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Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Recent Happenings Thread


Cramorant is too cute for words!
In Ultra Sun, I’m wonder trading. Also I am on Akala Island.
I’ve got some good ones like
Shiny Lv. 1 Cyndaquil
Adamant Intimidate Litten
Timid Speed Boost Yanma
Careful Scrappy Lv.56 Miltank
Shiny Deino from AusLove (keeping even though it’s likely hacked)
Barbaracle with Tough Claws
A nice Golbat
Jolly Fletchling
Alolan Exeggutor
My team after trading a Mudbray on it
Will be posted soon
After soft resetting off and on for literal months, I have FINALLY gotten shiny Porygon in Ultra Sun last night. This was my third hunt in this game after first resetting for Poipole (before it was released as an event) and then Nihilego. I was on the phone with my mom when I got it, and I screamed, lol. After getting it, I traversed through the Ultra Wormhole on Poni Island a number of times before reaching Ultra Ruin, which means my next hunt is none other than Guzzlord. Super stoked to eventually get shiny Guzzlord now!


Cramorant is too cute for words!
My Buneary evolved into Lopunny. She evolved after the Totem Marowak battle.
I have as my team now
Ziggy (Brionne) Lv. 27 male
- Icy Wind
- Bubblebeam
- Aqua Jet
- Disarming Voice
Fono (Lopunny) Lv. 27 female
- Quick Attack
- Return
- Jump Kick
- Foresight
Magneto (Magnemite) Lv. 24
- Light Screen
- Mirror Shot
- Spark
- Sonic Boom
Torracat Lv. 23 Male
- Double Kick
- Fire Fang
- Fake Out
- Lick
Caterpie Lv. 15 Male
- Tackle
- String Shot
- Bug Bite
Dartrix Lv. 23 Male
- Foresight
- Razor Leaf
- Ominous Wind
- Peck

Det. Viper

That’s Detective Viper to you
In Ultra Sun I recently hatched a large number of competitive Pokémon two Alolan Grimer, two Alolan Vulpix, Kabuto, Zigzagoon and Misdreavus. I started the long process of leveling them to 100 (I like having my competitive ones to be maxed out). I caught an adamant Groudon and transferred a Ho-oh from Silver. Also going to level these to 100 since I need to use caps to max out some IVs.

One Alolan Vulpix I bred didn’t have the ability I wanted so I set it aside, taught it Aqua Tail (has Freeze Dry and Moonblast egg moves) for a future play through of Sword and Shield (or other Gen 8 game).

Will be starting a run of Ultra Moon shortly

Red Line

Managed to reach a win streak of 64 in Super battles and still counting

And two shiny Chancey chained through SOS during leveling up


Cramorant is too cute for words!
I have beaten the Elite Four,
My final team was
Ziggy (Primarina)
Prince (Shiny Swanna)
Magneto (Magnezone)
Hugh (Hippowdon).
Hau was easy, it just took a lot of switching Pokémon around until I beat him.


Cramorant is too cute for words!
I beat the 2 swimmers, and got Surf and Waterfall.
Got Type Null from Wicke. Added it to my team.
Catching Blacephalon. I caught one.
I’m visiting the Ultra Wormhole to get new allies for my team.
And others


The Meme Supreme
Well it's been a while since the last post, and I ended up restarting the monotype about 3 times (much to my friend's annoyance) - starting with Dark, I went to Bug, then Ghost and now Ice. Luckily the final type choice has been my favourite and most challenging so far (that and doing Melemele several times in the space of a week is enough to cause anyone extreme pain). My friend stuck with Water, but changed a few team members whilst waiting for me. He replaced Slowpoke with Mareanie, as the former he found not tanky nor offensive enough and decided he liked Toxapex more anyway. He added a Chinchou to his team as planned, and bred a Shellos to use over Omanyte (which he hasn't gotten yet, he just likes Gastrodon).

Ice has been rather fun for me though, even if half the team aren't Ice types. Crabrawler is everything I could have possibly wanted in a starter and has crushed practically everything I've needed it to (Gumshoos, Rock types, Hala's own Crabrawler). Smoochum started off god-awful, since I completely forgot it has base 15 defense (getting 2HKOed by Vine Whip from Flabebe is soul-destroying) but the addition of tutor moves, Frost Breath and Confusion has been amazing for it. I had a Delibird too, who was used to beat Araquanid and Lurantis; whilst is was also absolutely **** it did beat some important things for me and therefore I'm happy for it to be frolicking around Poke Pelago rather than rotting in Hell where it belongs. Seel and Shellder were neat additions, honestly can't pick which one I like most out of them! Seel beat Marowak after a tense battle, but it's definitely weaker than Shellder (Skill Link + Icicle Spear is awesome). Glaceon I haven't used as a Glaceon yet, but as an Eevee it was solid. My friend was kind enough to evolve it for me when I realised they didn't move the rock to make it more accessible earlier on. He also bred me the Alolan Sandshrew who I haven't used yet.

Since we played we've beaten Marowak and Lurantis, which my friend found pretty easy. Marowak died to Araquanid, and Lurantis fell to Mareanie + Araquanid (funny how secondary typings work). I meanwhile have had to deal with Delibird being crit mutliple times by goddamn Keckleon and it's goddamn Ancient Power. Z-Bounce wins matches though, although I'm glad its now replaced. Seel proved its worth by tanking basically everything vs. Marowak and Salazzle, so perhaps Dewgong remains over Cloyster? Remains to be seen. Smoochum will likely be replaced eventually though, don't like Jynx too much.

USUM Monotype Teams:
Ice Monotype:
Crabbostabbo the Crabrawler, Level 26 [Brick Break, Power-Up Punch, Rock Tomb, Brutal Swing]
Popo the Smoochum, Level 26 [Frost Breath, Confusion, Signal Beam, Uproar]
Everest the Glaceon, Level 26 [Frost Breath, Signal Beam, Water Pulse, Swift]
Hubbablubba the Seel, the Level 26 [Water Pulse, Icy Wind, Ice Shard, Signal Beam]
Shellder: 76 the Shellder, Level 26 [Icicle Spear, Water Pulse, Clamp, Hidden Power Steel]
Frostyclaws the Sandshrew, Level 1 [Iron Tail, Icicle Spear, Brick Break, Thief]

Water Monotype:


Back when Tigers used to smoke.
I haven't done planned wi-fi battles in a long time but I did tonight with four different Pokemon teams and I gotta say it felt refreshing. Even when I made a huge mistake due to clumsiness, I had a chuckle about it. It's been a while since I've surprised an opponent with a full-team.


Cramorant is too cute for words!
I beat Rainbow Rocket a few months ago.
I’ve been training some team members!
In the Poni Plains.
My team is getting stronger.
I’m battling the trainers in the Poni Coast and Poni Gauntlet. My team includes 2 of my original members and 4 transfers from UM (I’m playing Ultra Sun).
My team is
Ziggy (Primarina) Male Lv.74 (Psychic, Sparkling Aria, Ice Beam, Moonblast), Calm
Magneto (Magnezone) Lv.66 (Light Screen, Flash Cannon, Zap Cannon, Tri Attack), Serious
Kilae (Incineroar) Male Lv.74 (Earthquake, Brick Break, Fire Punch, Darkest Lariat), Gentle
Una (Unfezant) Female Lv.84 (Heat Wave, Fly, Steel Wing, Facade), Mild
Robyn Hoot (Decidueye) Female Lv.85 (Low Sweep, Frenzy Plant, Spirit Shackle, Brave Bird), Relaxed
Tapu Fini Lv.62 (Nature’s Madness, Muddy Water, Smart Strike, Shadow Ball), Naughty


Smash Trainer
I finally caught a shiny Groudon yesterday. And boi did it take me some time. I started soft-resetting in november last year and was stuck in the wormhole ever since. To be honest, i gave up a while after starting to hunt Groudon and focussed more on other games instead but a few weeks ago, i decided to resume the hunt. Back when i started, i got lucky on my first attempt to find Groudon's wormhole. So i saved my game and whenever i thought i could probably use another Pokémon to catch him i'd trade them out of my box to another version and into my party. I ended up using a Breloom with Spore, Swords Dance, Substitute and False Swipe. Worked like a charm . I did spend nearly 60 Beast Balls to catch Groudon so it was really nerve wracking. But i couldn't be happier. Finally i got a shiny Groudon and FINALLY i'm able to safely leave that damn wormhole


Just Another Title
Made it to Royal Avenue where I faced off in the Battle Royale. Sent out Dratini, who made quick work of Hau's Dartrix. Thus giving me a taste of my first 4 way battle. I loved it. After talking for a bit I made my way over to Rt 7 and into the next trial in Wela Volcano Park. Did some light training with Vaporeon and Pikachu. After about 20 minutes I ran into a Female Salandit, first try managed a Modest nature too. Saved right before the trial to take a break.

Torracat lvl 22
Vaporeon lvl 20
Pikachu lvl 21
Dratini lvl 22
Cutiefly lvl 21
Haven't played in a while but gonna start Ultra Moon back up soon. I want to complete my living dex so I can go for shiny hunts!
Already got sun all finished up and (almost) a complete living dex.

I think I was playing trough moon again, not sure where I left off.

Still love the games


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Did another wondetrade, traded my wild caught shiny Pelliper and it was traded to auslove.tv and I got shiny lvl 100 rhyperior but since I already have one I re traded it.


The Meme Supreme
A relatively small post, me and my friend have continued our USUM adventures and have finally beaten Olivia! Took a while since I had exams to do and whatnot, but we've managed. Did a bit of grinding in-between, since I had to raise Sandshrew up alongside my brand new Amaura I gained access to (friend traded me the fossil) before Olivia, and then afterwards both of us were concerned about dealing with Nihilego and Hau's team at our level (particularly Alolan Raichu) so we grinded to 30 to get Jynx and Gastrodon, respectively.

Olivia was pretty easy to beat, my friend pretty much two-shot everything with Araquanid, Lanturn and Brionne whilst I used Glaceon and Shellder to crush her team. My jokes at how weak her USUM looked compared to her SM team (Boldore + Nosepass vs. Anorith + Lileep) were ended quickly when Anorith was close to 2HKOing my Shellder with Bug Bite, and my friend struggled with Lileep a smidge. All in all it went alright! Now we wait for Wednesday to try and get to Malie City and the Aether Foundation, should be good.

USUM Monotype Teams:
Ice Monotype:
Crabbostabbo the Crabrawler, Level 30 [Brick Break, Power-Up Punch, Brutal Swing, Rock Tomb]
Popo the Jynx, Level 30 [Frost Breath, Confusion, Uproar, Signal Beam]
Everest the Glaceon, Level 30 [Frost Breath, Signal Beam, Swift, Water Pulse]
Shellder: 76 the Shellder, Level 30 [Ice Shard, Water Pulse, Icicle Spear, Hidden Power Steel]
Frostyclaws the Sandshrew, Level 30 [Icicle Spear, Brick Break, Slash, Iron Head]
Icesage the Amaura, Level 30 [AncientPower, Frost Breath, Charge Beam, Round]​

Water Monotype:
Brionne, Level 30
Vaporeon, Level 30
Araquanid, Level 30
Mareanie, Level 30
Lanturn, Level 30
Gastrodon, Level 30​

I think we're happy with our teams, mine still has one more change left to go through before its complete which is nice. My lot just feel weak at the moment, due to lack of evolutions and shitty type match-ups. Once I have Shellder and Amaura evolved (since I assume they'll be the next lot to evolve, alongside Crabrawler) then the team will feel more cohesive.

EDIT: So me and my friend have made more progress since this post, but I'll just keep it locked here for now until the next big event occurs. Given we're starting Diamond/Pearl tomorrow... not sure when that'll be. Anyway! Currently we're at Tapu Village. We found Hau to be simpler than expected (the dreaded Raichu was 2HKOed by both of us), Togedemaru was really easy (thank you Crabrawler, and my friend certainly wasn't complaining about the Gastrodon sweep) and Guzma was terrifying for my friend since Golisopod and Masquerain 2HKOed everything on his team. I however had boosted with my Cloyster, and +3 Ice Shard and Facade wrecked his team. Had no major issues past that point, in Tapu Village I finally got to evolve Crabrawler and replace Jynx with Vulpix, which is amazing. Now I have to train everyone up and take on Mimikyu. Should be alright.

USUM Monotype Teams:
Ice Monotype:
Crabbostabbo the Crabominable, Level 37 [Brick Break, Ice Punch, Brutal Swing, Thunder Punch]
Everest the Glaceon, Level 36 [Frost Breath, Signal Beam, Swift, Water Pulse]
Shellder: 76 the Cloyster, Level 36 [Ice Shard, Razor Shell, Icicle Spear, Facade]
Frostyclaws the Sandshrew, Level 36 [Ice Punch, Brick Break, Slash, Iron Head]
Icesage the Amaura, Level 36 [AncientPower, Frost Breath, Charge Beam, Round]
Kurama the Vulpix, Level 32 [Extrasensory, Aurora Beam, Hex, Faint Attack]

Water Monotype:
Primarina, Level 36
Vaporeon, Level 36
Araquanid, Level 36
Mareanie, Level 36
Lanturn, Level 36
Gastrodon, Level 36
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I recently got all 100 Technical Machines. I also recently taught Magnezone Signal Beam via Move Tutor. Researching each Pokémon to teach them moves via Move Tutor which would otherwise be unavailable to that Pokémon. For example, I could teach Grass-type Pokémon Serperior Aqua Tail, a Water-type attack. Trying to give all of my Pokémon at least one or two moves that differ to its typing.


The Meme Supreme
A smaller update, but Totem Mimikyu has been defeated! I used Sandshrew, who was holding the Eviolite to tank hits and finish it off with +2 Iron Heads. It did lose to the Jellicent however, but a combination of Glaceon and Vulpix won that one for me. My friend had grinded his Mareanie to 38 to have a Toxapex, who just Poison Jab spammed everything. We then decided to level to 39, partially so everyone was equal and partially so my Amaura can evolve! Now the team sucks notably less than before, but the sooner we pick up those Ice Stones the better!

USUM Monotype Teams:

Ice Monotype:
Crabbostabbo the Crabominable, Level 39 [Brick Break, Ice Hammer, Brutal Swing, Thunder Punch]
Everest the Glaceon, Level 39 [Frost Breath, Signal Beam, Shadow Ball, Water Pulse]
Shellder: 76 the Cloyster, Level 39 [Ice Shard, Razor Shell, Icicle Spear, Facade]
Frostyclaws the Sandshrew, Level 39 [Ice Punch, Brick Break, Swords Dance, Iron Head]
Icesage the Aurorus, Level 39 [AncientPower, Frost Breath, Charge Beam, Round]
Kurama the Vulpix, Level 39 [Extrasensory, Ice Beam, Hex, Frost Breath]

Water Monotype:
Primarina, Level 39
Vaporeon, Level 39
Araquanid, Level 39
Toxapex, Level 39
Lanturn, Level 39
Gastrodon, Level 39


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Been a very long time since my last post, and unfortunately this one won't be covering my Ultra Sun Ice Monotype challenge, because I've honestly been focusing a lot on Diamond with my friends so we haven't gotten together to play this in a while. However, that is not to say that I don't have something else to post about, because I do! I went and bought Ultra Moon for myself, since I wanted to play with a standard team in Alola and honestly I'm a ***** for tutor moves, more personal involvement with your starter and an expanded Pokedex/increased difficulty so... here we are!

I recently went back and looked at some of my absolute favourite teams from other games, in the hopes of realising what it was about them that made the adventures in those games so memorable. I looked at typings, how far into the games I caught which members, were there any overlaps? And honestly it was really interesting, I'd recommend anyone reading this does the same if you're into potential patterns and the like. I found that Grass and Electric were my most common typings, appearing in all 6 of the games I played, and that Ghost, Bug and Rock were either not used at all (Ghost) or were only used once (the other 2). On these teams, 4 Pokemon appeared in more than one of my teams, and ironically enough they all happened to be on my White 2 team as one of those teams! These Pokemon being Roserade (White 2/Diamond), Electivire (White 2/HeartGold), Zoroark (White 2/White) and Arcanine (White 2/Let's Go). But what was perhaps the most interesting of all was how spontaneous half these teams were, with really only White 2, Diamond and Let's Go having all 6 members planned from the start. It was this, I deduced, that made those in-game teams so compelling to use - how randomly I went and chose 6 Pokemon. Maybe some of the team was planned, but spots were filled as I went. And this is what I aim to recreate in Ultra Moon.

I picked the female PC and named her Selene (it fits) and did the boring beginner dialogue stuff. Got to pick my starter on Route 1, after being saved by Yungoos, and was attracted immediately to Popplio, who was super cute with the expressions! I was lucky and got a female one, who I named Marina. I did some Pokemon Refresh stuff with Marina and took on Hau and his Litten, who got washed away by Water Gun! Did the Tapu Koko stuff, spoke to the NPCs of Iki Town, and learnt how to catch a Pokemon. I caught the first Pokemon I encountered on Route 1 - a Grubbin - and added her to the team, naming her Cannonvolt. Charjabug and Vikavolt are some of my favourite Alolan Pokemon, so their inclusion was pretty much a guarantee especially with the earlier evolution time for Charjabug now. Took on Hau once again, my Grubbin easily defeating his Pichu whilst Popplio repeated their earlier win versus Litten. Did the usual stuff with Kukui and got the ever-annoying Rotom-Dex, before making my way to the Trainer's School! There I decided to add another Alolan favourite of mine to the squad - an Alolan Grimer. It's so strong! I named him Skittles and crushed the trainers with my team, before taking on the teacher of the school. Her Rowlet fell to Grimer, and I left the place. Saved after dealing with Tauros.

Ultra Moon Team:
Marina the Popplio, Level 9 [Pound, Work Up, Water Gun, Disarming Voice]
Cannonvolt the Grubbin, Level 9 [Vice Grip, String Shot, Bite]
Skittles the Alolan Grimer, Level 9 [Pound, Poison Gas, Harden, Bite]


Crimson Dragon
Was bored the past 2 days so I played sun for a bit. I liked the oricorioline for a fair amount of time but never put the space for it on the team. Caught a timid wild one as breeding for moves is barren. Lucked out on fighting hidden power EV trained, level 100 and bottled capped the Pokemon.i
I Went for ghost typing and played the 3v3 format online. It did ok for those battles but an imposter ditto, gardevoirand ghost oricorio had some issued with weakness policy aegislash... Gardevoir was still MVP ditto for scouting and nuissance to turn their moves vs them. Couldn't bother for hidden power ice but given I was going for ghost typing I found fighting would help against rock, normal and dark type opponents.