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Pokemon trainer mystery's mystery shop...

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by pokemon trainer mystery, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. pokemon trainer mystery

    pokemon trainer mystery Well-Known Member

    Pokemon trainer mystery's mystery shop

    Update: I'm happy to say that my shop is now open again and should'nt close anytime soon.
    First of all i'm aware that i didt'nt finish some of the trades from when the shop was open
    I apologize to those of you who were waiting to finish a trade or looking to start one and if you still want to pick back up where we left off we can.
    Second the times i'm avalable do vary but i'll try to be avalable to any timezone at least once in a week.

    Hello and welcome to my shop i trade mostly with shines and events however other Pokemon services and trades are available.

    Message of the week ~ looking for Shiny UT Meditite with psycho cut preferably without a nature that lowers attack will offer anything in my shop for it.

    i don't like to have to many strict rules however these are the ones i feel are important to note:

    1. follow all sppf rules this one is self explanatory

    2.be nice when posting if a trade doesn't work out then i am sorry but spamming the thread is only going to make it less likely for us to trade in the future.

    3.no hacks please i don't want any jirachis in a master ball or a shiny zerkrom. if any of my Pokemon are found to be hacks i will refund immediately and i expect the same from you. if you trade me a hack and i find out i will give you a week to try to make a trade back before i consider blacklisting you.

    4. be fair with your offers i don't expect you to accept a mew for a catapie and neither would i.

    my polices

    trade policy this is 'isn't set in stone but until for now i will base most of my trades on this:
    my shiny for your shiny
    my event for your shiny
    my flawless shiny for your rare event/flawless shiny
    my dreamworld female for your dreamworld female
    my dreamworld event for your dreamworld event/shiny

    UT - untouched has not had any battle experience
    BT - barley touched has a small amount of experience under a level
    T - touched has been trained over a level
    flawless - flawless IVs of the Pokemon are either 31/30s in most or all stats

    if you have traded me a Pokemon and don't want it listed it would be great to know why it will make a trade more difficult however.

    My Pokemon
    (if any of the pokemon below interest you and you want more information on them please ask and i will give it to you :)

    flawless/near flawless
    eevee level 1 UT brave nature male
    dratini level 1 UT adamant nature male note:has dreamworld ability and egg move extreme speed
    zoura level 1 UT modest nature male :note has moves calm mind sucker punch snarl and roar

    Nidoran male level 1 ut hasty nature

    staru level 59 UT quiet nature

    eevee level 16 UT hasty nature male

    eevee level 1 UT careful nature male :note has moves wish curse yawn and heal bell

    gyarados level 30 UT timid nature female

    lavatar level 1 UT adamant nature male :note has move dragon dance

    ho-oh level 70 UT modest nature

    treecko level 1 (has pokevirus) nature jolly

    beldum level 1 UT gentle nature

    turtwig level 5 BT bashful nature male

    piplup level 1 UT impish nature male

    mime jr level 1 UT gentle nature female

    snivy level 1 (has pokevirus) bashful nature male

    tepig level 1 UT hardy nature male

    zorua level 1 UT impish nature male

    kyurem level 75 UT quirky nature

    mystery mew level 10 UT rash nature

    Pokemon jungle tour celebi level 10 t(had pokevirus hasn't gained any other experience) nature bold :note i have reason to believe this one has been cloned allot as i found one on the gts recently (completely different source from this one:

    win2011 celebi level 50 UT calm nature

    jirachi from channel level 100 touched calm nature

    2012may darkrai level 50 UT docile

    dreamworld arceus level 100 UT careful nature

    movie 12 keldeo level 15 UT modest nature w/pp max

    movie 12 meloetta level 15 UT rash nature w/pp max

    wi-fi event genersect level 50 UT rash nature

    sing piplup level 15 UT modest nature female

    deoxys space c level 70 UT jolly nature


    nicknamed Pokemon (can't remove)
    shiny litwick level 1 pokevirus cured modest nature female knows moves heatwave protect substitute shadow ball nicknamed shandrea
    shiny pawniard level 1 UT adamant nature male nicknamed skarm!
    shiny shinx level 3 ut has nickname in japanese (doesn't change when evolved.)
    shiny vulpix flawless/nearflawless level 1 has had pokevirus knows dw ability and egg move hypnosis

    these are what i am looking for right now they will change as time goes on and if there isn't anything here that you have leave an other anyway as i might go for it :)
    nearly all shines and events other than ones i have will be accepted :)
    in particular
    (UT is preferable)
    Squirtle caterpie
    sneasel(would like female)

    any events are welcome preferably not ones i have

    starters from all generation games
    NOTE: as this is a first for me some spelling and grammar mistakes could of made it into this thread. as time goes on i will find and remove them but if any names of pokemon are unclear please let me know.

    other services (this will be updated in the future)
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2013
  2. pokemon trainer mystery

    pokemon trainer mystery Well-Known Member

    Reserved for the future

    To be used later.
  3. pokemon trainer mystery

    pokemon trainer mystery Well-Known Member

    Reserved for the future
  4. pokemon trainer mystery

    pokemon trainer mystery Well-Known Member

    Reserved for the future
  5. soundxfury

    soundxfury Well-Known Member

    Interested in your Sing Piplup. Shinies on your list that I have:
  6. pokemon trainer mystery

    pokemon trainer mystery Well-Known Member

    treecko is interesting if its level one you have your self a deal.
  7. soundxfury

    soundxfury Well-Known Member

    He most certainly is. I just checked him though, so I must warn you that he has PKRS. Let me know if that's a deal breaker or not, sorry about that.
  8. Cmchilds

    Cmchilds New Member

    Jolly event Genesect for your shiny kyurem?
  9. monkeyman192

    monkeyman192 simply bored

    I have a couple of shinys in my sig you have on your want list. I'd be interested in a few of your shinys (mine are RNG'd as said in my sig if that is fine...)
  10. pokemon trainer mystery

    pokemon trainer mystery Well-Known Member

    i might take it anyway. Do the others you offered have pokevirus?

    at the moment i'm not keen on taking rgned pokemon just because i would have to track them separately sorry about that.
  11. soundxfury

    soundxfury Well-Known Member

    The other 3 don't have PKRS
  12. pokemon trainer mystery

    pokemon trainer mystery Well-Known Member

    I have a rash genesect but i might trade i'll get back to you via pm

    kk well i'll trade for the treeko if that cool with you i'll be avalable to trade today but not tomorow next week is fine too
  13. Xszr

    Xszr New Member

    I have shiny mudkip and torchic,can I trade movie 12 meloetta?
  14. pokemon trainer mystery

    pokemon trainer mystery Well-Known Member

    sounds great will trade for the torchic whenever your around just send me a pm.
  15. pokemon trainer mystery

    pokemon trainer mystery Well-Known Member

    just an update to the shop added poekon to general shinys and other pokemon (shiny Nidoran male, shiny Treecko shiny flawless vulpix dw, shiny shinx)
  16. flymetopluto

    flymetopluto New Member

    I have three shinies on your list,
    Rayquaza Lv 50 - Hardy - Rest, Air Slash, Ancient Power, Outrage.
    Palkia Lv 70 - Hasty - Spacial Rend, Heal Block, Earth Power, Slash.
    Dialga Lv 70 - Hardy - Roar of time, Heal Block, Earth Power, Slash.

    I am interested in your
    WIN2011 Celebi
    Shiny Piplup
    Shiny Turtwig
  17. Quagsireking

    Quagsireking I am the king!

    I have a platinum darkrai, but it is touched.
  18. ImAnOKIE12

    ImAnOKIE12 Sexy Cowboy

    I have shiny PC fukuoka Groudon? Its an event you don't have, AND a shiny you want.... Just going around seeing what its worth...?
  19. pokemon trainer mystery

    pokemon trainer mystery Well-Known Member

    Thats fine with me let me know when your avalable to trade

    That not too much of a problem is there somthing spercific your looking for in return?

    thats an interesting one not 100% sure what its worth but i could see myself being willing to trade 1 or two events r shinys for it (not picky as to which) don't know if thats anything you would consider.
  20. ImAnOKIE12

    ImAnOKIE12 Sexy Cowboy

    thats good with me, 2 shinies? thats okay with me. wont be able to trade for awhile though

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