pokemon. "Saturn! Psybeam! Psychic! then Ultima Psychic!" Aeon ordered. Saturn glowed blue and a colorful beam shot at the Milotic. Then the Sudowoodo was attacked by Psychic. Then a glowing triangle appeared and many beams similar to Psybeam damaged the bodies of Tobias' pokemon. "Pluto! Shadow Infect!" Aeon shouted.

    Pluto growled and tiny microbes entered Tobias' pokemon through the cuts Shadow Assualt made. The microbes then started injecting their poison.
  9. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    Tobias's pokemon all fainted at the exact same time. On the sidelines kari and Carla sweatdropped then cheared.

    "In your face, LB always wins!!!" Carla shouted.

    "I wouldn't do that if I were you, sis," Kari said to her sister who seemed to be on a hyper overload again. "Oh, no! That's the beans talkin'! Carla, listen to me! It's kari!!!" too late. Carla was bouncing around again. Tobias walked up to her and strangled her, just like Aeon had written.

    "At least something you said was helpful..." he said, while Carla dropped to his feet and kari looked shocked. His pokemon followed him as he walked into the forest. Kari took carla's pokeball in her mouth and pressed the button in the middle to return her.

    "What the hell does "LB" mean?!" serenity said. She got up and rubbed her head. "Ow, that's gonna leave a scar." she said, lifing her shirt so she could see her stomach. there were three marks where the beast's claws hit her. "What was that thing?"
  10. Aeon scowled and whispered into Pluto's ear. Pluto nodded eagerly and tackled Tobias. "That's for insulting Aeon!" Pluto shouted. "Wait did you say LB?" Aeon asked. He glanced at Rafal who was about to make a run for it. "RAFAL!!!!! GET BACK HERE!" Aeon shouted while turning his chainsaw on. Rafal whimpered and started to speed up. Pluto laughed as Rafal tried to beg for mercy. Once Rafal had done enough groveling, Aeon forgave him but with a warning.

    "That was Cerberus, a Shadow that I can't defeat" he said. Then he felt cold and started to shiver as if he was in freezing cold. "Oh no he's back" Aeon muttered. "Rafal get Serenity out of here!" Aeon said trying to fight the panic in his voice. Rafal nodded and teleported himself and Serenity back to Legendaria. Meanwhile Aeon braced himself as black flames cleared away to reveal Cerberus. "I hope you've gotten stronger Aeon" Cerberus said. Aeon clenched his fists and his pokemon stood by his side. "Bright light, shed magic power from above! Absorb Dragonite!" Aeon said raising his hand into the air.

    "I hope you give me a slight challenge Aeon" Cerberus said maliciously. Aeon roared and tried to use a Body Slam. Cerberus avoided it as if the attack was nothing. "Haven't you figured it out that you can't defeat me?" Cerberus taunted. Cerberus slamed into Aeon and began slashing him all over his body. "There is nothing you can do!" Cerberus added and kept slashing Aeon. Raigeki stood there still with horror on his face. His eyes watered and he started to silently sob.

    Cerberus ended after badly slashing Aeon's entire body. "Why don't you finish me?" Aeon said weakly. "It's fun to make you lose" Cerberus said and went away. Aeon groaned and was back to human form. Dracon slowly picked Aeon up and Dracon put Aeon on his back. Dracon flapped his wings and flew up. He then flew towards Legendaria with the others following. Dracon landed and entered the base. Dracon carried the now unconscious Aeon into a room with a bed. Rafal came in and looked down at the floor. Dracon sat down on the floor and rested his head on Aeon's arm.
  11. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    "Knock, knock," Serenity said. She'd seen Dracon, Rafal and Aeon going into a room and decided to see if he was okay. She winced when she saw the damage. "Is he going to be okay?" she asked Rafal. he said nothing although Serenity knew that he had as little idea as he did. "It's that thing again, isn't it? The thing that attacked us before...Rafal, what is it? It has to be something!" Aeon shifted in his unconsious slumber. Rafal sighed and then began to explain.

    "Wow...so, a shadow that can't be defeated...that's a bit of a downer. But we'll get round it-us, you, me, Aeon and all our pokemon. We'll figure it out somehow..." she said. She wrapped her fingers around Aeons and felt good for a moment or two.
  12. Aeon groaned and woke up. He saw Dracon's head on his arm and petted Dracon. Dracon opened his eyes and roared happily. He saw Serenity's hand on his hand and he quickly moved his hand away. Rafal looked up and saw Aeon petting Dracon. "You are an idiot" Rafal muttered and used Recover on him. "Shut it or you get the chainsaw treatment" Aeon said. "Don't think I've forgotten about calling me LB" Aeon threatened. Rafal paled and began panicking after healing Aeon.

    "What an idiot" Aeon remarked after seeing Rafal run out the door. Aeon got up but then Raigeki jumped onto him. "Guess what mister I got beaten up by a black dog! You made me cry! I don't cry!" Raigeki said while giving Aeon a small Thundershock. "If you shut it now then you won't get Rafal's punishment" Aeon said. Raigeki jumped off and hid behind Dracon. "What an numbskull" Aeon commented. "Hey don't you have to find Tobias?" Aeon asked.
  13. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    "Why, what happened to him? I was unconcious for a while, remember...did you do something to upset him? because he's a guy to hold grudges. Once, when this guy shook my hand a little too long after a pokemon battle, he got Spore, that's his venasaur, to use petel dance on him." she looked and saw Aeon had a rather scared look on his face. she sighed. "I'll go look for hi-" she broke off. Tobias was at the door with a rather sorry look on his face.

    "Tobias! ...what did Aeon do?!" she asked him.

    "Nothing...I just had to go clear my nerves." He stared at aeon with a look of pure hatred and then went out again.

    "Don't lsten to him, he's just frazzled because he probably go beaten in a battle in the forest...so, you feeling better?" she asked him. The others had left the room by now so they were all alone. "Those look pretty bad, you want me to go get my bandanges?"
  14. "He got mad because he found you knocked out and he started screaming at me" Aeon said. He got up and grabbed his pokeballs. "I feel better now thanks to that lazy good for nothing Rafal" Aeon muttered. "Ah he's due for his punishment" Aeon said while walking out of the room and saw Tobias walking down the hall. He silently called out Raigeki and ordered him to use Thunder Wave on Tobias. Rai nodded and rings of electricity floated to Tobias.

    Aeon walked over to him and went in front of him. "What is your problem? If you're that worried about her then take her and leave" Aeon said. "I don't need any more problems because of that Latios forsaken Cerberus!" Aeon added. He sprayed Tobias with a Paralyze heal and left. Aeon stopped and then teleported outside. He called out his pokemon and they all ran over to check on him. "Relax I'm alive you know!" Aeon said. "And we're glad for that" Dracon remarked.

    "Alright we need to train as I keep getting my butt kicked by that lousy Cerberus" Aeon said. 'Train? Aeon you need a miracle!" Raigeki joked. The others laughed including Aeon.
  15. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    "Same old Aeon." Serenity said and then left the room. She found Tobias in his room scowling and packing a bag.

    "Hey," she said. She went to look what he was doing. "Um, why exactly are you packing a bag?" she asked him.

    "We're going. Come on, my arm's healed and we've got no buissness here." he replied.

    "What if I want to stay here? I'm getting close to best friend again and I'm not just about to go straight out of the picture!"

    "What?!" Tobias said, looking enraged. "Why, do you like him better than me or something?" he asked her, angrilly.

    "Well, yeah! When you're being like this!" Serenity yelled back. Her eyes darted at him, which they usually do when she's angry at someone. She stormed out of the room before he could say any more and went straight to Aeon.

    "Battle, please! I need to work off some steam."
  16. "Uh sure" Aeon said looking at Charcoal. Charcoal ran up to him and got into a battle stance. "Alright who want's to bet that Aeon will let her win?" Raigeki said making a poker hat come out of nowhere and held his hands out. "Me" Dracon said and put some chips into Rai's hands. Crush went up and placed the chips down. Pluto and Saturn walked to Rai and put some chips down. Dracon looked shocked. "Pluto and Saturn betted on that?!" Raigeki said obviously shocked.

    "So what?" Saturn remarked. Pluto shrugged and looked at the match. "Plus he's using Charcoal and not Raigeki" Pluto added. "Yep Rai here is one of the strongest in this group" Dracon said. "You got that right!" Raigeki bragged. "Charcoal can you do this by yourself?" Aeon asked. Charcoal nodded and Aeon sat down only to end up punching the back of Rafal's head. "What was that for?!" Rafal said. "For being an idiot" Aeon replied. "Okay" Rafal muttered.
  17. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    "Kari, swift!" she yelled once her pokemon had gotten into position. The dark type emitted a bunch of yellowish stars which hit the foe and sent it flying backwards. "Now, use tackle and scary face at the same time!" she commanded her pokemon once more. it nodded and glared at the Growlite, making it freeze in its tracks. Serenity grinned as kari went in for the final attack.

    "There's nothing in the pokemon battling rules that says I can't do that."
  18. "Nope" Aeon muttered. Charcoal got knocked down and he fainted. "I knew he would lose!" Rai shouted. "What was that Raigeki?" Aeon said with his hands fingering the hidden chainsaw. Raigeki gulped and said nothing. "Good" Aeon said and recalled Charcoal. Rafal was about to have a fit. He burst out laughing which he would soon regret. Aeon heard this and grabbed his chainsaw. He turned it on and ran after the fleeing Rafal.

    Aeon's pokemon started laughing after hearing Rafal's pleas of help. "Oh man this too funny!" Raigeki said. "HELP!!!!" Rafal shouted.
  19. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    "Hello! More battling, please! Still worked up!!!" she yelled into the direction that Aeon had ran in.

    "He's scared-I'm too tough for him!" Kari said, laughing and putting on a sly grin.

    "Yeah, he might. But I'm the brains behind this and you're the broun. Has been ever since I got you as an Evee." Serenity said back to her.

    "It's been like that ever since you got all of us, stupid." Carla said, coming out of nowhere.

    "I call you stupid, not the other way around," Serenity replied to her. She turned to the forest. "Come back and choose your pokemon now or you forfit and I get harsh on some inocent shadow pokemon!"
  20. "Go ahead I need to punish Rafal!" Aeon shouted. Rafal kept on running with Aeon right behind him. Then Aeon stopped and he shivered. "Oh no" Rafal muttered and an infamous black dog appeared from smoke. "I hope you've gotten better Aeon" Cerberus said. "Bright light, shed magic power from above! Dragonite!" Aeon said. "Again?" Cerberus said and sighed. After changing into a Dragonite, Aeon breathed out flames which headed directly for Cerberus.

    "You've learned nothing" Cerberus muttered. He dodged the flames with ease and tackled Aeon. Cerberus slashed Aeon again and again. "You are too weak" Cerberus commented while he continously slashed Aeon. Once Cerberus was done, Aeon laid there coughing out blood. Cerberus smiled malicously and disappeared. Aeon looked at his body but it was back to being a human body. Rafal quickly used Cure on him and lifted Aeon up by the shouders.

    Rafal carried him back to the others who started feeling depressed when they saw Aeon being carried by Rafal. "When I get my paws on that Latios forsaken dog I'll kill him!" Raigeki said with rage taking over.

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