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Pokemon: The Sevii Islands

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Every Heart, Jun 6, 2006.

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  1. Every Heart

    Every Heart Happy Rival!

    Ok, we can now start. The following people below have been accepted.

    Cipher Admin Lovrina
    Psycho Elmo
    The Smore
    Russian May
    Emerald Dragon
    Dragon 11
    Douglas the PM
    Crimson Riven


    Kinra stepped off the boat that had docked at One Island. She breathed in the salty sea air. It had been a long time since she had been back. Everything still looked the same. The buildings, the trees, everything. From a first glance, it didn't seem like anything was wrong.

    She walked to the Center, Meowth following behind. As she passed the people, she noticed that the people had worried faces hidden under their happy smiles. Probably from the Team Rocket attacks.

    She stepped into the center. She walked straight up to Nurse Joy. She also seemed preoccupied by everything that had been going on. Kinra pulled out 5 pokeballs and handed her Meowth. Nurse Joy sighed before heading into a back room to heal them.

    Kinra sat down on a plastic chair next to a table. She pulled out a handbook on caring for Pokemon to pass the time. She would glance up every once in a while to stare at the trainers that were sitting around. They looked worried too. Kinra sighed, wishing that she was back home under better circumstances.

    ooc: I would post more, but its exam week at school and I've got a lot of studying to do.
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2006
  2. crystal-zephyr

    crystal-zephyr i feel his pain

    Kim walked into the centre with her Delcatty behind her. She stepped up to the nurse in charge. "Excuse me but can you take care of my pokemon please?"

    "Sure i will." She said as Kim returned her Delcatty and handed the six pokeballs to the nurse. She took them into the back. Kim looked around and saw a girl with a hand book so she went over to her.

    "Hi i'm Kim." She said.
  3. Aeon yawned as he got off the boat. "Slash you alright?" Aeon muttered as he looked at Slash, his Zangoose. Slash nodded and looked around The two entered the Pokemon Center and walked up to the nurse. "Nurse Joy can you heal my pokemon?" Aeon said. "Yes of course" Nurse Joy said as she took Aeon's pokemon. Aeon plopped down on a chair and waited. Nurse Joy came back with his pokemon and handed them to him.

    Then Slash came out of his pokeball. Slash hated pokeballs. "Come on lets got train" Aeon muttered. The two left and headed for the tall grass. As he walked around, he encountered a wild Ponyta. "Slash, slice it with Crush Claw!" Aeon said. Slash performed his attack without difficulty. "Now use Slash!" Aeon said.
  4. Every Heart

    Every Heart Happy Rival!

    Kinra looked up at Kim. "Hi, I'm Kinra. Nice Delcatty. I have one, but I'm letting my cousin borrow it right now. She just got started training to become a pokemon trainer.", Kinra said. She then looked away. She was kinda nervous with talking to people she just met.

    Nurse Joy all of a sudden called for her. Kinra walked over. "Are my pokemon ok?", she asked. She hoped there was nothing wrong with them. Nurse Joy smiled as she handed Kinra her five pokeballs and a happy looking Meowth.

    Meowth immediately jumped down from the counter and walked over to Kim's Delcatty. "That's my Meowth. Hold on a second.", Kinra said as she reached down and straightened his black bandana. "There we go. Glad to see that you're alright."

    Kinra straightend up. "So what brings you to the Sevii Islands?", she asked Kim.
  5. Seraphinu

    Seraphinu Divine Beauty

    Kiri stepped off of the boat, bag slung over her shoulder. An Umbreon followed quickly behind, red eyes flashing as it quickly looked around, taking in unfamilar surroundings. The young woman made her way to the pokemon center, noting everyone's worried faces, figuring that Team Rocket had probably caused some rucas. She entered, and sat down, the Umbreon taking a seat beside her, and began to rub its soft head into her hand. She sracthed it behind its floppy ears, and it purred happily. She took a brush out of her bag, and began to bruss the Umbreon, who practically leaned into the grooming device as it scratched her back, relaiving him a few annoying itches.
  6. -=Darkness of Umbreon=-

    -=Darkness of Umbreon=- <-winning with it

    Dave just got up from the boat and immediatly felt the pain. "Oh damn it, this is why I hate boat rides". Dave's umbreon just rolled its eyes at him. Then followed up into the center. There were many people there, asking the nurse to hold on to the pokemon and heal them all. They must all be here from the attacks. Oh well, it doesn't matter, i'll take care of the rockets by myself if I have to.

    The umbreon was just looking around and then caught a glimse of a Delcatty, which made it run right up to it. "Umbreon" Dave called, "not again I thought we had an agreement." Before he knew it Dave was near 2 girls talking to eachother. "Well, hi there, sorry if my umbreon has caused any pain, it seems to have somthing for your Delcatty." Umbreon didn't even tend to look at Dave.
  7. Every Heart

    Every Heart Happy Rival!

    Meowth looked up at the new Umbreaon that had showed up. Meowth then hid behind Kinra's leg. "Don't worry Meowth, it's safe.", Kinra said reasurringly. Meowth moved out from behind Kinra's leg.

    "Sorry about that. Meowth is just a big scaredy cat sometimes. So what are you here for?", she asked. She figured that they were probably here for some different reason other than hers. It would of been ironic in her book if all these trainers were here too for a meeting about stopping Team Rocket.......
  8. -=Darkness of Umbreon=-

    -=Darkness of Umbreon=- <-winning with it

    "Oh, I'm here to get revenge from Team rocket. Now, I'm alot stronger than I was in the past, and I'm going to win." Then Dave Took a seat near them. "That boat ride was a joke, no good comfort, eh?" Dave said with a smile.

    This umbreon still remained near the Delcatty. I can't believe he is doing this again. It annoys me so much. Anyway, So are these people here for the same reason I'm here as well?
  9. crystal-zephyr

    crystal-zephyr i feel his pain

    "Well i'm here for the same reason. Stupid Team Rocket." Kim said. Delcatty was getting slightly creeped out by the Umbreon.

    <"Do you mind dog boy?"> Delcatty said in pokemon talk.

    "Delcatty be nice will you. Anyway what pokemon do you guys have?" She said as the nurse came out with her pokemon. "Well seen as i've got mine back these are mine." She sent out her Glalie, Mawile, Swellow, Breloom and Tyranitar. Each did a contse appeal type entrance. Glalie just did i fast spin, Mawile flung her second jaw from infront of her face like a girl would flick her hair from out of her face, Swellow spread its elegant wings and called, Brellom flexed its muscles and Tyranitar just did a loud roar. "Sorry about these guys i used to be a cordinator untill Team Rocket stole all my ribbons and killed my old Delcatty this ones mother." She said pointing to her Delcatty. "I adopted this one after its mother died and no-one would take it as a starter pokemon so i took it. She never enters the appeal round but is a good fighter. So what are your pokemon?"
  10. Every Heart

    Every Heart Happy Rival!

    Kinra released her Dragonair, Misdreavus, Miltank, Chimecho, and Swablu. "That's my crew for you. Plus Meowth.", she said. "I'm not too big on evolutions. So you guys are here about beating Team Rocket too? Nice.", she said.

    "You know how I found out? I was going to say hi to a friend of mine in Vermillion when some creepy guy gave me a flyer. It said that they needed trainers to get rid of Team Rocket from the Sevii Islands. I figured that since I was born here, I had to help get rid of these guys.", Kinra said kinda fast. She then remained quiet. She turned away and recalled her pokemon as Meowth then gave her a stubborn look.

    (Don't be shy, actually talk to people), Meowth said.
  11. -=Darkness of Umbreon=-

    -=Darkness of Umbreon=- <-winning with it

    Umbreon seemed disapointed being turned down. He just walked back to Dave as he threw out a pokeball. Out came a red light which became a Blastoise. "Well this is my blastoise, and I guess you have met my umbreon" Blastoise stood straight up.

    OCC:Sorry for it being short, i have to go
  12. Seraphinu

    Seraphinu Divine Beauty

    kiri watched the other trainers release their pokemon, she just simply went back to grooming her own Umbreon. The umbreon cocked his head at the other pokemon, and mewed softly at Kiri. "All right Bynx, just don't draw attention to me," she told him, and he jumped from the seat and over to the group, sniffing.
  13. Uysl

    Uysl GIMME A HUG

    Damien sits in a chair in the pokemon center and lets out his pokemon.
  14. Jon Jen

    Jon Jen Super Coordinator

    Jon strutted as he made his way off of the boat, limp coat waving behind him as he walked, onto the pier of One Island, rather obviously, the first of the Sevii Islands. Jon played with the thought that this was a funny name in his head for a while, with a bright grin on his face, as he kept walking. He looked up to the sky, enjoying the sun and scenery of the island. As Jon neared the Pokemon Center, he slowly realized that he should begin formulating his plan of action. It was doubtless that the trainers, his "fellows" in pursuit of Rocket, would most likely be meeting up in the Center. This could prove to be a double edged sword. If he stood out in their minds, it would work to his benefit if they saw him sneaking around the Rocket facility, but if he actually had to say that he was a freelancer, with the same goals as them, that could get sticky. It might seem odd to them why he would always be wandering off away from the group, which had always been his plan, sticking around made it MUCH more difficult to rip off Rocket goods. It could even lead to them believing that he was a spy of the Rocket's, and this would be most harrowing. Jon's intention was to use the pursuers of Rocket as a distraction large enough to commit his theft and espionage, but it could easily be turned around if both sides distrusted him. Jon decided that trust was important, but too difficult to keep up, so, for now, he would do his best to be ambiguous.

    Jon walked slowly into the Pokemon Center. He knew his pokemon were just fine, and debated whether or not he should even bother with the hassle of Joy checking them, but also realized that if he didn't, he may seem a bit odd in the eyes of his "fellows". Then he contemplated whether he was being overly paranoid, his raid hadn't even started and he was worrying quite a bit. The most startling part was that he did this all with a straight, grinning face. Jon could pass off heavy thought quite easily for happenstance, it was necessary in being a con-artist, or "artisté" as he preferred. He decided to check his pokemon in with the nurse, handing her his pokeballs, a collection of Luxury Balls, to be healed and checked over.

    So, with that decided, he retreated to the corner of the Center, to wait for his pokeballs to be returned to him. He decided to throw his caution to the wind, and let whatever would happen, happen. If someone came up to him and started a conversation, it was best that he just go along with it, a quick and realistic answer couldn't be misplaced as distrustworthy, and trust now was just as important as the missions future. But, Jon knew better than to start the conversation itself, which tempted him wildly, as Jon was quite social a creature. He waited calmly, biding his time.
  15. Uysl

    Uysl GIMME A HUG

    I am accepted. Look at the first post of this thread and I'll write longer.

    Damien's Salamence layed down on the floor. Damien got up and petted it a little. Damien had many memories of his grandfather when he petted this pokemon. Damien believed that he could help save the Sevii Islands but didn't think that anyone would accept him so he stayed away from them.

    His Pikachu and elekid were playing in a corner and zapping each other playfully. His Blaziken and his other pokemon were watching the other pokemon shyly.

    Damien believed he could be strong. He believed he could help them. He believed he could save the islands. But he had an attitude like "I can't do it".

    Damien frowned. He couldn't save the islands. He couldn't even save himself from disbelieving. But he must be strong. He must be a hero. He must prove to his grandfather that he can save the islands.
  16. Every Heart

    Every Heart Happy Rival!

    Suddenly, the sounds of a man clearing his throat called the attention of everyone. Kinra looked up into the face of the guy who had given him the flyer in Vermillion City!

    "Hey, your that one guy! The one who told me about coming here!", Kinra said. The guy reached up to his face and straightened his glasses on his face. "If you could all please just follow me through this door, we can get this meeting started. If there are any stragelers left behind, they can still enter.", he said. He opened a side door and stepped in.

    Kinra followed behind and noticed that it was a training room. It was completely empty except for a few tables and vending machines filled with Pokemon Food and soda pop. A pool was in the corner and some grass fields and craggy rocks were in the other.

    "Please take seat and I will explain what is going on.", he said. Kinra grabbed a chair that was near the tables and sat down. Meowth hoped into her lap as it started purring contently.
  17. -=Darkness of Umbreon=-

    -=Darkness of Umbreon=- <-winning with it

    Dave was returning Blastoise by pulling out a pokeball with a blue B on it. "return blastoise" Dave said as a red light hit blastoise as it was put back in. Just then a man came up speaking to the group, but Dave was only listening on and off, becuase of the food he spotted across the room. Mmmmm, I could sure go for that cheeseburger now....mmmmmm

    The man was walking into a room as Dave woke up in a flash. Then Dave and umbreon just followed behind. They found a seat and took it, while umbreon took another next to them on the rolling chairs. "So when do we get this started?" Dave asked with a surpriesed face.
  18. Uysl

    Uysl GIMME A HUG

    Damien returned all of his pokemon but Elekid to its pokeballs. Damien walked into the room and sat by Kinra. His Elekid hopped on his head.

    ".......Elekid get down." Damien said as he looked at Elekid on his head.

    Elekid hopped on Kinra's lap by Meowth and smiled happilly.

    "Elekid." said Damien.

    Elekid hops down and Damien lets Pikachu out and they start to play.

    "I'm so sorry." said Damien. "He's just a baby."
  19. Seraphinu

    Seraphinu Divine Beauty

    "Bynx, come on," Kiri said, taking up her bag, and Bynx jumped up onto her shoulders and hung around them as she followed the man through the doorway with the others. She took a seat slightly distanced from the rest of them, the Umbreon still hagning out around her shoulders.
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