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Pokemon Universe: Fifth Generation

Discussion in 'Games' started by mockingjay, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. suicune lover

    suicune lover smugpig

    ;144; Wait, don't me and Rose have Immunity anyway? oO

    Crap! Magikarp Earring!
  2. rosso1111

    rosso1111 Active Member

    ;282; 'Tis a shame, Arti.
  3. Mawile412

    Mawile412 Problem

    ;370; We won Sally! :D
  4. suicune lover

    suicune lover smugpig

    ;144; I just realised o.o;;
  5. ;035; : Now I can write my fanfic!
  6. Mawile412

    Mawile412 Problem

    ;370; After this it'll be the final 4... :) i never imagined making it this far.
  7. mockingjay

    mockingjay swift and lol

    ;492-s; Immunity only lasts a week
  8. Mawile412

    Mawile412 Problem

    ;370; who still needs to vote? :)
  9. mockingjay

    mockingjay swift and lol

    ;492-s; Hello contestants, and welcome to the top 6. You guys had to complete 10 riddles and were scored on how fast you submitted the riddle. As always, we have an elimination after a challenge, but instead of eliminating one person, we're eliminating in couples. Pink team is safe for another week, but blue and yellow are under the yellow line, making them both eligible for elimination. But who will go?

    (Note: No one from blue team voted as Empy was away and Narf..yeah)

    ;144; I'm voting blue team cause' I ain't voting me
    ;282; I vote for the Blue Team of course, there aren't any other teams I can vote for.
    ;370; I'm so sorry... i have to vote off the Yellow team, Rose and Arti. they're just too strong, and if i want a chance at winning... I love both of you guys, no matter what so please find it in your hearts to forgive me, if you do go home! Best wishes and love <3
    ;035; Um, I vote the blue team because I don't really know them that much...

    ;492-s; So that means, I'm sorry blue, you have just been eliminated from the PU game. Pack your bags and I hope we'll see you at the finale or at another season in the Universe series. So Narf and Empy, bye!

    Incoming Letter! Secret Black Team!​

    Do you guys all remember when YOU voted out Wiggly, and then Gabite came and gave him the chance to take someone with him? Well, it wasn't the last of Tori or Wiggly when they were eliminated. When they left the Universe house, they were taken to Japan, to train with Gabite. After a couple of weeks training, Wiggly didn't do a challenge and was IMMEDIENTLY eliminated. Of course, we can't just have one person training by herself, so we called out for one of the professionals of the past, Bridgette! They are now both training hard, fighting for a spot back into the game. And it won't be long, before they are back. So get ready, for one of your biggest rivals, back into the game. With two training though, only one will be back. Who will it be? Dialga Plank will determine it all. Next person to post choose plate 1 or 2.
  10. Mawile412

    Mawile412 Problem

    ;370; Tori?! :D I pick 2!!!!! Hopefully I chose right.. Wow no matter what... A girl is gonna win! :)
  11. ;035; : OhmygoshTori'scomingbackIcan'tbelieveit!!!
  12. suicune lover

    suicune lover smugpig

    ;144; *Phew, I wasn't eliminated...*
  13. mockingjay

    mockingjay swift and lol

    Dialga Plank #5!​

    ;492-s; Hello contestants, you all found out that the secret black team - Tori an Bridgette; (Previously Wiggly too) were secretly training with Gabite in Japan. And not too long, they will be back. One out of the two contestants will return into the game, but who will it be? Dialga Plank will determine all.

    [#1-Bridgette] [#2-Tori]

    ;370; Tori?! I pick 2!!!!! Hopefully I chose right.. Wow no matter what... A girl is gonna win!

    ;492-s; So that means Tori, you are now back into the game! I'm sorry Bridgette but you have been once again, eliminated from the game. Tori, use this second chance back into the game wisely. Good-bye Bridgette! Well contestants, welcome to the top 5. You have survived over fifteen eliminations, and it won't be too long before the finale. But because Tori has no partner, you are now all back to playing in singles. No more couples!

    Uni Challenge:

    ;492-s; Well guys, a challenge is coming up and of course, we're having a Uni Challenge! If you win the Uni challenge, you'll have Immunity, which keeps you in the game for another week. However, if you try out for Uni Challenge and don't make it, you'll get a penalty in the next challenge. So you don't have to enter, but if you think you'll be a target for the next elimination, I recommend the Uni Challenge.

    I saw a _____________
  14. Mawile412

    Mawile412 Problem

    I saw a bumblebee
    up in the sky
    it didn't see me,
    didn't stop to say hi

    I saw a light
    over the skies
    it was so bright
    so filled with lies

    I saw a love
    greater then mine
    light as a dove
    surely devine

    I saw the truth
    it sets you free.
    Sad, yet smooth
    Could i ever Be?

    ;370; :) i did it in the form of a poem.
  15. mockingjay

    mockingjay swift and lol

    1/5 challenges received. Ends in 15 hours.
  16. Mawile412

    Mawile412 Problem

    ;370; The poem is of my jealousy of my friend... we're not friends anymore though...
  17. ;035; : Tape recorder time! *gets tape recorder and begins to speak into it*

    I saw a being
    that should have never been seen
    in the starry sky
    which I tried to deny.

    I rubbed my eyes
    and saw it again
    so I took a picture-
    that's something to gain.

    Although when I saw it,
    it was falling at great speed
    and it immediately
    crashed right into me...

    I asked, "How are you?"
    but it didn't reply,
    and instead it just flew off,
    straight into the sky. Again.
  18. rosso1111

    rosso1111 Active Member

    ;282; I'll refrain from doing the challenge. I don't trust Shaymin not to make it a really big penalty.
  19. suicune lover

    suicune lover smugpig

    ;144; Same here. But I just know my entries won't beat them.
  20. Mawile412

    Mawile412 Problem

    ;370; beat who? :confused:

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