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Pokemon Universe: Fifth Generation

Discussion in 'Games' started by mockingjay, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. suicune lover

    suicune lover smugpig

    ;144; megacrap. Oh well, looks like you won't be seeing me again ;-;
  2. Mawile412

    Mawile412 Problem

    ;370; D: awww
  3. Jirachi Kidd

    Jirachi Kidd Well-Known Member

    ;190;: Good morning, pals!:)
  4. NovaStar

    NovaStar █ ▄ █ ▄

    ;236; Good Afternoon to you too. Best of luck to everyone. Lets just hope that whoever wins won't be too full of themselves. *cough*Rockawn*cough*
  5. Mawile412

    Mawile412 Problem

    ;370; he won't come back.. not while I'M around
  6. rosso1111

    rosso1111 Active Member

    ;282; I think it should just be a plain vote.
  7. GoodPokemonTrainer121

    GoodPokemonTrainer121 Yeah man!! :)

    ;393; You know what I always wanted to do?? Drink Margaritas with my homegirls on the porch and get all drunk and talk **** :D Pretty random...
  8. Jirachi Kidd

    Jirachi Kidd Well-Known Member

    ;190;: Your a strange fellow, Tori;) *pulls out his iPod Touch and plays Tap Tap Revenge 3*
  9. ;035; : ...?
  10. Mawile412

    Mawile412 Problem

    ;370; What about the Lady Gaga tap tap?
  11. NovaStar

    NovaStar █ ▄ █ ▄

    ;236; Please Wormow can you delay the challenge? You know that since Sunday's Easter some of us won't be here. So can you please consider it?
  12. Mawile412

    Mawile412 Problem

    ;370; do i have to do the challenge? :confused:
  13. NovaStar

    NovaStar █ ▄ █ ▄

    ;236; No you don't this is for the eliminated people only. So don't fret, you're safe.
  14. mockingjay

    mockingjay swift and lol

    ;492-s; No, we want the best players, not the most loved players.

    As for ;236; , I'm busy on Easter Sunday too (I'm a catholic) so I'll let you guys have 2 and a half days to finish the challenge (It's a super challenge anyway, you usually have more time for that) and no, the top 3 can sit back and relax. :D

    Super Challenge

    ;492-s; You will be judged on the translation, course and how fast you complete this. Just translate the piece of writing below and you'll find out your courses, and then that's it!

    В Эверест
    Внутри НЛО
  15. NovaStar

    NovaStar █ ▄ █ ▄

    Super Challenge:
    Mt. Everest
    Inside a UFO

    ;236; Well you may have thought that after getting eliminated I would be sent home. Well actually they made me run around all of Thailand just to find a ceramic pot. If I had I would be one step closer to a second chance. You may think that it would be easy to find some pottery but you must be mistaken. Well so here's how it all went.

    Two days Earlier...

    ;236; And that's how I got here... wait. I have to go to Mt. Silver? Oh thats not too ba- Mu.. Mount Everest?! You're kidding me?!

    Too be continued onto Part #2...

    Ok edited for Part 2, Won't be able to do the third one since I have to go to Mass and to see my family. So expect that Monday or later today.

    Mountain Everest (or how I met THE MAN)
    ;236; This is just...wow you do you think I'll be able to climb this? What about the several deaths that occurred here? Fine I'll do it.. I will chalk one up for the little guy. Chalk one up for Mon kind! I will!
    Mickey: Oh ho kiddie do you just want to get on the ride?
    ;236; Fine... This is the only training I can get other than climbing the Mountain itself. I need this and lets hope I can do it. *Climbs into the ride "Expedition Everest* This ain't so bad.. I can do this I can do this I can... OH SWEET JESUS! IT'S A YETI GET BACK INTO THE CAR!! WE'RE GOING BACKWARDS? AHHHHHHH!

    After Hours of consoling...

    ;236; Nu... nu... no more mommy no more scary yeti thing guh...

    FF: What a baby whatever.. you couldn't do this anyways back to my Xbox.

    ;236; What? No I can do this and I don't need your help! I'll show my worth and become the best I can be.

    *Steps into plane provided be the Poke' Universe crew and arrives at the base of the mountain hours later*

    ;236; Well here we are Mt. Everest the place where many adventurers have died, trying to climb the behemoth of a hill. And I'm attempting to climb this where so many have failed? I must be crazy... or just a shot away from becoming mental. Fine lets do this.

    *Climbs the first 5mi's up and sets camp*
    ;236; C-c-c-cold Ne-ne-ne-need warmth. Well I make a snowman to take my mind off the cold. *Finds hat off of dead explorer and places it on the snowman*
    ;460; Happy Easter! How are you son? I am the chilhood everyone dreams of, the nip on your nose when it's cold, the friend of all children. I am Woody the Snowman.
    ;236; Your made out of wood? *Eyes glisten*
    ;460; Er.. yeah? Now I think we should go bother the traffic cop, or go skating or sledding or...
    ;236; Sure.. sure just go over there. *While sharpening axe* Be right over there! *Cuts down tree sitting next to him* There that should be a great source of heat. *Now staring at you reading* Did you think I was going to kill him for my own survival? No I wasn't... sicko.

    After some Hi-jinks on the Mt...
    ;236; Haha did you see those tourists? They freaked when they saw a live tree. Heh you're my best friend.
    ;460; Uh.. I'm sorry to say this but I have to leave. Other children out there need me. I'm the only one who could bring winter cheer.
    ;236; What about Santa?
    ;460; There is no Santa....

    In the North Pole...
    Santa: I feel a disturbance. Like a talking tree just told a scrawny judo kid that I didn't exist. Gah.. I need to cut down on the Margaritas...

    Back on the Mountain...
    ;236; 10 miles up and... I can't make it..... Need to push forward...... *blacks out but hears weird noises before going unconscious*

    ;236; What will happen to me? Only time will tell. Which actually means is that FF here is too lazy.

    FF: Hey I'm sorry that it's Easter!

    ;236; Make sure you sneak some of those chocolate eggs for me.

    FF: Sure....

    To be continued to Part 3...

    Inside A UFO:
    You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension: a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas; you've just crossed over into the Twilight Zone.

    ;236; Er.. thanks Rod Serling. Can you happen to tell me where I am? Last time I remember I was on Mt. Everest and then nothi- (whispering) someones coming...

    ???: Ok we have whats seems to be a large bird resting on top of our ship, it has fallen for our egg trap. Solider... I want you to go there and retrieve it.. Put it with the other prisoners.

    Soldier: Yes Overlord. I'll be right on it.

    ???: Be sure to be careful we have no idea what this Earth being can do.

    ;236; (Thinking) Bird... Oh Christ they mean Arti.. she's here too? Well I can't exactly help her since she has to finish this by herself... sorry. Now to find a escape route. I know! Brzzt Klinglan Zert blot...

    Grunt #1: Err what is he saying? He should know that we speak earth too...

    Grunt #2: Why are you Grunt#1 again?

    FF: Shush up *zaps Grunt #2 out of the plot* Now continue...

    ;236; Geeze remind me not to get FF angry.. Since they seem to understand me already I can't speak out loud... What would McGuyver do.. Eureka! Now to buy sometime. FF, some assistance?

    FF: Fine.. I'll do what I can. Hey! Guard!

    Guard: Whoa disembodied voice! Where are you little man...

    FF: Well since I pretty much control the outcome.. *makes Guard disappear* That long enough?

    ;236; And there a paper hat made.

    FF: .... You know what I'll open the cage for you that's it.

    ;236; Fine... Ok now to leave in a Bond like fashion. Good luck to Arti. *Grabs parachute and jumps to the ground below*
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2010
  16. GoodPokemonTrainer121

    GoodPokemonTrainer121 Yeah man!! :)

    ;393; *drinking margaritas with some manikins* So what do we talk about today ladies! How ugly is Ida or how old is Ida?
    Manikin #1: ....
    ;393; Okay how about you Susan?
    Manikin #2: ....
    ;393;: Lynette O_O..
    Manikin #3: .....
    ;393; Alright... *puts her drink on the table* I'm leaving...
    Manikin #1 #2 #3: .....
    ;393; *leaves*
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2010
  17. Sasukat

    Sasukat Back from the dead


    cyndy's diary:part 3

    "So i was walking through this area that to be honest I have no clue where it is.I couldn't understand what they were saying,and they all looked completly different then the humans I'm used to.I was wondering for a while if they even knew what i was.I never did find out as they started chasing after me,either to catch me or to hunt me down.I got away because i started shooting flamethrowers at them. I had to use flame wheel as fast as I could to get away once I saw some people running towards me with guns.

    I'll have to continue this entry later.but right now im gonna go see who is around.
  18. suicune lover

    suicune lover smugpig

    ;144; Looks like I might make it after all! *Reads challenge* Lol, it's in Russian. Yo Sl, come read this.

    Sl: *Reads* Lol, nice translation.

    ;144; Yeah but what does it say?

    Sl: Well, it says "Thailand, In Everest and in a UFO"

    ;144; That sounds boring.

    Sk: Though you have to do it.

    ;144; But if I just walk it it will be no fun and Great Lord Wormow won't give me any points! And I'll lose!

    Sl: Well go on an Easter Egg hunt, but Pokemon Style. How a bout I ask Star and Comet to lend me a Silver Wing, Rainbow Feather and Leaf Crown to hide in those places, each with an egg, and you have to go and find them?

    ;144; ... Aright then. But what is in it for me?

    Sl: You get to keep the feathers and the crown. That is a rarity in itself.

    ;144; Pfft. Rarity shmerity. But fine. Go and hide them.

    Sl: *Grin* It won't be east you know.

    ;144; Yeah yeah just go and do it.


    -Time Skip-

    Sl: Okay, I have hidden the Rainbow Feather in Thailand. Go!

    ;144; wtf Sl, is that all you are giving me?

    Sl: If you see it, you won't miss it. NOW GO!


    ;144; ... ughh ... too much... heat... man, last time I was here, atleast rose could've kept me out of the sunlight. Now I can't even use Water Pulse because the water evaporates too fast!... meeps... and I don't even know where to look...

    ;269;;269;;269; *Whisper whisper whisper*

    ;144; Maybe they know something... Yo, Dustox, do you know where I can- AGH!

    ;269;;269;;269; *Angry Swarm of Dustox surround Arti*

    ;144; Erm, hey, I was just wondering if-


    ;144; I, erm, was just looking for an easter egg around here. Have any of you seen a sort of human walk through here with an egg and a feather?


    ;144;... Sl, what have you done now?


    ;144; Yeah yeah watvs. Now... omg. oomfg. That... that is beautiful.


    ;144; Squeeee! *Grabs*

    ;480; Who DARE pass into the Temple Of Knowledge without my permission?

    ;144; Me. No duh.

    ;480; Have you come to pray for my wisdom?

    ;144; Well, I wouldn't mind, but I didn't come here for that really, no. I wanted to take this egg you see for my Easter Egg hunt. So bye!

    ;480; Stop trespasser! Anyone who sees me must have their memory wiped!

    ;144; Why? You're not that important to me, so why should I care?

    ;480; RAAHH! Mortal soul, weak mind! Be gone!

    ;144; kkay. See ya! *Is stopped*

    ;480; NO! I NEED PAYBACK! *Opens Eyes*

    ;144; Eeeww, that's gross!

    ;480; ... I am afraid, mortal, that you have very little brain, but alot of willpower. I cannot wipe your memory for you are too strong. Go. Leave this place, or I shall summon Mesprit and Azelf!

    ;144; I'll be glad to. Bye, sucker! keheheh.... *Grabs egg and runs off*

    ;480; ... Weak Soul. Azelf shall be rid of you. You have trespassed, and no one-

    Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh
    Stop telephonin' me!
    Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh
    I'm busy!
    Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh
    Stop telephonin' me!
    Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh

    ;480; *Sigh* Hello? Yes? Yes, one just did. Yep. Uhuh. Defiantly. Ok. Bye.
    *End transmission*

    Mt. Everest

    ;144; Phew. Well, I have one egg now, two more to go. Hey Sl, where was the next one again?

    Sl: Somewhere in Mt. Everest. Ahahah >3

    ;144; Now THAT is more my kind of climate!

    Sl: This one is going to be harder though! So be prepared.

    ;144; I am never prepared.

    Sl: Good to know. Now go, go!

    -After several minutes of flying, Arti reaches the foot of Mt. Everest. Several Ice pokemon bow down to her, but she ignores them and starts her flight across the mountain. She searches in caves, cracks, glaciers, avoids Avalanches, assaults from rowdy pokemon and hunger. Eventually, about halfway up, she reaches a small cave, sheltered from the blizzards outside. Shaking off some snow from her wings, she looks inside, expecting to see nothing again ... and what she saw amazed her.

    It was...

    ... Nothing!

    ;144; Goddamnit Sl, why are you so cruel to me???

    Sl: ;P Keep looking.

    ;144; I hate you.

    Sl: And happy Easter to you too.

    ;144; Ugh. *Keeps looking*


    ;144; *Trips up on something* MOTHER**** WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? People shouldn't leave random **** lying around on Mt. Everest. oh-ohmaigosh. mega pretty shiny egg is very shiny and pretty o*.*o


    ;144; Hmm... wait. This could be a trap...


    ;144; Oh what the hell, that egg is too shiny to resist! *Picks it up*

    -But little did our clueless bird know, that it was in fact a trap. As soon as Arti picked up the Silver egg, a trap door activated, and she plummeted down into the centre of Mt. Everest, dumfounded and too shocked to fly up-

    Sl: Mwahahahah >3

    -As she fell, the bird screamed at Sl "YOU MOTHERFUCAAA!"

    Sl: I love you too hunny bunny >P

    -But when Arti reached the floor, she was knocked out cold. The Egg miraculously survived the floor by a thing we call "Nintendo Logic", which in fact, makes no scence at all. So, the egg floated down on top of Arti as she lay down on the floor, helpless and alone... well, not quite alone...


    Sl: Can I do an evil laugh one more time?


    Sl: Yay :3

    Last edited: Apr 6, 2010
  19. GreenDay4ever

    GreenDay4ever bye!, i had a blast

    ;135; zomg, Thailand! Ive always wanted to see the great wall of china... wait...

    At the airport
    ;135; YAY, I'm going to take the easy way out of this one :D
    ;135; yeah I got it right here... erm... I have it around here somewhere...
    ;135; yeah yeah relax... I remember that i had it when I left my apartment... Oh my god... The Icecream shop! O noez!
    *static runs out of the airport*

    ;135; MUST.... GET.... PASSPORT... FAST!
    *static keeps running... dodging cars and avoiding Snorlaxes on the move*
    ;135; There it is!, THE ICE CREAM SHOP!
    ;225; I'm sorry... we're closing
    ;135; No, you don't understand... My passport is in there and I have to be on a plane in 20 minutes!
    ;225; I'm sorry... we're closing
    ;135; didn't you hear me a second ago?
    ;225; I'm sorry... we're closing
    ;135; What is this I don't even... *examines the delibird*
    ;135; xO, This is a robot... *Opens Door*

    Inside the Ice cream shop
    ;225; I'm sorry... we're closing
    ;135; GOD DAMN ROBOTS!!one!!1!11!eleven!11!!1!
    ;225; Who are you calling a robot?
    ;135; so you're not a robot?
    ;225; of course not... but I'm afraid that this shop is closed!
    ;135; yeah but I left my passport here somewhere. And I have to be on a plane in like 15 minutes!
    ;225; mmkay... Go ahead and search...

    After 5 minutes of searching
    ;135; xO, I have to use my ultimate weapon... Breaking the third wall...
    ;135; Ey, GD4E!
    GD4E: what?
    ;135; where is my passport?
    GD4E: I hid it
    GD4E: :'(... its back at the airport
    ;135; XO

    *static runs at ultra speed back at the airport... while T-bolting a couple of Gyarados's*

    ;135; oh god, not this again... *begins to search for Passport again*

    ;135; HELL YEAH! I Found it!... Here you go *passes over passport*
    ;476; Yoink! *runs away*
    ;135; wait what?
    ;078; erm, that guy doesn't even work here...
    ;135; I CAN'T HANDLE THIS! *walks away*
    ;135; *to himself* hehehe, I know... I shall sneak my way in...

    *static runs through security and manages to get on the plane undetected*
    ;492-s; good morning people... I'm Skymin and im going to be your pilot today, looks like this will be a quiet morning, some clouds maybe... this trip will take approximately 10 hours.. and yeah...
    ;135; thank god... Now i can finally sit back and rela-
    ;194; Allright people! We have planted a bomb in this plane, If any of you try to get help, we won't hesitate to kill you all
    ;135; -_-
    ;195; We will now make a call and demand 5 thousand million dollars
    ;194; why are you telling them that?
    ;195; i dunno :p
    ;194; stop the silliness, This has to be done by the book!
    ;135; *to himself* great... surfing to thailand would be easier than this...
    ;135; looks like I have to stop those guys... but O NOEZ, They're part ground type =/... I got it!, ill use my hidden power! If I'm lucky... it might be grass type :3...
    *Static jumps in front of the Wooper and Quagsire*
    ;135; Say Hello To My Little Friend! *fires off a massive Hidden Power*
    ;194; NOES! Its Super Effective! *faints*
    ;195; *faints*
    ;292; wow You saved us!
    ;135; erm... *looks at all the other passangers* I kinda got them all fainted
    ;292; O shi-
    ;135; Do you know how to fly this plane?
    ;292; erm...
    ;135; yes? good, you take care of it while I throw these terrorists out!

    ;194; & ;195; Looks like we are blasting off again!

    ;292; Skymin is awake!
    ;135; is he capable to steer the plane?
    ;492-s;well im a little drunk, but thats okay!
    ;135; good... Now lets just sit back and enjoy the ride... Not you skymin
    ;492-s; Aw, man...

    Ten silent hours later
    ;135; Wow, this is finally over... hmm, lets read where I'm heading next... MOUNT EVEREST? I'm going to have to rest for a while first...

    ;135; *to himself* did we ever get rid of the bomb?


    to be continued...
  20. Таиланд = Thailand
    В Эверест = Mt. Everest
    Внутри НЛО = Inside A UFO


    While Arti and the others were packing their bags, and Static was leaving, Sally was pacing around the Universe House's living room, wondering what to do. She had already packed her bags, but she had no way of transportation.

    ;035; : What do I do? What do I do??? I seriously don't know how I'm gonna get to Thailand...

    Purple : Hey, don't be worried. There's still me, remember?

    ;035; : What. How did you get here?

    Purple: Sl, GD4E, and FF got to come, so why can't I?

    ;035; : Good point.

    Purple: Now where's your things?

    ;035; : *shows packed bag*

    Purple: Okay. This is how you go.

    Suddenly there is a flash of white light, and Purple is no longer a Trainer- she's a purple Venomoth!

    ;049; (Purple) : Climb here.

    ;035; : How the... Okay? *climbs onto Purple*

    ;049; (Purple) : Now let's go. >=D

    ;035; : *gulps*

    Sally and Purple glide through the air and soar through the clouds. And who said it had to be peaceful? Purple does nauseating flips and tricks the entire trip, much to Sally's dismay. When they finally get to Thailand, Sally can't take it anymore.

    ;035; : Aah! Stop, stop!

    ;049; (Purple) : *pouts* Whyyyy?

    ;035; : It's too dizzying! And we're already here.

    ;049; (Purple) : ....>_<

    ;035; : So what do we do now?

    ;365; : FREEZE! Hehehe, freeze. Get it?

    ;035; : ....

    Rika has now joined the group.

    ;035; : .......... Darn!

    ;026; : You know I can just hit you now.

    ;049; (Purple) : Random Raichu, oh no! An outlaw!

    *cue battle music*

    Sally used Shadow Ball!
    Random Raichu took 40 damage!
    Rika used Ice Beam!
    Random Raichu took 55 damage!
    Purple used Hack! ....Wait a minute...
    Random Raichu fainted!

    ;049; (Purple) : Okay, now to Mt. Everest.

    ;035; : What. *faints*

    Mt. Everest

    At the base of the mountain, Sally, Purple, and Rika pack their things before scaling Mt. Everest.

    ;035; : Why are we doing this again?

    ;049; (Purple) : It's to get the misplaced statue at the top.

    ;035; : What statue?

    ;049; (Purple) : The Statue of Skymin.

    ;035; : Meh, okay. Let's go...

    Rika, Sally, and Purple begin to climb Mt. Everest.

    {1 hr. later}

    Sally, Purple, and Rika are STILL climbing, and slowly. Sally is on Rika and Purple is flying.

    {5 hrs. later}

    By now the day has ended- it's nighttime and they're still climbing.

    {12 hrs. later}

    Finally! These Slowpokes have reached Mt. Everest!

    ;035; : Meanie Narrator!
    ;049; : You know I can just fire you.


    ;035; : *grabs statue* I'm guessing we have to deliver this?

    ;365; : AVALANCHE! *points to falling ice blocks*

    All: AAH!

    The three heroines get to the bottom. Unsafe, I might add. =P

    ;035; : Here you go...

    ;492-s; : Hehe, thanks.

    But suddenly, a UFO grabs Sally and Purple!

    Inside a UFO

    ;035; : What? A you-foe?

    ;049; (Purple) : *facepalms* UFO, not-so-smart being.

    ;035; : Sorry. ;>_>

    In the UFO, there are a lot of buttons, a lot of tiles, and most of the things you could see in a sci-fi movie. Sally and Purple are tied up in a coil rope.

    ;035; : Metronome! Slash! *cuts the ropes*

    ;049; (Purple) You'd think aliens would be smarter than this.



    Alien 3 : *opens mouth* ....

    Alien 2 : *whispers* You have no chance to...


    Aliens: HAHAHA

    ;035; : .......Noobish aliens?

    ;049; (Purple) : ...Word. Look, what does this do? *presses "Go Home" button*

    ;035; : Wait a minute- AAAH!

    The floor of the UFO opens suddenly, and Purple and Sally are sent back to the Universe House.

    Purple: *transforms into a Trainer again* So wasn't that challenge fun? ....Hello? Sally?

    ;035; : *fainted*
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2010

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