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Pokemon Universe: Fifth Generation


;277; Just to let you know, i originally chose Flint to go home, just cuz he voted for me. Then Wormwow pmed me back and said i could choose to send home someone from team solar too. So im not getting my revenge, but instead i chose to help my team. But, Im still going out with a bang as my decision will turn this game's outcome upside-down.
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;370; Wiggly, you're going to help the team that voted you out? i would've gotten my revenge on them!


;277; too late, and dont worry i didnt vote for you.


Say Whaaaaat?
;136; What she said..well I bid the all ladies and gents adieu..always leave them smiling..


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;236; You got voted off? Well there goes our best player and captain. I foresee a loosing streak now for Team Solar :(.


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;282; Thank you Wiggly, I wish you the best of luck wherever you may go from here.


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;492-s; Hello contestants, and welcome to the Universe elimination room. Unfortunetly, Team Lunar, you lost the most recent challenge which means one person in your team had to leave. You all voted out Wiggly, but then at the last minute, Gabite came and gave Wiggly the chance to take someone home with him, forever. Who will it be? Let's find out!

;277; I vote for Tori the Piplup, I have nothing against her, but she is a major part of Team Solar. im helping out my team, Team Lunar, even though they voted me off. Your welcome.

;492-s; So Tori, you are now leaving the game. You have played a huge part in the game and it's sad to see you go, but you are leaving, forever. But of course, there are a few things you are going to have to settle before you depart the game, the team leader status. Choose wisely, this could change on what happens to Team Solar dramatically.

;492-s; Well contestants, the drama hasn't ended just yet. You know the two teams; Lunar and Solar? Well, the teams are now gone. You are now all playing independently in the game, no longer with the help of your team mates. During challenges, the two lowest scoring contestants will fall under the yellow line, and anyone under the yellow line will be up for elimination. Are you up for the challenge?

;492-s; But before any challenges, it's time for the second Dialga Plank! Sally, because you got Immunity, you will be walking the Dialga Plank. There will be two plates, and you have to choose between the two. Most of the time, the plates will contain something that will get you enemies, or friendships. Which will it be, plate 1 or 2?