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Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Recent Happenings Thread


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Pokémon Ultra Sun: Added a Caterpie to my team, and met up with Hau by the Malasada shop, where we ran into Team Skull. Defeated one of the grunts, and sent them running off. Ilima showed up, and I decided to hold off on challenging him until I had evolved my Caterpie once. After evolving her into a Metapod, I accepted Ilima's challenge. I had a bit of a difficult time, but I managed to defeat him. After picking up a few more Totem Stickers and items around Hao'uli City, before heading over to Route 2. Stopped by the cemetery, and fought the trainers there and collected the items I could find. My Metapod evolved into a Butterfree while I was there. I headed back onto Route 2, and met with someone who showed me the way to Big Wave Beach. Explored the area for a bit, before Team Skull showed up as I prepared to head back.

Fought off the Team Skull grunts to get them away from the Mantine, sending them running off towards Verdant Cavern. I think I'll head back to Hao'uli City to heal up real quick before continuing making my way through the rest of Route 2.

Current team:

Strix the Rowlet - Level 14
Yuzu the Rockruff - Level 12
Mariposa the Butterfree - Level 12


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Got Both versions of the game. Taking it slow on both and trying to keep both around the same point.

Started Ultra Moon with Litten and Ultra Sun with Rowlet (as I STILL have yet to use Rowlet!). Traded some Eggs over as I had already decided on my teams.

Currenlty on Akala Island with both games, Ready to take on the improved Fire Totem trial on Moon and Olivia on Sun.

Ultra Moon - Torracat, Lucario, Dusk Lycanroc, Ghost Oricorio, Shinotic *Debating replacing* and Seel (all around 25)
Ultra Sun - Dartrix, Zoroa, Larvitar, Noibat, Wishiwashi and Alolan Sandshrew (Currently grinding to Lvl 30)

Sceptile Leaf Blade

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Caught a bunch of pokémon today and also explored the Trainer's School. The headmistress was a bit tough with her level 10 Rowlet but my Wingull managed to pull through in the end, it even levelled up and learned Wing Attack. Current team:

Yungoos (lvl 3)
Ledyba (lvl 3)
Pikipek (lvl 8)
Inkay (lvl 7)
Metapod (lvl 7)
Rockruff (lvl 10)
Pichu (lvl 8)
Grubbin (lvl 8)
Popplio (lvl 12)
Wingull (lvl 8)
Buneary (lvl 7)

I still need to catch a Grimer and see what else can be found at the Pokémon School, and then I'll go and explore Hao'uli City. Also Ledyba and Yungoos need a bit of levelling as they're a bit too low at the moment.


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I found Lillie in the Melemele Meadow and she told me that Nebby fled towards the Seaward Cave so I had tk track it down. I found it in the Seaward Cave and encountered Dulse and Zossie. Dulse challenged me to a battle and I had some trouble defeating his Furforu. They left and Nebby and I went back to where Lillie was waiting for us. Once we left, Hau challenged me to a battle and I made short work of him. Now it is time to take on the grand trial. I did a little bit of training and Robin Hood evolved into Dartrix.

I decided to backtrack to Verdent Cavern so I could catch a Noibat. I do plan on using it so I nicknamed it Apple since its PokeDex entry says it loves fruit lame nickname is lame.

I left Verdent Cavern and saved.

Current Team
Robin Hood (Dartrix) Lv. 18
Apple (Noibat) Lv. 13
Manny (Buneary) Lv. 16
Rocky (Rockruff) Lv. 17


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Got both versions but decided to go with Ultra Sun as my main game because Moon was my main game last time. I decided to pick Popplio as my starter because it is the only one I have never used. I went through the dull beginning and eventually reached a Pokemon Center where I was able to grab the Mystery Gift Rockruff which I added to the team because I have never used Lycanroc and I like the look of Dusk Lycanroc. I also decided to trade over an Egg from Moon because the way my team is set up I would have obtained 3 Pokemon near the beginning and 3 near the middle-end. I ran around for a bit and the egg hatched into a Bounsweet.....I probably should have looked at its stats/movepool before I decided that Bounsweet would be the Pokemon I raised from level 1.

Anyways I just cleared the first trial in Verdant Cavern and captured my fourth team member, a Noibat. My whole team is going to be Pokemon I have never used before with Noibat being the only non-Alolan Pokemon. I trained up Noibat against the fighting Pokemon on Route 3 and took a break.



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Pokémon Ultra Sun: Explored the rest of Route 2, meeting Hau at the Pokémon Center and doing the Rotom Loto for the first time. After making my preparations I headed into the cave to do my first trial. Team Skull showed up partway through the trial, and after beating them in a battle, they unwittingly helped me finish my trial. Fought the Totem Gumshoos, and thanks to my Rockruff's Fire Fang burning it, and the X-items I bought at the Pokémon Center, I managed to beat it. Got my first Z-Crystal, and met with the Ultra Recon members on my way out of the cave. Met up with Kukui outside, and he gave me the tutorial on how to use Z-Crystals. Next up, heading to Route 3 to look for Lillie.

Current team:

Strix the Rowlet - Level 16
Yuzu the Rockruff - Level 14
Mariposa the Butterfree - Level 12

Satoshi & Touko

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Got my Adamant Duskruff on my 11th egg and did some EV training and level grinding on it. In the process, I got my Hawlucha so overlevlled that I think I will use it in the second Trial instead of Toucannon. I redeemed my code for the 12 quick balls. I'm now finally going to proceed with the story and make my way to Brooklet Hill. My Festival Plaza rank is now 37. My team as of now is:

Torracat: Level 23
Trumbeak: Level 23
Cutiefly: Level 19
Hawlucha: Level 28
Rockruff: Level 18

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I also got the Adamant Rockruff, I think it might be viable competitively with Z-Happy Hour, so I'm going to go for that.


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I finally made my way to Akala Island today and met Olivia and Mallow. I faced off against Dexio who didn’t stand a chance against my Rockruff and Honedge. I collected enough Totem Stickers to and Samson Oak gave me a Totem Gumshoos. I met Colress at the Tide Song Hotel and he talked about the player character from B2W2. Then I found this girl doing some kind of show or something with her Bellossom and Comfey and her Bellossom chases me out of the room, then in the next room over, an old man asked me to hunt down his friends and tell them to meet him in his room at the Tide Song Hotel.


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Did my first title defense match so I can start getting other challengers in the future. Team was Buddy (Silvally), Octavio (Primarina), Mothra (Volcarona), Megatron (Metagross), Faraday (Ampharos), and Necrodeus (DW Necrozma). Also managed to get enough BP from Mantine Surfing to buy three of my favorite Mega Stones, so I may give the Battle Tree a shot and see if I can actually get far into a normal format. I didn't do so well in SM, sadly.


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Has anyone else noticed how freakin' easy it is to level up the Festival Plaza this time around?

I mean, it seems like it doesn't matter how many FC you get at any given time, it just levels up for sh*ts and giggles.


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Progression is paused until 5pm as Rockruff literally just hit 24, I kept the rare candy I was given to quickly evolve him once Dusk strikes in case I end up getting distracted.

But I've beaten Hala. He was quite easy, Noibat and Butterfree swept through his team with Flying attacks.
And I faced the URS for the first time... I got confused where Nebby was for 10 minutes until I remembered about that hole in the wall(Which I didn't know about until weeks later back in the original SM hehehe)
The Water Totem was WAY easier this time around, Rockruff almost one shot it with Rock Tomb! But sadly got one shot.... Charjabug finished it off though. It wasn't as annoying as Wishiwashi was. I'm now outside the Battle Royale, having just faced Poipole for the first time.

Torracat - level 25
Rockruff- level 24
Butterfree- level 21 (Still just here until I get something better)
Charjabug- level 21
Noibat - level 19


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Pokémon Ultra Sun: Began exploring Route 3, eventually heading into the meadow. Met up with Lillie, and saw Nebby head into a cave. Headed around the meadow gathering items and such, as well as trained up my Pokémon while taking advantage of my Rotomdex giving me a free EXP. boost. While doing so, my Rowlet evolved.

Current team:

Strix the Dartrix - Level 17
Yuzu the Rockruff - Level 14
Mariposa the Butterfree - Level 14

Pokémon Ultra Moon: Also decided to start up Ultra Moon, so I could enter the Global Mission in that and so on as soon as possible. After going through the opening cutscene and such, I was unsure whether to pick Litten or Popplio as my starter, as I had used both before in Sun/Moon. I ultimately decided to go with Popplio, and soft-reset until I finally got a female one. I also got lucky with her nature. Just had my first battle against Hau. About to head into Iki Town so I can meet Hala.

Current team:

Minami the Popplio - Level 6


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Told myself I wasn't going to buy USUM, and bought Ultra Sun anyways. This was going to be a real go around since last time I sort of "cheated" and traded for some Pokes to get ahead. Made it through the first island with out anything of note happening except catching a shiny Magnemite. Hawlucha made quick work of the Totem Gumshoos. Team is still a work in progress.

Hawlucha (Male, Level 17) - Roost, Hone Claws, Brick Break, Aerial Ace
Magnemite (Level 15) - Tackle, Magnet Bomb, Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave
Slowpoke (Female, Level 15) - Curse, Yawn, Confusion, Water Gun
Dartrix (Male, Level 17) - Tackle, Razor Leaf, Ominous Wind, Peck
Pichu (Male, Level 16) - Thunder Shock, Charm, Nasty Plot, Sweet Kiss
Rockruff (Male, Level 16) - Rock Throw, Bite, Fire Fang, Howl

Requiem Aeternam

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Just spent the last 15 minutes Mantine Surfing between the first 2 islands. I didn't think much of it when it was announced but it's actually really fun. Earned some nice BP too which should help towards some tutors and Mega Stones when I get that far. I've also just bought my character a new bag which looks like the default one from SM which was my favourite one (the one that looks like a grapefruit wedge). I'm going to keep going until I reach the daycare then take a break to breed for my fourth team member. I wanted to get an IV bred Dusk Lycanroc but, as I can't send it to Moon to check its IVs, I'll be leaving that till I get the checker on UM. Going for Cacnea instead.

EDIT: Kept going as I didn't have a Flame Body or Magma Armour Pokemon. I've caught a Fletchinder now so I'm going to breed my Cacnea tomorrow. My Mienfoo one-shot Gladion's Type: Null in the Battle Royal and I'm about to take Kiawe's trial so I think that's a good place to stop for the night.
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Completed the second and third trials pretty much without any gaps in between because I used my two 2-star rare kitchens to quickly raise a Mudbray into Mudsdale. Not to mention my Hawlucha was so overleveled that I just used it against the second trial. Got access to Poke Pelago now and have finished building Isle Abeens. I'm now looking to get proper-natured Pokemon to use for the rest of the story. Got my Plaza rank up to 44.

My team:

Torracat: Level 27
Trumbeak: Level 27
Hawlucha: Level 31
Cutiefly: Level 23
Mudsdale: Level 30
Duskruff: Level 18


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I was weak and ended up getting Ultra Sun straight away. I've started playing it.

The first thing I did was choose Rowlet after the intro. I don't think i've seen the Grass/Flying combination before so I jumped on it when it was an option. I then went on to the story. I've met the (I presume) bad guys. I can't tell if they're cloaked from everyday people being able to see them or not. I got the Pokedex and even got the Rotom for it. I've been wandering around in the grass and I'm amazed at the variety of Pokemon available in Route 1. I've thus far caught: Caterpie, Rattata (Alola), Ledyba, Buneary, Inkay, Pikipek, Yungoos and Grubbin.

I also collected the Rockruff and wonder traded a caterpie for a Wingull. I didn't actually mean to Wonder Trade, it's just been so long since I did any onling trading (last time I did it was back in Pokemon Black 4 years ago) that I didn't know what I was doing. I also participated in a giveaway on Reddit and received a (I believe an almost perfect) Fennekin. This is my first Pokemon to not be in the Alola dex and so I've put it aside in preparation of putting it into Pokemon Bank. I'm planning on using Pokemon Bank as my primary method of storing Pokemon and so I'll likely not have a Living Dex in Ultra Sun but instead use it to simply store Pokemon before they head into Pokemon Bank.

For now my current team is: Rowlet, Grubbin, Rockruff, Inkay. I've only just entered the Pokemon School so their levels are roughly around 7-10.


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Pokémon Ultra Moon: Went to Iki Town, and met Lillie. Saved Nebby from the Spearow, and was saved by Tapu Koko, receiving the sparkling stone. Went back to town with Lillie, met Hala and got the Pokédex, gave him the stone and all that stuff. Then went to the festival, had another battle with Hau, and won. Got the Z-Ring, and was told about the Island Challenge. Lillie and I then went to Kukui's lab, and I got my Pokédex upgraded. Fought the trainers near the lab, and went to the Pokémon Center. Accessed the Festival Plaza, and got the game synced up to my Global Link account, just to get it out of the way. Entered the Global Mission as well. I'll pick up the special Rockruff and continue things tomorrow.

Current team:

Minami the Popplio - Level 10


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Last night, I remembered to get the event Rockruff. I picked it up ingame once I reached the Pokemon Center on Route 2.

Then, I went to Verdant Cavern to do Ilima's trial. I defeated the three Pokemon I needed to beat pretty easily. The only tough thing was that I wasn't expecting to fight the Ratatta family at first. After playing Sun so much, I'd forgotten that Moon had Ratatta instead of Yungoos in Verdant Cavern. XD

Anyway, once the Pokemon were defeated, I headed to the den in the back to fight the Totem Raticate. The battle was easier than I thought it would be, since I remembered that I'd taught my Comfey Dazzling Gleam before trading it over. So, after a couple of turns, I was able to hit and KO both the totem and the SOS Rattata at the same time, which was nice.

Now, I'm on Route 3.


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At the end of Ula'Ula on UM and man my team of Celebi, Galvantula, Salazzle, Quagsire, Scrafty and Mimikyu is terrible. Celebi and Quagsire are just the worst, Celebi naturally has too many weaknesses and Quagsire can barely take anything. After a couple hours of looking into team builds i think i will replace them with an Empoleon and Gliscor. Might struggle against Ground types but oh well.