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Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Recent Happenings Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Generation VII Discussion' started by Wulava, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. PokeMon2.0

    PokeMon2.0 Pokémon Music Fan

    I’ve gotten an Entei and a Zapdos from Ultra Warp Ride. Also a shiny Grumpig and Stunfisk. My highest level member is Lv. 81 Incineroar.
  2. Pikasaur

    Pikasaur So Fluffy

    So, i never beat US/UM. Beat Lana's trial in Brooklet Hill, then ended up playing Leaf Green and Heart Gold.

    Started up in Ultra Moon and picked Shadow the Rowlet. On my way through Route 1 i decided to catch one of every pokemon. Took 2 days to find a Pichu. Then another Hour using Static to find a Good one. Named him Pluto. Pluto did pretty well against Hau's Popplio surprisingly. Rushed through the chat with Kukui, so i could make it to the Pokemon Center. Deposited all the Route 1 pokemon i'm not using and picked up my Zeraora. Unlocked the Festival Plaza and spent some time trying for a Friendship Cafe. Used the extra Pichu to start wondertrading for FC. Reached level 6 with no luck, but did finish wondertrade with a Fletchinder. Went back to Route 1 real quick to catch an Alolan Rattata. Then Finished with the Trainer's outside Kukui's

    Shadow - Rowlet lvl 9
    Pluto - Pichu lvl 8
  3. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria 4th anniversary of ORAS, 16th anniversary of RS

    Gotten all of the Power items in the game so that I can train a competitive Naganadel from evolving Poipole first. I obtained a Paralyze Heal from a lady who forgets the names of Pokémon by showing her a Magneton. Later on I got a Smoke Ball from her by showing her a Salazzle and then I got a Psychic Seed from showing her an Alolan Exeggutor. And at first I had to catch a Magnemite at Hau'oli City at first and then evolve it into Magneton because I only had a Magnezone at the time.
  4. Pokemon Power

    Pokemon Power Well-Known Member

    Finally, I beat Ultra Necrozma and got to do the Ultra Warp Ride! It's a good feature, I caught two Nililego, one of which I traded on GTS for a Poipole, and two Pheromosa, with one being traded for a Buzzwole. And I encountered and caught the legendary Entei and Kyogre! I have Ultra Moon by the way.
  5. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria 4th anniversary of ORAS, 16th anniversary of RS

    So I evolved a couple of more Pokémon and I have 20 Pokémon to go until I get all of them for the Alola Pokédex. I evolved an Alolan Geodude into Alolan Graveler, Sandile into Krokorok and Trapinch into Vibrava. The Shiny Charm's going to be so close.
  6. Arjun89

    Arjun89 Member

    does anyone know whats up with that shiny mimikyu from online competition? is this code for it finally out?
  7. Pikasaur

    Pikasaur So Fluffy

    While wandering around the Trainers school i decided i needed extra help, at least until Pluto evolves. Enter Mayo the Alolan Grimer. Also caught a few Alolan Meowth and luckily both had Pick up. Wondertraded one away to get more FC in my Friendship Cafe Journey. No luck after an hour, but i did end up with a Spearow. Useful for the Hawlucha trade. Lots of Crabrawler trades today as well for some reason. Anyway, Spent some time leveling up Mayo to level 10 to match the others. Poison Touch + Bite destroyed the teachers Litten. Had a Team Pink in my Plaza so when i reached Hau'oli i bought some White clothes and had some fun. Used up 100 FC, but i'll get a ton more before the Friendship Cafe at this rate. Did one more Wondertrade, and got a Snivy for that Fletchinder.

    Will get to Ilima next time, as the Wondertrades Killed my 3DS battery

    Shadow - Rowlet lvl 11
    Pluto - Pichu lvl 11
    Mayo - A.Grimer lvl 11
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2018
  8. DarkSerpent

    DarkSerpent Silent Observer

    Breeding up a storm lately!! Currently working on my shiny sandygast project in moon, trying for a 6 i.v. female own tempo rockruff in UM, and leveling some miscellaneous pokemon to 100 in both during breeding projects. So many projects, too much 'at work' time :/
  9. Mr. Reloaded

    Mr. Reloaded Ain't into it anymore

    Snagged a shiny Adamant Regenerator Ho-Oh with Curse off the GTS. Been getting extremely lucky with shines off the GTS this week. 5 Latias, 2 Latios, several ultra beast, the list goes on.

    Also been doing a bit off masuda methoding too, got 5IV Hawlucha, 4IV Dusk Lycanroc, 4IV Incineroar, and 4IV Mimikyu.

    Working on Noctowl right now, so far no luck. But with how much I've gotten over the past 2 weeks, I have zero right to complain lmao.
  10. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria 4th anniversary of ORAS, 16th anniversary of RS

    So I decided to get the Life Orb in the game, only to find out I didn’t battle all the veteran Trainers in Alola. I battled a Trial Guide at Route 5, a Collector at Route 12 and a Dancer at Poni Plains. I defeated them and I then challenged the Veteran on the peak of Mt. Lanakila. I defeated him and then got the Life Orb.
  11. Heracross2018

    Heracross2018 Member

    I am training a good team in Ultra Sun now. I am trying very hard to get all of the Mega Stones being sold at the Battle Tree now.
  12. Pikasaur

    Pikasaur So Fluffy

    Started off catching a Furfrou for another round of Wondertrades. Eventually ended up with a litten. Put that Litten on GTS for a Torchic. All that trading finally got me a two star Friendship Cafe. After i fed Pluto, i checked and the Litten already got traded. Then caught an Abra for the Pokemon Center Girl before heading to Ilima. Mayo Destroyed her Smeargle because it only used Tackle for some reason. Might keep her on the team permanently now. Wondertraded the Abra because it had a Adamant nature, and got a Feebas. It was about an hour before Day time in UM, so i rushed up to the
    Hau'oli Cemetery to catch a Murkrow. Took 3 pokeballs, an Ultra Ball, and 2 Great Balls to catch it. Then wasted some time running around to the Poke Finder spots, because why not :p To my surprise, Pluto evolved against Team Skull on Big Wave Beach. Noticed it was Friday and Island scanned for a Bulbasaur.

    Ended the day with the Hawlucha trade.


    Shadow - Rowlet lvl 13
    Pluto - Pikachu lvl 13
    Mayo - A.Grimer lvl 13
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2018
  13. Flamer

    Flamer Well-Known Member

    Started work on a Sun Series team for the upcoming Battle Competition. Going for a rain team with a Trick Room mode.

    Being an Ultra Sun player, the first thing to do was get my hands on a Kyogre. I don't like trading my own legendary Pokemon on the GTS, but fortunately had a spare Tapu Koko from a Wonder Trade lying around, so traded that. The Kyogre I got in return had come from Hoenn, so traded it away for a Groudon, then flipped that for a Gen 7 Kyogre. Its not the right nature, but will do for the time being. Want to give the rain team a try out before committing too many resources to getting the perfect Pokemon for it

    I then switched to AS to breed a Modest Swift Swim Lotad, before transferring him to Sun for EV training. Tend to mostly breed and train my team on Sun, got a larger pool of Pokemon and more resources there than on US. Bred a Careful Intimidate Litten from the Incineroar I got from the HA starters event a while back

    I've already got a Snorlax from a hard Trick Room team I put together a while back, so thats 4 out of the 6 almost ready. Need to decided between Dusk Mane Necrozma or Palkia for my Trick Room setter and second restricted Legendary, and work out who my 6th Pokemon should be. Leaning towards Ferrothorn at the moment. Works well in Trick Room, benefits from Rain and looks like it should provide counters for a few of the common restricted Legendaries.
  14. Captain Jigglypuff

    Captain Jigglypuff Leader of Jigglypuff Army Staff Member

    I found and caught a shiny Heliolisk last night in a wormhole in Ultra Sun. Named her Sunburn for the coloring. I wasn’t even trying to find a Shiny but this was the first one I found in Ultra Space.
    Satoshi & Touko likes this.
  15. Pikasaur

    Pikasaur So Fluffy

    Started off finding a Crabrawler in both Berry trees, somehow. Wondertraded one of them and ended up with an aron. Split up Verdant Cavern as equally as possible between all 3 teammates. Shadow had the first 2 Rattata, Mayo got Team Skull, and Thanks to Brick Break Pluto handled the Regular Raticate and Totem form. Didn't even know Pikachu got Brick Break, but thought Grimer did. Searched for a Diglett on the way out to add to my alola forms. Also caught a Mankey along Route 3. Ended up with a handful of Pretty wings before i reached Melemele Meadow, because of annoying Spearow. Decided to have a little fun and caught a lvl 12 Caterpie named Troll, in a Luxury Ball. Evolved it to Metapod and Wondertraded it. Recieved a Popplio with it's Hidden Ability. While in the Plaza Mayo got 3 Hard Stones from one Ghost House trip. The Fortune Teller also gave me the same for the third or fourth time in a row. Anyway, in Seaward Cave Pluto destroyed Ultra Recon's Furfrou. Didn't realise until the Hau fight that i was over leveled. His Popplio was only level 13 and i'm level 16 at this point. Pluto again doing all the work and handled Hau's team. Quick Detour back into the Meadow for the Poke Finder spot, then off to Iki Town for the Grand Trial. Roto Boost and Peck were all i needed for Shadow to take down Hala. Shadow evolved after the fight.

    Shadow - Dartrix lvl 17
    Pluto - Pikachu lvl 17
    Mayo - A.Grimer lvl 16
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2018
  16. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria 4th anniversary of ORAS, 16th anniversary of RS

    I participated in three battles for the 2018 International Challenge November. I used all the Tapus, Pelipper and Garchomp because I didn’t bother coming up with a good team for it and I still wanted that shiny Tapu Lele. I won the first and third battles but lost the second one.
  17. Captain Jigglypuff

    Captain Jigglypuff Leader of Jigglypuff Army Staff Member

    I caught Buzzwole and Moltres in the wormhole. Up until now I haven’t had much luck with finding the UB other than Xurkitree, Legendaries, or even a shiny but since Wednesday I’ve been lucky. Moltres surprised me as I wasn’t even expecting to be successful at reaching a Legendary wormhole. The shiny Heliolisk is my favorite find so far.
  18. Flamer

    Flamer Well-Known Member

    Competed in the Battle Competition over the weekend. Didn't quite finish my team in time, so ended up going with Solgaleo as my Trick Room setter instead of Palkia, and putting Tornadus in for some Tailwind speed control to give the team a fast mode.

    That turned out to be a great decision, as we were far more effective in fast mode. Tornadus was a lot of fun to play with, had great synergy with Kyogre. I went with a bulky Kyogre, so it really appreciated the priority Tailwind Tornadus setup, while Tornadus was able to switch from support to attack with Rain backed Hurricane. Having Rain Dance on Tornadus too was really helpful in the couple of weather war matchups I had against Groudon. Ludicolo really benefitted from that, as expected he turned out to be a great Groudon counter. Didn't get to use him as much as I would have liked

    The Trick Room mode didn't work quite so well. Solgaleo wasn't a great setter, particularly without Tapu Lele's Psychic Terrain support to aid it against Incineroar and other Fake Out users. And without TR up Snorlax was fairly useless, especially the Belly Drum version I was running. A shiny Tapu Lele’s the reward for competing in the tournament, so hopefully with that and upgrading Solgaleo to Dusk Mane Necrozma Trick Room can be more effective next time

    Ended up with a 9-6 record, although two of the wins game from people immediately forfeiting, so was really a 7-6. Not great, but its the first time I’ve done any competitive battling for over a year, and the rust certainly showed in some battles. Had fun though, which is always the main thing :)
  19. Pikasaur

    Pikasaur So Fluffy

    Started in the Battle Buffet. I thought Pluto could handle it with Fightium-Z, but half the pokemon i fought still took 2 attacks. Then i spent way to much time in the photo Club. One photo for each Team member. Rode Tauros around collecting items, before heading into Ten Carat Hill. No luck on finding Sableye for the dude in Route 3. Grabbed Flynium-Z for Shadow on the way out. More time at the photo spots on the way to Big Wave Beach. Don't know why but, i thought the Dunsparce at one spot was a Pikachu at first. Spent some time on Mantine Surfing until Pluto learned ElectroWeb and Mayo got Fire Punch. Did the small Message in a bottle quest on my way through HeaHea. Caught an Eevee on Route 4 just because. When i got into the Pikachu Valley i ended up goofing around. Spent awhile "trying" to enter the Pikachu Trailer even though i know you can't. Got up to 30 before i got bored. Then did the Quiz and got the Pikachu clothes. Ended my Valley trip with the Poke Finder. Pluto destroyed Hau's team in Paniola Town same as before. Ended at the Day Care Center after hunting hidden items with Stoutland.

    Shadow - Dartrix lvl 19
    Pluto - Pikachu lvl 19
    Mayo - A.Grimer lvl 20
  20. Drummerdude

    Drummerdude Well-Known Member

    Maybe it's because of the bitterness of waiting until Christmas to get Smash Bros but I started an Ultra Sun playthrough and chose Litten as my starter. I survived the absolute slog of an opening and made it to the Trainer's School where I captured an Alolan Meowth. I'm not planning on using it full time but I also don't want Litten getting too over leveled so it'll be a temporary team member. I should have spent more time training it because the Principal's Popplio swept my team easily. I won the rematch and headed into Hau'oli City where I recently defeated the Trial Captain Ilima. I grabbed a Tauros by the horns, headed to Route 2, and took a break.

    [​IMG] Lv14
    [​IMG] Lv10

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