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Pokemon: The Magical Guardians (The adventure begins; LSUs accepted)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by FlamingRuby, May 13, 2006.

  1. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    "Aeon, are you okay?!" she asked. It was a stupid question but what serenity did next was more stupid. "Absorb, Pidgiotto!" she yelled as she took on the shape of the bird pokemon. "I said I needed to let off more steam and I'm going to. See ya." she said, taking off.

    Once she saw what she was after she dived into it, plunging into its back with her beak and a quick attack. Cerberus wasn't expecting it so she did it easilly. "Can't catch me!" she said, then doing a double team and then an agillity. The area was full of Pidgiotto clones but the monster soon got through them all and got to the real one. Its claws went around her neck as she transformed into a human again out of fear. The claws dug into her neck, narrowly missing an important vein. It held her up as she was wincing and then dropped her to the floor with force. She gasped in pain. "You're tougher than I thought." she said. Before it dissapeared, though she heard it say: "You'd better believe it."
  2. Aeon groaned and coughed out yet more blood. "I hate that Cerberus!" Aeon said with a cruel tone. "You are not the only one!" Raigeki said who was also outputting sparks of electricity thorugh his cheeks. "Calm down Rai" Aeon said. Then Rafal closed his eyes. "Cerberus has just attacked Serenity and left" Rafal said but by time he finished, Aeon was no longer there as he was running into the forest. "He's fast" Raigeki remarked. His pokemon followed him unaware of the rage building inside of him.

    Aeon knelt down and saw blood on her neck. "Rafal!" Aeon shouted. Rafal came over and casted Cure. "You'll be fine now" Aeon said. Aeon's pokemon let out sighs of relief. "Oh great now he'll be depressed at night" Raigeki said. "Yep" Dracon muttered. "Dracon come and carry her" Aeon said. Dracon nodded and Serenity was placed on his back. Dracon flapped his wings and flew back to Legendaria. Aeon followed on foot along with his pokemon and Rafal. "Hey Rafal don't you have to check on the Mewtwo brothers?" Aeon said smirking. Rafal paled. "You can't be a good father if you act like that!" Aeon remarked.

    Rafal teleported away which left Aeon and his pokemon to laugh. "Oh that idiot!" Aeon said.
  3. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    Halfway through the journey to Legendaria an unexpected presence came on Dracons back and nudged Serenity, causing her to fall directly down...into the river.

    A few minuites later and she was washed up onto the shore, unconcious.

    Another few minuites later and Dracon realised that Serenity was no longer on his back. He flew as fast as he could back to Aeon and explained everything.
  4. Aeon stood there and his fists clenched. Rafal's eyes widened and dragged Aeon's pokemon a safe distance away. "BRIGHT LIGHT, SHED MAGIC POWER FROM ABOVE! ABSORB CHARIZARD!" Aeon shouted. "Oh no" Rafal muttered. "What? Why is he so angry?" Raigeki said in a fearful tone. "Maybe he thinks Cerberus did this?" Dracon replied. Aeon roared and flapped his wings. He then flew to the river and saw something trying to drag Serenity away from the river.

    Aeon roared and dived down. He opened his mouth and release red hot flames from his mouth. Raigeki and the others had just arrived and Raigeki growled. He ran and fired a Thunderbolt at the thing Aeon was fighting.
  5. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    "A-Aeon? ..." Serenity's eyelids fluttered for her to see a horrible fight. She could feel water lapping at her ankles and a burning pain in her neck. She could see a Charizard and all of Aeon's pokemon fighting what looked to be a three headed Arcanine. Its ruby red eyes flashed at her with a passion to kill anything or anybody that was in its way. And at that moment that someone was her.

    The beast suddenly began sinking its claws into her neck again. The burning pain was getting worse and worse as its claws dug in. It slashed at her stomach and only one name rushed through her mind.

    "Aeon, Aeon, Aeon, Aeon..."

    "AEON!!!" she yelled with a desprate tone in her voice.
  6. Aeon roared and grabbed Serenity. He put her gently down on the other side of the river and roared. Rafal went over to her and casted Cure as usual. Aeon roared again and he slashed Cerberus. Cerberus staggered and then felt shock. "He caused me to feel pain?! Aeon I see you've trained" Cerberus said. Aeon roared and fired a mighty Flamethrower at Cerberus. Cerberus countered with his own Flamethrower and the two Fire-type attacks canceled each other out in a small explosion.

    "Anger has made him go lose control which is why I felt pain when he slashe me" Cerberus mused. Cerberus leaped onto Aeon and slashed Aeon's face. Aeon opened his mouth and flames shot out which cause Cerberus to get off. "Finally he causes me some difficulty" he thought. Raigeki could only stare in amazement. "Holy Latios how can he fight like that?" Raigeki asked. Pluto and Saturn looked away as if they knew. "We've only seen this once and it's not a good memory" Pluto said. "It started when Aeon had us in his first battle and he lost. The opponent wanted to hurt us more but Aeon got very angry and pretty much knocked out that kid" Saturn finished.

    Raigeki was speechless. Dracon sighed and glanced as Aeon and Cerberus continued to fight.
  7. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    Serenity got up and ran to the edge of the river but rafal stipped her from going any further.

    "We have to help him-he's going to get trashed out there!!!" she yelled at him.

    "Have faith, and he will prevail." he said.

    "That's a load! Faith won't do anything-he has to have help!!! ...I could get Tobias, or maybe some of my pokemon-" She paused for a second and remembered a time when she had cheered Tobias along at a pokemon leauge match. He'd on. he'd said that her chearing had spured him on to win... "COME ON, AEON" KICK THAT THING'S BUTT, SHOW HIM WHAT WE'RE MADE OF!!! Come on, I believe in you!!!"
  8. Aeon and Cerberus were both breathing heavily. "At last you make a worthy challenger" he said and disappeared. Aeon fell to the ground unconscious and while he fell, he had turned back into a human. Raigeki went over to him and gently nudged him awake. "What happened?" Aeon muttered as he felt a major headache. "Uhh let's just say you had one nasty battle" Raigeki said. "Stop lying Raigeki" Aeon said. "Fine, you were battling and you made him run away" Raigeki said. "I don't remember doing that" Aeon replied.

    He then groaned and felt pain on his body. "I guess you guys aren't kidding" Aeon said through the pain. Rafal sighed and casted Cure again. "You really need to get yourself a Chansey" Rafal muttered. Aeon got up and took out his chainsaw. "Now I only remember that I'm supposed to be chasing Rafal" Aeon said and turned the chainsaw on. He ran after Rafal who ran away as soon as the chainsaw appeared.
  9. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    Serenity sweatdropped and then sighed.

    "A guy and his chainsaws...I guess me almost dieing for five minuites was only a distraction from him battering Rafal. Glad to help." she turned into the forest and walked around for a while as she wasn't ready to go back to Legendaria.

    She got out her bow and arrows and began shooting at a tree across the widest part of the river.

    "Missed, missed, hit! Missed, hit!" she said every time she missed or hit the tree. She then saw Aeon a few metres away from her reflected in the water.

    "Hey," she said. She walked up to him and sat down. "I'm sorry, you must really get tired saving my butt out there all the time."
  10. "No I pretty much do it because I wouldn't let someone die and for the thrill I get when fighting" Aeon said. He got up and yawned. Raigeki came up to Aeon and gave Aeon a small Thundershock. "What was that for?" Aeon asked as he took out the chainsaw. "Dracon's ready to go" Raigeki replied. "Alright" Aeon muttered. He grabbed Charcoal's pokeball and called him out. "Finally!" Chacoal shouted and stretched his legs. "Don't you have to find Tobias? Cause that guy will get on my nerves if he annoys me about what happens to you" Aeon said.

    Meanwhile Rafal was taking a quick rest when he saw Cerberus standing right in front him. "You?!" Rafal said. "Tell Aeon that I want to fight again in 2 days" he said and disappeared. "Oh great" Rafal muttered.
  11. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    "I won't tell him...he and I...we sorta had a fight," she stood up and went down to the bottom of the river. "He said he wanted to leave. Didn't say why but I said no," she turned back to him. "I'm just starting to get close to you again and he can't just do that! I can't just be moved back and forth from place to place, it's totally wrong!" she finished. There was a dead silence for a minuite or two. "When I was first unconcious, I could hear everything you said for a while. You called me a friend. You've never said that before, you know." she said, just as a worried looking Rafal came from the forest.
  12. Rafal gulped and whispered into Aeon's ears. "I'm going to murder that dog" Aeon muttred. "Make sure she doesn't try to find me" he said. "Don't worry just make sure you take the Mewtwo brothers" Rafal replied. Aeon grinned and whistled. The Mewtwo quints appeared and of course tilted their heads. "I'll tell you guys later but for now follow me" Aeon said. "Bright light, shed magic power from above! Absorb Charizard!" Aeon said. He roared and roared loudly.

    "Latios does he have a temper" Mewthree whispered. Aeon flapped his wings and flew up to the sky. The Mewtwo quints followed him and found him resting deep into the forest. "Alright now spill" Mewfive said. "Alright has your dumb father told about Cerberus?" Aeon asked. Mewfive gulped and nodded. "Cerberus wants to fight and kill me except he won't kill me just yet and now he wants to fight again" Aeon added. The five gulped and looked frightened.
  13. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    "I feel like a little kid.." Serenity whispered.

    "I wonder if I could sneak off-"she thought but she saw that Rafal was watching her.

    "Stay out of my thoughts!!! Or do I have to get a coffee-crazed Espeon out and feed her a grande size?!" Rafal looked pretty scared after that. "Just...leave me alone! I promise I won't go and find him, okay!" she shouted at him. "If Aeon wants me, I'm back at the castle getting some stuff..."

    "Okay, that's everything!" Serenity said. She'd packed around about a quater of a doson pillows in her bag, along with the rest of her pokeballs. "Now, to Brocks'." she said. She ran up to where her mentors' room was and knocked on the door.

    "Hey, Brock. I need to learn level 2 summoning, can I come in?"
  14. Aeon sighed but he then started to feel cold. "Here we go" he muttered. Cerberus stood there with no expression. "I thought you said two days?" Aeon said while growling. "I lied" Cerberus said calmly. Aeon opened his mouth and fired flames at Cerberus. Cerberus countered with his own flames. Aeon lunged foward and slashed Cerberus's middle face. Cerberus moved out of the way and fired a Flamethrower from all three heads.

    Aeon countered with his own Flamethrower. The result was a mini explosion caused by the two attacks canceling the other out. Cerberus leaped onto Aeon and slashed him repeatedly. Aeon threw Cerberus off and fired a Blast Burn. Cerberus smirked and avoided the flames with ease. Aeon roared and charged at Cerberus. Cerberus dodged it and fired a Blast Burn. Aeon got severely burned and couldn't get up. Cerberus smirked again and pounced on Aeon.

    Cerberus slashed and slashed at Aeon's body. Aeon tried to throw Cerberus off but to no avail. When Cerberus was done, Aeon had been severely scratched and beaten. "Well at least you put up a fight" Cerberus muttered and disappeared.
  15. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    "Level 2 spells! Woo!" Serenity said as she was in the forest. She had Kari and Carla by her side. "Thank you Brock!" she said as she turned a corner. She then saw an unconcious Aeon lying in the middle of the grass. "Stupid Cerberus!" she said as she ran up to him. She tapped his cheeks gently three times each. "Aeon, Aeon can you hear me?!" she asked in a worried tone.

    "I'm on it," Carla said. She then used confusion but it wouldn't lift his entire body. "I can't lift him, somebody strangled me too hard and I'm not fully rested!" she said, emplying about Tobias. serenity didn't realise.

    "Well, I'll do it." she said. She gripped both of his arms and put them round her sholders.

    "Serenity! You're not strong enough!!!" Kari said. Serenity gave her a murdorous look. "But in a good way!" she finished, with worried sweatdrops coming down the side of her head.

    "Well, I'm gonna have to do it anyway. Carla." She said. Carla began confusion aand they both worked together to get him through the forest.

    "Ugh!" Serenity groaned. She put Aeon onto his bed in his room. All of her and his pokemon, along with Rafal were round at the time. "I hate that stupid beast. for what he's done to both of us." she said.

    "Ren, I think we all do." Carla said. Thorn the Ralts jumped onto the bed and began to hug his leg again. Everyone sweatdropped. Dracon plucked her off Aeon's unconcious body and handed her to Serenity.

    "Come on, you guys. Aeon's got to get some rest." Rafal said, shooing everyone out of the room. He left but before Serenity did she bent down and kissed Aeon gently on the cheek. She looked up to see Rafal staring at her with a shocked look on his face.

    "I didn't do anything, you hear me!!!" she shouted at him, blushing crimson.

    "Sure." he said, with a smile on his face.
  16. Rafal smiled and looked at the sleeping Aeon. "Now I can blackmail" he thought. Aeon yawned and saw Rafal with a smile. "Uh oh that can't be good" he thought. "Did you feel anything comfortable while you were sleeping?" Rafal asked trying to hide his evil grin. "Uh no not really" Aeon said. Rafal sweatdropped. "Darn it" Rafal thought. Raigeki came and happily jumped onto him. "Good to see you two Rai" Aeon said. "Next time bring me along so I can see some good Cerberus hurting!" Raigeki said.

    "Alright I will" Aeon said. "How are the quints?" Aeon asked. "They're okay" Rafal replied. Then a note was on Aeon's stomach. It said "I'll be back" in black writing. Aeon crumpled the note and threw it. "Cerberus?" Rafal asked. "Yep" Aeon said.
  17. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    "Hey, you've finally come around!" Serenity said. she leaned against the door to his room and looked at Rafal.

    "You tell him and there will be lots of pain." She thought. Rafal suddenly got a very scared look on his face and Serenity smiled.

    She held up her green swing bag from before.

    "Sorry about this, I'm leaving. Tobias really doesn't want to stay here and he says that if I don't come he'll have to forcefully remove me from the building by my ankles. I'd prefer to leave by my own will. Besides, he's really getting worked up and his Venasaur picks up his emotions and fires soler beam blasts at everything. I doubt we want a fire." she laughed. "Also, try and cut down on the eating, it was tough carrying you to here."
  18. "I barely eat!" Aeon said. "I guess he made a good choice since Rafal would have killed him" he added. Rafal then got to thinking. "Wait what if he was awake when it happened?" Rafal thought. "Then that means I'm dead" he thought. Aeon had a face of hesitation but then gave Serenity a light and quick kiss on her cheek. "I was awake when you did that" Aeon said with a cheesy grin. Rafal gulped which meant he was about to die. Once Serenity had left, Aeon grinned and took out his chainsaw. "Prepare to die!" Aeon shouted.

    Rafal ran out of the base and Aeon chased him. Then without warning Cerberus appeared. "I've been insulted by you throwing my note" Cerberus said. "Bright light, shed magic power from above! Absorb Charizard!" Aeon said. A ring of fire appeared and Cerberus along with Aeon were trapped within it. "It won't disappear until you defeat me" Cerberus said circling around Aeon. "I hate you" Aeon said.

    Aeon rushed at Cerberus and used all of the attacks he could. Cerberus smirked and roared. "Bring it on!" Cerberus taunted and charged at Aeon.
  19. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    Serenity was blushing crimson all the way to Tobias's room.

    "What's with you?!" he asked, seeing her with a lobster red face.

    "Nothing, lets go before you grab my ankles." she replied. As they were walkingSerenity could smell burning. "Strange..Tobias, do you smell that?" she asked him.

    "Yeah, smells like burning..." he replied to her with a curious face.

    "Cerberus!!!" Serenity gasped. She didn't know what she was doing next, she was releasing all her pokemon and dashing into the forest without realising it.

    "Serenity! wait, what's a Cerberus?!" Tobias yelled once he had caught up with her.

    "It's a shadow that cannot be purified and it's going to kill Aeon! He's been too badly ingured by him before, it'll rip him open and I don't know what'll happen after that!"

    "Why do you care about him so much?! He's just a guy!!!"

    "He's not just a guy! He's my best friend and I don't know what I'd do with out him1 he's saved my life on numerus occasions and if it wasn't for him i'd be dead before you even got here! Now come o-oh, no!!! We're too late!" She said despratly. she had seen the ring of fire with Aeon and cerberus inside.

    "Milotoic, use hydro pump!" Tobias yelled. His Milotoic was out and firing a water attack on the ring of fire. Normally, it would extingish but these were no normal curcumstances. "If you care about him that much then I'm willing to help." he said. Milotoic kept on firing the attack at the ring but it absorbed it all and let out barrelfulls of steam.

    "Oh, no! Aeon, are you okay in there?!" she yelled into the steam.
  20. Aeon looked back and smiled. He continued his barrage of attacks but Cerberus kept countering. "You've gotten weaker" Cerberus taunted. Aeon growled and continued firing his Flamethrower attacks. "Very sad" Cerberus said. "Shut up!" Aeon said while roaring. "Make me!" Cerberus replied and slashed Aeon. Aeon staggered and fell down. Cerberus leaped onto him and slashed his body. "Get off!" Aeon shouted and threw Cerberus off. Cerberus smirked and fired a Blast Burn.

    Aeon countered with his Blast Burn and a huge explosion resulted. Once the smoke cleared, Aeon and Cerberus stood there and were exhausted. Aeon ran towards Cerberus with his claws ready. That action resulted in a wild slashing match in which Cerberus and Aeon were slashing the other with amazing strength. Cerberus slumped and smiled. "You win" he said. Aeon was dumbfounded. "Now use of those pokeballs on me" Cerberus requested.

    Aeon turned back to human form and took out a Ultra Ball. Cerberus nodded and Aeon threw it at him. The ball rocked and rocked until it made a sound. Without warning Cerberus came out and grinned. "I'm your pokemon now but if you want to purify me then a spell won't work" Cerberus said. Aeon nodded. Aeon climbed onto Cerberus and smiled. Cerberus began to run towards the castle.

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