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Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Recent Happenings Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Generation VII Discussion' started by Wulava, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Finished developing my Poke Pelago today. I just had to get both Isle Evelup and Isle Avue and upgrade them to their highest rank.

    After that, I went to Festival Plaza. I received my 4,000 FC from the Global Mission and spent some time leveling up my plaza afterwards. My plaza's rank surpassed the 300 mark today, making it to 305.

    Next, I took some pictures at the Poni Coast Poke Finder spot. I made it to 400,000 total thumbs-up.

    Finally, I evolved a few more Pokemon: Ledyba, Meowth, Mankey, and Beldum into Metang.
  2. Kage-Pikachu

    Kage-Pikachu Well-Known Member

    I managed to beat Blue in the Battle Tree (along with the first 49 matches) with my team:
    Ash-Greninja (Choice Specs): Water Shuriken, Dark Pulse, Extrasensory, Ice Beam
    Mega Gardevoir: Psychic, Hyper Voice, Shadow Sneak, Focus Blast
    Mimikyu (Choice Band): Play Rough, Drain Punch, Shadow Claw, Shadow Sneak
    Infernape (Choice Scarf): Close Combat, Flare Blitz, Shadow Claw, and Flamethrower

    It was surprisingly easy with these guys but MAANNNN.... super singles are a whole different story! I got as far as 19 wins
  3. Storm the Lycanroc

    Storm the Lycanroc Well-Known Member

    Today in Ultra Sun I got my Pokedex up to 300/400. At the moment I'm attempting to complete Mina's trial and planning to challenge the Pokemon League. Once I beat it I plan on completing the Pokedex.
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  4. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I added more than 20 entries to my Alola Pokedex today:

    -First, I transferred more Pokemon from HeartGold & White 2. Most of the Pokemon I transferred were ones that aren't in the Alola dex, or ones that I already had, but about 6 of them were new dex entries, including Natu, Houndour, and Chinchou IIRC.

    -I caught two Pokemon on Poni Island: Braviary & Lickitung

    -Then, I evolved quite a few Pokemon. I started by evolving my Metang into Metagross, along with fully evolving Bagon & Gible. After that, I evolved Pokemon such as Grimer, Magnemite, Cutiefly, Shellder, and Vulpix.

    With all that, my dex reached 200 owned.
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  5. Ms_Mawile

    Ms_Mawile New Member

    Not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but I call it the Zorua Gender Glitch.
    I was SOS'ing Zorua to train Special Attack and happened to notice as I started the battle with a female zorua, and then it managed to trigger my Sylveon's cute charm.
    Suddenly the Zorua was male. It kept changing gender based on the pokemon it called in.
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  6. Kage-Pikachu

    Kage-Pikachu Well-Known Member

    Sounds like an identity crisis, Make up your mind Zorua!!!

    Today I switched up my Super Singles Battle Team by keeping my Ash Greninja and Mega Gardevoir but now using Landorus (Choice Band): Knock Off, Super Power, Earthquake, and Stealth Rock. . I actually got him in a trade recently, it's level 100 and shiny! I think I traded a level 1 Jangmo'o for it on the GTS, I also got a shiny Ho-oh the same way. Still waiting on a Muti-Scale Lugia though.
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  7. Storm the Lycanroc

    Storm the Lycanroc Well-Known Member

    Today in Ultra Sun I caught Solgaleo, Necrozma, beat the Pokemon League, and continuing to fill the Pokedex. So far I'm at 318/400 and the only Pokemon I have left to acquire are ones that have a high level to evolve.
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  8. Pikasaur

    Pikasaur The Original

    Decided to reset every video game i own a few days ago (I do that a lot, unfortunatly)

    Playing Ultra Moon again, Started as a Girl named Lilo and chose Litten. Named him Stitch :p

    After the "Save Nebby" bridge event i hunted for a Grubbin. Figured it could help Stitch with Water Types. Took awhile to find one with a neutral Nature. Named him Bubbles when i found one. While Training Bubbles, i also caught a Pichu and Buneary for when i get a Friendship Cafe. Trained bubbles up to level 7 before the Hau fight. After getting Rotom Dex i headed back up to route 1 to catch an Alola Rattata. Dont plan on using it, but it's one of my favorite Alolan pokemon. Spent about an a half hour in festival plaza building up my ranking. Fortune Teller said i'd have good luck in Wonder Trade. So i went and caught a Zorua. Recieved a lvl 1 Merciless Mareanie in return. Also caught 3 Pick-up Meowth to collect items.

    Stitch the Litten lvl 10
    Bubbles the Grubbin lvl 10
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  9. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Got my Alola dex up to 227 owned. The latest Pokemon I added included:
    -Evolutions such as Malamar, Vikavolt, Slowbro, Arcanine, and Crabominable
    -Vullaby, which I got from the GTS
    -A few Pokemon I caught in the wild, e.g. Pancham, Bonsly, Cottonee

    I did some non-Pokedex things, too:
    -Went to the Alola Photo Club building in Konikoni, where I obtained some new stickers & backgrounds and took a few photos
    -Made it to rank 12 at the Battle Agency. I had a partner with a Porygon2 that was very good in battle.
    -Traded for a Moon Ball Litwick on the GTS, which is something I really wanted. I just had to quickly hatch a Tepig to do the trade.
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  10. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria Super Sweet Sylveon

    In Ultra Sun, I collected my usual beans and shards and then I got to get Tropius, which was good after all so I registered it in the Pokédex. As well as that, my Patterened Bean count reached 1000 today and I then spent a huge chunk of time at the Festival Plaza. I did quite a lot of Wonder Trades and trading on the GTS to add more Pokémon to my Pokédex, even adding a Jangmo-o to the Pokédex in a Wonder Trade. I have also hatched a couple more Happiny eggs to replenish my supply of Happinys to trade off for more Pokémon and I currently have a Happiny in the GTS to trade for a Spinda. I had finally reached Rank 100 in the Festival Plaza. I currently have 144 Pokémon registered as caught in the Pokédex.
    Last edited: May 20, 2018 at 9:08 AM
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  11. Drummerdude

    Drummerdude Well-Known Member

    After winning my first Grand Trial against Hala I surfed on a Mantine to Akala Island. I did my best to rush through the island without defeating any trainers I could skip. It didn't take too long to reach Brooklet Hill where Totem Araquanid kicked my behind. I had to train Dartrix up to Lv24 so it could learn Pluck and even then I scored a critical hit against the giant spider. Once I prevailed Lana gave me a Fishing Rod and I rode Mantine back to Melemele Island. I went to Melemele Bay and after a few tries I fished up a Corsola. I immediately used the Adrenaline Orb on it but the stupid thing still took about 10 turns to call for help. Luckily Mareanie showed up and I was able to catch it as my third team member...

    ...except it had Limber as an ability. Boring. I went on the GTS and got a Ditto and began breeding Mareanie eggs because I will not waste more time on Corsola. For some reason, which may be due to new mechanics or bad luck, it took 14 eggs before I hatched one with Merciless as the ability. I decided to trade the other Mareanie I had hatched on Wonder Trade and mostly got random Route 1 Pokemon with the exception of a Drampa. I bred for 3 Drampa eggs and decided if one of them is Modest I would use Drampa on my team. The second egg hatched into a Modest Drampa. Guess now I get to rethink my last two team members.
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  12. Kage-Pikachu

    Kage-Pikachu Well-Known Member

    I got to round 30 in Super Single Battles with my same team but this time I got killed by freaking Colress and his Mega Metagross, I got his down to low health but his Electrode had set up a Light Screen and his mega was able to survive my Choice Specs Ash-Greninja's Dark Pulse (after already taking damage from Mega Gardevoir's Shadow Sneak)...I think I got robbed...
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  13. Storm the Lycanroc

    Storm the Lycanroc Well-Known Member

    Made significant progress in Ultra Sun today. Caught several Ultra Beasts, all four Tapu's, several rare Pokemon, evolved several others. So my Pokedex is up to 344/400 and the Melemele Pokedex has been completed.

    Additionally while traversing Mount Lanakila I encountered a shiny Glalie and caught it. Don't know what I'll do with it.
    Last edited: May 20, 2018 at 4:21 AM
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  14. c1234

    c1234 Trainer Since '98

    I have been training Type: Null a little bit, and making sure to get it a massage every day. It's friendship level is getting there...perhaps another week or so if this and I will finally be done with the Pokedex.
  15. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria Super Sweet Sylveon

    I just played Ultra Sun and as I collected my usual beans and shards, I snagged a Zubat from Isle Abeens, which I Wonder Traded it off later. There was also a Wingull and a Litleo that stopped by. At the Festival Plaza, I registered Pelipper and an Aerodactyl in the Pokédex from Wonder Trade and luckily the Aerodactyl had the Unnerve Ability, which is an Ability that was once obtainable in the BW Dream World. I have also received a Mareanie, Spinda, Clamperl and Shellder on the GTS, having obtained 150 individual species of Pokémon in the Alola Pokédex so far. I traded 30 Red Shards for a Bottle Cap. I have as well hatched several Happiny Eggs and in the Loto-ID, I have received a Moomoo Milk. My Festival Plaza Rank is now 107.
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  16. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Continued working on my Ultra Sun's Alola dex today. I've now made it to 261 Pokemon owned!

    I transferred quite a few Pokemon originating from my HeartGold, Y, and Sun. I also checked what Pokemon I had on my Ultra Moon file, and ended up transferring my Stakataka, too.

    Next, I captured some Pokemon in the wild. In Lush Jungle, I caught Passimian and Comfey. Over in Brooklet Hill, I found four more Pokemon: Surskit, Morelull, Wishiwashi, and Alomomola. Then, while training some Pokemon on Route 16, I found a Scraggy and decided to catch it.

    I evolved several Pokemon as well, including Pupitar (at last), Mudbray, and Wimpod.
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  17. Storm the Lycanroc

    Storm the Lycanroc Well-Known Member

    Today in Ultra Sun I've spent several hours wandering around Haina Desert trying to find the Pokemon exclusive to SOS battles. So far I haven't found a single Baltoy, Golett, Gabite, or Trapinch. It's rather frustrating because these are the Pokemon I need to finish the Ula Ula Pokedex. If I don't find any then I may go the GTS or trade forums.
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  18. Kage-Pikachu

    Kage-Pikachu Well-Known Member

    I understand that frustration! I will probably never restart my Moon version (though I will my Sun and US/UM) since I actually completed the Pokedex in that one.

    I really need to trade my Lucky Egg and trade back so I can have two when I restart Ultra Sun, other than that I've just been battling online and have filled up all 100 video slots with victorious battles.
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  19. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria Super Sweet Sylveon

    In Ultra Sun, I managed to snag the Wingull and the Litleo from Isle Abeens and then I went onto Festival Plaza. After I've received my three Festival Tickets, I went onto the GTS and I received my Luvdisc. I then deposited a Happiny into the GTS for a Remoraid and I Wonder Traded the Wingull for another Wingull. After I exited Festival Plaza, I hatched two Happiny Eggs and I went to Pikachu Valley to interact with the Trial Guide there for the Pikachu quiz, which I aced 5 out of 5. So after I have received my Pikachu Shirt and Cap, I flew back to the Daycare at Paniola Ranch and I saved there.
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  20. Pikasaur

    Pikasaur The Original

    Started off working on my Plaza some more. No Friendship cafe yet, i did have some luck. Stitch got an Iron and 2 Hard Stones from one "Trick Room" Haunted House. The Fortune Teller also said i'd have Great Luck on the GTS. So, i put in the Wonder Trade Mareanie and asked for a Goomy. Not even ten minutes later the trade was finished. both Stitch and Bubbles gained an extra level fighting the School students. Had a little trouble with the Teacher's Popplio, but Bubbles Mud slap eventually made it miss 3 turns in a row. Then came the Trainer customization and Poke Finder, which i spent awhile on. Also talked to the Scientist and recieved my 10 Ultra Balls. Ended off with an Abra hunt for the Poke Center girl.

    Wish i could nickname that Traded Goomy

    Stitch the Litten lvl 12
    Bubbles the Grubbin lvl 11
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