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Pokemon Universe: Power of Six


swift and lol

Welcome to the sixth Pokemon Universe game. We are back, for another season. Tori (GoodPokemonTrainer121) won the fourth season and Rose (Rosso1111) won the fifth. Who will win it this time? This time around, the format will be changed dramatically to fit Sppf's rules and to make this game more enjoyable. Please, only join if you are willing to come to this thread every single day, we aren't going to wait for you.

Generation: [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 beta ]

Main Rules:

- You must be active in the game
- All SerebiiForums rules apply
- Please, try to roleplay as little as you can! If not, not at all!
- Before joining, ask yourself if you will be active
- Do any challenge by yourself, don't steal other's ideas
- If you have been eliminated, you have two posts and then you're off

Voting Rules:

Voting Rules:

- Please, give a reason when voting
- If you are voted out, then deal with it
- Vote in your OWN opinion, not others

Immunity: In a challenge, the member who gets first place will receive immunity. Immunity guarantees you one spot in the game, meaning you don't have to go through the next elimination. You can still get Immunity even though you have won the challenge, as you are walking the Dialga Plank.
Elimination: If your team has lost a challenge, you and your team-mates will go through elimination. You must post your vote on who you think should go, and why. People with +TeamLeader and +Immunity cannot be eliminated.
Challenge: A challenge is something you have to do, and if your team wins, you won't go through elimination. However, the losing team will.
Dialga Plank: If you receive Immunity, you must walk the Dialga Plank. When you get there, there are two plates. You must choose one, and read it. What happens usually effects the games and could make you enemies, and friends. So choose wisely.
Giratina Earring: If you are wearing this and you win the game, you will be in the next game's finale, making you possibly being the second Pokemon Universe.
Magikarp Earring: If you are in the finale and you are wearing this, you will not be winning the title of Pokemon Universe. If you win, the title goes to second place winner.
Red and Blue team: There are two teams, Red and Blue team. Which team you go on is chosen randomly.
Sudden Death: If a user has been inactive for quite some time, they will automatically be eliminated. But the change is hardly noticeable, and the elimination and challenges will go on as normal.
Letter: Sometimes, you will get a letter. The person who posts first, saying they'll read the letter get's PM'd with on what it says.
Uni Challenge: Usually after Dialga Plank, there is a Uni challenge. . If you happen to win the challenge, you get to receive Immunity for any of the upcoming eliminations.

Red Team:
Kimi+ - ;478;
Azaru - ;392;
Phil - ;221;
Anastasia - ;278;
Sakura - ;004;
Shore - ;354;
Chip - ;066;
Spookster - ;292;

Blue Team:
Munchie - ;323;
Callum - ;350;
Trevor - ;056;
Lucas - ;448;
Jade - ;282;
Croak - ;453;
Jayce - ;393;
Cub - ;216;

Eliminated | Immunity+ | Torch

For people unfamiliar with the game, please read over the previous season's threads to make sure you understand the concept of the game and on how it works. We aren't a fan fiction game where everything is decided by the creator of the game and the people do nothing, this game involves you participating in it.
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Bearer of Peace
Name: Munchie
Species: ;323;
Name: Kimi
Species: ;478;



Mr. Soul Stealer
Name: Azaru

Species: ;392;
(Yes, Azaru's a weird name. According to my sources, Azaru is the ending of both Monferno and Infernape's Japanese names)


Shiny Hunter~♥
name: callum
I'm on this forum every day btw...
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Robo-Cascoon's angry
Name: Trevor
Species: ;056;


Mr. Soul Stealer
Crap, just remembered. I will probably only be active on the weekends and stuff like that, so until further notice(or luck)I can't be in the game.


Charmander is best
Since I seem to always be on here, I'll give this game a go.

Name: Sakura
Species: ;004;


swift and lol
I was wondering, can we be any of the new 5th generation pokemon?


@FTL: Yeah, I'm sorry but you can't be in the game. There are updates coming in everyday and I can't afford inactive people, unless you want to be eliminated early in the game. However, the game only takes 10-40minutes a day so maybe if you can try to find time during week days? Idk.