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Pokemon Trainers in the family?

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I have a question to all competitive players who have brothers and sisters. Do you teach them how to play pokemon competitively? Or are you tutoring them? Also, if you plan on having kids, will you teach them how to play pokemon competitively or tutor them? Do your older brothers or sisters play pokemon? Did they teach you?

As for me, I'm tutoring my little brother how to play pokemon since he became infatuated with Cherrim (I know, weird). We're starting with the basics like Types and Super effective hits and all, and slowly move our way up as he learns more. He's currently learning about Status and Items. I'm even going so far as to breed new pokemon for him to use in 'test' battles. He's doing well so far.

You guys?

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Wow, you're brother sounds like a natural.

I wish I could teach my older brother about Pokémon, but sadly he suffers from a severe intellectual disability, so I can't :(.

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I taught my nephew how to play and he's actually better at competitive battling than i am :(


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Who haven't I taught how to play from the people in my family? lol

I taught my relatives much of what I know, but I still have a better understanding of battling in general, and that's why I keep pulling ahead when I battle those who I teach. I deliberately put them into situations where they would need to think to get out of, and provided my brother with specific, pre-trained Pokemon to use for that, let's just call it a test. He passed it with flying colors, so he's gotten a lot better. Now, all he's got to do is defeat me at least once. lol The biggest test of all I can throw.

In a competitive standpoint in person, my friend rivals me in power and can potentially defeat me. I want my brother to reach that point...