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Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Recent Happenings Thread


Gesshin Powered
Hurried over to Route 8's Pokémon Centre so I could return there using Charizard Glide battling the trainers along the way. Made a brief detour to Kala'e Bay to catch the Pokémon exclusive to that area before returning back to Route 8 to access the northern part of Route 5 for a bit of training and finally be able to battle the trial guide there. Progressed with the trial in the Lush Jungle next where I had to find ingredients for Mallow's stew. For the fight against Totem Lurantis I led of with Polaris the Magnemite paralysing it before switching in Growlithe and let its ally Kecleon set up Sunny Day so I could one-shot it with Inferno Overdrive. Thankfully Kecleon opted to used Screech over the super-effective Ancient Power saving the trouble of reviving it so it could gain the Exp after I switched it Terrafin the Gabite to take it out.


Ultra Sun - I came prepared for Type: Null and Blacephalon with two Synchronize 'mon, a Naughty Ralts and a Mild Munna, respectively. Even with a Damp Golduck, catching a Blacephalon proved to be a pain in the backside. Fortunately, sync worked its magic when I managed to capture one! I defeated the Battle Agency grunt and started the Rainbow Rocket arc. Immediately afterwards, I took the opportunity to complete my Pokedex and get the Shiny and Oval Charms from the Game Freak staff. I think I'll make my way to Battle Tree next.

Ultra Moon - Finished up the Elite Four and Hau battles. I didn't realize I had to take Type: Null prior to Stakataka hunting, so I ended up getting a not-so-great Relaxed one. I unfortunately didn't have a Synchronize 'mon with the nature I wanted (I did have a Trace Ralts with the perfect nature--Relaxed--ironically), so I wound up with a Serious Stakataka. I'm planning to breed a proper Synchronize Pokemon for when I return to Poni Grove to catch another. I also started the Rainbow Rocket story line and beat the grunt at Battle Agency. I rushed to Game Freak central to get the Shiny and Oval Charms. I'm kind of stuck for what I should do next... I'll probably explore the rest of Poni Island and get to Battle Tree.


Crimson Dragon
we'll i managed to avoid throwing my 2DS against the wall today....... i did a whole bunch of mantine surfing for the mission and to try and beat the top scores. fell 153 poinst shy of 58,300 in poni island beach and struggled to beat it as they forgot to include spearguns to KO the sharpedo and a strong ship bumper to push aside the tentacool/whale pokemon. i got close a few times but im going to put that off for a bit right now and try again later.
Today I finished exploring Poni Island. I defeated the final route leader and battled the guy on Mount Lanakila because I remembered him saying I could battle him if I had defeated all route leaders. He gave me a Life Orb. I grabbed the Kommonium Z and met up with Sina and Dexio, who explained Mega Evolution to me. I eventually battled my way to the Battle Tree and battled Blue, since in Moon I battled Red. I then flew back to Akala Island and bred an Adamant Synchronize Ralts to use to get an Adamant Zygarde. I got it on my first egg (I'm usually unlucky, so I was shocked) and I flew back to Poni Island and explored Revelation Cave. I caught Zygarde and flew to Ula'ula Island where I battle Dexio again and was given the Zygarde Cube. I merged his 10% with my 50% and gained the Power Construct ability. I then taught it some moves with the Zygarde Cube. I also got the final Totem Sticker at the Battle Tree entrance and got Totem Ribombee from Samson Oak back on Heahea Beach.


we'll i managed to avoid throwing my 2DS against the wall today....... i did a whole bunch of mantine surfing for the mission and to try and beat the top scores. fell 153 poinst shy of 58,300 in poni island beach and struggled to beat it as they forgot to include spearguns to KO the sharpedo and a strong ship bumper to push aside the tentacool/whale pokemon. i got close a few times but im going to put that off for a bit right now and try again later.
I know the feeling. I tried at least a dozen times in my US game before I was able to beat the Poni Island Beach top score. But when it came time to do the same in my UM game? BAM!--beat it on my first try! Just keep at it!

Ultra Sun - After making the necessary preparations, I cleared the rest of Poni Island and made it to Battle Tree, where I chose to battle Blue/Green. In addition to being my ace against Dexio, my Zoroark did exceptionally well against his Alakazam and Exeggcutor at the start, but it got pretty tricky by the end when he sent out his Aerodactyl. I still pulled through, though. I then turned my attention to the post-game Hala rematch, which proved to be quite the struggle. I triumphed nonetheless and got my hands on the missing starter Z-Crystals. I followed this up by challenging Ilima and returning his Z-Crystal to the Totem's Den, where my Bewear OHKO'd Totem Gumshoos before it could even call for help. I then took a quick trip over to the Reverse World to pick up a perfectly synced Mild Cosmog and Lunalium Z.

Ultra Moon - Similarly finished the rest of Poni Island and ran the Gauntlet to Battle Tree. I did my best to make sure I was prepared to take on Red by backtracking to various PokeMarts in order to buy some TMs I was missing, as well as teach my Pokemon some moves at Surfing Spots. Even so his Pikachu OHKO'd my Dusk Lycanroc from the get-go. I can't say the rest of his team gave me as much trouble. The first thing I did when I reached the BP exchange counters was pick up the Mega Stones for my Lopunny and my Ampharos. Wasting no time, I made my way to Iki Town where I challenged Hala, who was thankfully much easier the second time around. The other starter Z-Crystals in hand, I continued on to sweep Ilima's post-game team with my Mega Lopunny and solo Totem Alolan Raticate with Mega Ampharos. I wrapped up the session by heading to the Reverse World for a correctly-synced Naughty Cosmog and Solganium Z.


Crimson Dragon
I know the feeling. I tried at least a dozen times in my US game before I was able to beat the Poni Island Beach top score. But when it came time to do the same in my UM game? BAM!--beat it on my first try! Just keep at it!
yeah, i just did too many runs that my thumbs got tired. its all in the RNG for the darn obstacles. i can hit the 50k range with ease and luck but 1-3 missed opportunities really do hurt my chances atm to break 58,300 points.... im gonna beat that record even if it takes me a week (hopefully sooner than that).
I managed to outdo myself once again! I found out that you could SOS call Chansey and Blissey in Poni Plains, so I did that for a couple of hours yesterday morning, and power-levelled my team to Lv.100! I even caught a shiny Blissey and a shiny Chansey along the way! It's too bad, though; I ended up failing to catch another shiny Chansey, because there were two in the same call at once! I had to defeat one in order to catch the other! renaeRIP

After that whole ordeal went down, I tackled Episode RR with my max-level team, and dominated them all with my Incineroar! I actually felt bad about it, not gonna lie. I felt like I was acting entitled and elitist for not having any trouble with the so-called "difficulty spike" of USUM, while I watch all my streamer friends around me struggle and suffer to beat normal trainers. Over-preparing in advance for such issues, due to fear of challenge, has taken the fun--the challenge--out of it all. I feel like I'm back in my teen years when I GameSharked my way thru Gold and Crystal versions. It's almost unfair... :D Almost!

Today, I focused on catching some of the legendaries I noped out of earlier. I got Cosmog from the Reverse-world, evolved it into Cosmoem, and sent it over to my vanilla Sun version to evolve it into Solgaleo. Then I caught Nebby and Tapu Koko, in an effort to acquire their Z-crystals. I farmed up a bunch of cash by smashing rocks at Poni Coast for the Star Pieces and Comet Shards that drop there, and I bought the full Lurantis cosplay set! RIP my character's wallet, tho...

Currently, I'm waiting on my 3DS clock to stop being a jerk, so I can hunt for Coba Berries and collect the final TM I need to round out my collection. I did a dumb and reset the clock so I could evolve my Own Tempo Rockruff, and it worked, but then I ended up breeding a few more of them with a better nature, so I could replace my shiny Bewear on my team. I now have a Lv.100 Dusk Lycanrock on my team from all the SOS grinding I did, and he's pretty cool! I really dig Dusk Lycanrock's design; the orange/white/light brown color scheme is pretty, his mane is both fluffy and spiky, not to mention his ability is quite powerful and his stats are rather good. But, while he still can't learn EQ, he gains a pretty gnarly Z-move in exchange.
Last night I explored more of the Alola region post-game. I caught the 4 Tapu using some Synchronize Ralts I bred specifically for them. I also rounded up some more TMs (I only need one more until I have all 100). I went to Mahalo Trail and caught Solgaleo, after Lillie told me that Nebby should go with me. I'm now working toward toward Surf Pikachu. I have the highest scores on 3/4 of the Mantine courses. The only one remaining is Melemele<->Poni and I'm not even mad that it's taking me long because I'm racking up BP, which I needed to grind for anyway for some Move Tutor moves and Mega Stones.


Gesshin Powered
Made my way past through Diglett's Tunnel and Route 9 to arrive at Konikoni City learning that Olivia is currently at the Ruins of Life. Proceeded through Memorial Hill and Akala Outskirts next along the way having my first encounter with one the higher members of Team Skull, Plumeria. Following this I had my Grand Trial battle against Olivia who was beaten without too much difficultly with Magneton, Dusk-Lycanroc and Vaporeon.

Took a bit of time to explore the newly accessible Hano Resort and capture the Ditto Five in Konikoni City as well do my participation battle in the Online Competition with a random assortment of Pokemon since I was a bit concerned the obedience rules for traded Pokemon also applies for online battles.

Team update

-Decidueye (Takumi)
-Magneton (Polaris)
-Vaporeon (Shigure)
-Dusk Lycanroc (Krystal)
-Gabite (Terrafin)


Today I completed Aether Foundation and fended off a strange being. Zossie and Dulse explained it was a Ultra Beast.

Lusamine then sent me to Malie City on UlaUla island. I also prepared some mons to trade over.


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Staff member
Back near the Aether House on Route 15, I fought Plumeria. Defeating her wasn't too hard thanks to my Oricorio.

After that, I talked to Grimsley on the beach and got the Sharpedo Jet from him. I then rode the Sharpedo in the water and used it to smash the rocks blocking the way. Surfing along, I battled some trainers before reaching the other side and making it to Route 16. I checked out the Aether base there and healed at the Pokemon Center before continuing on.

Eventually, I made it through Ula'ula Meadow and Route 17. I then entered Po Town, which I'll explore next time.


Ultra Sun - After working on hatching 20 eggs to get the Judge feature and challenging the Elite 4 to a rematch, I decided to tackle the RR Arc. I was surprised that it was easy as it was. No Boss gave me any trouble: in fact, Mega Mewtwo X went down with one Z Move from my Decidueye. I enjoyed it overall. I then went ahead and finally changed my character's appearance... I spent a lot on the Kommo-o Greaves, but I don't regret it. I'm currently working to up my grade in the Battle Agency.

Partita the Decidueye (Level 82)
Sirius the Dusk Form Lycanroc (Level 81)
Xiaoling the Bewear (Level 82)
Hui the Zoroark (Level 81)
Ragno the Araquanid (Level 81)
Shaina the Arbok (Level 81)

Ultra Moon - I hatched 20 Ralts to unlock the Judge feature and beat the Elite 4 here as well. I beat the RR story with no trouble save for Mega Mewtwo Y--that thing was surprisingly tough! After finally customizing my trainer, I worked to get my Grade up to 1 at the Battle Agency. Next thing I'm going to do is get the Celebi using the code I got with the VC Silver Version I have on my 3DS.

Seraphina the Primarina (Level 81)
Asterion the Dusk Form Lycanroc (Level 81)
Katya the Tsareena (Level 81)
Avenir the Ampharos (Level 81)
Arne the Lopunny (Level 81)
Isaak the Malamar (Level 82)


Forever now
I do my routines as usual in Ultra Sun: hunting Shiny Blacephalon, Battle Tree, catching legends & shinies in Worm holes.
I got some shines: Nuzleaf, Medicham, Heliolisk & Barbaracle. The last two have good natures & IVs so I can use them.

But my trophy would Regirock. I was really lucky to catch it in Quick ball and it has Brave nature w/ perfect IV spread. Look here:


I guess that makes up for my unfound shiny Blacephalon.


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Finished maxing out my team's Affection today. I checked my Poke Pelago after that, and got a Corsola.

Next, I went through Po Town. I battled all of the Team Skull Grunts outside before heading into the Shady House. After defeating some more grunts, I reached Guzma's room and battled him. My Comfey did some damage to his Golisopod and Masquerain, but just couldn't tank their attacks (and Comfey could really use Fairium Z right now). I sent in Incineroar to deal with those two. For Pinsir, I ended up switching to Oricorio.

Once I was finished with Po Town, I returned to the Aether House. I had a battle with Gladion there. Comfey fared well in this fight, defeating both Zoroark and Type: Null. Oricorio took down Gladion's Golbat IIRC.
Then, my next battle was against Nanu back in Malie City. My Lurantis defeated his Sableye and Krokorok, though its defensive stats got lowered by Shadow Ball and Crunch. So for Persian, I switched to Lapras and used Ice Beam and Hydro Vortex.

Now, I'm back at Aether Paradise.


Lv. 40-42


So right now I'm travelling through the Ultra Wormholes and I'm trying to soft reset to get some shiny legendaries/Ultra Beasts. This is the first time I've ever gotten serious about soft resetting for shinies and I'm just wondering if anyone here can share some personal experiences with it? I've only tried it with Nihilego and Xurkitree so far (plus I have the Shiny Charm) and I haven't had any luck yet. :(
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I am nearly done with the main story. (Just need to finish the final trials and beat the Elite 4.) At this point, now that the Ultra Wormhole has been opened, I went and hatched a bunch of Syncronize Ralts. It was fun using my Ditto from Gold and my Ralts from Island Scan, whom was holding Destiny Knot. I'll review what became of it when I get to the Battle Tree. Anyways, I now have a dozen Ralts with various Natures. I'll be doing this again tomorrow. After that, it'll be time for me to hunt Shiny Legends. In the meantime, I need to beat down some trainers.


Gesshin Powered
Met up with the mysterious man (now known as Faba) at the Hano Resort Hotel who offered to takenme to the Aether Paradise. I briefly turned down his offer to snag the Totem Stickers in the hotel before accepting his offer where I was given a quick tour of the place ending in an encounter with a mysterious Pokemon that was quickly taken care off by my Gabite.

After touching down in Malie City I had my fifth battle against Hau before heading to Malie Garden to find Professor Kukui who told me the next trial will be at the Hokulani Observatory. Following that I did a sweep of Malie City and the Malie City Outer Cape to gather all the items that can be found there.


Informed Casual
A word of spoiler free warning to anyone who hasn’t done the Team Rainbow Rocket episode yet. Importing your team from older games makes it kind of anticlimactic :p

It was very satisfying to sweep almost all of Giovanni’s entire team with the first Pokémon I ever got in Alola - the Ash-Greninja from the demo :)


Panda Power
Started Ultra Moon today and started with Popplio. Using Rowlet three times and Litten once in S/M, ive never used Popplio yet. Named him Denver. Saw the Totem Sticker in Iki Town, but looks like i will need Tauros. Decided I wanted to give Buneary a try, so i spent awhile looking for one. Took forever to find one and even longer for a Run Away one. Named her Snowflake. Also, found out Mom gives you a pokeball Once a day. Heard it's random, but i got a Heal ball. Had a lot of fun with the Rockruff before the Iki Town Festival. Hau is just as easy as always. Honestly i was more surpised by the Alola Exeggutor in the background then anything. Caught an Inkay on the way through Kukui's just because it's new to alola. Found out that the Battle Agency in the Plaza doesn't unlock till Sophocles’ Trial. Still got the Plaza to level 5 though since everyone handed out 11-25FC per chat. Luckily unlocked a Friendship Cafe for Snowflake. At the Pokemon school i found Zorua makes for good Trading. Traded one for a level 1 Japanese Elgyem on GTS. Traded another for a lvl 25 Poliwag that some random player offered. Caught a third one just for my PC. Snowflake wiped out 4/5 trainer's at the school. Denver only needed to handle Bonsly. After some Trainer customization, i took a break for the day.

Denver the Popplio lvl 11
Snowflake the Buneary 11


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I finally completed the Alola Pokedex! I was a little bit upset when I heard that there wasn't going to be a National Pokedex in SM and it probably was one of the reason why I never touched the game after I defeated the Elite Four; but as I was completing the USUM pokedex, I realised that a National Dex would be far too much to complete so I am fine with there not being a National Dex this time round.