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Pokemon Universe: Fifth Generation


swift and lol
an even bigger note! the sixth season's auditions are starting today, so pm me if you wish to audition. spots are limited and strictly for people who have played any pokemon universe game before.

note to all current and past contestants: i have written up on what's going to happen during this game, and with that said, it seems to last another month. so if you could all clear your schedule to make time for the game from now and another month, that would be great. also, this includes past contestants as you return in the finale to help encourage the people in the finale. finale starts mid april.

GRAND PRIZE: $1,000,000, Top 8 In Next Game and More Info soon!

Welcome to the fifth Pokemon Universe game. We are back for 2010. Last year, Tori (GoodPokemonTrainer121) won the fourth season of the game. Who will win it this time? There will be 18-22 contestants this year, in two teams. You will be doing challenges, eliminations and more. Check the previous thread and see if you can handle on what is done. We are looking for active members only. We had to cut the other thread short due to everyone not showing up. More below, and hope you sign up!

Other Rules:

- You MUST be active
- All SPPF rules apply
- Try to RP as much as you can
- Before joining, ask yourself if you will be active
- Do the challenge by yourself, don't copy others
- If you have been eliminated, please do not post here as you have left

Voting Rules:

- Please, give a reason when voting
- If you are voted, please don't complain
- Vote in your opinion, don't copy other people
- The team that loses a challenge votes for their own team mate

Immunity: In a Uni challenge, the member who gets first place will receive immunity. Immunity guarantees you another safe spot in the game for week, meaning you don't have to go through the next elimination.
Elimination: If your team has lost a challenge, you and your team-mates will go through elimination. You must post your vote on who you think should go, and why. People with +Immunity cannot be eliminated.
Challenge: A challenge is a task you have to do, and if your team wins, you won't go through elimination. However, the losing team will.
Dialga Plank: If you receive Immunity, you must walk the Dialga Plank. When you get there, there are two plates. You must choose one, and read it. What happens usually effects the games and could make you enemies, and friends. So choose wisely.
Giratina Earring: If you are wearing this and you win the game, you will be in the next game's finale. However, you might be on people's list for eliminations as a lot of people want the earring.
Magikarp Earring: If you are in the finale and you are wearing this, you will not be winning the title of Pokemon Universe. If you win, the title goes to second place winner. However, this could keep you safe in the game.
Lunar and Solar Team: There are two teams, Lunar and Solar team. The symbols are a moon and sun respectively. Which team you go on is chosen randomly.
Letter: Sometimes, you will get a letter. The person who posts first, saying they'll read the letter get's PM'd with on what it says.
Uni Challenge: Usually after Dialga Plank, there is a Uni challenge. . If you happen to win the challenge, you get to receive Immunity for any of the upcoming eliminations.

Rose - ;282; Giratina Earring
Arti - ;144;
Troy - ;236;
Rocky - ;095;
Empy - ;430;
Narf - ;363;
Lovrina - ;370;
Sally - ;035;
Mattman - ;383;
Cyndy - ;155;
Little Squirt - ;007;
Tori - ;393; Magikarp Earring
Bridgette - ;036;
Static - ;135;
Wiggly - ;277;
Rockawn - ;075;
Ace - ;190;
Nero - ;257;
Bones - ;104;
Flint - ;136; -

Eliminated | Captain | Immunity

Week 1:
Episode 1: Welcome To The Game!
Episode 2: The First Challenge
Episode 3: Challenge and Box Results & Elimination!
Episode 4: Elimination Results & Shocking Leave
Episode 5: Cyndy vs Narf & Team Leader & Dialga Plank

Week 2:
Episode 6: Japanese Challenge! Part 1
Episode 7: Japanese Challenge! Part 2 (And Uni Challenge)
Episode 8: Uni Challenge Results
Episode 9: Second Elimination! Lunar!
Episode 10: There Are No More Teams
Episode 11: Sally Takes On Dialga Plank
Episode 12: Static, Pack Your Bags

Week 3:
Episode 13: The Yellow Line Strikes
Episode 14: Hung Vote! Lucky Draw
Episode 15: Secret Double Challenge Awaits
Episode 16: 4 Below The Yellow Line..
Episode 17: Mattman Departs The Game

Thailand Arc:
Episode 18: Pack Your Bags, You're Going To Thailand!
Episode 19: Meet Xatu and Battle Hitmonchan!
Episode 20: Immunity Challenge V2!
Episode 21: Thailand Super Challenge! Translate, Course and Find The Post!!
Episode 22: Thailand Super Challenge! Results!
Episode 23: Incoming Letter! Change Earrings!
Episode 24: The Great Palace Elimination! Double Vote!
Episode 25: Thailand Arena! Fortune Teller!

Week 5:
Episode 26: Riddle Me Challenge!
Episode 27: Elimination Queue! Yellow VS Blue!
Episode 28: Incoming Letter! Black Team Revealed!
Episode 29: Paths Of Dialga Plank
Episode 30: Welcome Back Eliminated Contestant!

Week 6:
Episode 31: Uni Challenge! I Saw A...
Episode 32: Dialga VS Palkia! Battle Of The Twilight!
Episode 33: Elimination Results! Yellow Line Tails
Episode 34: Come and Go, Goodbye Sally
Episode 35: Random Generator; Dialga Plank!

Eliminated Contestants Arc:
Episode 36: Welcome Back Eliminated Contestants!
Episode 37: The Heat Is On
Episode 38: Eliminated Super Challenge!
Episode 39: Welcome To The Top 5, Sally & Troy!

Week 8:
Episode 40: Change Of Magikarp Bracelet!
Episode 41: From Five To Four
Episode 42: The Final Challenge
Episode 43: The Final Elimination
Episode 44: Reward For All
Finale 1.0: Series Overview
Finale 1.1: Season Overview
Finale 1.2: Main Finale Challenges Posted [1][2][3]
Finale 1.3: Pokemon Universe 5 Winner..
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swift and lol
Both accepted. Also, you can choose legendaries, I don't care as it doesn't impact the game.

(Although you can't choose Dialga, Palkia, Giratina and Magikarp)

surfer treecko

Highly Explosive
Name: Narf
Species: ;363;

Wow, the sign-up form is a little small...


swift and lol
I don't need the personalities as this isn't a game where I write fanfics. You have to do the challenges, so.. :D


Name: Wiggly
Species: Swellow ;277;


Active Member
My usual applicant

Name: Rose
Species: ;282;


Back from the dead
Species: ;155;


Better Than Thou
Name: Rockawn
Species: ;075;

Pokemon Z RPG

Little Squirt
Sounds like an awesome game!

Name: Little Squirt
Species: ;007;


█ ▄ █ ▄
Why not? The other games I'm in are a bit slow at the moment. Plus I want to be active in any way I can

Name: Troy
Seems like tyrogue is my new flagship character. Move over crobat.


aka Shiny_Feraligatr
Name: Mattman.

Species: ;383;

If I end up dieing because I get the Giratina Earing again... :mad: