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Pokemon: Universe Challenge !

Discussion in 'Games' started by mockingjay, Jun 28, 2009.

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  1. mockingjay

    mockingjay swift and lol


    Hello, and this is Pokemon Universal Challenge. You'll be fighting for the title of the first Pokemon Universe challenge. There are 18 members in the game, well, atleast at the beginning. You'll be doing challenges, get eliminated and more. You'll also be separated into a Blue and Red Team. There are a lot of twists, because Universe focuses on game.

    Voting Rules:

    - Give a reason when voting, it would be pointless if we didn't know why
    - Don't complain if you are eliminated or something happens
    - Vote for people who you think should go, not because others say so

    Other Rules:

    - All SPPF rules apply
    - You may talk occasionally, but don't go too spammy
    - You may VM and PM others
    - You must be active throughout the game, so think about that before joining
    - ALL challenges you do must be done by yourself, no help from others
    - If you have been eliminated, then you can't post here

    There will be 12 members in the game, if not, more. Every week (5days) one person is eliminated. There will also be challenges, which will determine which team will go through elimination. Also, different kinds of challenges will be made to guarantee one person one more week in the game, aka, immunity. Other stuff will be explained later on.

    Game Info -

    Immunity: In a challenge, the member who gets first place will receive immunity. Immunity guarantees you one spot in the game, meaning you don't have to go through the next elimination.
    Elimination: The team who loses a challenge will go through elimination. All the team members must PM me their vote on who should leave, and a reason. I will reveal the votes on the thread when I get all the votes, or when time is up.
    Challenge: A challenge is a task you have to do, and if your team wins the challenge, then you are all safe, atleast until the next challenge. The losing team however must go through elimination, where one person will leave.
    Dialga Shrine: The Dialga Shrine happens when everything is over (There is a cycle, you'll begin to see that there is a challenge, then elimination, etc). The person who got Immunity must walk the to the Dialga Shrine, and choose two plates that are hidden. You must choose one, and the plates usually change the game somehow. It might also make you enemies, or friends.
    Team Points: These are points that your team gets when they win a challenge, or other stuff. The points can be exchanged for useful items at Lugia's Cloud and Ho-Oh's Sun. These stores aren't open all the time though, so it can only be accessed when said.
    Palkia Palace: The people who didn't attend challenges will go inside the Palkia Palace, and they will all have to do a challenge to try to keep their spot in the game. They must not interact with any of the members in Universe, or do any of the challenges in Universe when inside Palkia Palace.
    Giratina Earring: If you are wearing this and you win the game, you will be in the next game's finale
    Magikarp Earring: If you are wearing this and you are in the final, you will not win 1st place
    Sudden Death: When a member has gone inactive for a long time, and not even doing the Palkia Palace or answering our PMs and VMs, they will automatically be eliminated. This also means the next elimination will not be happening, but challenge will.
    Red & Blue Team: There will be two teams, the Red and Blue team. The names will be changed during the game, but when, is still a mystery.
    Arceus Temple: Information on this coming soon...
    Lugia's Cloud: Lugia's Cloud is a store that sells earrings, scrolls and sometimes, immunity. Earrings can give one member something that could change, which at this stage is unknown. Scrolls can be used just like the earrings, but only one time and effect isn't continuously. Immunity can be saved if the team loses a challenge next time.
    Ho-Oh's Sun: Ho-Oh's Sun is a store that sells Opportunity, jewels and sometimes, immunity. Opportunity is an item that can bring one member away from Palkia's Palace, and back to the game. Jewels can be used just like the earrings, but only one time and effect isn't continuously. Immunity can be saved if the team loses a challenge next time.
    Celebi Van: Celebi's Van is a van that allows one member to be inactive, or just out of the game for awhile. However, this means they may not attend challenges, or do anything. Every one cycle of the game will give their team 3 points. But without being in the game may be a disadvantage.
    Jirachi's Wish Challenge: The hosts have the ability to go to Jirachi, and make one wish. One of the wishes might mean a sudden challenge, or you might have to do this while you do the other. Losing this challenge will deduct your team's points by 4, or if you don't have that many points, you have to vote for one member to go to Palkia's Palace when it is needed. The winning team will receive 5 points.
    Jirachi Shrine: The hosts have the ability to go to Jirachi, and make one wish. One of the wishes might mean someone has to walk the Dialga Shrine, but instead of Dialga Shrine, it's the Jirachi Shrine. What's different is one person from outside the game will PM me with two things that can change the game, and one person from the losing team will walk the Shrine. The person will be randomly chosen by me with a generator.
    Mew Mew: Information on this coming soon...

    ;277; - Swellow - Challenge related stuff
    ;469; - Yanmega - Eliminating related stuff
    ;477; - Dusknoir - Directing people & PMing
    ;286; - Breloom - Everything else

    Team Nuzleaf:
    Grace ;133; (Shaymin Girl) Inactive
    Chris ;132; (Pokemon-Expert-Chris)
    Lucas ;475; (Affirmative)
    Rail ;280; (SasukeandItachi)
    Snapperz ;341; (Totokip)
    Nuzleaf ;274; (Fongerman) Wearing the Magikarp Earring
    Lilac ;421; (Kuriboh361) Wearing the Giratina Earring
    Draglord ;330; (Shadow Eeveelution)
    Ferral E. Gator ;160; (Virtuos)
    Carmen ;173; (Zhanton)


    Team Fortune Strategy:
    Travis ;006; (ZFXZFX)
    Tom ;476; (The Vorpal Tom)
    Ethan ;026; (Fango Pango)
    Ellie ;282; (Sweet_Piplup123)
    Zach ;197; (Treeconator11)
    Bridgette ;036; (Zandgaia)
    Tommy ;194; (Tom-Tom)
    Gabriella ;152; (Dittoman97)
    Crystal ;478; (Rosso1111)
    Eevee ;133; (chihaya01)


    Eliminated | Immunity | Intruder | Team Leader | Returned Member

    Recent Activities:
    Episode 1: Auditions (People could audition and join the game, trying to get the title of Pokemon Universe!
    18 people join the game, and 2 people don't make it to the game as they were too late, or pulled out during the auditions.
    Episode 2: Surprise Elimination (Before anything, there was a surprise elimination! )
    Ellie was eliminated with 5 votes, and Draglord was close with 4 votes.
    Episode 3: First Challenge (The Pokemons face an obstacle course challenge! Blue team wins, and red team goes into elimination.)
    Tom-Tom quits the game and chihaya01 joins. Blue team wins and red loses. The person who gets immunity is being determined...
    Special Filler #1 - 4: Independence Day (To relax from the challenge, the members will get a surprise!)
    Episode 5: Elimination Day (Red team is in elimination!.)
    Red team goes in elimination, and Rail is eliminated with 3 votes.
    Episode 6: Dialga's Shrine #1 (The winner of the challenge must walk to the shrine, and choose plate number 1 and 2. What could they be... and what will she choose?)
    She chose plate 1. Bridgette must give someone the Magikarp earring, and the Giratina earring. They were given to Draglord and Tom.
    Episode 7: Team Names (As the week ends, the team leaders must do some work. They must choose the team names!)
    Episode 8: Disaster Challenge
    The second challenge involves making banners, and no one does the challenge. Challenge is canceled, but wait, someone quits!?
    Episode 9: Single Elimination
    Someone has quit, but who is it!? Treeconator11 quits, so he is eliminated.
    Episode 10: Fango Shrine !
    Fango Pango has been chosen to go to this week's Dialga Shrine, what could the plates be?
    Special Filler #1 - 11: Guess The Number!
    A 15 hour filler, the members can guess a number, the closest will receive tickets to the top 13 and 12 respectively. Zandgaia and Chihaya has won the prizes.
    Episode 12: Prize Giveaway, No. 1! (Canceled, re-air in the future)
    Some people will receive special prizes, awesome ones!
    Episode 13: Shop Open For Day 14! (Canceled, re-air in the future)
    The shop opens for the first time, use your team points to buy items!
    Episode 14: Battle Scene Challenge!
    The members must write a battle between to Pokemons, in Anime style!
    Episode 15: Sudden letter!
    A letter is left at the table, and when someone opened it, they must go to the Dialga Shrine!
    Episode 16: Sudden Dialga Shrine!
    The letter was opened, and someone will go to the Dialga Shrine. There were three plates, and plate three was chosen. It said, "What's This- INTRUDER!?"
    Episode 17: Elimination - SURPRISE??
    The team who lost the third challenge will go into elimination, but wait, SURPRISE?? Travis is eliminated. And the surprise is... first eliminated Ellie is back! :eek:
    Episode 18: The Intruder Is...
    It's been days, and no sign of the intruder. Until, he walks into the door...
    Episode 19: Red VS Blue! Battle of the Twilight!
    The Red and Blue team must battle it out, but why are they so determined?
    Episode 20: Week 4- Meet CHARLOTTE!
    It's the 4th week of the game. And two members will face Charlotte, but what will happen, is a mystery.
    Episode 21: Challenge Number 4! It's Hong Kong!
    The team, goes to Hong Kong to relax for the week as the week is Hong Kong related. To only find out, there is a challenge.
    Episode 22: Challenge Number 4 Part II
    It's not over yet. Two people will be eliminated during the Hong Kong challenge. The people who come in last and second last, is eliminated. However, they will be staying in Hong Kong until week 5.
    Episode 23: Elimination, AGAIN!?
    They thought that was the final elimination, wait til you see this. The losing team will go into elimination!
    Episode 24: Kwun Yam Shrine
    There has to be some fun in Hong Kong? Yes! This week's shrine will be pleasant, and happy.
    Episode 25: Back To Universe
    The teams order a plane ticket back to Universe for week 5, only to find familiar faces on the plane with them...
    Episode 26: Welcome Back, 20 members!
    Episode 27: Swift, Dusk and Eclipse!
    Episode 28: It's Time For...
    Episode 29: Elimination Quinque!
    Both teams go into elimination, who will not be the first Pokemon Universe?
    Episode 30: Challenge Your Life
    The game is almost ending, meaning the challenges are harder. Both teams go into a Super Challenge.
    Episode 31: Team Leader, Elections!
    When the members find out how cool it is to be the newly improved team leaders, they'll do anything for it!
    Episode 32: Dialga Shrine, Not So Well
    The person who won 'Immunity' in the team leader challenge, will go to Dialga Shrine! But it doesn't turn out to be a pleasant experience.
    Episode 33: Elimination Time!
    The losing team of the super challenge will go into elimination, but what will happen?
    Episode 33: Shocking Surpise That Will Kill You!
    We announce a shocking surprise, that will shock, and even hurt, everyone.
    Episode 34: First Challenge

    I'm predicting the game will end in episode 30-50.
    Ended | Current | Future |
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2009
  2. mockingjay

    mockingjay swift and lol

    Yay, this got approved. Time to start.

    Also, no legendaries. Sorry.
  3. fongerman

    fongerman The Mafia Godfather

    Looks like fun here's my Pokemon

  4. mockingjay

    mockingjay swift and lol

    Okay, you're in.
  5. Treeconator11

    Treeconator11 Ultranumb

    Shouldn't we give personalitys to our characters? Nonetheless, here's mine

    Name: Zach
    Species: ;197;
  6. Hydrangea

    Hydrangea Waifu Material Staff Member Moderator

    I want to join!

    Name: Grace

    Species: ;133;
  7. fongerman

    fongerman The Mafia Godfather

    I like games without personalities. Its too hard to think of some and we can just act a certain way as we go
  8. Treeconator11

    Treeconator11 Ultranumb

    Yes, but with personalitys, you have a baseline to follow, so you can't go insane with personality changes.

    ZFXZFX Well-Known Member

    Name: Travis

    Species: ;006;
  10. tom-tom

    tom-tom Furret <3

    Name: Tommy

    Species: ;194;
  11. pokemon-expert-chris

    pokemon-expert-chris I'm the best

    Name: Chris
    Species: ;132;
  12. zandgaia

    zandgaia *Gasp* He's back!

    name: Bridgette
    Species: ;036;
    I'm back baby!
  13. ;476;

    Name: Tom
  14. Affirmative

    Affirmative STOP RESETTIN'!

    Name: Lucas
    Species: ;475;
  15. kuriboh361

    kuriboh361 Bearer of Peace

    Name: Lilac
    Species: Cherrim
  16. Shadow Eeveelution

    Shadow Eeveelution DracLord Dread

    DragLord ;330;
  17. fango pango

    fango pango You're My Man Of War

    ethan ;026;
  18. mockingjay

    mockingjay swift and lol

    Updated first post oh and fongerman, can you give your Pokemon a name?

    12 so far, um, I'll accept more.
  19. Dittoman97

    Dittoman97 Piplup?

    Name: Gabriella

    Species: ;152;
  20. Virtuos

    Virtuos Female Wobbuffet???

    Name : Ferral E. Gator

    Species : ;160;
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