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Pokemon Universe: Fifth Generation

Discussion in 'Games' started by mockingjay, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. mockingjay

    mockingjay swift and lol

    ;492-s; In the most recent Dialga Plank, it revealed that you will all play in couples and no longer in individuals. The Yellow, Green, Blue and Pink team are now in play. What will this sudden change hold? Suddenly, a note appeared and said that you will be all going to Thailand! Have fun!

    -Random Airline Scene-

    ;178; Hello contestants, and welcome to Thailand. During your time at Thailand, I will be your guest host as Shaymin had to stay back at the Universe house. You'll be here for about a week, and keep in mind, that there will be many challenges waiting for you. So of course, let's start off with the first challenge!

    ;178; You don't have to participate in this challenge, and there will be no penalty. If you win this challenge you will receive Immunity, and will guarantee you a spot in this game for another week. However, according to the Universe rules, if you happen to not do future challenges your Immunity will not become eligible during scoring and you will be placed last. You don't have to participate in this.

    You VS Hitmonchan, write about your battle.
  2. NovaStar

    NovaStar █ ▄ █ ▄

    ;236; Well it can't be that bad... Buh- Brother? Is that really you?
    ;107; Well if it isn't Troy. Five, ten years? Hows been the homestead? Fine, good?
    ;236; Actually mom and dad have been struggling to keep us financially stable, now I'm here and you?
    ;107; Weeell not to brag but they came to me because I could give such a left hook. So they flew me to Thialand and now I'll be whippin' you and your friends sorry butts.
    ;236; So your not gonna go easy.. even on me?
    ;107; Well.. no *Uses bullet punch and connects*
    ;236; Ow... jesus man give me a warning!
    ;107; *Throws a firepunch* Not a chance
    ;236; *dodges and uses brick break* Gah!
    *Smashes wall*
    ;107; *uses mach punch and connects with Troy's stomach*
    ;236; *Coughing noises* No... I.. will.. get.. my Immunity even if it means beating my brother senseless. *uses substitute and sneaks behind sandbag*
    ;107; Brooother... where are you? *Sees substitute and readies a mega punch* Wanna try out my hook?
    ;236; Bet my life on it. *Combo: (> ^ > a b <) uses low kick following up with a double team*
    ;107; Which one IS it?
    ;236; Right here!
    *Time now in slow-mo ;236; uses mach punch and in Rocky like fashion hits ;107; knocking him out*
    ;068; Technical Foul!
    ;236; Wha- what?!
    ;068; I'm kidding now move on to your room.
    ;236; Well.. uh fine.
  3. mockingjay

    mockingjay swift and lol

    ;178; Congratulations, you now have Immunity! Oh wait, there is another challenge for Immunity! Troy, you cannot participate in this challenge and everyone else, if you don't want Immunity you do not have to participate in this challenge.

    Research on 3 landmarks and then present it.
  4. suicune lover

    suicune lover smugpig

    ;144; The things I do for immunity. Ah well... *Flies off around the world to search for big important things that, to Arti, are miniscule and irrelevant*

    ;144; Ugh... Oh look, a Pyramid. Well, a Pyramid is made of sand, looks like a pyramid, is in the middle of the desert, was made by child slaves loads of years ago and kinda looks like a pointer to that cloud that looks like a sheep. Oh, and that one looks like a marep, and that one a Candy floss, and that one a giant fire breathing dragon with tiny horns pushing apples on sticks....

    ;144; Erm, Ok. Next Landmark. Eiffel Tower. Big tall big thing that is big. It has a posh restraint on top with posh food in it, but why anyone would eat at such a big height idk. Located in the middle of a French street. If you are mad enough to go and walk under it you can, but there is always the possibility that the posh restraint will come crashing down on you, and you will see up all the big ladies dresses.

    ;144; Final one. Big Ben. A clock in London that is very big, so someone who wasn't very imaginative called it Big Ben. It's next to the Houses of Parliament, so the people inside don't need to look at their posh watches to see how long left they need to stay at the boring meetings. Because looking at a giant, very boring clock is FAR more important than discussing the future of our nation, no?

    *End report*
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2010
  5. rosso1111

    rosso1111 Active Member

    ;282; First stop on our journey to Thailand takes us to the Christo-Rei in Lisbon, Portugal. It is currently the world's tallest monument, and was inaigurated on the 17th of May 1959. This monument was built as a tribute of sorts to Jesus Christ.

    ;282; OK, next on our journey to Thailand is the Eiffel Tower in the Champ de Mars. Built in the 19th century with designs by its namesake, Gustave Eiffel, it stands at 1063 ft tall and is the tallest building in Paris. It is also the most visited monument that you pay to see, and was actually built to be the entrance arch for the 1889 World Fair.

    ;282; Finally, we have the Taj Mahal. Finished in 1653 after 31 years of contstruction and attracting between 2 and 4 million visitors annually. The production costs amounted to 32 million Rupees at the time, which would equate to 475 thousand pounds at the time, which was a huge amount.
  6. suicune lover

    suicune lover smugpig

    ;144; If one person n a team gets immunity, does their partner get it as well?
  7. rosso1111

    rosso1111 Active Member

    ;282; May as well cover our bases.
  8. NovaStar

    NovaStar █ ▄ █ ▄

    OoC: So I got immunity? Cool also sorry for the abrupt ending I only had time to type that much before going to school.

    ;236; I believe in you Rocky, hope you can make it.
    Now onto business *eyes spicy curry*
    ;308; You know that this is the hottest curry we have, but please take my warning, you may experience 2nd to 3rd degree burns. Also while on that note can you sign this waiver encase you die.
    ;236; What do you mean?
    ;308; There's a scorpion in your curry sir.
    ;236; Gah! YOU WON THIS TIME CURRY! *Runs off*
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2010
  9. mockingjay

    mockingjay swift and lol

    Yes, as in elimination if one person is eliminated so is their partner.

    Rose and Arti, you got Immunity!
  10. suicune lover

    suicune lover smugpig

    ;144; Booh ya!
  11. mockingjay

    mockingjay swift and lol

    Pokemon Universe Super Challenge

    ;178; Hello contestants, I see some of you guys have already experienced on what Thailand has to offer. Arti, Rose, Troy and Rocky, even though you guys have Immunity, you are still required to compete in the challenge or you will automatically lose your Immunity. As for the others, you too are required or you will be up for elimination. There is no yellow line, more will be revealed soon.

    ;178; Instead of your usual challenge, this is a super challenge. You must use all your knowledge from previous challenges and compete in this one. It's twice as hard, and twice as long. You have 48 hour to compete this challenge. There are three courses located in this:

    เขียน เกี่ยว กับ ภายใน ร่างกาย ให้ อยู่ ใน หลุม ดำ และ อียิปต์

    Translate then post the courses. When done, there's a post in this thread which has something on it (you'll know it's the post i want when you see it) so you must read through all the posts to find it. Good luck guys! :D
  12. surfer treecko

    surfer treecko Highly Explosive

    ;363;: Umm... *scratches head*

    Black Hole Course?: Narf is about to head for the beach and relax, when suddenly a massive black hole appears! It sucks in earth and everybody dies.

    Okay, not really. Narf sees someone talking about a black hole, with a finish line above his head. He leaps over his head and passes it.

    Egypt Course?: Narf puts on his explorer hat, and heads to the pyramid. He duscks through the arrow traps, out runs the rolling boulder, and manipulates the pressure traps with ease. Finally, he reaches the bottom, and finds the rare and powerful artifact that had been only spoken of in legends... Then he eats it. Chewy.

    (I have no idea what the last one is at all, so I won't post it)
  13. NovaStar

    NovaStar █ ▄ █ ▄

    EDIT: Well Don't I seem Stupid... I forgot the Translation accourding to Google Translate..
    Writing about the body within the black hole and Egypt.
    Now to find the secret post.

    ;236; Erm... well I hope that I translated this correctly. Or else I might just be putting myself through this without any meaning.

    Inside a Body ( or My Microscopic Adventures):

    ;236; Well if this is right then my first priority is to travel into a persons body. If I'm wrong then their day just got worse. Now how can I shrink down and get inside...
    *;088; carries trash to his garbage truck murmuring to himself*
    ;236; Excuse me sir but I have a pretty weird question to ask you.
    ;088; Yes, my wife has left me because I chose this pile of trash over her.
    ;236; Well that must be one ugly broa- no stop distracting me, I need a way to get inside of a person.
    ;088; Well first er.. when a mommy and a-
    ;088; Uh where?
    ;236; Nowhere... *staring at person sitting in computer* I just saved your sorry butt.
    No what I meant was I need to shrink down to literally get inside of someone.
    ;088; Well why didn't you ask *uses minimize on Troy* now I place you in some food right?
    ;236; Yes, how about that guy? *points to table piled with food*
    ;463; Oh dis food tastes dehlichious mar' please waither! *smacks lips*
    ;088; Alright.. *posing as waiter* here sir have the rice it's cooked to it's finest quality.
    ;463; Well thank you! scarff nom om nom... that was great I want more!
    ;088; er...

    *Somewhere in the esophagus*
    ;236; Wow I hate traffic... how much food is shoved in this guys throat..

    *Sometime after, now in the stomach*
    ;236; Well we're finally here. The stomach. Where food and.. *sees McDonald's Happy Meal toy float by* colorful stuff is digested. Ok so diving any deeper is out of the question, I don't want to wait here for o' a good hour so I need another route out of here.
    *Stomach acid rises*
    ;236; Well I need to think, and fast... I got it! I'll ride the bloodstream to the brain and trick it into making him sweat. *Looks for vessel and crawls through it, barely missing the scorching acid.

    ;463;Mar' waither! I still hunger!
    ;088; Five bucks isn't enough for this..

    *Back in the brain*
    ;236; Ok now I just need to rewire this.. that goes out blue wire in, cut the red wire... or was it the beige one... aaand there! that should do it.
    *Shadow glistens past*
    ;236; What was that? Hello? Osmosis Jones? Wait you not.. jesus it's the antibodies! They thinks I'm a virus! Gah!! *Shimmies through pore and is sweated out*
    ;236; Phew that was... close huff puff. Now to get bigger agai- *grows back to original size* You mean that I had a limited time before the minimize wore off?
    ;088; Yeah you didn't know?
    ;236; Do I even have to explain all the things that would've gone wrong if I grew back inside of him?
    ;088; I though it was funny?
    ;236; The nerve of some people..

    Through a Black Hole (or What the hell was I thinking):

    ;236; Ok cross that of the list of things I should never do in my life ever again.. and next is go through a black hole... tsk yeeaaaah don't even bet my life on it... wait this is the course list according to my translations. Fine I'll do it, but how will I find a black hole? Wait I have an idea.

    *Pops in Super Smash Brothers Melee*

    ;236; Ok now to preform the black hole glitch... stupid Peach I said THROW your radishes! Ness come on! Ok and there. Now to use my magic pen from the DS course to make a portal... *draws portal into game and steps through*
    Ok lets test this out. *Throws peach into the black hole* Tsk.. don't think it'll work. Fine I'll just use my magic pen to get to space. Cya Peach.
    Peach: MAARRRRIO!!
    Mario: But'a Peach it's Meatball Monday at the Spaghetti house! Ah shucks. *Tries to save Peach but gets stuck in there to*

    *Back with Troy in Space*
    ;236; Well here's space the final frontier.. so wheres the frontier brain. Might as well get that instead of a badge.. Waitamin-
    *Gets sucked into black hole traveling through several universes until ending up in Egypt*

    The Great Pyramids (or Over the Pit and through the crypt to Grandmummy's house we go):

    ;236; Finally made it to the last leg of this trip, the Great Pyramids, hopefully I won't be made into a child slave as Atri said. *Slips on hat and ventures down into the chasm* ♫Do do do... I'm the Scatman..♪ *Steps on pressure switch releasing poison darts* ♫DeedababapaWhoa!♪ That was unnervingly close. I need to keep focu-is that a badge I see yonder?
    *Golden pin sparkles in view*
    ;236; Must have badge...
    Conscience: Remember son you've seen all the movies, ITS A TRAP!
    ;236; But so shiny.. *Grabs pin sending a gargantuan boulder Troy's way* Shiny... OH JESUS CHRIST A BOULDER! Then it must mean I HAVE gotten the boulder badge!
    *Runs to center most room, evading the boulder*
    ;236; This must be the mummy's chamber. What does this hieroglyphs say..
    *Takes out laptop and goes onto Google Translate* You cursed will be forever... well that make no sense! Nice for Google to be so useful.

    *Finishes course but ignores the impending curse*
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2010
  14. Mawile412

    Mawile412 Problem

    i'll have to do it when i get home from my sister's basketball game. So please give me time! :)
  15. NovaStar

    NovaStar █ ▄ █ ▄

    OoC: So I assume that you will be judging this on Length, Creativity , Humor and Accuracy?
  16. Mawile412

    Mawile412 Problem

    Inside a Body


    ;370; actually... i'm a girl from LA... O_O and i'm down here..


    ;370; did you not just hear me?!

    ;143; *turns out to be a girl from the ghetto* B*tch whatchu talkin bout?! I run LA

    ;370; Oh really now?! B*tch at least i don't have to wear weave!

    ;143; Oh no she did not! *eats Lovrina*

    ;370; woah this is lower than low.... ew it's dark and slimy too! I gotta find a way out! *she starts crawimg through various body organs, some of which were too gross the could not be explained here*

    ;370; it smells like sh*t in here... must be by the ***. *but instead of the snorlax's butt, Lovrina is actually near her heart*

    ;370; woah... that's not a heart.. it's a black whole! This fat b*tch is so mean, her heart is actually a black whole.... well it's worth a shot *jumps into the black whole*

    In a Black Hole
    ;370; *falls endlessley through a dark place giggling the whole way* hehehehehehehehehehehehehe *a floating rock hit Lovrina* ouch!

    ;370; *hours later she is still falling* ... this is boring!

    ;370; *a few days later* Food....water....atmosphere!

    ;370; *a few weeks later* this strangely reminds me of this commercial i saw once...

    *the commercial*

    ;370; wow that had absolutely no connection to what has just hap- *lands back on earth right on top of a Pyramid*

    ;370; woah! :eek:

    In Egypt/Pyramids

    ;370; i've always wanted to travel here!

    ;401; Excuse me Ma'am you're not aloud to be here. Former President, George W. Bush is exploring this pyramid and we believe you could be a danger to him.

    ;370; George W. Bush?! i need his Autograph! i collect stupid people autographs! Mr. President! Can you sign th- *is tackled by the secret service and is put outside on a sand dune*

    ;370; They gotta calm down i mean it's only George Bush, not Jessica Simpson... well i gotta get that autograph! *gets out her pen shaped like a bomb* too bad this is the only pen i have... *starts running but is tackled again by secret service and put back in the sand dunes*

    ;401; STAY!!!

    ;370; okay...

    ;401; *walks away*

    ;370; *starts walking towards the former president* Do it once shame on me, do it twice shame on them for dropping me off at the same plac- *is again tackled but his time is thrown into a pyramid and locked in*

    ;370; NOOOOOOOOOOO! :( there's bugs in here and other creepy crawlies!

    *Giant Bug*: RAWR!!!!! :mad:

    ;370; AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! *wakes up*

    ;370; :eek: it was just a dream?!

    *the Baby Laugh Alot from the Commercial is next to Lovrina and starts laughing*

  17. NovaStar

    NovaStar █ ▄ █ ▄

    ;236; *Watches commercial* Er... that's gonna give me nightmares.
    *Doll creeps up* Hehehehehehehehe
    ;236; Ah crap.. well ignoring Miss Giggles here I hope that Rocky can get here, actually I wonder where everyone else is. It's kinda odd for me to be one of the first ones through..
  18. mockingjay

    mockingjay swift and lol

    0/8 people have completed the challenge. This ends tomorrow. This is a super challenge, there are three things you have to do. The translation, then the three courses and then find the secret post. This ends tomorrow.
  19. suicune lover

    suicune lover smugpig

    ;144; I've done 1/3 :(
  20. Empoleon Bonaparte

    Empoleon Bonaparte Well-Known Member

    Writing about the body within the black hole and Egypt.

    Chapter One
    Writing about the body​

    Empy wakes up to find himself in the hospital again. White walls, nurses, everything is alright. Still, he can't tell if the previous experience was a dream or not...
    ...you must change destiny....win Pokémon Universe....
    ;328; Sir? Are you awake? Good. We still need you to finish this paper and change this article.
    ;430; Paper? Article? What's going on?
    ;328; Sir, this is not the time for jokes. The annual PokéMason convention is in two days. ....You do know that, right?
    ;430; Uhm... yeah, yes, of course. But.. err... could you remind me what my role is in this... PokéMason thing is?
    ;328; ...
    ;430; ...
    ;328; *dies from laughter* Sir, that's a good one, but now isn't the time... for.... oh... you're serious?
    ;430; Well, yes, of course!
    ;328; Well, the last time I checked, you were vice-president. That's not something you forget that easily.
    ;430; Vice-president.... yes.... I like that.... Hey! Does that mean you can get me a glass of juice? Are you my personal assistant?
    ;328; Certainly sir. And yes, that is my job.
    ;430; Awesome.


    ;328; Here's your juice sir, and everything that you need to do.
    The Trapinch puts a glass on the table, that is quickly knocked over by the 20 pound pile of paper that is dropped on top of it.
    ;430; WHOA WHOA WHOA! What the hell is all this stuff?
    ;328; Your daily work, sir. I'll leave you alone for a while. Make sure it's finished by 8 PM! *walks away*
    'Oh man', Empy thinks to himself. 'I'll never get this done... might as well do SOMETHING with it.'
    He grabs a random file from the stack. "About the body of Arceus".... '..sounds interesting.' The Honchkrow reaches for a pen and starts filling in the blanks. But even though he doesn't know anything about the subject, he can write everything down with ease. '...jewel of life...' '...4000 years ago...' '...eternal wastelands...'


    Empy drops his pen and reads the section again.
    "And after they took the Jewel of Life, more than 4000 years ago, Arceus was almost powerless, even more so than a wee Wurmple. The Mighty Overlord used the Jewel as he wished, turning vibrant green hills into eternal wastelands..."
    ;430; What the hell is all this...?




    Out of nowhere, a giant black hole appeared. It sucked everything inside, including our clueless Honchkrow.

    Chapter Two
    The Black Hole​

    ;430; Not again... oww.... Hey... you! Yeah, you, writer guy! Stop sucking me in giant holes, 'kay? Thanks in advance.
    Ignoring what Empy just said because he broke the fourth wall, Empy looks around and sees nothing. It is not white nor gray nor black nor is it transparent. There is only... nothing.
    ;493; You.... you disgust me.
    ;430; Are you... oh my god... Arceus? The one and only Arceus? Whoa.
    ;493; Whoa indeed, you backstabbing scumbag. How DARE you not only steal my Jewel, but then write about it in all it's glory? It's just pure evil... no.. you ARE pure evil, Honchkrow. *approaches Empy*
    ;430; Hey, hey, I don't know what you're talking about... *tries to crawl away* ...maybe we can make a deal, or something...? I swear I didn't do anything... it wasn't me!

    Arceus suddenly stops preparing his attack and concentrates.

    ;493; Hmmm... Maybe... maybe you are right. I've taken a look inside your mind, and you are not evil. But then again.... hmmmm... Fine. The only way I won't kill you this instant is if you return me my jewel.
    ;430; Of course, I'll do anything, just tell me, do you need something else, maybe a-
    ;493; Shut it. Now go... and find me my jewel.

    Out of nowhere, a toilet appears, that sucks Empy inside.
    Of course, what do you expect if you break the fourth wall? Ohohoho.

    Chapter Three
    Land of Sand​

    Dropping out of the sky, Empy quickly manages to pull up before he lands on top of a pyramid.
    ;430; Stupid writer... keeps making me almost die...
    The Honchkrow takes a small flight through the air to see if he spots anything unusual. With nothing found, he lands to take a drink of water.
    ;449; Hey, stranger. You lookin' for somethin'?
    Suddenly, a Hippopotas hops out of the sand.
    ;430; *startled* Uhm, yes, kinda.
    ;449; Well? What's it then?
    ;430; I don't think you'll believe this but, oh god, I'm was sent by Arceus to find his jewel or something.
    ;449; Oh, dat jewel o' life. You wait right here mister.
    ;430; Really? Oh, that's fantastic!
    Quickly, the Hippopotas makes its way through the sand. And Empy waits.
    And waits.
    And waits.
    And waits.
    ;449; You still there? Ey? Ello?
    ;430; *drowsy* Wha...wha? Oh...yeah...jewel...something...
    ;449; Good. Come with me mister.
    Empy follows the Hippopotas around the pyramid of Hippowdon the Great. Empy heard of him in history books once, but he never thought he'd see it in real life.
    The two arrived at some sort of camp behind the pyramid. There were a lot of Ground and Rock type Pokémon, mostly Hippopotas. But for some reason they were all looking at the Honchkrow with a furious look in their eyes.
    ;449; GIT 'IM!!
    Suddenly, all the Pokémon lunged at Empy and tied him to a pole.
    ;449; Who are you? Whaddaya want?
    ;476; What is it that you require of the Jewel?

    ;444; Let him speak.

    All Pokémon suddenly held their peace. Out of the largest tent in the camp, a Gabite came out. But this was not your ordinary Gabite. He had different colors and was a lot tallet than others of his kind.

    ;444; You are Empy, yes?

    ;430; ....uhm... yes.

    ;444; Good. Follow me...

    Last edited: Mar 26, 2010

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