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Pokemon Universe: Fifth Generation

Discussion in 'Games' started by mockingjay, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. rosso1111

    rosso1111 Active Member

    ;282; You and Sally. Arti know that her entry couldn't win. I doubt Tori will get past this round.
  2. Mawile412

    Mawile412 Problem

    ;370; Don't doubt Tori!
  3. GoodPokemonTrainer121

    GoodPokemonTrainer121 Yeah man!! :)

    ;393; **** yeah I'm back mother****a!! And I love you Lovrina for bringing me back to the game :) F*** I just come in and I got to do a challenge ugh!! Ok I guess I'll do it!!

    I saw a dragon passing by my crappy apartment so I was like "Oh my Jesus Christ!!". So I followed it and wanted to see where it was going! So I was driving so fast for like 5 hours still following it and then my stupid car broke down. So I jumped to another person car like a ninja and basically hijacked it but don't think i was like a terrorist or something because I stole it for a good reason wait that's what the terrorist said when they crashed into the World Trade Center O_O. So I was driving and next thing I knew I saw a sign that said "Welcome to Montana". So I was like how the hell is there a dragon living in Montana? So arrived in a very cold Mountain and I came really unprepared I had some tank-top on and tiny shorts (you could of almost seen my a** if you were a perv). So I walked into the cave where the dragon went into not really scared or anything because I'm not scared of a dumbass dragon. And then I saw that punto (bad word in Spanish) Wiggly there getting eaten by the dragon. I was cracking up like some laughing problem girl and I said "That what you get for eliminating me you pinche". And then the dragon realized I was here and breath out some fire I was like "Oh **** man I ain't scared of your ****ing fire breath". And then he was coming toward me so I accidentally shot him in the eyes hoping to hit him in the chest or something and then he went even more crazier so I ran away like a little ***** and I jumped out of the Mountain and landed on a nest. Next thing I knew the mountain exploded and rocks were falling everywhere I used some eggs for protection. And then I jumped out of the tree and injured my arm really bad but I still made it out there but then the dragon came back for some more so I was like bring on you mother****er. So I started throwing stuff at it but that didn't bother him. So he finally sat down on land about to eat me but then a rock fell on his head and then later came a tree hitting him in the head. And so I was like YEAH YEAH and hijacked another car to my hometown. And that's what happened when I saw a dragon passing by my ghetto crappy apartment.
    THE END!
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2010
  4. rosso1111

    rosso1111 Active Member

    ;282; OK, if that doesn't win Tori immunity, Tori won't stand a chance in the elimination. She's too much of as threat.
  5. GoodPokemonTrainer121

    GoodPokemonTrainer121 Yeah man!! :)

    ;393; Shut up Rose you suck more than all of us I don't know why your still here! I'm much better than you are. If I win Immunity everyone vote for Rose :)
  6. Mawile412

    Mawile412 Problem

    ;370; yeah.. you could be right Rose, as much as i love Tori... :(... O_O well.. i might but i have to see what everyone else does
  7. ;035; : =O ....How many bad words did you use...?
  8. Mawile412

    Mawile412 Problem

    ;370; oh that's nothing. you should see my girl Bree
  9. GoodPokemonTrainer121

    GoodPokemonTrainer121 Yeah man!! :)

    ;393; Not that much! :) It sorta just comes out
  10. Mawile412

    Mawile412 Problem

    ;370; I try not to use bad words but they slip out so easily..
  11. mockingjay

    mockingjay swift and lol

    Uni Challenge Results!​

    ;492-s; Hello contestants, and welcome to the Uni Challenge. You had to finish off the sentence, "I saw a _______" and the most creative one would win Immunity. Tori, you won Immunity! The Wiggly part really made me laugh so I gave it to you. Tori, you are now safe for another week and have sealed spot in the top 4, heading for the finale 3.

    Dialga VS Palkia! Battle!​

    ;492-s; Well guys, as always, it's time for a challenge! You must post about your character's battle with Dialga and Palkia, and how you are going to go about defeating the two. You will be judged on creativity, length and comedy one again. Good luck and all the best guys.
  12. Mawile412

    Mawile412 Problem

    Dialga VS Palkia! Battle!

    ;370; Oh great, we just HAVE to battle legendary pokemon... god, hwy do i have to be so small and weak?! :(

    ;473; *flies out from the sunset*

    ;370; Bree? O_O you can fly?

    ;473; I've always been able to fly... but that's besides the point. As you know, my grandfather, Mr. Miyagy has passed away recently.

    ;370; bless his soul. He tought many children karate and still got away with it without their relationships seeming suspicious.

    ;473; true dat... But he has sent me a message. He said *speaking with a chinese accent* Lovrina! you must train long and hard to-

    ;370; *laughing* you said long and hard! xD

    ;473; haha :) i did didn't i? well that's besides the point... he said *back to chinese accent* you must train long and hard if you wish to battle Dialga and Palkia!

    ;370; Well that wasn't obvious... Can't we just go out for chinese food instead?! :( they make awesome food and most people from China are very smart and cool and awesome but most importantly... the best game makers ever! ;)

    ;473; O_O... well he said i could help you...

    ;370; No thanks this time Bree, I'll take Mr. Miyagy's advice and WIN THAT BATTLE! :D

    ;473; Sure go for it...

    ;370; *gets into a sweatsuit and hops to the nearest butchers* I got practice like Rocky did! *starts slamming against the meat*

    ;370; *starts running up and down the stairs at the local library* This is some hard work...

    ;473; Hey you know you could just take steroids..

    ;370; NO! that's cheating!

    ;473; fine!

    part 2 coming later
  13. Mawile412

    Mawile412 Problem

    ;370; *doing Pilates* oh my ****ing god!! these hurt!!!


    ;370; but i'm tiredddd...

    ;473; You'll never beat the big guys that way!

    ;370; ugh... fine! *runs 2 laps but falls during the 3rd*

    ;473; c'mon Lovrina you CAN DO IT MAN!!!

    ;370; I can't!

    ;482; *appears in front of Lovrina* Hi! i'm Azelf! :D

    ;370; Woah! where'd you come from?!

    ;482; YOUR MOM! no jk jk but omg if ur evr gonna beat Dialga or Palkia, u need lots of Will power!

    ;370; aren't you the being of will power.

    ;482; yepperz lmao u look so silly on the ground right there! rofl!

    ;370; uh... can you just help me achieve more will power? :)

    ;482; Sure w.e *gives some will power to Lovrina* happy trails! *flies away*

    ;370; wow i just met Azelf! who knew she talked in text lingo? :) oh well! *finishes the last lap in no time*

    ;473; what took so long!?

    ;370; i just met Azelf!

    ;473; the floating blue thing that talked in text lingo?

    ;370; yep that was her!

    ;473; oh i ate her...

    ;370; NO you didn't?! :eek:

    ;473; Nah i'm kidding :p

    ;370; oh...

    ;473; But now we must train in the mountain peaks. That way we shall learn the knowledge and survival skills... and... oh hell we're going to see Uxie.

    ;370; Okay! :)

    *the go to the mountains and find Uxie easily, cuz Mawile412 doesn't feel the need to explain that much*

    ;480; oh... hello there. Azelf said you might come here.

    ;473; yeah, we came cuz i need a heart and brain and she needs courage-

    ;370; This isn't the Wizard of Oz here Bree!

    ;473; oh yeah... sorry. Lovrina is going to battle Dialga and Palkia! but she need your help! will you give her some knowledge oh wise one?!

    ;480; She must first pass a test...

    ;370; O_O test?!

    ;480; yes. don't worry, it's fairly simple. Just answer this one question: why do you wish to win Pokemon Universe: Fith Generation?

    ;370; I guess it's... because i've never won anything before. I've always come in second, or third, never first. People always underestimate me because of my size and lack of an evolution. But i think i'm fine the way i am. Not every Pokemon has to be perfect! I want to show all those pokemon that feel worthless out there that they CAN achieve and they DO deserve the spolight once in a while. I stand for every pokemon that has never felt sure of itself, but if i win, I will show that any pokemon can do anything they want to do, no matter how hard the challenge is! I will never back down, and i will never surrender! :)

    ;473; *fell asleep*

    ;480; ... truely inspirational.. I hearby grant you this wisdom of myself, Uxie.

    ;370; wow thanks! :) now what about Mesp-

    ;481; I also heard your speach Lovrina, and i personally loved it! It showed all your emotions about everything and anything. You don't need any emotion from me- you already have enough yourself. So go on- take the steps behind me! Dialga and Palkia are waiting for you!

    ;473; Go on Lovrina! Go! :D

    ;370; thanks everyone. I can do this! *walks up the steps*

    ;483; I've been waiting for you...Lovrina.

    ;484; I aswell. Well- are you ready?

    ;370; *takes a deep breath* yes.

    ;483; good because! *about to use metal claw on Lovrina*

    ;370; *uses double team*

    ;484; She's wise, i can tell you that. *uses Special rend and hits Lovrina's*

    ;370; ow... *gets up and keep using double team*

    ;483; *uses roar of time*

    ;370; *is hurt again but keeps getting up*

    ;483; such a great amount of will power!

    ;370; *uses Sweet kiss on both of them*

    ;483; ;484; oh... so confusing!

    ;370; NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER!! *uses Surf, knocking Dialga and Palkia off the mountain*

    ;370; I did it!!! :D

    ;473; *eating a rock* good job Lovi! :)

    ;370; O_O is that a rock?

    ;473; ... *hides rock behind back* nooooooo....

    ;370; Thanks Mr. Miyagy, Bree, Mesprit, Azelf, Uxie, and also Wormow! *does a victory dance*
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2010
  14. mockingjay

    mockingjay swift and lol

    1/5 received.
  15. Dialga VS Palkia! Battle!

    ;035; : *jaw drops after reading challenge* Oh my gosh. How the HECK am I gonna beat that? I guess I should give up then.

    ???: *appears behind Sally* Don't be freakin' silly! You can do it!

    ;035; : Ehh?! R-Rika?!

    ;365; : Hey-oh! I see you're pretty far.

    ;035; : ....yeah.

    ;365; : And to defeat those two metalheads powerful Pokemon, I'm gonna train you!

    ;035; : Really?! How?

    ;365; : *grins evilly* You'll see. Hehehehe...

    One Hour Later...

    ;035; : *dashing a 100-meter dash five times... while holding textbooks* My gosh! I don't think this helps!

    ;365; : It gains stamina and strength! NOW GO!

    ;035; : Aah...

    So, Sally does the 100-meter dash five more times. When she finishes, she collapses, clutching her stomach.

    ;035; : Quiet, Miss Narrator- OH MY GOSH THIS HURTS!

    ;365; : *nice again* Heehee! You have willpower to go on, which means you got better!

    ;035; : Oww...

    ;365; : *grabs Sally's shoulder* Now time to train in... THE MOUNTAINS!

    ;035; : Oh, no.

    Three Hours Later...

    ;035; : *exhausted* Gah. Can I go battle them now?

    ;365; : Hm, let's see.

    ;482; : Ahoo-hoo-hoo. ...Sorry. I like yodeling. Welcome to... the Spear Pillar! Now you can fight Dialga and Palkia- I saw your 100-meter dashes and I was impressed! Hey, Mesprit! Get over here!

    ;481; : What?

    ;482; : This Clefairy wants to fight Dialga and Palkia.

    ;481; : Her? Ahahahaaa!

    ;035; : H-hey!

    ;481; : Wow. You have a lot of emotion.

    ;365; : I kno rite?

    ;480; : Hey, now for me. What's 50000 X 10?

    ;035; : Uh...

    ;035; : A million!

    ;480; : Wrong!

    ;035; : *jawdrop*

    ;480; : April Fools! Right!

    ;365; : *shakes head in disappointment*

    One Hour Later... again

    ;483; : Are you ready? Are you, are you, are you?

    ;484; : Yeah?

    ;365; : Did you feed them too much sugar?

    ;480; : *grins nervously*

    ;035; : R-ready!

    ;483; : All right! Let's do it! *uses Metal Claw*

    ;035; : Ah! *runs out of the way*

    ;365; : *watching* That 100-meter dash worked, ehh?

    ;484; : Ah, I see she's physical. Can you avoid THIS? *uses Water Pulse*

    Part 2 will come up after this, I need a Part 2 because it's saying "Internal Server Error" whenever I try.
  16. ;035; : Oh shoot- *gets hit by Water Pulse, and gets sent flying into a pillar*

    ;365; : Oh, no.

    ;035; : Argh. *gets up* I can still do it! *uses Shadow Ball on Dialga*

    ;483; : Oh, wow. Let's do this again, shall we? *uses Roar of Time on Sally*

    ;035; : Ouch! This really hurts!

    ;035; : Okay, I'll win this time around! Metronome! *uses Metronome, which ends up as Sleep Powder*

    ;483; and ;484; : Zzzzz...

    ;035; : All right, I'll finish you off! Strength! *pushes Dialga and Palkia off a cliff*

    And so, Sally defeated Dialga and Palkia, as told in the story. Wait, this was true, right?

    ;035; : Right! *grins*
  17. GoodPokemonTrainer121

    GoodPokemonTrainer121 Yeah man!! :)

    ;393; YES!!! :D *turns around to Rose with a evil smile*
    I'll do the challenge later.
  18. suicune lover

    suicune lover smugpig

    ;144; D: *To self* Tori came back and is now turning against Rose, who is also my ally. Who do I side up with? DDDDD: Anyway challenge...*

    Dialga VS Palkia! Battle!

    ;144; *Evil grin* Time to get my revenge...

    -Will edit with challenge later. Sppf posted this accidentally-
  19. mockingjay

    mockingjay swift and lol

    Quick, cause this ends in 12 hours.
  20. suicune lover

    suicune lover smugpig


    In the beginning of time and space, when there was only darkness, a being emerged out of light. The being created 3 eggs, to spawn the legends of Time, Space and something else. (I forgot :x) Then, the being created Mew, who created all other living pokemon out of it's DNA. But, they had no where to live, so Arceus created Kyogre and Groudon to make the Sea and Land, and Rayquaza to control the skies. And this continued until Arceus ran out of ideas to create more legends for. But one day, Mew was bored, as she was the only legend in Kanto, so she asked Arceus to create more legends.

    ;493; But what for, dear Mew?

    ;151; Well, you see Lord, these legends are not enough. We need more! Beings of the elements! We need pokemon of Fire, Ice, and lightning!

    ;493; Ugh. But what to name them?

    ;151; Erm. I don't know.

    ;493; I used all of my creative juices making up cool names like Cressilia, Palkia and Ho-Oh.

    ;151; I don't like my name.

    ;493; Tough. Game freak based you off a cat and cats go Meow so you are called Mew.

    ;151; Lousy cats. Why can't hey say something cool like Eragon! Or even Ribbit! i wouldn't mind being called Ribbit. Ha, Ribbit, the legend... tee hee...

    ;493; Fine! We shall name them One, Two, and Three.

    ;151; Artic one, Zappy two, and moltern three!

    ;493;... Yeah. Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres are better though, so we are sticking with them. Now, each of you, go somewhere and rule over... erm... all your pogeymanz.

    ;144; ;145; ;146; Yes sir!


    ;144; *Telepathically with Zapdos* Hey Zapdos.

    ;145; What Articuno?

    ;144; HAve you met any other legends of the other regions? I mean. Arceus never spoke of them, but I mean, Mew did mention them when she went a bit hyper on the Paras...

    ;145; Well, Articuno, I have never thought of that. Shall we go find out?

    ;144; Ok! But how do we get there.

    ;145; Feed Mew loads of Paras and watch. She'll teleport randomly to some place, I bet.

    Time skip...


    ;144; Easy as. *Evil grin*


    ;144; Ok, Zapdos. Where do you think those legends are?

    ;145; Well, I bet if we keep Mew hyper, her Legend Attrcating Magnet Scences are bound to go up. Mew?


    ;144; Mew, I worry about you sometimes.

    ;151; )8 Lets turn that frown UPSIDE DOWN EH? COME ON LETS - Oh wait. I FOUND OSMetHING ReALLY FUN!!! *Pokes at a giant statue of Dialga*

    ;483; Hello?

    ;484; Oh, look here Diala, we got ourselves a bunch of twats to beat up. How shall we, double time shift, or metal outburst combination transformation line up?

    ;151; *Bounces up to Palkia* Hee hee, look you two, this one has a reaaaall big nose. And that one has a big bum! Ha ha, big bum!

    ;483; Who are you to disrespect me, the one and only amazing super duper Dialga?

    ;484; And Palkia?

    ;144;;145; *Jawdrop*

    ;483; What are you freaks staring at?

    ;144; H-h-h-ow come y-y-y-ou get super cool names like that and we only get named Artic One and Zappy two?

    ;484; Psh. Arceus must have realised our super quality. Two prats like you don't deserve even that!

    ;483; Shall we exterminate them now?

    ;484; Yeah.

    -Enter very gory scene of mega violence not suitable for the viewings of the Sppf public-


    ;144; This time, I WILL get my revenge. I have the knowledge, power, determination and *****yness. Now, to get the help of Zappy...

    ;145; I'm all set Arti.

    ;144; Ok then. Let's go beat the **** out of those ****ers.

    -Spear Pillar-

    ;483; I spy with my little eye, something beginning with.... P!

    ;484; Let me guess, is it Pelliper?

    ;483; Nope! It was Palkia! My go. I spy with my little eye, something beginning with T!

    ;484; Toothbrush?

    ;483; Nope. Two little brats.

    ;484; WHAT?

    ;483; No, look there.

    ;144; Hi again.

    ;484; What are you doing here? You were interrupting our, erm, godly duties.

    ;145; Ri-ght. We are here to get our revenge *Narrows eyes*

    ;144; *Glares at them*

    ;484; Let's see you try. Huh. *Ancient powers*

    ;145; Meep! *Hides behind Arti*

    ;144; Crickey! *Ice beams, freezing the rocks*

    ;145; Thunder! *Uses Thunder on Palkia*

    ;484; Hm. Pathetic. *Tries to use Special Rend*

    Sl: PALKIA is paralysed! It may be unable to move!
    PALKIA is paralysed! It can't move!

    ;144; I love you Sl.

    Sl: No prob. Now go, fight!

    ;144; Blizzard! *Uses Blizzard on Dialga*

    ;483; Cra- *Is frozen*

    ;144; Mwahahahaha!

    Sl: DIALGA is frozen!
    DIALGA thawed out!
    DIALGA used Roar of Rage!



    Sl: Arti was unaffected!

    ;144; Woohoo! NOw, Sheer Cold!

    ;438; ... *Misses*

    ;144; ****.

    ;484; Ahahah! Now you can't hide behind your friend can you? NO! AHAHAH! *Uses Ancient Power on Zappy*

    ;145; Yeah... turn around.

    ;484; Hm?

    Sl: Sheer Cold Hits!

    ;484; *Frezes*

    ;144; Lol.

    ;483; You still have me! That was just lucky! *Metal Claws*

    ;144; Motherfuka! Get off me!

    ;145; Meep! Arti! *Thunderbolt*

    Sl: It's not very effective...

    ;483; *Grin* Roar.... of.... TIYAAAAAAAAAMMMM!

    ;144; Oh great..

    ;145; This is it...

    ;483; Gyara...... .raaa.... RPOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    *Screen flashes twice*

    ;483; .. huh?

    ;151; COOOFFFFEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! *transforms into Dialga*

    ;483; What the ****?

    ;483; Damn right! Now, do you two want a hand?

    ;144;;145; *Nod nod*

    ;483; Okayyy!! Aw, aren't you so KAWAIIIi????

    ;145;... wtf?

    ;483; Ugh. I hate you.

    ;483; hey, LETS TURN THAT FROWN...

    ;144; UPSIDE DOWN!

    ;483; FWEEE!!! *Throws Frozen Palkia at Dialga*

    ;145; ...

    ;144; ...


    Sl: *Inserts R4* Yeah, we'll see about that. Now, how the hell do I use this thing...?

    ;483; DAMN YOU SL!

    Sl: Yeah save the thanks for later. Oooh, look, max stats on pokemon, or Walk Through Walls cheat?

    ;483; WALK THRoUGH WALLS! I always wanted to do that, but doing it in the body of a Dialga is much more fun... tee heee...

    Sl: Aha! This is it....

    Suddenly, a girl walks in. She looks allot like the protagonist from DPPt, but it can't be. A blank look on her face, she ignores the legends around her, and plays a weird flute. Then, a set of stairs appear and Arceus, God of all, flies down.

    Sl: ****! Wrong button!

    ;144; Arceus!

    Sl: Ok, how about this button? *Presses "Delete Save File" button*

    ;144; NOOO! Sl DONT DO IT! I had such a bright future, a handsome bird by my side-

    No-one knows what happened after that, but all we know is Arti and Sl made it out alive. As for Mew, she teleported away, still high on Paras. Zappy and Arceus returned back into Sl's imaginary R4 and Dialga and Palkia carried on playing I spy at Spear Pillar. And everyone lived happily ever after.

    ;144; ... That was fun.

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