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Pokemon: The Uprising.

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by PikaPower!, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. PikaPower!

    PikaPower! Well-Known Member

    The world of Pokemon. A planet of beauty, hope, love, and friendship. The people co-exist with the Pokemon as if they were brothers. That is, until Team Rocket came. These greedy trainers used Pokemon for ill uses. Stealing, looting, capturing, generally money-making. Why? Because they had ill upbringing. While this is not their fault, they themselves are put to blame. And rightly so, because they could have coped. But, there are some who do not realize it. Namely, the Pokemon.
    Sick of being treated like tools, Team Rocket was corrupted from the inside. The Pokemon stopped co-operating. Bases were destroyed, operations failed, all because of the ungratefulness of the Rockets. Once this happened, some Pokemon started thinking “Why do we need to put up with humans? They capture us, and use us to fight against each other. They’re no better than those in the black suits.” Those who thought this gathered together and slowly but surely, the human race fell to the Pokemon who called themselves “The Almighty”. They tried to weaken them, but the Pokemon had strategy. They took out the Pokeball activation centers, which made only the ones with Pokemon out at the time able to act. In fear, many people surrendered, and those with knowledge were spared. Those with more knowledge were permitted to be in the S.S. Anne. Those without, were sent to a dungeon. A murky pit underneath the ruins of Lavender Town. The place was haunted, but what did it matter. At least they were out of the way. The last outpost was gathered at a department store in Celadon. There they stay, praying for a miracle to happen, an angel with golden wings to come down from the heavens.
    However, not all the Pokemon revolted.
    Some took the human’s side, and stuck with them, simply because they knew that the other people were good. A large amount are in Celadon today, fighting off the others, getting some, occasionally, to join their cause. All the while, the people and Pokemon alike know there is still hope. It will arrive in the form of a Legendary Pokemon.

    You are a Pokemon/Trainer who has volunteered to find this Legendary Pokemon. You are one of the more elite members of the rebellion, and The journey is long and hard, but you volunteered to make the journey across four continents to Sinnoh, where the Legendary Shrine will be found. You are accompanied by up to three Pokemon as a trainer, or two other Pokemon if you are a Pokemon. Or, you could be one of “The Almighty”, attempting to stop those who seek the Legendary Shrine. Either way, you must stick to the rules of the forum and this RP alike, or else you shall be smitten down by ME!

    Rules (For Pokemon):
    1) No legendary/uber Pokemon.
    2) No OHKO Attacks
    3) Try and act like a Pokemon, remember that you aren’t travelling with a person (UNLESS you are RPing as another RPers Pokemon. That is acceptable.)
    4) Have fun!
    Rules (For People):
    1) No legendary/uber Pokemon
    2) ONE starter.
    3) Try to be original. I know it’s impossible to be completely original, but try at least 25%
    4) You are allowed to have another RPer be one of your Pokemon, or travel with another Trainer but NO BUNNYING. They also must accept your offer.
    5) No catching Pokemon. (Pokeballs don’t work, remember?)
    6) Also have fun!
    Rules (For All):
    1) All forum rules
    2) No Invincible players
    3) No bunnying
    4) I am the GM, not you, so don’t alter the plot.
    5) Once again, have fun.

    Sign Up (Pokemon):
    Personality (What your character is like) 4-6 lines:
    History (Why your charri joined the Humans, or decided to overthrow them) 5+ lines. 3+ lines for secondary characters:
    Side ("The Almighty" or the rebels):
    RPG Sample:

    Signup (Humans):
    Age (10-20):
    Personality 5+ lines:
    Appearance (What your charri looks like) 5+ lines:
    History 5+ lines:
    Pokemon. 3+ lines for personality, unlimited moves. Must keep within guidelines, also must be able to learn the moves. I will know...:
    RPG Sample:

    My sign up:
    Name: Benjamin
    Gender: Male
    Species: Blaziken
    Personality: Benjy is a determined character, one who never gives up, and usually dashes headfirst into things, and as a result gets the whole group in trouble. He usually helps others out whenever he can, which is one of his good qualites. He relies heavily on Xavier for sage advice, and Genevieve whenever he needs comfort. As the leader of the group, Ben feels a little lonely, but cheers himself up by remembering the time he fell into a Dugtrios hole. That one event makes him chuckle a lot. However, he is serious when he needs to be, obeys his commands, and willfully goes along with a plan. Sometimes, he wonders why he joined the rebels, because he knows he would have been better off with "The Almighty". Then he remembers that one day, two years ago, when his little dojo went out of business. All because of Sneasel.
    History: Benjamin, as a Combusken, was teased a lot, and his local battling tournaments were closed down when the school bully, Sneasel, set up one right next door. It was much better, but it cost money to get in. Nonetheless, Benjy went out of buisness. He always wanted revenge on Sneasel, and when he discovered he was part of this new group that wanted to attack the humans, he went straight to his friends, who launched a siege on the local recruitment office. It was actually a stall, but it was heavily guarded. Despite that, Ben pulled it off, with his friends. The following week, his friends were all taken into custody by Sneasel, who was of a higher rank nowadays. He fled to a populated city, where he was attacked, but talked to the attacking Pokemon, which convinced the human to let him in. After that, he gradually evolved into a Blaziken, and slowly rose to the elite level. He volunteered for the mission, knowing that it would be dangerous. But his instincts told him (And his instincts are usually good) that he would meet Sneasel again. Somehow, he knew.

    Name: Genevieve
    Species: Gardevoir
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Genevieve is a silent beauty, soft yet hard, in charge but lowly, never in the same place at once. She will comfort Ben during hard times, at other times command him to never give up, and start marching. Jenny is the driving force behind the team, and isn't afraid to beat some sense into Ben if she has to. She will persevere until the day she dies, and fears nothing. Well, nothing except Gengars. They were here main source of fear as a Ralts, and a Kirlia, and still as a Gardevoir. However, she hasn't been around one for a while, and she made a vow that she would overcome her fear of Gengar.
    History: Genevieve joined the rebellion because of Benjamin. On the way to the human villages, Ben had saved her from a Gengar. Following him, she caught up with him and asked him what he was doing. He said he was going to help the rebels in Celadon City. Jenny asked where that was, and Ben told her to head west. She thanked him, and he left. She headed in a westward direction, until she reached the city. She sneaked in, but was caught. When she told them she was with Benjamin, she was allowed in, and has she helped with the rebellion ever since. She wants to go with Benjy to get to the shrine to overcome her fear of Gengars.

    Accepted list (5 Positions left)
    1. PikaPower! (Benjamin, Genevieve.)
    2. ryboo5000 (Ryan)
    3. TotodileCharizard (Azure)
    4. legendarypokemonjunkie17 (John Thomson)
    5. Talon_Ray (Talon)
    6. Dark Aura (Midnight)
    7. Furizaa (Gary Pinegrove)
    8. .:Lemon Tea:. (Tashi)
    9. Bandana (Ammie)
    10. Poke gal (Anna)
    11. cyan water (Crayno)
    12. Nightshroud (Hinata Kinomoto)

    Sign ups are currently: CLOSED. Wait for V2, if there will be one...
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2007
  2. rybo5000

    rybo5000 <- so cute <3

    You say we can have 3 pokemon yet in rules you say only 1 is allowed! Which is it?

    Name: Ryan

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Ryan is a charming teenager who loves to joke around. He is constantly flirting with girls but doesn't always succeed with them. Ryan loves making freinds with humans and pokemon alike and often takes breaks for catching pokemon to just play with them. Ryan's natural talent for making freinds can sometimes mean his talent makes him enemies. He's easy to get on with but can get very serious in battle. He's a very energetic person who loves to be competitive and may be extremely eager to battle every trainer he sees.
    Appearance: Ryan is almost six foot tall and his hair is dyed a purple like colour in order to look similar to his role model's: Erika. He wears an orange jacket and matching trousers and has his favorite red t-shirt on underneath. He carrys six pokeballs, three hanging for each side of his hip. He loves his blue trainers and constantly wears them as they are great for running, climbing and other things. Ryan often wears a Roselia rose in his belt to show his love for grass types.

    History: Growing up in Celadon Ryan naturally devolped a love for grass types and shopping. He is very fond of Erika and has always loved her. She gave him a Budew as a gift once and now that it has evolved they make a great team. Ryan's strong love for pokemon means he hopes to become a professor or a gym leader one day. Ryan's father is a great professor and close freind of Oak meaning Ryan grew up learning about pokemon and so is an expect in pokemon behavior and strategy. His father and himself aren't as close as most as his parents have been seperated for years plus his father's busy work means he can only see his dad occasionally.

    Pokemon: Ryan received Roselia when she was just a newly hatched Budew from Celadon leader Erika. Roselia is a very mature pokemon and prefers to learn rather than play making it hard for her to make freinds. Her and Ryan have been great freinds for years and spend most of their time together discussing stratergies and trying new moves. Roselia knows many powerful attacks including razor leaf, solarbeam and mega drain.

    Other: A photo of Ryan, Roselia and Erika

    RPG Sample:
    Nurse Joy was busy, as always, healing the several pokemon that entered her centre. It wasn't often that a young teenaged boy came storming in thrusting a small pokemon into her arms.
    "Help, my Budew, it's glowing! What's happening to it?"
    Joy took one glance at the pokemon and smiled to herself, this often happened with begginer trainers.
    "Calm down," Joy said calmly, motioning her hands downward, and the boy struggled to slow his breathing, "listen to me. Your Budew is evolving into a Roselia."
    At that moment the white light, which was once Budew, began to change shape until, in it's place, was a strong looking Roselia. It jumped out of Joy's arms and landed gracefully on the counter. The boy, dazzeled, stared at the pokemon that stood before him, bowing majestically.
    "Budew? Your different!"
    The Roselia smiled and nodded at him and the boy immedietly grabbed it and began to hug it, they began laughing and turned to walk out.
    "Excuse me boy," Joy called after him, "do you want to heal any of your pokemon?"
    The boy turned and smiled at her, "Ryan has no need for healing." He grinned at Joy's expression and carried on, "when you battle with as much skill as I do, you walk away without a scratch."
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2007
  3. PikaPower!

    PikaPower! Well-Known Member

    In answer to your question, I meant one starter Pokemon. You know, like Charizard, Swampert, Chikorita, Pocchama, those sort of Pokemon.

    I said 5+ lines for personality and History. I know mine is just three, but I had to rush, so I forgot a bit. I'm going to edit it later. RPG Sample: I can wait half a day. No more no less. You still have 7 hours, so get cracking. And Roselia does not learn Mach Punch. I did say I would check.

    Not yet accepted.

    Apologies to anyone if I stole their color scheme.
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2007
  4. TotodileCharizard

    TotodileCharizard Well-Known Member

    Name: Azure
    Gender: Female
    Species: Feraligatr
    Personality: Azure is a carefree, happy Pokemon....with her friends. If she's in front of other Pokemon, she can be mean and rude. Whenever faced with a battle, Azure is determined to be the winner. Sometimes she goes overboard and gets herself hurt. She doesn't make friends with just anyone, she has to know which side they're on. She is very loyal to the rebels, and can be shy when talking to other Pokemon in addition to being mean. She only doesn't that to hide her shyness, which is why she doesn't have many friends. When talking, she can be sarcastic and make jokes about others.
    History: When she was just a Totodile, a trainer took her in when she was injured. As she grew and evolved into a Croconaw, the Almighty took her trainer away. Azure was on her own for a long time, trying to survive. She grew stronger and evolved into a Feraligatr, feeling more determined to bring an end to the Almighty. Azure knew they most likely put her in a dungeon in Lavender Town. She ran into an opposing Pokemon once, but lost badly when she was a Croconaw. She traveled to Celadon City when she heard other rebels were there. First they tried to attack her, but Azure assured them she was on their side. Now she is determined to fight any opposing Pokemon that comes her way. In the back of her mind, the Almighty being destroyed is all she wants, for her trainer.
    Side: Rebels

    RPG Sample: Three Pokemon surrounded her. A Raichu, Magneton, and Electrode. Azure studied all of them constantly, awaiting them to make a move. The Raichu struck first, he fired a Thunderbolt towards her. Azure couldn't move fast enough, so the fierce attack struck her hard. She struggled to keep herself awake from the powerful move, it was obvious the Raichu was at a high level also. Next, the Magneton made its move with Thunder Wave to paralyze her. Azure fell to the ground, weak now. She couldn't move to get up or even fight back, but she wasn't going to give up. Electrode moved over to finish her off, firing a massive Thunder straight towards her.

    If ya need it longer, tell me.
  5. Bladewing

    Bladewing Chase Your Dreams

    Sign Up (Pokemon):
    Personality (What your character is like) 4-6 lines:
    Kai is a very seclusive pokemon, he never really got over all the horrors he has seen in his short life, but when he unwinds he is fun loving and is the sort of pokemon who would pull a tail on a ninetails to see if the cursing thing really was true, when faced with danger kai simply lets go of logic and reason and follows his instincts makign him a very dangerous oppenent indeed
    History (Why your charri joined the Humans, or decided to overthrow them) 5+ lines. 3+ lines for secondary characters:At a early age Kais whole family was captured by the rockets but just when Kat had given up all hope a human rescued him, in return for this Kai agreed to travel with the human and as always Twi followed him Unfortunately they were in the middle of the safari zone when a psychic message went through the air and suddenly all the pokemon attacked, killing the trainer and giving kai his eye wound.
    Shaken kai and twi traveled home, only to find that their fmily had been killed by the "Almighty"
    Other:kat knows, scratch, ice beam, slash, metal claw
    Also He has a scar across his left eyewhich he usully keeps closed, he can see with it put its painful to lift the eyelid up
    Side ("The Almighty" or the rebels):Rebels
    RPG Sample:
    Kai walked through the grass, alert for passing pokemon suddenly he felt a twitch in the back of his head"twi stop it"he growled
    Kai turned round twi was standing 7 foot away sniffing some flowers
    There it was again only getting louder becoming a dull thud
    There was a voice coming with it kai listened in horror then
    'Attack when i say'
    Kai spun around"Run!!!!" Twi bolted, as did the human who though he didnt understand kai realised the danger
    Suddenly the park became a flurry of activity then kai caught a glance of something sharp coming towards him before his whole world went black

    If you liek this thn ill post the profile for kais travelling partner twi as well as the end to that rpg

    Note that i will aways say whos point of veiw it is at the start of the post
  6. rybo5000

    rybo5000 <- so cute <3

    Is mine okay now?
  7. PikaPower!

    PikaPower! Well-Known Member

    Yay! Attention!

    TotodileCharizard: I like it a lot. The length is right, nice backstory (If not a little cliched.), good character, little-used-RPing-Pokemon.


    Bladewing: Hmmm... Do you reckon you could lengthen everything except the RPG Sample just a tad? And lengthen the RPG Sample quite a bit. Thanksky.

    Not yet accepted.

    Rybo5000: That's much better. Not much else to say, so


    I would like more Human signups, please.
  8. legendarypokemonjunkie17

    legendarypokemonjunkie17 Well-Known Member

    Signup (Humans):

    Name: John Thomson

    Age (10-20): 17

    Gender: Male

    Personality 5+ lines:

    John is a quiet person but when he has friends and opens up, he'll be very social. He loves to have fun, but has a good head on his shoulders and can be serious in the face of danger. His wit and brains get him out of nasty situations, and is very protective of his pokemon and friends, although they are few and far between. He can be a coward until his friends are in harms way. He is strong in times of crisis and cares for any good-spirited person. He can be negative at times and VERY sarcastic when it seems fit. He is sad for no reason at times, but the instant something happens that would seem interesting or thrilling to John, he's the first one there, cheering and smiling all the way.

    Appearance (What your charri looks like) 5+ lines:
    John is a thin, pale child. He has somewhat, messy, dirty blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. He wears a long-sleeve blue dress shirt, button down, tucked into his khaki pants. He wears slightly worn white sneakers. He is not the strongest person. John is not very athletic, but is willing to pitch in when work needs to be done. He is 5 feet and 7 inches tall and weighs 102 pounds. He has a tendency to get lost in things, especially forests, which causes his clothes to get dirty. Since the invasion so to speak, his pants ave a small tear and are very dirty, his shirt is dirty and torn in places as well.

    History 5+ lines:
    John was abandoned in the Viridian Forest as a child. He was rescued by a man named Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket. John was taught the ways of the Rockets, and when John turned 17, he escaped with enough secrets to survive. When the pokemon rebelled, John went into hiding in the Silph Co. building in Saffron City, Kanto. John goes from day to day planning on how to escape and survive. John has a pure hatred towards the Rockets and a pure desire for revenge.

    Pokemon. 3+ lines for personality, unlimited moves. Must keep within guidelines, also must be able to learn the moves. I will know...:

    Torterra- Johns only, loyal, female pokemon. She is a small Torterra for her age of 30 years. Handed down to John from Giovanni, Torterra preferred to sleep and be pampered. When Giovanni captured a Persian, Torterra, then just a Turtwig, was ousted from Giovanni's life. She hates Giovanni with the intensity of 1,000,000 suns, just like John. She knows Earthquake, Crunch, Leaf Storm, and Synthesis.

    RPG Sample:

    It was quiet, the blood red sun set over the horizon, the wind rustled the remaining leaves on the trees, the few leaves that survived that horrible onslaught by the Rockets. Fire, water, wind, pokemon caused all of this. The Pokemon that did not belong to the Rockets retaliated with Electricity, Ice, Darkness, and Steel. But wait, were they even gone? Were they there in the shadows waiting to pounce. At least I was safe in the Silph Co. Building, the building once under the control of the Rockets.

    " BANG "

    Something fell from the air conditioning vent. It was a small child.

    " Hey little kid, are you okay? "


    " Sorry, I just assumed... "

    " Yeah I know, you just assumed. "

    " Listen, I've been hiding out in this building for a long time, so long that I lost track of all time. It's just me and my Torterra. If you'd like to stay, go ahead. I'm not stopping you, just don't make too much noise. "

    " You have a pokemon, a Torterra! " The boy said trembling.

    " Yeah, got a problem with that? " At once the boy burst into tears, pointing, his face turning red, the boy flailing around.

    Oy vey, this would be a weird night.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2007
  9. ex-ty

    ex-ty Swift and deadly

    reserve me a spot please

    how many pokemon you are allowed to play as?
  10. PikaPower!

    PikaPower! Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I've been away for a few weeks.

    Ex-ty: Reserved. By the way, if you're a Pokemon, it's two. Trainers get three.

    LPJ17: Could you just lengthen it a little bit? I'd like it if you could. Thankies.
  11. Taylor Ray

    Taylor Ray Newest shiny


    Name: Talon
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male

    Talon doesn’t relish in his popularity like many popular people do. Quite the contrary actually, he talks to anyone who will listen. He is very smart and makes the highest marks in all of his classes. Talon is what you may call a nerd. He spends his spare time on the internet, and learning how his computer works. He rarely has time to have a girl-friend, and wouldn’t want one if he could. People may look at him sideways in the hallways, but he could care less. He enjoys being and acting like himself and not letting others influence his personality.

    Physical Description:
    Talon is around 5’4” with the body build of a soccer player. He has brown hair and eyes. He runs every day to keep his leg strength maximum. His athletic prowess has led him to many sports and opportunities. He runs a 4.4 40 yard dash, and excels at controlled sprinting. Talon isn’t your typical popular kid at school. He doesn’t care about his physical appearance as much as he should. He wakes up and runs his 2 miles before taking a shower and going to school. Talon doesn’t wear the expensive or “in-style” clothes that other preps and jocks wear. Instead, he wears sweat pants and hoodies to school. Girls wouldn’t look his way if it weren’t for his athletic ability.

    History: Talon was born to a dysfunctional family, and not too soon after his birth his parents had a fight between each other, Talon’s parents divorced, and Talon decided to move in with his father. He visits his mother whenever possible, but doesn’t necessarily enjoy it. Both of his parents have had children since the separation and this has left Talon with two half-brothers. This lacking of a normal family left Talon with a desire to be the best he could be. His attitude from then on was very self- centered, and he focused most of his time to training his body for endurance. He never wanted to feel the loss he felt when his parents divorced again, and he thought this was the way to do it.

    Name: Pen
    Species: Pinplup; Pochama
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Pen is a outgoing pokemon, and many people consider his personality invasive. He is very smart and spends any time alone practicing his techniques. Pen doesn’t like to be surrounded by people, after what happened when Talon showed his father Pen, but he likes it when Talon lets him sleep in the bed with him. Pen has only been in one battle, and that battle was between he and his brother when Pen decided to not join the Almighty. His brother defeated him and left him stranded in the forest where Talon found him.
    History: He met Talon one day after Talon got out of school. Pen was walking around helpless in the forest behind Talon’s hometown when Talon walked by him, and he followed Talon to his house. After the Almighty took over, Pen was torn between joining the other pokemon or staying with Talon. This emotional rift left him depressed for monthes. He decided to stay with Talon after seeing what the Almighty had done to the humans. Pen wanted to help the humans as much as Talon did.

    Talon woke up reluctantly. He had been up all night pondering whether or not he should accompany Blast, the Buizel, into the Twilight. Talon had decided he must help his friend get revenge on the evil Darkrai controling Hyrule. Talon met Blast outside his house and they engaged in their morning warm-ups which include weapon training and trining using proper pokemon attacks. Talon and Blast stroll into the main part of town to sit by the fountain and wait for the rest of the team to meet up there.

    Talon waved at Zimmol, Blast wanted to go see what Zimmol was up to, so they followed him to the field. They watched Zimmol ferociously tear up the dummies, and were amazed at the control of his electric attacks.

    Talon turned and walked back to the place they were supposed to meet the rest of the team. Blast told Talon to go visit one of the weapon stores, and that he would watch and wait for the rest of the team. Talon hastily accepted this offer, as his old rapier was beginning to rust.

    He found a small store, and the sign on the door said Open. Talon shrugged, and pulled open the door. Inside, there was a cornucopia of weapons. You could find anything from Throwing knives to huge Broadswords. Talon walked over to the section that contained new and used rapiers. He was about to leave, because he didn't know if anyone was working here yet, when a dimunitive, old man came out of the door in the back of the shop. "May I help you?" the old man asked. Talon decided he may be able to get a new weapon and answered "Yes." Talon walked back to the counter where the old man was standing and handed his weapon. "How much would you give me for this weapon?" Talon asked "Or, what would you let me trade it for?" The man looked over the weapon intensely. After a few minutes, the man looked up and told me it was in very good condition, other than a little rust. Nothing that couldn't be fixed. He said I could trade it for a rapier, a broadsword, a short sword, or a greatstaff with metal on the ends. Talon thought long and hard about which one he should get, if he got one at all. Finally, he came to the conclusion that he should get the greatstaff. The man handed over the Greatstaff and also gave me a cloth rag and oils to aid the cleaning process, when needed. Talon also asked the old man to sharpen the Shuriken in his bag. When the man came back with the Shuriken, Talon was surprised to see how sharp they were. The man had made a double-edge, which makes them even sharper. Talon handed over the harness for his rapier and received the new straps used to hold a greatstaff across his back. Talon thanked the man and jogged back to Blast.

    Blast was surprised to see that Talon had given up his long beloved rapier. Talon had also visited the supply store and got enough for Blast and himself. Talon placed his bag on the ground and reached in, he came out with a snack he had placed in the bag when he woke up. He handed a piece to Blast, who thanked Talon and gobbled down the snack like there wasn't another like it.

    Blast was the fist one to see Keys. He tapped Talon on the shoulder, and pointed out the arriving teammate.

    Talon had been dreaming of the journey through the Twilight to Hyrule. There were so many legends and tales about people entering the Twilight and never coming back. He wanted to be part of the 4 groups, the Twilight Youths from the other cities, that finally overthrow the evil Darkrai, who controls the Twilight and Hyrule. He thought of how his parents went missing, and how heart-breaking it would be if they actually found them, while saving the cities covered by the Twilight.

    "What?" "Oh." Talon said as Blast woke him from his daydream. Talon noticed that Keys had two katanas now, and one looked to be better than the other. Keys had a majestic look on his face, as if bragging on the inside about the new weapon. When Keys came within earshot, Talon complimented him on the new weapon. Keys came and leaned up against the fountain with Talon and Blast as they waited for the other Twilight Youths from their village to meet them. They passed the time conversing about what they thought the journey was going to be like. It came to be about 9:00 AM Faron time and The team was ready to leave behind the others and set out on their journey.
  12. legendarypokemonjunkie17

    legendarypokemonjunkie17 Well-Known Member

    What would you like me to lengthen?
  13. PikaPower!

    PikaPower! Well-Known Member

    If you could lengthen it all, that would be good.

    Talon_Ray: Accepted.

    Futuramagirl: Reserved.
  14. legendarypokemonjunkie17

    legendarypokemonjunkie17 Well-Known Member

    Oh, okay. I'll do that right now and edit this post when I'm done, if you couls stay on for a little while, maybe 10 minutes, I you could read it again.

    Edit- I updated my sign up, I hope it's a little better.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2007
  15. Taylor Ray

    Taylor Ray Newest shiny

    Thank you, and I may edit and add a pokemon. I just wanted to get it posted ASAP.
  16. PikaPower!

    PikaPower! Well-Known Member

    LPJ17: That's better. Accepted

    Now, I'd like some more Pokemon signups, please.

    After this full stop I will edit the accepted list.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2007
  17. bookist

    bookist Well-Known Member

    Renji the Male ;452;

    Renji is a somewhat lazy pokemon that prefers to just rest in a branch than do anything at all. However despite his laziness he is a very skilled fighter. He also will protect his comrades/allies at all costs whether they are freindly to him or not. He also has a habit of just getting the job done. In his mind 'the sooner its done the sooner I can relax.' Oh he also has a huge appetite.

    History: Renji was always pushed around as a kid so he decided to get stronger. He trained with some of the best fighters. So when that mean spearow (mispelled) came back he would be ready. However before he could get back rockets came and took them away. Because Renji could move fast he escaped, but vowed revenge. Right now he is waiting, binding his time.


    RPG example-Surrounded in a closed corridor like a rattata. Renji grinned and waited. All of a sudden 5 Nidokings were teleported in. Renji grunted and thought how he hated nido kings. Cross poison would do little and most of their attacks did a lot. O well he though. As he was bracing himself for battle he did not notice the One behind him use horn drill...
  18. .:Lemon Tea:.

    .:Lemon Tea:. Crystallized decay

    Signup (Humans):
    Age (10-20):16

    Personality 5+ lines:
    Tashi is a pretty laid back person. She doesn't care much about the people around her, and rarely bothers to help others out. She is pretty cheerful, and sucks up to get what she wants. Origionally from Olivine City, Tashi discovered a love to the sea, and behind her cool interior, she actually cares for a few people. Tashi is your average I'm-better-than-you-type-so-show-me what-you-got. And is pretty neutral in arguements, meaning she won't really argue with you unless you provoke her, and even then she stays in her cool and carefree form. She is rarely very serious, but likes to be the mentor for little kids and beginning trainers.

    Appearance (What your charri looks like) 5+ lines:
    Tashi has a mane of silky indigo hair. She wears a light white and brown striped shirt (much like the ones belonging to Team Aqua but imagine the blue lines to be brown) and dark navy blue jeans. Sometimes in clear weather she wears sky blue shorts, and flip-flops. Her shoes mainly consist of lime green Converses. And even when its cloudy or rainy she still wears a chocolate-carmel color cap on her head, sideways. On both of her arms, there are dangly silver bracelets, with different engravings, and she tends to carry a sleek black waterproof backpack with her at all times. She keeps her 5 pokeballs (4 are empty) in a white belt pouch on her waist.

    History 5+ lines:
    Tashi is a city girl growing up in Olivine City in Jhoto, though she recently moved to Saffron on her 15th birthday. She lives alone, and her dad and mom; both workaholics pay her rent and boarding fees. She attended a boarding school for most of her life. But after her 16th birthday she escaped boarding school and went her own way. She worked as a waitress and bartender in a pub after her escape and lived in a small apartment complex.

    Pokemon. 3+ lines for personality, unlimited moves.
    Tashi found Soru in an abandoned warehouse just after she ditched school, Soru is an outgoing cheerful runt of an eevee. He prefers to eat rather than run around, and is a bit smaller than the average eevee, but has thicker paws. He is pretty lazy when it comes to doing hard things, and one stormy night, he somehow evolved into an Umbreon in front of Tashi's own eyes.
    Attacks:Quick Attack, Bite, Shadow Ball, Iron Tail.

    Other; Tashi is 5'7 (in height)

    RPG Sample:
    Tashi looked at the greasy spot on her apron, she sighed, being a waitress in a pub was not fun. She glanced at the dirty tables and the messy dishes that were untop of them, lunch had just been over and her and her co-workers had to clean up after the stupid tourists from Pallet Town and the loud-mouthed Saffronians. She mopped the table with her rag, only 20 more to go, she thought. She gently cleaned each table, and daydreamed until...

    "Oi! Tashi! Are you up for Saturday night?"

    She looked over and saw Drew, a stupid and arrogant brat who was in charge of the grills. She gave a wry grin, usually she would have just ignored him if he said that, but she desperately need the promotion to pay her rent, and so she grinned back at him.

    "Sure. But I might need to stay here and clean up the tables on Saturday night."

    He shrugged and said, "I'll get someone to cover it for you."
    She gave a timid smile, and went back to cleaning the dishes, what a dream come true, no night-shift for her on a Saturday, now if only she could find a way to ditch Drew, and go train Soru.
    She glanced outside at the sunny Friday afternoon, it was a little past 2 o'clock pm, and little kids were running down the sidewalks.
    "Tashi!" 4 little kids screamed, and started running toward the restaruant. They went inside, and sat by the counter.
    "Tashi, how's Soru?" a little girl with braided pigtails asked.
    Tashi grinned the little kids were so innocent, "He's fine, the cut was nothing I put some medicine on it, and now he's fine. Now what can I getcha?-ice cream cones like always?"
    The kids nodded and each recieved their ice cream and gave Tashi the money.
    "Bye big sister!" they yelled, and waving their chubby little hands, they each exited from Mari's Pub and Diner.
    I hope to see you later too, she thought. And went back to clearing the tables.
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  19. Bandana

    Bandana *~Friends/Rivals~*

    Sign Up (Pokemon):
    Name: Ammie (Rhymes with the name Annie and isn't pronounce like Amy just so you know.)
    Gender: Female
    Species: Ampharos
    Personality (What your character is like) 4-6 lines: Ammie is known amognst The Almighty as a bossy Pokemon since she is in a high ranking position and has the power to send some lower ranked members of The Almighty on disgusting cleaning jobs or in battle to try and stop the rebels and their plan. Ammie is also pretty stubborn and is unwilling to let anything happen around her that she doesn't know about. Being a strong believer in the cause of The Almighty, Ammie will stand on it's side even in the worst of situations. Yeah, Ammie is pretty loyal but does have a tendancy to be quite lazy. n battle, Ammie prefers to be ruthless and cruel but wouldn't pick on a higher (or equal) level Pokemon unless she was commanded to by a higher rank of The Almighty.
    History (Why your charri joined the Humans, or decided to overthrow them) 5+ lines. 3+ lines for secondary characters: Before all this chaos arose, Ammie was a Pokemon belonging to a Team Rocket member. She was always abused and scolded at since the Team Rocket member was stupid enough to make her fight ground and rock type Pokemon. Ammie became to hate and despise her trainer and took the opportunity to joing The Almighty and help make the humans fall to their feet!
    Other: Ammie likes to blow up human technology by overpowering them with electricity. It's a hobbie now.
    Side ("The Almighty" or the rebels): The Almighty
    RPG Sample: Taken from a Tokyo Mew Mew RP from another site. (Let me know if it's not good enough.)

    Meanwhile, away from Queen Sututro's deathly wrath, Noda Fujiwara was serving a couple some Mudcake, using 'Happy words' as she called them to make it sound even nicer.
    "Can't you just taste the delicious chocolateness?" Noda asked, sounding like someone from an advertisement. Gum was considering about commenting on it but knew better than to say anything that could be taken offensively to Noda.
    "So what are you doing?" Noda asked Gum, who was sitting at a table and flicking through a magazine.
    "Working," Gum simply replied.
    "That's barely any work," Noda said. "Why aren't you helping out?"
    "It's a slow day," Gum said plainly. "There's nothing for me to do."
    "Is that so?" Noda muttered and the faced the other direction and shouted accross the cafe. "Hey Hina! Is there any work for Gum to do?!"
    "Ow! My ears!" Gum exclaimed after getting a huge fright from Noda's shouting. "I'm deaf!"
  20. Missingno2

    Missingno2 3,2,1.5,0.01. GONE!

    Sign Up (Pokemon):
    Name: Sir Rioru


    Species: Metagross

    Personality: Sir Rioru is a short tempered Metagross. If you make him mad, no going out battle. If you make him happy, he will help you one time. He will go into a mode called Extreme mode if he loses a battle, which he wont care about anything.

    History: When he was a Beldum (;374;) He got caught. Then during a battle, he was able to flee from his trainer. Amazingly, He was very strong with take down, and he beat up pokemon badly, that he evolved to a Metang (;375;). With hate, he still beat pokemon badly, that he evolved into a Metagross (;376;). He still beats up pokemon, even trainers who want to get him.

    Other: The Destructed Remains of his Pokeball

    Side: The Almighty

    RPG Sample:

    A Spiritomb (;442;) came. The Spiritomb used Pursuit. Sir Rioru used Hyper Beam to stop pursuit. Amazingly the Hyper Beam didn't just went through the pursuit, it even hit the Spiritomb, so the Spiritomb fainted. Sir Rioru went to a cave full of Anoriths(;347;), Armaldos(;348;), Lileeps(;345;), and Cradilies(;346;). The Anoriths and Armaldos used a strong cut and the Lileeps and Cradilies used a strong acid. Sir Rioru used a Meteor Smash to take out the Anoriths and Armaldos. They fainted. Sir Rioru used a Hammer Arm to take out the Lileeps and Cradilies.

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