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Pokemon Triple Xtreme (PG-13)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by chalkus, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. chalkus

    chalkus Well-Known Member


    Stage 1​

    It was the Lobo League finals. Ash was battling head to head with Chalkus, a young man with wavy blonde hair and bright red lips. The first one with three victories would win the match and become champion of the Lobo league. Chalkus won the first two matches with his Alakazam and his Magmar, crushing Ash’s Squirtle and Bulbasaur. All hope seemed lost as Ash fell to the ground crying, feeling dejected and ashamed. Out of nowhere, Charizard emerged from the clouds, wrapped in a majestic orange flame that was undeniably heavenly. Charizard easily defeated Chalkus’ Pokemon, winning two straight matches for Ash without even receiving any direction from him. Triumph seemed certain and Ash appeared to be on the verge of his first league victory that mattered. However, Ash called Charizard back and chose instead to bring Pikachu in, he wanted his favorite Pokemon to win the tournament for him. They embraced and Ash sent Pikachu into battle. It wrapped itself in thunderbolts and charged at Chalkus’ Pokemon, a lowly Remoraid that he brought out in error. Pikachu pounced on it while it flailed on the ground, a minute later, Pikachu was now on the ground, battered and defeated. Chalkus became the Lobo League champion while Ash once again tasted a humiliating defeat. He picked up Pikachu and walked out of the arena in shame while Charizard shook its head and flew away.
    “Boy, that was embarrassing,” Brock said as he met Ash outside the stadium. “I mean, to lose like that in front of everyone in the stadium and those watching around the world to a freaking Remoraid when you had the advantage with an electric type, I think I would just—”
    “Hey Brock…shut up!” Ash said indignantly.
    “It’s not my fault you lost.”
    “You’re making me feel worse.”
    “I mean, I can say what I want to because I’ve never lost in a tournament.”
    “You’ve never been in one! Let’s see you try it instead of just tagging along all the blasted time doing nothing!”
    “I’m a gym leader, which means that I clearly am overqualified for these silly tournaments.”
    “You weren’t saying that when I kicked your butt back in Pewter City!”
    Brock laughed. “I-I let you win, because I felt sorry for you, rookie.”
    “Yeah right, you couldn’t even beat Team Freaking Rocket without my help.”
    Brock gasped, his hand was over his mouth. “You take that back!”
    Both Ash and Brock clenched their fists and held each other’s shirts.
    “You boys are so stupid when you’re angry.”
    Appearing behind them was May, eating some cotton candy. She winked at Ash and he stuck his tongue out.
    “What the hell are you doing here?” Brock asked. “Shouldn’t you be changing Max’s diapers or something?”
    “I don’t hang with my brother anymore,” May said. “I’m too womanly to be bothered with that little runt.”
    “So says the ten year old.”
    May removed her bandana and let down her hair. She pranced in front of Ash and wrapped her arm around his neck.
    “So Ash—”
    “I still think you’re a worthless, poor man’s replacement for Misty, who I can’t stand!” Ash bellowed, then walked off with Brock sneering at her.
    May shredded her bandana and looked up at the sky, her heart filled with anger and hate.
    “I shall destroy you Misty, I swear it!” she said, then ran off.
    “And she hate’s Misty for what reason?” Brock said, shrugging. He pulled out his PDA and went on his favorite message board to tell all the Advanced Shippers how worthless their beliefs were. He then ran in the direction Ash went.
    Brock found Ash walking in the woods. For the first time, he noticed that Pikachu was on Ash’s head and was still injured from its fight.
    “Aren’t you going to a Pokemon Center?” Brock asked.
    “No, Pikachu doesn’t deserve it after what he did!” Ash said.
    “Yeah, I agree with you. I just wanted to see Nurse Joy.” He salivated. “And maybe Officer Jenny won’t be too far away.”
    “Who cares about those test tube clones, can’t you see what’s really—”
    Brock slapped Ash, his face was a portrait of anger. “Never…say…that…again!” he roared.
    “It’s true.”
    “What was that!?”
    “At least I have girlfriends. Who do you have?”
    Ash walked towards a tree stump and laid one foot on it. He looked up at the sky, a beam of light penetrated through the tree branches and covered him. A single tear ran down his cheek.
    “The only one I have…is my dear short skirted wonder, Dawn. I’d follow her into a volcano and back…as long as she doesn’t wear pants, that is.”
    Brock giggled and pulled out his PDA to tell his Pearl Shipper friends the good news. “So what happened to Misty?”
    “Old news.”
    “And May.”
    “Don’t care. You can take her.”
    “I’m not that desperate.”
    “No one is.”
    Brock and Ash continued walking through the woods when they saw Officer Jenny drive by in her squad car.
    “Instead of walking, I’ll get us a ride,” Brock said, then ran after it.
    “How the hell are you going to catch up to a car by…ah, never mind!” Ash said.
    He waited for Brock to return after he realized how stupid he was being. His thoughts shifted to Dawn. She never showed any interest in him unlike the others, which was what attracted him to her more than anything else. He wished he had stopped her before she left, now she was gone and he had no idea where she was. Ash wept, Pikachu regained consciousness and rolled its eyes.
    “There you are loser!”
    Ash wiped away his tears and looked around but could not see who said that.
    “Show yourself!” Ash yelled.
    Stepping out of the bushes was Chalkus, he had an evil grin on his face.
    “What do you want?” Ash asked.
    “I want to take over the world!” Chalkus answered.
    “Excuse me?”
    “And the only one who can stop me is you, that’s why I’m here to take you out.”
    Ash scratched the back of his head. “Okay, what the hell are you talking about?”
    “You know, the world will turn to Ash, and you’re Ash, so if I want to take over the world, I have to defeat you.”
    Ash laughed. “Dude, that was back in movie two, you know, back when I used to have a fan base.”
    “Chalk up and die!” Chalkus yelled, then brought out his Fearow.
    “Chalk up? What the hell is that supposed to—”
    The Fearow used beak on Ash’s head and drew blood. He ran back and leapt into the bushes.
    “I’m not a Pokemon, you can’t attack me!”
    “Yes I can, these are the rules over in the Alto region.”
    “Does this look like the Alto region to you!?”
    “Chalk up and die!”
    Ash brought out his Pidgeot and leapt on its back as the Fearow came in for another beak attack. They climbed into the sky and Fearow followed them. Pidgeot used gust and Fearow dodged it and used quick attack to knock them back. Ash almost lost his balance and fell off of Pidgeot.
    “You will never win unless you have a killer instinct!” Chalkus said.
    “If that’s how it is, then eat this!”
    Pidgeot used sky attack combined with quick attack to hit the Fearow’s head, blowing it clean off. With the headless Fearow falling to the ground, Ash stood on top of his Pidgeot and laughed maniacally.
    “I like these rules!” he proclaimed. “Let’s see what you got now!”
    Chalkus called out his Alakazam. Pidgeot raced down to use another sky attack but Alakazam used confuse on it and made it slam itself into a tree. Ash jumped off it just before impact, Pidgeot was badly injured but was still moving. Ash put it in its Pokeball.
    Ash gritted his teeth, then summoned his Tauros. Alakazam tried confuse again, but Tauros’ limited mental capacity made that attack useless. It rammed its horns into Alakazam, then tossed its lifeless body aside.
    “That’s two down, one more to go!” Ash exclaimed, thoroughly enjoying this new type of battling.
    “This isn’t over yet!” Chalkus said, then brought out his Machamp.
    “Tauros, run that punk over!” Ash yelled.
    Tauros charged at Machamp, but it caught Tauros’ horns and brought it down. Machamp broke all of its legs before snapping its neck.
    “That doesn’t mean anything, I’ve got a million of those things back home,” Ash said.
    He brought out his new Pokemon, Geodude, and launched it at Machamp. He forgot that rock types were weak against fighting types and Geodude was pounded into rubble.
    “You have no chance against me!” Chalkus said.
    Ash felt that he was right, he had no way to win the fight. He fell to the ground, weeping once again, wishing for a miracle. Landing in front of him was Charizard, it sensed he was in danger and came to help. Chalkus and Machamp cowered, taking a few steps back.
    “Yeah boy, that’s right!” Ash pronounced. “I’m going to win right now. That’s why I choose…Pikachu!”
    Charizard turned to Ash in disgust, Chalkus gave a sigh of relief. Ash threw the near comatose Pikachu into the battle, and in no time Machamp had beaten it into the ground, breaking off its tail and its two front legs.
    “I can’t believe it, Pikachu!” Ash yelled, falling to the ground. “How could you lose so easily, you lazy, good for nothing—”
    Ash was cut short literally as Chalkus’ Magmar came out of nowhere and used flamethrower on Ash, burning his legs to a crisp. He fell to the ground, crying in pain. Chalkus stood above him, victorious.
    “Now that you have fallen, nothing shall stop me from taking over the world!” Chalkus said. He leapt onto Machamp’s shoulders and it ran off together with Magmar.
    Ash felt the humiliating sting of defeat for the second time that day. That pain was almost as bad as losing his legs. Overcome by it, he closed his eyes and passed out. Charizard shook his head and flew off again.

    Will Ash and Pikachu survive? Will May get revenge on Misty? Will Brock ever get a clue? Find out next time on Pokemon Triple Xtreme!
  2. chalkus

    chalkus Well-Known Member

    Now for the super exciting second chapter.


    Stage 2
    Misty vs. May megabrawl!​
    The world will turn to Ash.
    The world will turn to Ash!
    Hey Ash, wake up already!
    Ash’s eyes slowly opened, he swore he heard the voice of his sweet Dawn calling to him. Instead, all he saw was Brock’s smug face staring at him. He closed his eyes again.
    “Hey Ash, I know you’re not unconscious,” Brock said. “Wake up, already!”
    Ash begrudgingly opened his eyes and sat up. “Where the hell am I?”
    “You’re in the hospital…sort of.”
    “What does that mean? And why am I in the hospital, anyway?”
    “Think back, Ash. Think back!” Brock said in a harrowing voice.
    Ash held his head, it felt like it was being ripped apart. He remembered battling Chalkus in the forest and losing to him after another embarrassing loss by Pikachu. He also remembered having his legs burned off by Magmar. He pulled up the sheet covering him and saw that his legs were all right. He breathed a sigh of relief.
    “I guess I’m more resilient than I thought,” he said. “That Magmar has nothing on me!”
    “Nah, it burnt up your legs pretty good.”
    “So why are my legs okay?”
    “I think I can answer that.”
    A man with black shades and a black suit appeared out of nowhere and approached Ash’s bed.
    “Who are you?”
    “My name’s off limits, but you can call me by my codename…Tingly.”
    “Tingly!” Ash said, snickering.
    “Yes. I am part of a secret…”
    Ash broke out into laughter, Tingly cleared his throat.
    “Like I said, I’m part of a secret…”
    Ash continued to laugh, Tingly put on a white glove and slapped Ash across the face. He threw the glove away and cleared his throat once more. Ash rubbed his sore cheeks, Brock sneered.
    “I’m part of a secret government organization.”
    “Wait, there are governments in this world?” Brock said.
    “Of course, who do you think runs everything and keeps the world in order?”
    “You didn’t do anything when Mewtwo was abducting people,” Ash said, “or when the Legendary Bird Pokemon were messing everything up, or when—”
    Tingly put on another white glove and slapped Ash before throwing it away again.
    “Anyway, our group is called the Earth Sphere Alliance.”
    “What the hell is Earth? Is that the name of our planet?” Brock said.
    “I always thought it was the Pokemon world,” Ash said. “This Earth must be another planet.”
    “I wonder where it is.”
    “Don’t you know anything Brock. It has to be the planet the Clefairies came from.”
    Tingly put on two white gloves and slapped Ash. As his hand came at Brock’s face, he grabbed Ash and put him in front of his face, using him as a shield.
    “If you two don’t mind, shut the hell up. Now, our government is under threat by evil forces. That guy you lost to, Chalkus, is trying to take over the world. We need the strongest Pokemon trainer in the world to stop him, that’s why we recruited you.”
    Brock laughed. “You need the strongest trainer in the world and you called up Ash? The guy lost to Chalkus twice and almost died the last time. You guys must be pretty desperate.”
    “That can’t be true, you’re just jealous Brock! Tell him Tingly!” Tingly turned his head, his cheeks red. “Come-on Tingly, tell him!”
    “Actually, he was our top choice…”
    “See, Brock!”
    “…after the other one hundred and fifty people we asked turned us down.”
    Ash’s jaw dropped, Brock continued to sneer.
    “Listen Ash, never mind that,” Tingly said. “We believe in you, just like that cult on that island believed in that world will turn to Ash nonsense. You can do it, that’s why we had your legs rebuilt.”
    “You made me new legs!?”
    “Yes, but you can’t use them yet. You must remain in bed for now. Don’t worry, you will soon get your chance for revenge on Chalkus and save the world at the same time. This is your destiny.”
    Ash sulked. “Like I haven’t heard that a thousand times.”
    “Maybe this time it will actually be true,” Brock said, chuckling.
    Both Ash and Tingly put on white gloves and slapped Brock till his face turned red.
    Meanwhile, Misty was in the balcony of her palace. She had not just taken over Cerulean Gym, but the entire city as well. She had her slaves/man servants build her a three hundred foot palace on a 24/7 working schedule to ensure that it was finished before her birthday. She had everything that could be desired; pearls, diamonds, gold jewelry, even an old school VCR that was actually programmable. There was only one thing that she did not have, a bicycle. She was waiting for the day when a certain someone gave her what was owed.
    She looked over her balcony and watched her slaves/unloved citizens work tirelessly for her. Her gaze shifted to her grandfather’s pirate ship. He was a famous pirate that stole, looted and plundered everyone, Pokemon and human alike, all over the world. He finally dropped anchor at Cerulean City and by the money he gained through his exploits, made the city what it was today. His most prized possession was a magical harpoon that he always kept on his pirate ship. Legend had it that it could grant any wish, even bring someone back to life. Her grandfather always kept it at his side, until one day when he went looking for Misty after she disappeared riding her bike and got struck by lightning. She felt bad, but at least his death paved the way for her rise to power. He was a greedy old man who wanted everything to himself, and now it was her turn.
    Her attention was drawn by a commotion on the pirate ship. It was moving out into sea, her slaves/disrespected workers were knocked overboard by a Delcatty. She immediately knew who it was. She brought out her Starmie and flew across the city to the pirate ship. She landed gracefully, and stared down her nemesis.
    “May!” Misty said.
    “Misty!” May said.
    They stared each other down, sizing each other up. Misty’s face was dead serious, May had a disgustingly cocky expression on her face.
    “I see my replacement is here,” Misty said.
    “That’s funny, cause as I remember it, Ash couldn’t stand you and couldn’t wait to great rid of you. I’m the one he really wants.”
    “Is that why he replaced you?”
    May blushed. “H-He’s just confused. You know how simple minded he is. We hit a rough patch in our relationship, but we’re going to get through it, right after I finish you!”
    “And how is that going to help?! Shouldn’t you be going after Dusk or whatever her name is?”
    “Yeah, well I hate you more so you’re my target. I can’t stand your red hair, your stupid little ponytail, and those ridiculous shorts you’re wearing. Don’t you know the rating of this show!”
    Misty grinned. “And that’s why you’ll never have a fan base like mine. Pokey Shippers rule, Advanced Shippers drool!”
    “I hate you!” May screamed.
    She commanded her Delcatty to use scratch, but Misty flew above it on her Starmie.
    “I thought we were having a Pokemon battle, if you want to fight me, do it with your fists instead.”
    “I’m just using the rules of the Alto region, the toughest league around. But if you want to fight like a kid, I won’t mind.”
    “I’ll play by your rules, no problem! I could kick your butt with both suspenders tied behind my back!”
    “Bring it, don’t sing it!”
    Starmie dove down and used tackle, but Delcatty dodged it. Starmie used water gun and sent Delcatty into the ship’s railings. Delcatty leapt back up and used iron tail, bashing Starmie into the air. With Starmie off guard, it was preparing to use skull bash when Misty leapt off of Starmie and used a roundhouse kick on Delcatty, knocking it out.
    “That’s not fair!” May screamed.
    “The Alto League has no rules, so I can do whatever I want,” Misty replied. “If you can’t take the heat, take off the stupid bandana.”
    “I’ll make you pay now!”
    May brought out her Scizor, and it used a quick attack as soon as it came out of its Pokeball. Starmie used water gun in desperation, but Scizor was unaffected by it. Scizor used take down, then tore Starmie to pieces with its sharp blades.
    “Take that you ponytailed pig!” May yelled.
    “At least my hair doesn’t look like bicycle handle bars!” Misty retorted.
    “I will destroy you!”
    May sent Scizor after Misty, but she brought out Staryu to defend her. It repelled Scizor’s attack and knocked it back. Staryu went head to head with Scizor, trading blows and damaging each other. Scizor and Staryu sized each other up, then charged at each other with quick attack. When the dust had cleared, Staryu had impaled Scizor. It grunted, then Staryu threw it into the sea.
    “One more miserable loss to go for you,” Misty said, smirking.
    May clenched her fist and screamed. “Now you’ll get it! Come on out, Squirtle!”
    May’s Squirtle appeared and flexed its little muscles. Misty laughed.
    “What’s so funny? Squirtle has won countless battles for me.”
    “Countless? Really? That thing is even more pathetic than Ash’s Squirtle, and that’s saying a lot.”
    “I’ll show you what it can—”
    “You’ll show me nothing!” Misty said, angrily. “Now, let me show you the power of a true Water Pokemon Master!”
    Misty called back Staryu and, exploding out of the sea, was her red Gyarados. It roared and Squirtle wet itself.
    “Since when are those things red?”
    “Don’t you watch the show. Ash and I encountered it a while back, Team Rocket was experimenting on it, so we freed it. I acquired it for myself after learning to tame other Gyarados, and with my training, this thing is the most powerful thing on the sea.”
    May’s knees shook, but she forced herself into calm. “That’s just talk. My Squirtle can still take you out.”
    May gave Squirtle a thumbs up, and Squirlte turned back and returned it. As it did, Gyarados bent over it and ate it, swallowing it in one gulp. May’s jaw almost hit the ship’s deck.
    “You’ve lost for the third time, this battle is over,” Misty said, proudly. “You’re a disgrace to yourself and your Pokemon!”
    May fell to her knees and cried, Misty was unmoved.
    “Why do you always win and I always lose!” May screamed.
    “Because I’m better than you.”
    “Shouldn’t you be feeling sorry for me about now and give me some worldly advice and stuff.”
    “I could…but I won’t. Now, get off my ship!”
    Misty grabbed May’s shoulder, but May grabbed her hand and smiled wickedly.
    “It’s over for you!” she screamed.
    May brought out a Snorlax. It fell on Misty’s leg and crushed it, she was unable to move. May then brought out her Skarmory.
    “Even if I’m wounded, I can still fight back,” Misty said. “You forget that Gyarados is still out.”
    “I don’t need to fight you, not any more!”
    May jumped on her Skarmory and it flew away, leaving Misty confused. As she tried to free herself from the Snorlax, the ship exploded. Misty’s eyes widened as the flames engulfed her and what was left of the ship sank to the bottom of the sea.
    “Did I forget to mention the bombs I planted. Silly me.” May said, a devilish expression on her face. “Now to collect my prize.”
    Skarmory flew away as a calm had developed over the sea where Misty and her sip once were.
    Ash, on his hospital bed, was suddenly overcome by an intense pain. It was like nothing he had ever experienced. Deep down, he knew what it meant. It could only mean one thing.
    “Brock,” Ash said, distraught.
    “What is it Ash,” Brock said, concerned.
    “I think…I think that…”
    “I think that I need to go to the potty! My stomach’s killing me!”
    “Oh poopy,” Brock said.
    Is this the end of Misty (we can only hope), will May ever win back Ash, will Ash ever get to the bathroom. Find out in the next stage of Pokemon Triple Xtreme!

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