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Pokemon trading when no one plays D/P/P?


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I have decided to play my Diamond game again and really wanted Steelix and Scizor among others on my team (well, pokedex).
I know I could just buy another NDS and unlock trading but it seems like an expensive solution given how much D/P/P are worth used here in Norway.

So I was wondering if anyones still playing or have it laying around and could help me do a few trades when time permits? I'd appreciate it a lot to get my favorites on my team.

Apologies if this is not the way to do it, but I haven't been on Serebii for years and haven't played any of the newer games - though they're next in line (got black - sun ready!)

Thank you! :)
Maybe my response is too late to help, but have you tried the "GTS trade evolution oversight" glitch, as it's called on the Bulbapedia wiki? That'll let you evolve trade-based evolutions (largely) by yourself.
You still need to trade a Pokemon, so you can use the Pokemon Classic GTS website to find an easy trade while you do it.
Hope that helps!

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Official Wifi servers are no longer active for these games. There is a work around but I'm not sure if it is allowed to be talked about on the forum. If you are curious, you can DM me. It's not really anything difficult or hard to do, but it's not official. This alternate server though will allow you to trade and battle.

As for your request, Steelix is something you catch yourself without needing to trade. Steelix is wild on Iron Island, which you have access to after 5 badges.