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Pokemon Universe: Fifth Generation

Discussion in 'Games' started by mockingjay, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. suicune lover

    suicune lover smugpig

    ;144; 30 mins left!
  2. mockingjay

    mockingjay swift and lol

    ;492-s; Hello contestants, and welcome to the elimination room. Rose and Flint were under the yellow line, so they both are now under elimination. Today only 8 people voted, Rocky and Mattman did not attend elimination, but rest assured, you two are safe for another week.

    ;363; I vote Rose because she didn't enter.
    ;144; I vote Flint. Why? Because s/he is not very active, and Rose at least is a good competitor and posts sometime. So Rose > Flint, therefore Flint gets my vote.
    ;492-s; That leaves both Rose and Flint with one vote.
    ;370; i vote for Rose to leave because she didn't do the challenge... sorry Rose!
    ;035; If i had to choose between these two, I'd probably pick Flint, because even though he's really nice, I don't really wanna get the Magikarp Earring... If you're reading this, sorry, Flint!
    ;492-s; Rose, you have two votes and Flint, you also have two.
    ;236; Well I have to go with Rose just because she isn't around to take part in the challenges so why have her here? No hard feelings Rose?
    ;430; I choose Flint. Even though Rose didn't enter, I want to see what she can do.
    ;492-s; You both now all have three votes. Who will leave?
    ;136; I wanted to vote off myself for getting a low score and let rose go on in the competition but i feel like i can try to do better next time if i try hard enough but i'm sure Rose can do way better than me but i'm given it one more shot so.... i'm voting rose off.....
    ;282; My vote is for Flint. Obviously, I wouldn't vote for myself.
    ;492-s; That means Flint, you have four votes and Rose, you also have four votes. Because it's almost impossible for a revote to work in this situation, I will be doing a draw. Person that gets selected will be eliminated.


    ;492-s; So I'm sorry Flint, you have just been eliminated from the game.

    First contestant to post gets to read ;D
  3. ;035; : *gets letter*
  4. mockingjay

    mockingjay swift and lol

    Letter: Surprise Challenge! With 4 under yellow line.

    Because I'm in a rush, it'll be a small course challenge.

    In a Forest (You have shrunk to a little bug)
    On the Sun
  5. ;035; : Oops. Sorry.
    In a Forest (You have shrunk to a little bug)

    ;035; : Urrgh... What the? Wasn't I in that house before this?

    Sally walks around, wondering wherever she was and why she was in some random forest. She then tries to find out why the heck she's as tall as a Wurmple now. Then a lightbulb comes over her head. She realizes what happened-

    ;035; : Quiet, Mister Narrator! I'm trying to know what happened!

    ....I'm a girl.

    ;035; : Whatever! ...Oh shoot I'm as small as a BUG!

    Sally then starts yelling a bunch of things that sounds like gibberish. Well, gibberish to humans. Then a small Wurmple slowly comes up to the Tiny Sally and starts laughing. "You're so tiny! Did you drink the potion?!"

    ;035; : Hey! :mad:

    Sally then punches the Wurmple's toe. She may be tiny, but she can still pack a punch!
    She wanders around the forest, bumping into several large trees along the way. By the time she reaches the exit, she is very dizzy.

    ;035; : B-be quiet... *stumbles through the exit* A- at least this one seems easy...

    On the Sun

    Once Sally goes through the exit, she is restored to normal size, which thankfully didn't really hurt. Although when she arrived, her foot hit a solar flare.

    ;035; : AAHHH! HOT HOT HOT!!!

    Sally leaps into the air, her foot in flames. She then hits another solar flare, making her burst into flames. She immediately jumps off the Sun.

    ;035; : Ow ow ow!!!

    When she fell to the Earth, she had created a huge crater in the Pokemon Universe yard. Several firefighters were dousing the flames.
  6. Mawile412

    Mawile412 Problem

    In a Forest (You have shrunk to a little bug)
    ;370; I've always wanted to be the size of a bug! :D my dream has finally come true!

    Lovrina walks for hours in the forest until she decides that she's lost.

    ;370; what am i going to do now?!

    just then, a familiar face appears in an explorers outfit

    ;303; Lovrina?! you're the size of a bug too?!

    ;370; yeah :D but i'm lost, which isn't too good O_O

    ;303; don't worry.. i have my... MAGIC CONCH SHELL! :D

    ;370; wasn't that on Spongebob

    ;303; not anymore

    ;370; O_O

    ;303; Oh Magic Conch, what do we do now!? *pulls the string*

    *conch shell* Nothing

    ;303; The Conch has spoken! *sits down and does nothing*

    ;370; you really have gone off the deep end... c'mon we gotta go! we can't trust our lives to a piece of plastic!

    ;303; But the Shell knows all! *waves arms*

    ;370; O_O well.... have fun doing nothing.. *walks away*

    ;303; Bye! :) *waves*

    Lovrina walks for hours until she reaches a trap door on the floor

    ;370; in the middle of the forest?! i might as well... *goes in*

    the trapdoor magically transported her to the sun!

    On the Sun
    ;370; woah this is getting very very strange... *shrugs and floats closer to the sun*

    ;370; *squints* wow it's so bright!

    ;338; don't look at me for too long, you could go blind! :D hahahaaha

    ;370; Holy motherf- MY EYES!!

    Lovrina walks around blindly until her sight has returned

    ;370; Thank Arceus for that!

    ;493; *prances by* i had nothing to do with it. lalalalala *hops away*

    ;370; :eek:

    Just then the "sun" appears next to Lovrina

    ;338; heeeeeeey

    ;337; GET AWAY FROM HER!!!

    the Lunatone and Solrock have a big fight that Lovrina really didn't care about so she left and ended back home where she belonged

    ;370; that was reaaaaaaallllllly strange O_O oh well :) *skips away*
  7. mockingjay

    mockingjay swift and lol

    2/9 challenges received.
  8. surfer treecko

    surfer treecko Highly Explosive

    In a Forest: Oh noes! Narf has shrunk to the size of a bug! Either that, or this is a very big forest. He walks around until he gets bored, and decides to take a nap. When he wakes up, he's in some sort of glass prison, surrounded by lots of other small pokemon... He tries talking to one of them, but they don't talk back.Suddenly, a massive human hand opens the prison and picks him up! The human mentions something about finally completing his set of plastic collectables, and puts him back down. Narf doesn't know what a collectable is, but it's probably bad. He leaps out of the box, and jumps through the window.

    On the Sun: Narf squints at the challenge letter. The sun? Isn't that really high in the sky? Maybe he can bring it back down, or something. He starts staring it it, hoping that the pressure will cause it to fall. But after about five minutes it still hasn't blinked, and now his eyes aren't working very well. But Narf refuses to go down! He climbs to the top of a very tall tower, and tries to grab the sun with his flippers. But the thing is just out of his reach... He tries Ice beaming it, throwing things at it, but it still doesn't move. In the end he goes to sleep, maybe it won't be as strong tommorow.

    When he wakes up... The sun isn't there! Yes! Narf has won! Now all he needs to do is find out where it landed, and finish the race.
  9. suicune lover

    suicune lover smugpig

    Kinda long, so I put them in spoilers. ^^


    ;144; Hey look I'm tiny! *Voice is really squeaky* EEK! OH MY GOD OH MY GOD MY VOICE IS SQUEEEEEEEAAAAKKKKYYYY!!!!!! Hee hee, this could be fun. Crawling down peoples backs, scaring little kids, hiding under - OOOOOOOH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT THING???!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!

    ;397; Oooh, tasty bug looks tasty!

    ;144; YOU MOTHER FUKCING *****! Why Arceus, WHY??? OFF ALL THE WAYS I COULD DIE YOU CHOOSE TO HAVE ME EATEN BY A STUPID MORTAL???? I had it all planned, I would fall in love with a handsome bird, but he would cheat on me and I would commit suicide out of love by burning myself in a Ninetales curse and-

    ;397; *Noms*

    ;144; EEk! GET OFF ME GET OFF ME!!!! I don't taste good, I swear!

    ;397; As if I haven't heard THAT one before. *Noms but Arti dodges*

    ;493; Someone called me?


    ;397; *Whispers in Arceus ear*

    ;493;... Arti, he has done nothing wrong. Therefore, I shall let you continue. *Sits back with popcorn and sunglasses and watches*

    ;397; *Evil grin*

    ;144; NOOOOOOOO! Where is my handsome bird wen you need him?

    ;397; *Swallows Arti whole*

    ;144; Noooooooooooo......

    -black out-


    ;397; Ugh.... Oh God, that doesn't feel so good. *Stomach growls* Ugh, maybe I should fly it off... *Flys over to Meteor cave* Agh! My good friend -
    BLAGHGAHGHAGHAGHAG! (Is sick everywhere if you couldn't tell from my crap sound effects)

    ;144; *Is still tiny and lands on a Solrocks head* Ugh... oh wow, a bright light! Oh God, is this heaven? *sees Staravia* Oh God, maybe not. Ugh... my head...being digest REALLY isn't good for you... *Passes out again*

    ON THE "SUN"

    ;144; *Wakes up again on a Solrock. It's covered in a little pink glow and is floating around meteor cave*

    ;338; *Meditating* HAAuuummmmmmm......

    ;144; Eeek! What was that? Where am I? Did I drink too much last night?

    ;338; *Undisturbed* HAAAAAuuuuuuummmmmmmmm.......

    ;144; Ooooh shiny crystals! *.*

    ;338; *Sigh,* aright, aright, who are you and what are you doing on me?

    ;144; EEK! I'm on a bloody talking PINK SUN!

    ;338; :| I don't appreciate you calling me that. Look, show some respect midget, cause I can easily just toss you off with my psychic powers.

    ;144;... Wow, a psychic pokemon! Can you really bend spoons with your mind?

    ;338; Yes, and I can just as easily bend you. But what pokemon are you? I have never seen a tiny thingy-bug like you. What is it, Wurmple? Bidoof?

    ;144;... Articuno.

    ;338;... LIAR!

    ;144; No no no no, I swear I am! It's just the great Lord Wormow banished me into such a small being, and-

    ;493; Hey, I am the only pokelord round here! How dare you speak of this "Wormow" as your king! Solrock, I demand you to be rid of such a disobey full pokemon!

    ;338; Yes master. *Turns a bright white and teleports away Arti*


    ;144;... Why do bad things always happen to me? I get attacked by main bug catchers, I see Mario and Batman making out, I get sent to pluto, I get digested by a Staravia and now the Lord Arceus has a grudge on me. I mean, it's like I already have a curse on me! Maybe I never will find my handsome bird and - *Sees finish line*

    ;144; *Runs off* [​IMG]
  10. rosso1111

    rosso1111 Active Member

    In a forest:

    N: Rose is rather relieved that, compared to the other contestants, her powers will be stronger, due to the fact that Psychic attacks don't need physical strength. Seeing a giant bird, Rose freaks out and uses Psychic on the nearest object (A giant oak tree) and starts repeatedly mauling the giant bird.

    ;282;: 'Thank... wait. Do I say thank God or thank Arceus? Oh well, thank you, whichever one you are.'

    N: As she quickly runs through the forest, which is easier said than done considering her size, she trips over a leaf and goes flying head first into a rock.

    ;282; 'Okay, note to self, from now on, never, ever let that Shaymin put me in a machine.'

    N: When she finally sees the exit sign, having hit... now let's see... 17 giant birds, 15 Wurmples and even 2 rocks (don't ask me why, I don't quite know)

    ;282; Get on with the story, whoever you are. I want to actually get to the next part before I die.

    N: Well excuuuse me Princess! As she was about to cross the finish line, a giant bird picked her up and took her to the sun. As it turns out, all of the giant birds were just copies of the legendary bird Moltres.

    ;282; OK, how in the love of Arceus did a Moltres stay in the forest without burning all the trees?

    N: The trees were pretty flame retardant. I mean, you did beat down a Moltres with one without it burning down

    ;282; I hate it when the narrator is right

    On The Sun

    N: After the true Moltres(Tm) dropped Rose off on the sun, Rose was first burnt many times, before realising that there are so many times you can be burnt and still feel it.

    ;282; Oddly enough, after 10000000 times of being burnt every second, I don't feel the pain anymore.

    N: When Rose finally decided to actually do something, she noticed the finish line. As she sprinted towards it, she hit a giant Solrock (Remember, she is still as small as a bug)

    ;338; None shall pass.

    ;282; Why not?

    ;338; None shall pass.

    ;282; I've had enough of this.

    N: As Rose thought of a way to get this Solrock to shut up, she noticed a Lunatone passing by. She grabbed it with Psychic, and proceeded to beat up the Solrock with it.

    ;282; Man, that was fun!

    N: Finally reaching the finish line, a machine fell on top of Rose and somehow, it managed to turn her to normal size

    ;282; OK, recap. But first, I need to get off of this sun.

    N: Rose whistled for Moltres, and somehow knowing that Rose needed it, Moltres came, she jumped on, and after a long time on the cosmos, Rose finally returned to Earth.
  11. mockingjay

    mockingjay swift and lol

    4/9 challenges received. This ends in 12 hours, regardless if we have all of them or not.
  12. rosso1111

    rosso1111 Active Member

    ;282; At least if no-one else enters one, I'm safe.
  13. Empoleon Bonaparte

    Empoleon Bonaparte Well-Known Member

    ;430;: Good luck, everyone! I do hope I don't get eliminated next time. Whoa... what the hell...? OH SHI-

    IN A FOREST: After being discharged from the hospital where Empy got his leg fixed, suddenly a Mr. Mime walks up to him.
    ;122;: Hey! You! Yeah, you, ya fat ugly bird.
    ;430;: Excuse me? What did you just say?
    ;122;: Look, that don't matter now does it? You see this? It's a Rolex. You want it?
    ;430;: Uhm... what's the catch?
    ;122;: Nothing, nothing... just take the damn thing alright?
    Empy reluctantly accepts the free watch. It seems alright, until it makes a weird buzzing noise and suddenly...
    BZZZ. POW.
    ;430;: *squeaking* Oh my god! What happened!? I'm all tiny and stuff! Hey! You! Mime Guy! Can you hear me?
    ;122;: Alright, see ya later.
    ;430;: NO! WAIT! DON'T LEAVE ME HERE! Awww... shucks.

    The Honchkrow is overwhelmed by what just happened and faints.

    28 days later...

    ;430;: Ugh... ungh... wha...? What happened... ow...
    Empy finds himself in what appears to be some sort of... tree house? He struggles a bit to get up, and looks around. He sees a newspaper... a can of beans and to his surprise, a rifle.
    ;430;: Hmmm... let's see.. "outbreak of mutant Poké-Rus...." "weak Pokémon are taking over..." What the hell is all this?


    ;430;: *startled* Who... who's there?


    ;430;: Hey... answer me!


    ;430;: Oh, for crying out loud.

    Empy grabs the rifle and walks to the door. He opens it a little bit, all is clea-


    ;430;: OH SH*T!
    Empy quickly blows a few holes in what seems to be a... zombie Weedle?
    ;430;: Oh god... oh man... oh god... It's just a dream... just a dream... you're still in the hospital... you're still in bed... it's all a dream...

    Empy shakes himself awake. But... he hasn't moved a bit.

    Knock. Bonk. Whispering. Shouting.


    And there he lies. The brave Honchkrow, defeated by himself.

    THE SUN:
    "Wake up, Empy. Wake up. It's time you got going."

    A splash of cold water wakes Empy up. ;430;: AH! *breathing heavily*

    Surrounded by white walls, a white bed... ;430;: Oh thank god, I'm still in the hospital. I knew it was a dream.... ehehehehe.... hahahahaha...

    "This is not the hospital, young Honchkrow."
    Suddenly, a person clad in white robes appears in front of Empy.
    ;430;: Whoa! Who the hell are you?
    "Let's say that that's not the place where you are."
    Suddenly, the room unfolds, like a box, and the mysterious stranger and Empy are floating in space. Surrounded by millions of little stars and planets, all circling a magnificent fiery globe.
    ;430;: Is that... the sun? Is this space? Where are we, dude? This is kinda scary...
    "Not just any sun, Empy. It's the Sun of Euphoria. It's the centre of the universe... and heaven."
    ;430;: Wait, what? Heaven? Am I dead? This isn't a dream?
    "Not by a long shot. You have robbed yourself of life, my friend. Though I understand why, I'd rather shoot myself too instead of being eaten by rabid Weedles, ohohoho. But that's not the reason you are here."
    ;430;: Oh no? Then why the hell am I here and not in a hospital bed where I'm supposed to be?
    "You see, young Honchkrow, the watch was real. And so were the zombie Weedles. So actually, you should be in real heaven, not in my office here. No, I brought you here for a greater good. You cannot die yet. You must win Pokémon Universe."
    ;430;: ....What? That silly game show? Oh lord, what the hell man. What does that have to do with anything?
    "You must listen! I can no longer keep you here, my powers are fading. But you must win the game! Stop destiny... and change it. Now go!"
    ;430;: Wait! Who are you? Whoa... why is everything all blue and red... oooh... pretty green...


    ;430;: Oof... my head...

    Empy finds himself in front of the hospital once again.

    ;430;: Hmmm... it all just was a dream...
    Well, it's about time I finish that pizza.

    ...Or is it?
  14. mockingjay

    mockingjay swift and lol

    5/9 received. Ends in 11 hours. If no one enters after Empy, then you 5 are automatically safe.
  15. suicune lover

    suicune lover smugpig

    ;144; *plz no-one enter plz no-one enter plz no-one enter*
  16. Mawile412

    Mawile412 Problem

    ;370; who else is left again? :confused:
  17. ;035; : I think Mattman and Rocky are left... But I'm not sure. And knowing Rocky, he's gonna enter. -_-;
  18. Mawile412

    Mawile412 Problem

    ;370; I hope they don't enter! i say all of us that already did the challenge should work together and get rid of... the Nobodies
  19. rosso1111

    rosso1111 Active Member

    If I'm correct, then there's 2-3 hours left.

    ;282; By the way, good luck to whoever makes it to the finals. You'll have deserved it.
  20. ;035; : Yeah, good luck to everyone!

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