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Pokemon: Tyson's Journey!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by TheSirPeras, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. TheSirPeras

    TheSirPeras The end of an era

    Hi guys I am gonna post my first Fan Fic :) For now I have some chapters, and there won't be a date to post new chapters, I will only post them when I finish them. I went through Spell Check on Microsoft Word and it didn't really show any errors but if you find any please tell me so I can correct it :) Any critics are welcome for me to improve :D
    If there is anything wrong with the kind of text or if I am breaking any rules please tell me Mods so I can correct it quickly
    It is G rated

    ;361; Likes to help his friends, very friendly and loves to be with Tyson. Male.
    Moves known: Blizzard ; Bite--> Crunch ; Protect
    Captured in : Chapter 1

    ;107; Loves to battle, every battle is welcome. Seems to have a rivalry with Lois' Mienshao. Male.
    Moves known: Bullet Punch ; Thunder Punch ; Mach Punch
    Captured in : Chapter 6

    ;193; It's a Pokemon that used to be afraid of battling until it met Tyson, it tries to get stronger everyday. Female.
    Moves known: Wing Attack ; Sonicboom ; Bug Buzz
    Captured in : Chapter 10

    ;001; A Pokemon that used to steal food from shops in Pewter City. Ended up being saved by Ash and Yanma.
    Moves known: Magical Leaf ; Leech Seed ; Skull Bash
    Captured in : Chapter 13

    :620: Enjoys spending time with Lois and battles. Seems to have a rivalry with Tyson's Hitmonchan. Female.
    Moves known: Bounce ; Acrobatics ; Reversal ; Aura Sphere
    Captured prior to : Chapter 7

    ;446; Very lazy Pokemon, doesn't obey Lois. Cares about his friends though. Male.
    Moves known: Body Slam
    Captured priod to : Chapter 8

    ;064; Cares about his friends and has good battle skills. Male.
    Moves known: Psychic, Future Sight
    Captured priod to : Chapter 8

    ;198; Cares about his friends and has good battle skills. Female.
    Moves known: Shadow Ball, Aerial Ace, Sucker Punch, Dark Pulse
    Captured prior to : Chapter 8


    Received in : Chapter 1
    Moves: Water Gun

    Caught prior to : Chapter 6

    ;296; Enjoys battles, enjoys helping his friends.
    Moves known: Force Palm ; SmellingSalt ; Arm Thrust
    Caught prior to : Chapter 6

    Caught prior to : Chapter 15

    Caught prior to : Chapter 15

    ;005; Dislikes grass types, like Tiffany.
    Moves known: Flamethrower ; Fire Spin
    Caught prior to : Chapter 12

    Moves known: Flamethrower
    Caught prior to : Chapter 12

    Moves known: Flamethrower
    Caught prior to : Chapter 12

    Moves known: Flamethrower
    Caught prior to : Chapter 12

    Prologue: ​

    In a far away galaxy, where dreams come true, lives a young boy on a planet. That planet is divided into regions. It was known as the Poklanet. The Poklanet is home to many strange but amazing creatures, known as Pokemon. Pokemon and human have been living along with humans ever since the cave men used the Pokemon Smeargle to paint the walls.

    The boy, named Tyson, has just turned ten years old. He lives in the Kanto region and he lives on an island, mainly aimed at tourists, where Pokemon live happily along with trainers. That island, called Cinnabar Island, is place to the biggest volcano in the region. But inside the volcano, lies a battlefield for Pokemon battles. Tyson dreams of having his first battle, but he dreams even higher. He dreams of being a Pokemon Master.

    Tyson's dream is to defeat the Kanto Gyms and then to defeat the Elite 4 of Kanto, but for that, he has to receive his first Pokemon. In Cinnabar Island, Tyson's grandfather Blane is the gym leader. Although the gym is hidden most of the time under the volcano, Blane still allows the best trainers to fight in there. One example of it was Ash Ketchum, a young trainer who passed by the gym about 2 years ago. Tyson loves to watch the battles, but he has to watch them on a television, since Blane doesn't allow him to go in the volcano, due to it being dangerous. When Tyson saw Ash defeat Blaine with his Charizard, Tyson promised himself he would someday be the best trainer and defeat Ash and that very Charizard with his own Pokemon.

    Tyson is a very exciting and "crazy" person. He would do anything to reach his dreams, such as when he was younger and he took some money from his grandpa to go buy a toy pokeball to play with his friends. Of course when Blane found out, Tyson was in detention for two weeks for taking money without asking, but it was worth it. He loves to play with his brother and sister's Pokemon. Normally he plays with his sister's Pokemon every weekend, since she likes to visit Blaine and Tyson often and works at the Pokemon Laboratory, but his brother doesn't show up often due to his journey throughout Kanto. Tyson also loves to learn more about Pokemon, so he reads many books and encyclopedias about Pokemon.

    Although Tyson loves Pokemon, he has a slight dislike for the fire types. When Tyson was nine, he was playing with a Rattata and a Venonat that were owned by his older brother and sister. His older brother Mike had two gym badges and three Pokemon, one of them Rattata. His older sister stayed in Cinnabar Island studying all her Pokemon. She had about twenty Pokemon, one of them was Venonat. She was trying to be a Pokemon Professor, like her idol Prof. Oak. While they were playing, two wild Growlithe and one Arcanine appeared. They immediately used their ember attack and hurt Tyson. Both Rattata and Venonat were defeated too. Arcanine was going to use a Flamethrower attack, but a Pokemon Tyson had never seen appeared in front of him. It was shaped like a triangle, and it used Protect. It then used Blizzard which scared away the wild Pokemon. Then that same Pokemon left too, and all Tyson heard was "Runtttt". After that, Tyson had to be at the hospital for two weeks, healing the burns. Eventually he recovered well, and went back home.

    But it's finally the day Tyson can receive his first Pokemon. But there is a little problem...

    -End of Prologue-
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2013
  2. RealRaymon

    RealRaymon Good series at last!

    Good start for a good fic. You introduced the main character well)
    Ash's Charizard never loses!) :D
    Unless Ash makes some stupid mistakes
  3. Chibi_Muffin

    Chibi_Muffin Smart Cookie

    This story looks like it will shape up to be a very good trainer fic. Tyson does seem to be a bit more than your average cookie cutter trainer due to his pyrophobia (fear of fire), and the backstory behind it was explained well. Good job!

    However, I think the bit about the Pokemon world and how gym battles work is redundant, as readers would be Pokemon fans already and so would know all of that. It just seems a bit boring, in my opinion. I would think about making the prologue introduce Tyson first, with a lot of focus on the Growlithe incident and why Tyson wants to be a trainer. This could help you by making your story seem a lot more interesting to readers and also makes us know a bit more about Tyson's personality, thus making him more likeable.

    Also, instead of clumping all the information together, I would split it into paragraphs - for example, you could split the backstory/family paragraphs into one about Tyson, one about his brother, one about his sister, and then one about him in the forest, one about the Growlithe/Arcanine attacking him, one about the Snorunt saving him and one about him in the hospital. This gives the reader enough time to process the information properly, and it also means it can be more exciting by the addition of more description of both the events and how the characters are feeling.

    Overall, I think this could be a great fanfic, but the prologue needs a bit of work. And I have a funny feeling as to what Tyson may end up with for a starter... ;)
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2012
  4. TheSirPeras

    TheSirPeras The end of an era

    Thanks guys :)
    @Chibi_Muffin : I'll definitely get into the fire fear more as the chapters go so you don't have to worry about that ;) About the prologue, I would change it if I hadn't posted it yet, but I will definitely try to add a bit about Tyson in the next chapter, so he's a bit more likeable. Thanks for the critic :)
  5. Chibi_Muffin

    Chibi_Muffin Smart Cookie

    It's not so much necessarily 'likeable' (you could, for instance, have a hero who is a total jerk - not that I'm saying Tyson should be that way! In fact, for him, this wouldn't be fitting), just that I think it's a good idea for the characters to have clear cut personalities, as it's the characters that often keep someone reading. If the characters have too little personality, I find it is hard to tell them apart and the story is a bit dull. This is a common problem though, so don't think you're a bad writer or anything. Thank you for reading though, and good luck!
  6. TheSirPeras

    TheSirPeras The end of an era

    I've edited a bit my other ready chapters, tried to add a bit more personality to Tyson, even though he's pretty much every like main character (so like the guy from Digimon and Ash). He has that kind of personality. I have some ideas though, especially for a special chapter... hehe :)
  7. Chibi_Muffin

    Chibi_Muffin Smart Cookie

    It's okay for him to be the average 'nice and brave, but hot headed' protagonist, but I just think that he at least has to have visible personality. Like he could cheer up his friends, be a good sport, get angry fast... That kind of thing. His character just has to be clear in the story. Nice that you're taking it into consideration though!
  8. Jake76

    Jake76 Well-Known Member

    Oh gosh...I'm going to try to help you out before someone truly ruthless comes and rips this apart.

    The good: The idea of a "pyrophobic" grandson of Blaine is rather interesting...I just think it needs to be fleshed out more fully. Also, it appears that Tyson's starter is going to be a Snorunt. I do like that since it's a relatively underused Pokemon in fandom.

    The Bad: Yikes...where do I start? First of all, a Prologue is traditionally a part of a story that is set apart from the main plotline I.E. if your character was fulfilling a 200 year old prophecy, the prologue would typically show what set the prophecy in motion. Yours is just an introduction to the Pokemon world. This is basic Ch.1 stuff. With that in mind, your description of the Pokemon world was very...odd. First of all, I don't really vibe the idea of Pokemon taking place on an entirely different planet. I think there has been enough allusions to Earth that it kind of debunks that philosophy. Also, anyone reading your story is well acquainted with the concept of the Pokemon world. It's not necessary to flesh out how gym badges work. Finally, while above I said that I liked Snorunt, I hate that it just appears on Cinnabar. You need to give a good reason for why it's there, otherwise your story comes across as "I like Snorunt, my trainer gets a Snorunt."

    Bottom Line: Description. A prologue is ALLOWED to be short. Doesn't mean it has to be. Heck, a prologue doesn't really have to exist. In your case this feels like half of Ch. 1. If you had described things fully, the reader would be given solid reasoning for why Snorunt is on Cinnabar and how Blaine feels about a Pyrophobic grandson. Essentially, this story feels like a half-baked fruitcake. Fruitcakes are full of good elements, like strawberries and grapes (in your stories case, Pyrophobia and Snorunt) but the way a fruitcake's elements are put togetther, it becomes difficult to digest. Flesh things out, describe things, and show us a story instead of telling us a story.
  9. TheSirPeras

    TheSirPeras The end of an era

    Thank you a lot Jake76!!
    I'll edit the prologue without that boring part you guys were complaining and add more about Tyson. You'll see more on the next few chapters about Snorunt and since it was just the prologue I didn't really want to add more info about the "mistery" Pokemon

    Edit: Edited it a bit
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2012
  10. TheSirPeras

    TheSirPeras The end of an era

    New chapter is up :)

    Chapter 1 [The Journey Begins! New friendship!]
    It was finally the day Tyson could get his first Pokemon. Tyson woke up very excited, got dressed very quickly and ate his Poke-Cereals. While eating he started looking at his Pokemon-shaped cereals. He found a Poke-Cereal and saw the triangle shaped Pokemon from the past. He told his grandpa that it was that Pokemon. Blaine still didn't believe that a Pokemon defeated three fire Pokemon with an Ice move, so he simply ignored Tyson. Tyson thought it was ridiculous that his Grandpa cared so much about type advantages, and he remembers seeing Ash’s Pikachu lose to a Bellsprout in the league. He wanted to mention that, but he thought it would be better not to, just in case Blaine didn’t let him leave. Tyson went to his room to get ready to meet his first Pokemon. He entered his room, but the door got locked from the outside.

    Tyson started getting worried. He thought that maybe a robber broke in the house. Then he started hearing a noise. A very annoying noise. It was coming from behind Tyson. He looked behind; expecting the worse, but it was just someone calling him on Skype. It was his Grandpa. Tyson took the call and told Blaine about the door.

    "I know, I locked you inside. You're not getting your first Pokemon today, you're too young!"

    "Hey! My bro and sis got their Pokemon at my age, why can't I??" asked Tyson, very annoyed.

    "A simple reason. They actually were responsible. Look at your room, your socks are on the floor, your books are on the bed... Not to talk about your dirty underwear..."

    "The books are all over the place because I was studying about Pokemon grandpa!"

    "Well that doesn't explain the underwear..."

    "C'mon Grandpa! You gotta let me go!" screamed Tyson.

    "A NO IS A NO! Now stay there and study if you want to!" said Blaine who was getting mad.

    Tyson immediately turned off Skype, very mad at his grandpa. He started thinking of great answers he should have said before, and got even madder.

    “Why do I always think of the perfect thing to say, when I can’t say it anymore?! Arghhh” complained Tyson

    Then he just sat on his chair, reading about Pokemon. He read about the legendary Pokemon, Mewtwo. He read that some years ago, Ash Ketchum managed to save the world from Mewtwo, and that Mewtwo turned out to be a good Pokemon after all. He read that on a diary he found at the Pokemon Laboratory that he found when he was younger and visiting. Tyson started thinking of how cool it would be to meet Mewtwo.

    He then started thinking of how cooler it would be to meet Ash and his Pokemon. He imagined how hard it must have been for Ash Ketchum to defeat Mewtwo. Then he just said to himself:

    "It must have been hard, but at least he has great memories... He must have taken a big risk..."

    Then he realized he had to take risks to achieve his dream. He looked at the window, opened it and looked down. It was too high for him to jump. He turned on his laptop and checked his Skype. His sister Angela was online, and he called her.

    "Hey Angela, can I borrow your Pidgeot?"

    "What for? I’m busy studying this rare fossil shaped like a cover that I received from a friend in Unova so hurry up" said Angela suspicious

    "Oh uhmm... it's because grandpa needs to get some fruit from that... that very high tree... you know what I'm talking about right?"

    "No... Let me talk to grandpa will you?" asked his sister, each minute more suspicious

    "Oh no uhmm you can't... Grandpa broke his leg... trying to climb... that high tree... you know how old people are right? Ha... ha... ha..." replied Tyson very nervous

    "WHAT? Grandpa broke his leg? I'm going there right now!"

    "NO YOU CAN'T! Uhmm grandpa is very tired and resting... Listen just send me Pidgeot ok??"


    Finally Tyson convinced his sister of sending him Pidgeot. Tyson has always been very persistant, but never enough with his grandpa. It seemed like his grandpa always knew what Tyson was up to.

    He turned off Skype, and literally jumped of joy! After about twenty five minutes, a Pidgeot appeared on the house. Tyson called Pidgeot and asked him to take him to the ground. While Tyson was on the Pokemon’s back, although only for a few seconds, he managed to feel like a trainer now. It felt great to have such freedom. He thanked Pidgeot and said he could go back now Pidgeot left, and Tyson ran for the Pokemon Lab.

    When he arrived there, he saw his friend Marion leave.

    "Hey Tyson! Getting your first Pokemon finally?" asked Marion

    "Yeah! My grandpa was being really annoying but I managed to leave! Am I late?"

    He then heard a voice. It was Nurse Joy telling him he was late.

    "So there's no Pokemon left? Like, not even a little Weedle?!"

    "No, sorry!" said Nurse Joy, feeling bad for Tyson

    "Oh man that sucks! Hey maybe next time right Tyson? Hey I gotta go though, I wanna challenge my first gym!!" said Marion, and then left.

    Tyson just walked out of the lab and went to sit on a bench next to the Pokemon Center. He kept seeing trainers leave the Pokemon Center. First it was a trainer and his Ninetales. Then he saw a trainer and her Mr. Mime. Then he saw a trainer and his Pikachu. They were all so happy, laughing and sharing with their Pokemon. This made Tyson really sad, and tears started dripping from his eye. Then a trainer appeared and asked what was wrong.

    "I was too late to get my first Pokemon this morning" said Tyson, while tears were still dripping.

    "Hey don't worry buddy, someday you'll get to have your very Pokemon! Your good friend!" said the mysterious trainer.

    Tyson recognized this voice though. He looked up and saw the one and only, Ash Ketchum.

    "You're Ash Ketchum!! I’m your number one fan!! I read about you defeating Mewtwo in the past!"

    Ash thought it was strange that a random person knew about Mewtwo when everyone's memory was erased.

    "Oh uhmm yeah that's me! This is Pikachu! Glad to know a fan, but I'm really not that strong of a trainer." said Ash

    "Yeah you are! Anyways what are you doing here??"

    "Oh just wanted to go through some old cities in Kanto, and arrived yesterday to Cinnabar Island! Well anyway, I have to go see some old friends! So long Tyson!" and then Ash left.

    "I actually met Ash Ketchum!! And his... Pokemon..." said Tyson, while he was actually thinking out loud

    Tyson realized he still didn't have a Pokemon and became upset again. He started walking to his home when suddenly he heard steps behind him. He looked behind but didn't see anything. He looked in front of him again and he saw a Pokemon smiling!

    "Hey! I remember you! You're the Pokemon that saved me! What's your name?" asked Tyson.

    "Snow! Snorunttt!"

    "So you're a Snorunt! Glad to meet you buddy!"

    Tyson started crying again, thinking that he didn't have any Pokemon. Snorunt became upset and wiped away the tears. Tyson told Snorunt what had happened earlier. Then Snorunt went behind Tyson and started pushing him to the Pokemon Lab. When they got there, Snorunt went inside and so did Tyson. Nurse Joy saw them and asked what was wrong. Tyson looked at Snorunt and understood Snorunt wanted to be Tyson's Pokemon! Tyson asked for some Poke Balls because Snorunt would be his first Pokemon! Nurse Joy smiled and gave him some Poke Balls. Snorunt immediately went into a Pokeball and then popped out of the Poke Ball. Snorunt was smiling, Nurse Joy was smiling, and Tyson was smiling. Nurse Joy wished them luck, and Snorunt and Tyson left the lab.

    When they left the lab, Tyson told Snorunt that he always wanted to thank the ice Pokemon for protecting him, but never got the chance to see him again. Tyson understood what Snorunt then said: that Snorunt often came to the garden of Tyson’s house, but never found Tyson either. Probably due to the fact that Tyson often played with Marion, he’s best friend, or was studying more about Pokemon. Then they both laughed and walked home.

    Even though it may be a bit weird that Snorunt randomly appears, it is explained in the next chapter so don't worry
  11. Chibi_Muffin

    Chibi_Muffin Smart Cookie

    This is fairly good. The description is done very well, so we get a good feel about what is happening. The locations themselves could do with a bit more, to see what they look like, but the descriptions you do have give me a good feel of what is going on without being too lengthly and redundant.

    You also conveyed Tyson's feelings in a way that it wasn't too obvious, most of the time. Some protagonists don't react with much emotion to what happens to them, or have much of an opinion of their journey, so good job on avoiding that. His emotions towards the event feel quite reasonable too.

    A couple of things. Firstly, I don't remember Blaine being so harsh, in fact he seemed kind of cheerful in the games to me. It seems a bit out of character, in my opinion, for him to be yelling at his grandson and to be very restrictive towards him when he is about to be on his journey. Why lock him in his room, on a day that is essentially a kid's rite of passage, just because he can't clean up after himself? Yes, it might show that he's not responsible, but lots of children would have messy rooms - it's not like he went out and shoplifted, for example. Since Tyson doesn't seem incredibly irresponsible, Blaine's actions seem very unfair towards him, and, in my personal opinion, almost abusive (you're not perfect/like your siblings, so no Pokemon for you!) Judging from his in game text, I actually see him as the opposite - being really excited for Tyson to head off on a journey. Mind you, if you interpret Blaine to be like he is in this fanfic, or if there is a reason for him to be so harsh to Tyson, then fine. But, to me, it seems a bit weird for Blaine to be this different.

    Also, Blaine is a Fire gym leader, as well as Tyson's grandfather, and clearly spends a lot of time with Tyson. In that case... why does Tyson still have a pyrophobia? I mean, with Blaine as his grandfather, in my opinion, Tyson should have at least gotten more used to Fire Pokemon, due to spending so much time with them, even if there was an incident in the past. Is there a reason for this? Unless, maybe, it's not Fire Pokemon themselves that he's afraid of, but another aspect, like Fire attacks? I'm just asking, as it seems a bit weird to me.

    Finally, why is there no starter available for Tyson? I know that in the anime, Ash didn't get a conventional starter, but as Oak had Pikachu and gave it to Ash, it at least seems like he was prepared for there not being enough starters for everyone. I'm wondering why Joy wasn't prepared. It doesn't make sense for her not to, as surely she'd know how many kids were going to turn up? Especially if one of them was the grandson of a famous Gym leader? There isn't a mention of why she doesn't have a starter for him. I think it would be a good idea to explain this. Was the shipment too small? Did his starter not come on time? Is there some kind of conspiracy with Blaine not letting him get one?

    (Also, just a nitpick, but why do they have Skype? You've already shown that it's a completely different world, why do they have one of our brands?)

    To conclude, you definitely are improving, and it is quite fun to read. However, I am kind of concerned by the fact that Blaine feels quite out of character to me (locking your grandchild in their room on what is one of the most important days of their life, just for some dirty underwear? It almost seems abusive), and so I would recommend looking back on that. As always, though, you are improving, and I am interested to see what happens to Tyson and Snorunt. =)
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2012
  12. TheSirPeras

    TheSirPeras The end of an era

    Thanks for the critic :)
    Skype is there because it's a world parallel to ours (no lol) I don't know I think it isnt really a problem to have skype there but I'll improve on not making this world seem to much like the Earth! Thanks :)
    I saw Blaine kind of different in the anime, when I watched the battle between Magmar and Pikachu Blaine seemed like he didn't care if Pikachu fell in the lava, but that's perspectives I guess. He does seem abusive though, but don't worry, it will get betterxD It's actually just a simple reason
    They do? I remember seeing one episode in Hoenn where Nurse Joy had only the three starters. I think most of the times it is only three starters and that's really what I applied here, the three normal starters [Bulbasaur ; Charmander ; Squirtle] I'll improve on that though if the chance ever comes to do a chapter with the starters

    Oh and the pyrophobia thing, I kinda have everything planned for it, but I really didn't think about what you said. I'll try to include more information about it in the next chapters

    Thanks so much it's great to have someone reviewing everything! :D
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2012
  13. Chibi_Muffin

    Chibi_Muffin Smart Cookie

    Oh, I see. I haven't really watched the anime, so I wasn't thinking of any portrayal from there. I was basing it off of the games... A lot of characters are different between the games and anime, so we must have got confused (you using the anime version, while I was using the games), so I can't really judge you on that. For all I know, your version of Blaine may be spot on with the anime canon. =/ I'll be sure to check, though!

    Edit: I checked a few episode synopsises and things, and it doesn't look like Blaine is the way you depicted him to me. He still seems very similar to his game version. I'm not sure though, so you might want to perhaps ask someone who knows more about the anime than me (check the Author's Cafe section, they might help).

    Also, with the starter thing, I understand that there is normally only three starters in a set. However, I was trying to think less about sticking to the canon, and more about logic. Put it this way: if you knew that four kids were coming to get a starter, would you just get one full set, or make sure there are four starters available? That's why I suggested perhaps there are other forces at work here - even if Nurse Joy hadn't been told Tyson was going in a journey, it would still justify her unpreparedness (in that situation, because she only got starters for the kids she knew were coming). I'm not saying that you should use that exact way of explaining it, but that if something unusual happens in the fanfic compared to the canon, and it's not being set up for a big mystery later on, I think it would be best to give some kind of explanation.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2012
  14. TheSirPeras

    TheSirPeras The end of an era

    Blaine was fun to be with, it was just during that one moment that I said that he looked like the way I described him xD
    But don't worry, this will all make sense in chapter 3 :)
  15. TheSirPeras

    TheSirPeras The end of an era

    Chapter 2 notes:

    [Pokedex will "speak" in Italic"]

    [Paragraphs or dialogs in between <'s & >'s will be memories from the past]

    Chapter 2 {Ash, Blane and the first battle!}

    After Tyson received its first Pokemon, a Snorunt, he really wanted to start winning badges and capturing new Pokemon already, but he still needs to do another thing...

    "OH NO!! How am I gonna tell this to Grandpa?!" tyson said very worried.

    Then Snorunt popped out of its Pokeball. Tyson assumed that much like Ash's Pikachu, it did not enjoy staying in its Pokeball. Tyson sat on a bench outside of his house thinking of how he would get there when he heard a voice.

    "Good to see you... grandson..." said Blane, sarcastically.

    "Oh uhm... hey grandpa... I was... uhmm you know chilling when I fell... from the window... and..."

    Tyson couldn't even continue his sentence because his grandpa interrupted him.

    "Enough of that Tyson!! Your parents didn't raise you very well I see, running away like that! You should be ashamed young boy!"

    "But grandpa!"

    "And to make it worse, your first Pokemon is a... an Ice Type!" blane was very mad

    "He's my..."

    Tyson couldn't continue due to being interrupted again.
    "I took you in my house! Do you not remember, when you had turned six years old your father and mother left you with me to go in their trainer careers!?

    <"Dad I trust you to raise Tyson like he was your own son! Can I trust you?!" asked Tyson's dad
    "Indeed you can son!" replied Blane
    "Do I trust you to raise him as a fire Pokemon lover?!! In honor of our family dad!!"
    "You can my son! Now go! Good luck in your trip!!
    "Thank you my father!!
    Both of them were literally crying of happiness, but in a comic way >

    "Exactly. Now go return that Pokemon and come home now!" screamed Blane

    "No way Jose! Snorunt is my friend, there's no way I'm abandoning him!"

    "You do as I say now!"

    "Never! Why don't we have a Pokemon battle to decide who's right! It will be a good training for my first Pokemon!!" tyson said, grinning

    "Well if you want to lose so quickly, why not. Well get your stuff ready to go home!!"

    "We'll see about that..."

    Snorunt was smiling after this since he completely trusted Tyson. Tyson was checking on the Pokedex what moves Snorunt knew.

    "It is said that several Snorunt gather under giant leaves and live together in harmony. Snorunt knows the moves: Protect ; Blizzard ; Bite"

    "Awesome! Those are nice moves buddy! Ready to win??" asked Tyson to Snorunt

    "Snow!!! Snooorunttt!!"

    "There's only one problem! We don't have a referee Tyson..." said Blane

    Tyson and Blane went looking for one. Tyson went to the Pokemon Center and surprisingly enough, found Ash again! Ash was healing his Pokemon.

    "Oh hey pal! Oh I see you have a Pokemon now!" said Ash, starting a dream conversation for Tyson

    "Oh uhmm yeah! This is Snorunt my first Pokemon! I am really happy!!" said Tyson excited

    "I see! Nice to meet you buddy!" ash shaked Snorunt's "hands" while saying this "Why don't you see the rest of my Pokemon?"

    "Re... Really?? Of course, I'd love to!"

    Ash sent out his Corphish , Buizel, Boldore, Muk and Quilava. Muk went on top of Tyson immediatelly, and Ash started laughing.

    "This is a dream come true!!" screamed Tyson

    "I guess... hahaha!! I have these guys on my team because I wanted to spend some time with all of my Pokemon since I started my journey."

    "Wait I thought you were leaving?" said Tyson, trying to get Muk on the floor

    "I am in some hours, I missed my boat so the next one comes in some hours... I was actually going to Pallet town so I could head to Viridian City and then to the Viridian Forest to see an old friend of mine... It's been a long time and I promised him we would meet again..."

    "That's really cool and nice of you!!"

    Then Tyson remembered why he was there all along.

    "Oh wait Ash! Can you be the referee in a battle between me and my grandpa??"

    "Sure thing!"

    Ash and Tyson went back to Tyson's house, and Ash saw Blane.
    "Blane! Good to see you again!" said Ash

    "Oh look who it is! Ash Ketchum! How's your Charizard? Does it obey yet? Hahahaha" replied Blane in a good mood

    "Yeah it's in Johto training!"

    "That's good!"

    "Grandpa, Ash said he'd be the ref for our battle!" said Tyson, also happy
    "Well that's great! Let's battle then!"

    Ash, Tyson and Blane headed to the battle field on the backyard, and got ready for the battle. It would be a one on one, Snorunt against

    "Go Magmortar!"

    "Let's go Snorunt, you can do this!!"

    "Magggg!!!!!! MORTARRRRRRRRRRRRR!!"

    "Snoowwwwwww!! Runt, Snorunt!! Runtt Runtt!!"

    {End of chapter 2}
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  16. RealRaymon

    RealRaymon Good series at last!

    :D Funny reaction of Snorunt when he saw Magmortar
  17. TheSirPeras

    TheSirPeras The end of an era

    Chapter 3 :)
    It may take a while until chapter 4 though

    [Chapter 3] “Blaine’s big test!”

    “Woah, a Magmortar! I see you evolved you Magmar, Blaine!” said Ash, in a very excited tone

    “Yeah, I found an item called a Magmarizer inside the volcano! I gave it to my Magmar as soon as I found it and now we’re even stronger!” replied Blaine, also very excited

    “Uhmm guys… can you tell me what a Magmarizer is..?” asked Tyson, feeling a bit left out in this conversation

    “It’s an item filled with energy that comes from magma… Magmar, Magmortar and Magby love Magmarizers.” replied Ash

    “I’m surprised you hadn’t read about these things Tyson!” Blane said, smiling

    “I only read about Pokemon, not items grandpa…”

    After a small chat, they finally decided to start the battle. Magmortar went to say hi to Ash and then to Tyson, but Tyson just stepped away.

    “Uh? What’s wrong Tyson?” asked Ash, wondering why he would run away from Magmortar

    “He has a fear for fire types! He was once attacked by some fire Pokemon, so he’s afraid that will happen again. Even though I don’t understand why, since fire types are the coolest kind of Pokemon!” as he said this, he jumped and did the “thumbs up” symbol, and Magmortar did the same thing, he jumped and lifted his hand

    “Ok, then let the battle begin!” said Ash

    “Magmortar, use the “Fire Punch and Brick Break combo!”

    Magmortar ran to Snorunt, and used Fire Punch with one hand, and Brick Break with the other, each on each of Snorunt’s sides

    “Snorunt! Are you okay???”

    “Snooww! Runtt!!”

    “Great! Now use Blizzard!”

    Snorunt blew a lot of wind and snow/ice against Magmortar

    “Hehe… Magmortar, use Lava Plume!”

    Magmortar’s body became all red and then lava exploded, burning down the Blizzard attack

    “Now use Fire Punch!!” screamed Blaine

    “Oh no! Snorunt, use ehmm… oh right, use Protect!!”

    Snorunt managed to avoid Magmortar’s move, and Magmortar was thrown back

    “Nice move, I’ll admit it, Tyson. But I’ll win this!” said Blaine, while smiling

    “Snorunt, watch out for Magmortar!”


    “Magmortar, run to Snorunt and use Lava Plume!”

    Magmortar ran right next to Snorunt, and again, its body became red, and lava exploded.

    “Snorunt, use Protect!”

    Snorunt managed to avoid Lava Plume, and Tyson was relieved.

    “Ok, Magmortar use Fire Punch and Brick Break again!”

    “Not this time! Use Protect Snorunt!”

    Snorunt, once again managed to avoid the attacks. Ash started looking at Tyson with a worried face, although Tyson didn’t notice.

    “Ok this is it Magmortar… Use Fire Blast!!”

    Magmortar used Fire Blast at full power. Anyone hit by that Fire Blast would be seriously harmed.

    “Snorunt use Protect!!” said Tyson confident

    Blaine started grinning, and Ash was very worried for Tyson now

    “Hmh… The battle is over…” said Blaine

    Snorunt’s Protect this time failed, and Snorunt was thrown against Tyson who fell.

    “You were great Snorunt! Return!” said Tyson as he called back Snorunt “I gotta go to the Pokemon Center…”

    “It was a good battle Tyson, your Snorunt is quite strong!” admitted Blaine

    “You relied on Protect too much Tyson. Defense isn’t always the answer. Doesn’t your Snorunt know Bite?” asked Ash

    “It does…”

    “Well you could have used it.” Said Blaine

    “Anyways, it was a good battle Tyson!” said Ash

    “Yeah grandson! You passed…”

    “Uh? I… passed?” asked Tyson, confused

    “Yes, you passed the Blaine test!! Before your brother or sister left, I made them do the same thing. Show that they love their Pokemon a lot. And you… you passed! You only received Snorunt today, and you two already have a great friendship! And saying you had to take him to the Pokemon Center was also a good way to show you are responsible… Sorry if I looked mean before…” said Blaine, smiling

    Tyson was just speechless… He stood up and jumped of joy and then hugged his grandpa. He then thanked Ash for being the referee.

    “Well, I gotta go inside now… the novel is almost starting!!” said Blaine laughing

    “Okay, well I’ll go with you to the Pokemon Center, Tyson! I gotta ask Nurse Joy something anyways” said Ash

    “Okay, that’s cool Ash!” said Tyson happy “Wait can I call you Ash? Hehe”

    “Sure you can! We’re friends right?” said Ash happy

    “Yeah!” said Tyson, also happy

    [End of chapter 3]
  18. RealRaymon

    RealRaymon Good series at last!

    Great battle description and good explanation for Tyson being afraid of fire)
    But I think that Blaine's Magmortar first hit(which was a combo that hit)would
    definetly one hit KO Snorunt and 3 Protects in a row is very lucky:)

    But you did great job
  19. TheSirPeras

    TheSirPeras The end of an era

    Thanks :) I tried to make it anime style and in the anime the Pokemon don't usually lose so quickly so that's why it survived xD
  20. TheSirPeras

    TheSirPeras The end of an era

    Chapter 4 is here!

    Chapter notes:
    Announcer speaks in Italic ;

    Chapter 4 [Snorunt VS Bayleef! Training battle on the boat!]

    After the battle against his grandpa, Tyson and Ash went to the Pokemon Center, so Snorunt would have a nice rest.

    “Your Snorunt is gonna be well. He has to rest for a couple of minutes now, since most of the treatment has been done. It must have been hard for him to fight Blane’s Pokemon, and even more since he’s an ice type.” said Nurse Joy to Tyson

    “Thanks a lot Nurse Joy! I really appreciate it.” Replied Tyson, happy for his buddy

    “Hey Nurse Joy, can you tell me how long exactly the boat ride is? Because I need to do something and I’m really excited for it!!” said Ash, thinking about meeting his old Pidgeot in the forest

    “The ride from here to Pallet should be about three to four hours Ash. I think it’s a nice time to relax, don’t you think?” said Nurse Joy, in a calm and relaxed way

    “Yeah it sure is! Thanks for the information Nurse Joy.” thanked Ash

    “Hey Ash, don’t you have a Glalie?? I remember seeing you with one on the television, when I was watching the Hoenn league!” asked Tyson, curious

    “Yeah I do, we’re good friends and he’s really powerful!” said Ash happy and remembering his Pokemon “Why do you ask?”

    “Oh since Snorunt evolves into Glalie, I was wondering if I and my Snorunt could meet your Glalie! It would be good for my Snorunt to become stronger mentally and maybe we could have a battle!” said Tyson, very excited for the idea of battling Ash’s Pokemon

    “That’s a great idea Tyson! I’ll get Glalie now from Prof Oak, and maybe we can battle on the boat, since the boat is leaving in 30 minutes…”

    “Ok that’s great! Thanks Ash!”

    Ash went to the telephone and called Prof Oak. Ash asked for Glalie, and Prof Oak got the Pokeball and sent it to Ash, while Ash sent Prof Oak his Muk. While Ash was doing this, Nurse Joy came out with Snorunt and Tyson was very happy to see his friend again. Tyson told Snorunt about the training battle, and Snorunt seemed excited for another battle to improve his skills. Ash went up to Tyson and Snorunt again, and sent out his Pokemon.

    “Woah, who’s that Pokemon?” said Tyson, surprised that he had never seen the Pokemon Ash sent out

    “Hey that’s not Glalie! Oh no wait! Ouch!” said Ash, who had fallen on the floor “Say hi to Bayleef!”

    The moment Bayleef saw Ash; she jumped on him very happy and kissed him.

    “Bayy!! Bayyy bay!!” screamed out Bayleef, extremely happy to see Ash again

    Ash and Tyson started laughing and Snorunt greeted Bayleef. Bayleef completely ignored Snorunt though, since she was too busy hugging Ash.

    “Snoww…” said Snorunt sad

    “Hey Bayleef, this is Tyson and this is Snorunt, they’re our friends!”

    Bayleef then noticed Snorunt and greeted him, making Snorunt much happier.

    “The boat to Pallet Town will leave in 5 mns, everybody going on the boat should attend the port now.”

    “OH NO!!” screamed Ash and Tyson “Return guys”

    Ash and Tyson called Bayleef and Snorunt back to their Pokeballs. They ran to the port and saw the boat leave. Ash called his Buizel and Corphish.

    “Buizel, take Tyson to the boat! Corphish, take me to the boat!” said Ash

    Buizel and Corphish swam to the boat and managed to get next to it, and Ash and Tyson climbed a rope. Then Ash called his Pokemon back.

    “Woah we made it!” said Tyson laughing. Then Ash started to laugh.

    “Yep, it was really close though! Lucky I had Buizel and Corphish with me!!” said Ash, still laughing

    Ash and Tyson went to the upper part of the boat, where there was a pool. They thought that since it was a 3 to 4 hours trip, they should have some fun! Ash called on Bayleef, Buizel, Corphish, Boldore and Quilava. Boldore and Quilava stayed next to the pool resting, while the others played in the water. Tyson called on Snorunt too. After 30 minutes, most people started leaving to go have dinner so they decided to play aqua polo. The teams consisted of: Bayleef, Quilava, Snorunt and Ash against Buizel, Corphish, Tyson and Pikachu. Boldore wouldn’t play due to him not being able to be in water, while Quilava still managed to swim without making his flame go out. During the game, Corphish and Buizel had several arguments, but they were friendly arguments, and everyone else laughed. Bayleef at one point jumped on Ash, who almost drowned, but Pikachu and Quilava managed to save Ash. Snorunt was having a lot of fun with all of his new friends too. Tyson’s team ended up winning and they all said Corphish was the MVP (most valuable player) and then most of them went to rest. Snorunt, Pikachu, Corphish and Quilava played tag after the game though.

    “Woah, today is being a lot of fun! Thanks Ash, we wouldn’t have nearly as much fun as we did with you today!” said Tyson, happy for the great day

    “No problem Tyson! Oh wait, I never got to get Glalie! Now it’s late, so Prof Oak probably is asleep! Sorry Tyson! We can battle some other day?” said Ash

    “It’s okay! We had so much fun today that I totally forgot about that!” said Tyson calm and smiling

    “Snow!! Snorunt!!” said Snorunt to Tyson

    “You want to battle one of Ash’s Pokemon huh Snorunt?” said Tyson

    Snorunt nodded, and Ash agreed to a battle.

    “So who do you want to battle against Tyson?” asked Ash

    “Uhmm… how about Bayleef?” said Tyson

    “Sure, why not! Go Bayleef!” said Ash as he called on Bayleef “We’re gonna battle Tyson and Snorunt Bayleef, you okay with that?”

    “Bayy!!” replied Bayleef happy to battle alongside Ash again

    Tyson, Ash, Pikachu, Snorunt and Bayleef walked to the back of the boat since there was more space for a battle. They asked this girl that had a Scyther to be the referee, and she agreed to it

    “Ready for the battle Tyson?” said Ash grinning

    “Always ready Ash… Always ready…”

    “This will be a 1 on 1 battle! Tyson will attack first! Let the battle begin!”

    “Ok Snorunt! Use Blizzard!”

    Snorunt used Blizzard, and Bayleef got hit.

    “Bayleef, are you okay??” asked Ash worried

    “Bayy!! Bayyleef!!” said Bayleef, who was okay and excited for the battle

    “Okay! Bayleef use Magical Leaf!”

    Bayleef threw some leaves that resembled a Rainbow, and they hit Snorunt.

    “Ok Snorunt, run to Bayleef and use Bite!”

    “No way! Bayleef use Body Slam!”

    Snorunt got jumped on by Bayleef at full power.

    “Snorunt are you okay??” asked Tyson

    Snorunt smiled, and Tyson told him to use Blizzard. Snorunt blew some snow and the move froze Bayleef.

    “Bayleef no! Ughh…” said Ash thinking of a strategy “That’s it! Bayleef jump and use Body Slam!”

    Bayleef didn’t manage to jump though, due to the ice being too heavy. Then Bayleef used Sunny Day.

    “Woah Bayleef! You learned Sunny Day, good job!”

    Sunny day eventually melted the ice. Tyson and Snorunt were shocked!

    “Let’s finish this Bayleef! Use Solar Beam!

    Bayleef used Solar Beam, knocking Snorunt out.

    “You did amazing Snorunt! Return and have a good rest buddy.

    “Good job Bayleef! You did great, now return!”

    While Ash said this, Bayleef started glowing. It eventually changed shape, and evolved into a Meganium!

    “Woah! I’m so proud of you Meganium, you managed to evolve!!” said Ash very excited

    “Congratulations Meganium!” said Tyson happy for Meganium

    After the battle, Ash and Tyson (and Pikachu) went to get some dinner. After dinner, they went next to the pool and rested a bit. After a while they heard a voice

    “The SS Kanto Trips has arrived to Pallet Town! The SS Kanto Trips will leave tomorrow to Fuchsia City. We hope you enjoy your stay!”

    “Finally home…”said Ash

    [End of chapter 4]

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