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Pokemon things that has benefit you in real life

Metal Force

I mean did anything in pokemon made you learn new things that apply in real life?
Gor example because of pokemon I learned about new animals I didn't know before, I also learned some new word sI didn't know.

So what about you ?


Mistyfied Moron
Pokemon is an edutainment game. You play, enjoy your-self, but you also learn about things that can help you in every-day life.


Well-Known Member
I'm portuguese and because of Pokemon my english vocabulary has increased. Now i'm the best of my class in English. And, of course, i learned about new animals.

BT ;383;


Ice, Ice, Baby...
Pokemon has inspired me. I has made me get into both anime and art, and was one of the things that got me into Ice Creatures. :)


Well-Known Member
I learned why the sea is blue.

Yes, I can still recall that random piece of info I picked up in the Oceanic Museum.