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Pokemon Universe: Fifth Generation

Discussion in 'Games' started by mockingjay, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. GoodPokemonTrainer121

    GoodPokemonTrainer121 Yeah man!! :)

    ;393; You know what I really think I should be in that bus!! For heaven sake I know I'm not going to get that money since I got these stupid earrings!! I feel guilty and I never felt this feeling before :(
  2. mockingjay

    mockingjay swift and lol

    ;492-s; Nope.
  3. ;035; : D: This is sad. Really sad.
  4. NovaStar

    NovaStar █ ▄ █ ▄

    ;236; Sigh... See ya' Lovrina. Although we didn't talk much, I always had a fancy for you... (under breath) D*** shouldn't have said that. I should probably go now. *Leaves covering face in embarrassment*
  5. rosso1111

    rosso1111 Active Member

    ;282; I hate to see you go Lovrina, but I guess if it has to be done, it has to be done, really.
  6. ;035; : Although I should have left, since like I said before, I don't think I can win. I'll try anyway...
  7. NovaStar

    NovaStar █ ▄ █ ▄

    ;236; Don't say that. If you believe in yourself then you can win. If your gonna continue acting like this then I'm sorry to say that you will lose. So will you try at least?
  8. ;035; : ...I already said I would try. Oh and it's a little late, but congrats for winning the raffle.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2010
  9. mockingjay

    mockingjay swift and lol

    ;492-s; Hello guys, and welcome to the challenge room. The finale is drawing near, and there is only one more spot left above the yellow line. Troy, Sally, Rose and Tori, you guys will be doing your final challenge. Troy, even though you have Immunity, you must still enter in the challenge. Well, let's start the challenge! Welcome back, the courses!

    [1: Great Barrier Reef]
    [2: Great Wall Of China]
    [3: Mt. Etna]
    [4: Bikini Bottom]
  10. rosso1111

    rosso1111 Active Member

    ;282; Very well, we may as well get the final challenge started!

    Me: After Rose's last adventure in space, she (along with her lawyer) decided that she needed a vacation. Since I still need to get paid, I checked where her location was and stuck all of the most dangerous Pokemon possible there. As it turns out, she went to the Great Barrier Reef. So with lots of powerful Water Types trying to kill her (Mind control FTW, people!), let's get this party started!

    ;282; *Swimming in the Reef* Wow, for once the narrator isn't trying to kill me. I guess the restraining order my lawyer won must have scared him off.

    Me: *Appears* Don't be so sure, Rose.

    ;282; It's you... of course. I just can't seem to get away from you.

    Me: I'm an all powerful spirit tasked of making sure you die. You're going to have to do a lot better than a restraining order.

    ;282; Thanks for the hint, now will you please just go away?

    Me: Fine. Be careful though, vicious Water-types have started becoming more numerous here.

    ;282; And I assume this was caused by you?

    Me: Why, I'm offended. True, of course, but that doesn't make it any less offensive. See you later, then! *Disappears*

    ;282; Why do I get the distinct feeling that he enjoys trying to kill me. I swear, he worse than Shaymin. At least Shaymin doesn't intentionally try to kill us.

    Me: As Rose started trying to swim to safety in one of the Great Barrier Reef's many islands, she was attacked by the first of my 'diversions', an army of Sharpedo.

    ;282; No, no, stay back! *Uses Psychic on Sharpedo, before whacking each other Sharpedo with it* Man, that was fun!

    Me: Wow, she's ruthless. I like that in a victim. Anyway, after defeating the mighty Sharpedo army, she managed to find her way to the mighty Kyogre who, somehow had managed to see through my mind control (Hating you, Kyogre!) and decided to help Rose.

    ;382; *Swimming with Rose in tow* I am sorry for the way my fellow water types treated you so badly.

    ;282; Thank you for your assistance. My next stop is the Great Wall of China, by the way.

    ;382; *Landing on the island* Anything to make up for the disgraceful way the Water Types treated you. Hey, Aurora! Can you take Rose to the Great Wall?

    ;245; *Dashes across the ocean* It would be my pleasure. Get on, Rose!

    ;282; To the Great Wall! *Gets on Aurora*

    Me: As Rose made her way on Aurora to the Great Wall, I made sure that her arrival would be... exciting. Ground and Rock types anyone?

    ;282; Looks like some interference *Points to a bunch of Rhyperior*

    ;245; That's not difficult to defeat *Jumps over the Rhyperior*

    ;282; That looks like the Great Wall over there... but it's almost swarmed with Pokemon. Pokemon which I assume would be trying to kill us.

    ;245; Hmph.. easy. *Uses Hydro Pump to push all of the Rock pokemon off of the wall* That should do it.

    ;282; OK, now that I've been to the Great Wall, there is only one place left: Mt. Etna

    ;245; Let's go then!

    Me: Ah, Mt. Etna, the place where my last victim ended up dying after I pushed them into the lava. Teehee, that was fun. Anyway, for some reason, Rose decided to make this her last stop. Luckily for me, this highly active volcano (At least, my magic made it be) is filled with easy to control Fire Types, and the Tyranitars are Dark Types, which should help.

    ;282; Ummm... Mr. Narrator, we're already here.

    Me: God damn you, Rose! Why won't you die!?

    ;282; Survival instinct, maybe?

    Me: Well, as good as you are, I don't think you can survive being pushed into a volcano! *Takes control of Aurora, and flings Rose into the volcano* Now to make sure! *Makes the volcano erupt*

    ;282; *Riding on top of solid lava* Booyah! *The piece of lava crashes into a rock, and Rose is sent flying into the ocean*

    Me: That should get rid of her, unless... damn it!

    Me: As it turns out, Rose managed to land in Bikini Bottom, where there was a lot of fishes... anyone who has watched Spongebob Squarepants should know this place. Remember the episode where everyone disappeared? This is what actually happened...

    ;282; Ooooh... tasty fishes! Yes, it may sound cannibalistic, put they aren't Pokemon, so I can get away with it. *Starts Thunderbolting all of the residents of Bikini Bottom*

    10 minutes later....

    ;282; *Eating fish* As it turns out, Thunderbolting something gives makes it as if it was fried, so I don't have to cook it.

    Me: Wow.... she surprised even me with that ruthlessness. Anyway, she can get home herself this time.

    ;282; I can hear you, narrator. You should really keep your thoughts to yourself.

    Me: Fair enough. Can I have some fish?

    ;282; Sure, why not? Anything to get you to stop trying to kill me. *Tosses a fish*

    Me: Good news! I've decided not to kill you!
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2010
  11. NovaStar

    NovaStar █ ▄ █ ▄

    Pre-Finale Challenge

    The Great Reef:
    ;236; (In Confessional Room) Well you want to know what happened after I base jumped and parachuted out of that alien ship? Fine here's how it went. After landing in the ocean a little ways off of Australia-

    Camera Guy: Australia, you were in the Himalayas, IN ASIA when you got captured how did you make it all the way there?!

    ;236; Shush.. daddy's talking here. So anyways I was in the ocean by Australia...

    So then I bought a ticket back to Asia but the captain didn't quite get the destination right. I was headed to China, following the Great Wall back to Thailand.

    Great Wall of China:

    ;236; There, I was at the Great Wall. I did try to get a picture but duty called, I had to return to Thailand. But one thing led to another and I had fell into another problem.

    So that's how I got back here. But after Lovrina got eliminated I secluded myself from everyone and placed myself on Mt. Etna. But thats a story for later...

    To be continued... again...
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2010
  12. [1: Great Barrier Reef]

    Sally stood on the beach at Australia, preparing to jump into the reef and start swimming. She was nervous, of course, but she knew nothing would harm her there. Well, except for Purple. But she didn't know that yet.

    ;035; : Hmmm...

    After preparing a lot of times, she started to jump. However, she hesitated and thought again if she would actually win. Then she remembered someone's critical advice...

    Remembering this, Sally gained full courage. She leaped into the ocean and to the Great Barrier Reef! But like I said before... Purple was a hazard.

    Me: Okay, Porky! Use Dive!

    ;079; : Slowpoke. *uses Dive*

    Me: *puts air breathing device on*

    And so Sally began to swim through the Great Barrier Reef, with Purple close behind.

    ;035; : *busy swimming and thinking* It really is peaceful here...

    Me: Okay, Porky! Resurface!

    ;035; : Hm... Wait a minute... I'm going backwards?!

    Me: Heheheh. You thought this would be safe, right? Wrong!

    ;035; : Gaah! *jumps off and swims forward rapidly*

    Cue silent cartoon music.

    Me: >=D *keeps bringing Sally back*

    ;035; : D=< *keeps going forward again*

    ;079; : *getting tired from all the swimming*

    Enough with the music.

    ;035; : HAHAHAHA! *far away from Purple and near the end of the reef*

    ;079; : *fainted*

    Me: Darn. I guess I'll have to be a hazard again in the next course. Use Fly!

    ;398; : *uses Fly*

    Meanwhile, with Sally...

    ;035; : *lands on the island* Hello? Anyone here?

    ;164; : What do you want?

    ;035; : Well, I need a transporation ride to the Great Wall of China...

    ;164; : Eh? Fine. *uses Fly*

    And so Sally and Noctowl fly to the Great Wall. Purple is STILL following close behind.

    [2: Great Wall Of China]

    Sally and Noctowl pleasantly cruise through the sky. Sally is grateful that Noctowl was nothing like Purple when she flew. A few hours later...

    ;164; : We're here.

    ;035; : Really? This is the Great Wall?

    Okay, zoom out the camera to show the length of the wall.

    ;035; : *jawdrop* I have to go through all that?

    ;164; : I guess. *shrugs and leaves*

    Me: Heh, I almost feel sorry for you. You even have to walk ten thousand miles.

    ;035; : Hey! I can do better than you!

    Me: O RLY?

    ;035; : YA RLY!

    ;398; : NO WAI.

    Enough with the ORLY things.

    Me: Miss Narrator always ruins the fun... Anyway. I challenge you to a race. First one to cross the Great Wall of China wins!

    ;035; : What?

    But before she could say anything else, Purple climbed on Staraptor and made it use Quick Attack. Sally sighed, since no Legendary could help her now. But perhaps... suddenly Sally got an idea!

    ;035; : I hope this works! *uses Metronome and prepares to use the upcoming Hyper Beam* IMA FIRIN MAH LAZA! *uses Hyper Beam*

    And so because of the uncanny Hyper Beam, Sally crossed the Great Wall of China faster than Purple could. Unfortunately, she needed to recharge. Noctowl once again used Fly as Sally fainted.

    [3: Mt. Etna]

    Noctowl once again flies through the sky to the next destination, Mt. Edna. However Sally is still fainted.

    ;164; : Are you awake yet?

    ;035; : Huh? Y-yeah, I am.

    ;164; : We're here, the next destination is Mt. Edna.

    ;035; : Mt. Edna?! Does this mean I have to climb all the way up?

    ;164; : Calm down! We're halfway there.

    Indeed, Noctowl has been flying upwards from the bottom of the mountain. Although he's getting tired, which means they're almost to the top. However...

    ;035; : Avalanche!

    Noctowl quickly avoids the falling rocks and flies to the top.

    ;164; : Woo! We made it!

    ;035; : Yeah! Wait a minute, the next stop is... Bikini Bottom. *shrugs* The ocean, awaaaaayyy!

    ;164; : *throws Sally into the Ocean*

    [4: Bikini Bottom]

    ;035; : It's not so bad here. Odd.

    Spongebob: Hii!

    Patrick: Who is that?

    ;035; : Hello. My name is Sally.

    Sandy: Wow, someone who is similar to me! Come with me and I'll show you all my inventions.

    So Sally and Sandy walked to Sandy's house, a Treedome. Sally looked at the great inventions that were made. Then Sally thanked her and went to Patrick's Rock.

    Patrick: It's called the Ugly Barnacle.

    ;035; : =)

    Patrick: Once there was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everyone died. The end!

    ;035; : ...That didn't help at all...

    And after trying everything in Bikini Bottom, Sally used Sandy's escape pod to get back to the Universe house.
  13. rosso1111

    rosso1111 Active Member

    ;282; Let's see... Troy still needs to finish his, and Tori still needs to start hers.
  14. mockingjay

    mockingjay swift and lol


    Any edits of your current challenge will forfeit the whole challenge, even if it was a small change.
  15. GoodPokemonTrainer121

    GoodPokemonTrainer121 Yeah man!! :)

    ;393; Oh man I had no clue we were doing a challenge oh well.. I guess I lost :( I'm such a loser!! At least I made it far but not farther than last time which I was a CHAMPION!!
  16. rosso1111

    rosso1111 Active Member

    BTW, Wormow, the edit of my post was before the time was up, and I did it so that I could do each part seperately, cause I had other priorities.
  17. NovaStar

    NovaStar █ ▄ █ ▄

    ;236; GAH! I was sleeping.
    Well now I have a huge possibility of going out now. Most likely it's me vs. Tori for the final spot since my immunity is void as of now.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2010
  18. ;035; : Hm, I guess so... That's too bad...
  19. rosso1111

    rosso1111 Active Member

    ;282; You never know really... I'm still slightly nervous.
  20. ;035; : You got that right...

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