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Pokemon: Unova Chronicles.


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Third time's the charm, as they say. The first chapter is changed up, but the segments with Tom and Laura are mostly the same. R+R please! I will have a PM list, so ask to be on if you really like this.

Chronicle 1: The Unova Chronicle.

Chapter 1: Unova Beginning.

-Nuvema Town. 7:30 A.M.-

A young man, approximately 15, was standing in front of a mirror. The room he stood in was a basic bedroom, brown walls, a mid-sized T.V., a bed, a bookcase, a desk and a computer. The man was about average height with brown hair. He was buttoning up his white shirt when a woman’s voice called for him. “Tom get down here.” The woman was his mother, and she had good reason to call Tom downstairs. Today, he would start on his journey through the pokemon world. He zipped up and buttoned his blue jeans and tied his shoes before heading down stairs. At the bottom waited his mom, middle-aged woman with hair like his but longer. She wore a blue shirt and green pants. “Finally.” She said. "Lauren is going to be here any second. Do you have all your stuff straight?”

“Yeah mom.” Tom replied. “Backpack, poke balls, food, clothes, tent, cell phone and money.”

“Good.” His mother said. “Now go get your stuff.” She shooed Tom upstairs. He returned a minute later wearing a backpack and holding a bag that stored his tent. “Good.” She said. “Now we just have to wait for Lauren. Go get some breakfast while we wait.”

“Okay mom.” Tom replied walking to the kitchen. He made a bowl of cereal, but as soon as he grabbed a spoon the doorbell rang. “I got it mom.” He yelled as he walked into the living room and opened the door. On the other side of the doorframe stood his girlfriend, Lauren. She stood as tall as Tom and had her brown upper back-length hair tied into a ponytail. She was straightening out the arm of her white top when Tom opened the door. “Hey Lauren.” He said. “Do you mind if we wait a little longer? There will still be pokemon and I haven’t had breakfast yet.”

“Fine.” Lauren said. This was just like Tom, to put everything off until he has had food. “But hurry up before Steven beats us to picking the pokemon.” She walked in and dropped her backpack down. “Ches.” She yelled. A small, purple cat slunk out from under Tom’s couch. He had two long, pointed fuchsia markings above his green eyes and a pale area around his petite mouth. Two tapered, pale marks sat on the inside of his eyes. He walked up to Lauren on his long legs, licking the white fur on his shoulders when he got to her. “You are the cutest Purrloin ever.” She said petting him. He swung his scythe shaped tail around and purred in happiness. “You almost done Tom?” She yelled.

“Almost!” Tom yelled from the kitchen. After a few seconds he yelled again. “Done. Let me grab my backpack and we can leave.” Tom walked back into the living room and grabbed his backpack. He petted Ches on the cat’s white back before calling to his mom. “Mom! Me and Lauren are heading out now.”

“Take care and be careful.” She yelled from somewhere out of sight. “And make sure to call.”

“I will.” Tom shouted back. “Come on.” He said to Lauren. The couple walked out of the house and into the small town.

Nuvema Town was not very large, but tons of fifteen and sixteen year olds, and some older people but nowhere near as many, were gathered around one building. A large windowed building with a sign reading ‘Professor Juniper’s lab’ sitting out front. The building was, well, a pokemon lab. In it Professor Juniper, the Unova region’s resident starter professor, was handing out one of three pokemon to new trainers. There was Snivy, the snake grass pokemon. Tepig, the fire pig pokemon. Or Oshawott, the sea otter pokemon. Some of the people were leaving to start their journey with their new partner, but most were still waiting in line or registering so that they could get a pokemon.

“Come on.” Lauren said running ahead of Tom. “We registered yesterday and it’s early so we might get a good spot in line.”

“Well wait for me.” Tom said, running to catch up with Lauren.

-Castelia Town. 7:30 A.M.-

A young man walked into the Castelia Police Department HQ. He was about five and a half feet tall and had a light tan. The man was a mere eighteen years old and still had acne from the adolescence he just left. He was wearing the basic blue uniform of the IUPD (the International Unova Police Department) and a matching hat covering his brown buzz cut. He had blue eyes that seemed like they would belong to a child. He was officer Drew Maple. He only had been working for the IUPD for two months and today is his first solo mission. It’s not that they thought he was responsible enough for solo work, especially after he punched out the one guy at a bust of a Herdier fighting rink, but a wave of crime in Opelucid drew most of the officers there and Drew’s partner was sick today and couldn’t come in.

He went up to the time card slots and timed in. “Barely made it.” He sighed. “Better get to the warm-up area before I start patrol.” He went to the training room. Normally it would be filled with other officers getting ready for the day or training their pokemon, but it was currently empty. “Go Haguru!” He shouted, throwing a great ball. Out of it came a grey pokemon that looked like two connected gears. The left one was raised above the right one, but they looked otherwise identical. They both had dark-grey around their faces which both had a left eye, but a band-aid X instead of a right eye. A large, blue bulb made up a nose for each face, right above their small mouths. Haguru was the first pokemon Drew caught, catching it with his starter pokemon after a big drug bust to celebrate the victory. Haguru was a Klink, meaning that he was technically genderless, but Drew just called him a guy to help simplify things.

“Klink!” Haguru happily screeched.

“Good to see you to buddy.” Drew said, unclipping his second pokeball from his belt. “Go Jason.” His second pokemon came out. It stood at two feet, like his enemy. He had a round, helmet-like head that was black on the bottom half and red on the top. A blade stuck out of his forehead and his thin arms ended in identical daggers. Two rings circled his black body, each with forward pointing spikes on their outer rim. Jason, who was a Bisharp, was one of the two pokemon Drew got when he joined the IUPD. He was a bit aggressive, but always listened to Drew. Mostly.

“Bish. Bisharp, bish.” Jason grunted, walking over to one of the hanging punching bags in the training room and starting to practice.

“Good to see you too, I guess.” Drew called to Jason, even though he wasn’t listening to him. “Oh well, it’s probably just because he’s training right now.” Drew unclipped his last pokeball. “Go Roxie!”

Out of the last pokeball came his second starter pokemon. She was two feet tall and skinny with a red stomach, pale body, and a yellow head. A small red growth stuck up on the top of her head and a loose yellow skin acted as pants and a tail. “Scrag?” Roxie was a Scraggy, but didn’t act like most Scraggies. Most were aggressive and would head butt or kick anything. Roxie was more graceful, she even took a pokemon ballet class that was held at the Police HQ to help reduce the stress on police pokemon. She wouldn’t just attack someone who came into her territory, in fact she never claimed a territory. Sometimes she wouldn’t attack when ordered to if she didn’t think it was required.

“Come on guys,” Drew said to his pokemon. “We can train for a bit, but we have to head out soon.”

-Route 2. 7:30 PM.-

A boy walked through a patch of tall grass. He was a bit short for his age, being 15 and only five feet tall. He was wearing a white undershirt and blue jean shorts. A large bug-catching net was attached to his back on a slant and he had on a camouflage fedora. “Come on Lady.” He whispered to the small pokemon floating behind him.

She was a very short plantlike pokemon. Her head was large compared to the rest of her, triple the size of her body. Her head looked like a green bulb with a small cream-colored crescent color where her brown eyes and small, invisible while closed mouth. Three green leaves sat on top of her head and a small, green collar was on the bottom of her head. Her body was a puffy mass the same color as her head. She jumped from the top of one blade of grass to another with ease. “Lilligant.” The little Lilligant happily squeaked.

-Ten Minutes Later back in Nuvema-

Tom and Lauren were waiting in line to get to Professor Juniper. “Come on.” Lauren mumbled. They were next in line and she was getting more angry by the second. After a few seconds a young man walked out of Professor Juniper’s office where she was giving out starters. “Finally!” Lauren yelled. “Come on.” She grabbed Tom’s hand and roughly pulled him up and into the professor’s office. Inside the office was a mess. Papers laid everywhere, the floor, the desk, the multiple bookshelves. “Where’s the professor?” Lauren asked.

“Right Here.” A feminine voice said from somewhere to the two’s left.

“Where are you?” Tom asked, looking in the direction the voice came from. Suddenly, a woman popped out of a pile of papers. She was chasing a small grey pokemon. It had a pouch shaped body with a large head and equally large ears with white tips. The woman jumped at the pokemon, but it jumped up and landed on her head, rubbing its long tail on the back of the woman‘s head.

“Need some help?” Tom asked.

“Sure.” The woman said, leaping at the pokemon again. Tom walked up to it from one side, making the pokemon scurry off in the opposite direction. It turned around and shook its tail at Tom, letting Lauren grab it.

“Here.” Lauren said handing the pokemon to the woman. “So professor, why was the Minccino running around your office?”

“She was just playing around.” The woman said. “So, how may I help you two?”

“Well Professor Juniper, we are here to get out starters.” Tom said.

The woman, revealed to be professor Juniper, reached into a pocket on her lab coat and pulled out a poke ball. She tapped it on Minccino, returning the pokemon to its ball. Well then, may I ask what pokemon you want?”

“Snivy.” Lauren said.

“And I would like an Oshawott.” Tom said.

“Okay then.” Professor Juniper said reaching into her other coat pocket, pulling out two poke balls. One with a green mark on it and the other a blue spot. “Here and here.” She handed the ball with the green spot to Lauren and the blue spotted ball to Tom. “Please, let out your pokemon.”

“Go Snivy!” Lauren yelled throwing out the poke ball. Out of the ball came a green, serpentine shape. The pokemon had a pointed face and laid on their stomach, sleeping. “Wake up Snivy.” Lauren said poking the snake pokemon. Snivy yawned as it woke up and stood up to reveal that it had two thin legs and stubby arms. It also revealed its pale, scaly stomach. It had a three pointed leaf at the end of its tail and an orange stripe going up from the tip of its tail to the bottom of its neck, splitting and twirling up into two collar like growths.

“Snivy.” The pokemon said regally, going back to sleep.

“Yeah.” Juniper sighed. “This Snivy tends to sleep a lot, but he is the strongest one we have.”

“I think I can stand it.” Lauren said. “So Tom, lets see that Oshawott.”

“Okay.” Tom said affirmatively. “Go Oshawott!” He threw his poke ball . Out of it came a blue otter. It had a large white head with a red nose and freckles on its cheeks. It scratched its small, dark blue ear with its stubby arms. It stood up on its dark blue feet, swinging its body and hitting papers with its stubby tail.

“Cute.” Lauren said.

“Yeah.” Tom said. “Especially with that shell blade of hers” Tom was referring to the yellow oyster shell that was attached to Oshawott’s chest.

“Yes, she isn’t the best with it though.” The Professor said. “Now then, it was good to meet you two, but please leave. I have other people to deal with.”

“Okay.” Lauren said dragging Tom out of the building, their pokemon followed.

-Another 10 minutes later-

Lauren and Tom stood opposite each other in a large field behind the lab. “Remember.” Lauren said. “No crying when I beat you.”

“I won’t.” Tom retorted. “But you have can’t either.”

“Go Snivy!” Lauren yelled. Snivy walked sleepily into the field.

“Go Oshawott!” Tom howled. Oshawott stepped onto the field.

“Lets see, what moves can Snivy use?” Lauren wondered as she pulled out her Pokedex. "Leer, and Tackle..."

“Oshawott can use Tackle and Tail Whip.” Tom read off of his Pokedex. “You want the first move?” he asked Lauren.

“Sure.” She answered happily. “Snivy, Leer!” she yelled. Snivy yawned and fixed an intimidating glare at Oshawott.

"Tail Whip Oshawott." Tom ordered.

Oshawott jumped an Snivy and squealed "Osha!". Oshawott smacked Snivy with her tail with such force, it knocked him back a few feet.

“Snivy, counter with Leer!” Lauren ordered. Snivy glared at Oshawott again.

“Oshawott, use Tackle!” Oshawott ran at and tackled Snivy to the ground. When Oshawott got up, Snivy was shown to be asleep.

“Well then, I guess you win.” Lauren said to Tom. “Return Snivy.” She held up her pokeball and returned Snivy.

“Guess we better be heading out then.” Tom said returning Oshawott. The couple started walking to the town entrance to start their adventures in the pokemon world.

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Hai nice to c ur doing this again I like how u brought in drew in the first chapter can I be on the pm list plz keep on going


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A review!

Well, here's a review!

Ok, so let's take this speech from the first paragraph:

“Finally.” She said. "Lauren is going to be here any second. Do you have all your stuff straight?”

So two things. Firstly, after finally, there should be a comma, not a full stop. This happens with all speech + he/she said (or variation of that). Secondly, "she" in "she said" shouldn't start with a capital, it should be lowercase. This is also the case with exclamation marks and question marks. If you're going to say "bla bla bla," Tom said, his name should be in capitals. This full stop in speech thing is one of your main errors, which i've also noticed in the past two "versions" of this story. If you were to take these suggestion into account, the sentence should read:

"Finally," she said. "Lauren is going to be here any second. Do you have all your stuff straight?"

Next, the description, once again focused on the first paragraph.

A young man, approximately 15, was standing in front of a mirror. The room he stood in was a basic bedroom, brown walls, a mid-sized T.V., a bed, a bookcase, a desk and a computer. The man was about average height with brown hair. He was buttoning up his white shirt when a woman’s voice called for him. “Tom get down here.” The woman was his mother, and she had good reason to call Tom downstairs. Today, he would start on his journey through the pokemon world. He zipped up and buttoned his blue jeans and tied his shoes before heading down stairs. At the bottom waited his mom, middle-aged woman with hair like his but longer. She wore a blue shirt and green pants.

So this is a bit o' a rant . . .

-For numbers less than 100, you should typically write them out, like "fifteen." For numbers like 42, your can either have a dash (forty-two) or no dash (forty two).

-Next, I wouldn't use "basic bedroom" - everyone has a different interpretation of what a "basic bedroom" is (for me it'd be bed + desk + drawers + some sort of chair). You have tried to expand on the concept, but you could improve your description by not just listing what was there: maybe tell us if the bookcase was full/empty - it'd help us understand if Tom was a bookworm or if he hardly read at all. Instead of "mid-sized TV" (note that you can just say TV without the full stops in between) explain a little - it could give us an idea of how rich Tom's family is, and "mid-sized" is also a concept that is interpreted differently by everyone.

-Don't just tell us about what people are wearing. You say "She wore a blue shirt and green pants" - but how did she wear them? Were they tight fitting? Were they really loose? Were they new, were they worn? Did they button up, was the shirt long sleeved or short sleeved . . . this description of clothing is very basic, adding in something like "freshly ironed" or "ripped" could easily add to the description :)

-When you describe Tom at the very beginning, you say he's "approximately 15" - just say something like "of fifteen years" - with the perspective you're using (third person) you can say as much as you want! It just seems a bit odd to say approximately fifteen when you know. Also, you say "the man was of average height" - this is also interpreted differently by everyone. He could be four feet or seven feet! (exaggerated, but do you get the point?)

There was Snivy, the snake grass pokemon. Tepig, the fire pig pokemon. Or Oshawott, the sea otter pokemon.

So in this sentence (this is just my opinion) commas would work far better instead or full stops. You're listing the Pokemon, so you could easily change the full stops to commas. Also Snivy is the Grass Snake Pokemon, not the snake grass Pokemon :p So it'd read:

There was Snivy, the Grass Snake Pokemon, Tepig, the Fire Pig Pokemon, or Oshawott, the Sea Otter Pokemon.

Right, so then the middle, with Drew. This is written better than the first part with Tom and Lauren. I don't really have any complaints with the middle except that it just seems randomly put there for whatever reason. The same goes for the second part with the boy and his Lilligant. I get that they're probably important in the story very soon, but it seems a bit random for you to be telling us this here. But otherwise, back on track to Tom and Lauren.

The last part is a bit rushed to me, especially the battle. You characters are acting a bit odd IMO - Tom and Lauren (unless I've missed something, sorry) don't even thank the professor for their Pokemon! Ungrateful little . . . you could try to show their emotions, like how Lauren reacts to Snivy being sleepy. I think you're worming your way out of the situation by just having Lauren have a "whatever that doesn't even matter" reaction to it. She must be worried/annoyed/disappointed about it. I also feel a bit cheated at the end, with Snivy just falling asleep and Lauren admitting defeat. You should show more emotion - is she disappointed that she lost? Well we can't tell . . .

Ok, so about Tom and Lauren . . . to me, they don't seem like girlfriend and boyfriend. They just seem like relatively close friends. They don't even hold hands! :p I get if you don't want it to be too intimate to keep the rating down, but just don't let readers forget that they're actually in a relationship.

Next, this bit:

Lauren and Tom stood opposite each other in a large field behind the lab. “Remember.” Lauren said. “No crying when I beat you.”

“I won’t.” Tom retorted. “But you have can’t either.”

I really don't understand the "but you have can't either" - can you please explain?

So overall: I think you've got potential. The middle bit that is new to the first chapter (aka wasn't in the original) was better than the parts with Tom and Lauren. Actually, you've kept the Tom and Lauren stuff mostly the same as the first two versions of the story. I suggest you have a go at re-writing them. Judging by the middle, your writing has improved, and (sorry if this is harsh) but by not re-writing I just think you're being lazy. You can obviously do a lot better; why not try? As a closing statement, I'm wondering how you'll differentiate this from other trainer fics . . .


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Okay. I'll revamp it to please my readers. And I was always taught to spell numbers from negative 9 and nine, and number everything else. I might just write it out though. Maybe I could move the middle stuff to the end to help it seem less random. Maybe in the beggining actually.

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Alright i Dislike how you keept the same story line preety much but i'm really happy to read on about what happens with drew


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Okay guys, I'm editting chapter 1, but it won't be much different. Here are the proofread and slightly altered chapters 2 and three. They are pretty much the same as last time around, but with slight minor edits. Chapter 4 will be coming soon, and will focus on the boy with a Lilligant who was in Chapter 1.

Episode 2: Gullible’s Travels.

-Route 1. 8:00 A.M.-

Tom and Lauren were walking along route one. They had left Nuvema town about two minutes ago and were looking forward to their adventures as trainers. “So.” Lauren said to Tom. “This is a short route.” She looked around the route. Tall trees stood lining the route, they had started to change colors and lose leafs but only in small amounts. The path went straight for about forty yards before turning and tracing the trees out of sight.

“And?” Tom asked, not understanding what Lauren was getting at.

“So!” She replied. “Let’s stop and look for some pokemon.”

“Okay,” Tom said. “But how about making this a little more interesting?”

“How exactly?” Lauren asked.

“First one to find a pokemon doesn’t have to pay for lunch or dinner,” Tom said.

“Always you and your food,” Lauren sighed. “Okay.”

“Yes!” Tom yelled happily, running off to look for a pokemon.

After a few minutes, Tom was wondering through the forest that surrounded Route 1. He hasn’t seen any pokemon, but was totally relaxed because he knew Lauren hadn’t either. Tom moved a branch and saw something that made him fall over laughing. Lauren was hanging from a tree, a vine tied around her holding her up. Snivy slept on the ground a few feet away and snored loudly.

“Hey!” Lauren yelled at Tom. “This isn’t funny. Help me down.”

“Okay.” Tom said. “Go Oshawott!” He released the otter who danced around as she took shape. “Oshawott, please cut down Lauren.”

“Osha.” Oshawott saluted pulling off her shell blade and cutting the vine.

“Oomph!” Lauren sputtered as she fell on the ground.

“And I think this is yours.” Tom joked handing Snivy to Lauren. “May I ask, how did you get tangled up in that vine?”

“No you can’t ask, but thanks for Snivy.” Lauren said before running off again. “And I will still beat you!” She shouted at Tom.

Tom walked into the opposite direction when a movement caught his eye. Then another movement to the right. And then another. The movements circled around him.

“Lilli! Pup!” Something barked from the bush. Out stepped a small dog. It had orange fur with large ears and a fluffy tail. A black spot of fur hung of off his back that shook as he walked. A mat of cream fur covered his face, hanging off of the edges.

Tom got out his pokedex and scanned the pokemon. “Lillipup, the puppy pokemon. Male, ability is Vital Spirit. Level 4. Known moves: Leer Tackle. A loyal pokemon, they have been reported to help relieve stress among owners.” The machine droned.

“Oshawott use Tackle!” Tom commanded. Oshawott ran at Lillipup who dodged and tackled Oshawott. “Try it again.” Tom said. Oshawott tried to tackle Lillipup, who just dodged and Tackled Oshawott back. The cycle repeated multiple times until it got too much and Oshawott fell, defeated. Lillipup ran off into the woods. “Dang it.” Tom mumbled angrily. “Return Oshawott.” He returned the otter and started walking back to the main road.

In another part of route 1, Lauren was wandering around the woods. “Come on,” She mumbled to herself. “Where are all of the pokemon?”

“Lilli!” A voice barked behind her. She turned around to see a Lillipup. After scanning it she sent out Snivy.

“Snyyyyy!” Snivy yawned as he stood up.

“Snivy use Tackle!” Lauren shouted. Snivy lazily walked up to Lillipup and slowly tackled it, falling to the ground. Lillipup simply dodged and kicked sand onto Snivy. “Come on Snivy!” Lauren yelled at the sleeping pokemon. Snivy opened its eyes to see the sand laying on him.

“Snivyyyyyy!” He yelled, his eyes widening. He tackled Lillipup to the ground with amazing speed and kept Tackling the dog until he fainted. Happy that his opponent was down, Snivy wiped the sand off of him and went back to sleep.

“Uhhhh, Snivy doesn’t like dirt apparently,” Lauren said grabbing a pokeball out of her bag. “Go pokeball!” She threw the red and white ball at Lillipup. Lillipup got sucked into the ball which shook one… two… and three times. The locking mechanism clinked, meaning that the pokemon was caught. “Yes! I caught a pokemon,” Lauren yelled happily. “Now then, to call Tom so that we can rendezvous.” Lauren returned Snivy and pulled out her phone as she walked back to the road.

Tom, meanwhile, was walking down the road when his phone went off. “Y’ello.” He greeted answering the phone.

“Guess what.” Lauren said.

“I have a feeling I don’t want to know.” Tom said. “But what?”

“I caught a pokemon.” Lauren said. “So, I guess you get to pay for lunch and dinner.”

“Not like I wouldn’t already.” Tom joked. “What kind is it and where are you?”

“A Lillipup, and it took forever to find. I thought that pokemon were supposed to be common around here. And I’m just waiting at the gate to Accumula Town, so just keep walking.”

“I did too, I guess the pokemon are hiding or something. And I think I am almost there, so just hold on.” Tom walked around a corner and saw Lauren standing next to a large arch with a sign reading ‘Welcome to Accumula Town’ on it.

“So, ready for lunch?“ Lauren said hanging up her phone.

“It’s only eight twenty. How about a midmorning snack?” Tom said walking past Lauren. “Last one into town is a rotten egg!” He yelled, running through the arch.

“Hey!” Lauren complained. “That’s not fair.”


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Episode 3: Green Versus Blue

As Tom and Lauren entered Accumula Town, they saw a large crowd. The crowd was gathered around a stage with a man standing on it. He was tall and wore a white shirt and brown pants. He had large, green hair that fell to the small of his back and appeared to be wearing a hat, but the crowd was so large that the couple couldn't get closer to see him clearly.

"Hello ladies and gentlemen," He said loudly and calmly in an oddly feminine voice. "I am N Harmonia, and I speak for the pokemon for the pokemon have no tongues."

"'Yes they do," a man from somewhere in the crowd interrupted.

"But not human tongues," N replied calmly. "I have seen the tragedies that arise from enslaving the pokemon like humans do. It is wrong and we must release all our pokemon and let them be free. Anyone want to join now and release their pokemon?"

"Go Haguru!" A man yelled from the front, letting out his pokemon. Only its back could be seen, two grey gears that were intertwined with one on the upper right and one on the lower left.

"So you want to join our cause?" N asked the man.

"No," the man said, "I want you to leave. I'm Officer Drew Maple of the IUPD, the International Unova Police Department. I received a complaint from the owner of this stage that someone was using it illegally. I'm here to arrest you."

"Cool." Tom said. "A member of the IUPD. I'm scanning his pokemon." He took out his pokedex and scanned the gear-like pokemon.

"Klink," the pokedex droned, showing the pokemon's front. "The gear pokemon, genderless. Ability Plus. Level 7. Known moves Vicegrip and Charge."

"Hmm, Charge but no electric moves." Tom mused. "And why did the officer call the Klink Haguru?"

"Probably its nickname." Lauren shrugged. "Let's watch what happens."


Officer Drew Maple stood at the front of the crowd as N spoke. His eyes were trained on the strange man on stage.

N stood almost six and a half feet with bushy, green hair reaching down most of his back. He was wearing a white polo with the bottom few buttons undone, showing his black undershirt. He wore brown pants with a strange green cube attached to one of his belt loops with a chain. N adjusted his grey baseball cap as he spoke, ending with a question.
"Anyone want to join now and release their pokemon?"

"Go Haguru." Drew said, letting out his trusty Klink.

"So you want to join our cause?" N asked him.

"No," the officer told N. He then introduced himself and told the man his reason for being there.

"Oh," N sighed. "I'm sorry, but how about a deal? We battle I win you let me stay, you win and I'll leave."

"It's not exactly regulation, nor does it make sense with your cause, but I could use a battle. Sure!"

"Hmm, who to use." N said, looking around. "Pidove, please help me show the way in the black darkness of people‘s hearts," He called. A small gray pigeon with a light grey heart shape on its chest and black wings and beak-a gray line going down its wings vertically- flew down.

"Pi." It chirped.

"Pidove," a pokedex read from the crowd. "The small pigeon pokemon, female. Ability: Big Pecks. Level 6. Known moves: Gust and Growl."

"Idiot!" A woman shouted. "You can't win with a Pidove!"

"Me and my friends can do anything," N said, jumping off of the stage, people moving out of his way. "Please give us space." The crowd moved out, opening up a large empty area for the battle. "You may go first officer."

"Haguru, Charge and Vicegrip." Drew ordered.

"Klink." The pokemon's two gears turned quickly, electricity building up. "KLINK!" It rammed at the small bird.

"Pidove, dodge." Pidove's commander ordered.

"Pi." She flew up before the Klink could hit her.

"Not bad," Drew mused. "But not good either."

"KLINK!" Haguru yelled again, charging at Pidove again. He caught her and began spinning rapidly, crushing her and letting loose his stored electricity into her.

"Pi dove!" The Pidove fell to the ground. She let out a small grunt of defeat before flying off back to her nest.

"No." N said. He spotted a stray pokemon in an alley and called it, "come here Purrloin and help me show the way to the white light of peace."

"Purr." The small, purple cat walked up to him, swinging its scythe like tail.

"Purrloin. The bad luck pokemon, male. Level 3. Ability Mischievous Heart. Known moves: Growl and Scratch."

"Who's pokedex is that?" The man from before yelled out. "And level three, hah you are screwed N."

"Please watch you language." N said, as cheerful and calm as ever.

"Return Haguru. Go Roxie." Officer Maple called back Haguru and sent out his Scraggie.

"Scrag." She said, pulling up her 'pants'.

"Scraggy. The baggy pants pokemon, female. Level 8. Ability: Moxie. Known moves: Leer, Low Kick, and Sand Attack."

"Turn off you pokedex please." N said, graveness appearing in his voice. "Purrloin, Scratch." Purrloin jumped at Roxie, claws glowing white, and swiped.

"Scrag." Roxie said, scratch marks on her face.

"Roxie, use Low Kick."

"Gy!" Roxie jumped into the air and spun before landing next to Purrloin, letting out a sweep kick as she did.

"Purr." Purrloin growled, landing on his face. "Loin, purr loin." He ran off back to the alley way.

"I'm not done yet," N desperately said, looking around rapidly. "Timburr, please help me show the way through black and white to the perfect world."

"Tim, burr?" The pokemon said. It was standing behind the stage making some fixes on the building behind it when N called him. He stood at two feet and was a dull grey with an oval nose. He picked up a piece of wood as big as himself before walking into the battle.

"Timburr. The muscular pokemon, ma-"

"Turn the pokedex off or I'll beat you with a spoon!" N yelled, the pokedex immediately getting turned off.

"Hmm, getting a bit angry. Then I'm sure you'll hate this. Return Roxie, go Jason." Drew returned the Scraggy and sent out a new pokemon, his Pawniard.

"Pawn." Jason laughed, glaring at his foe with yellow eyes.

"Timburr, attack," N ordered, unsure of Timburr's moves.

"Tim." Timburr jumped at Jason and swung his wood in a pound attack. The move struck Jason, but he was barely affected.

"Heh," Drew laughed. "My Pawniard was bred to beat fighting-types. Jason use Psycho Cut."

"Yard." Jason's hand daggers glew purple and he slashed the Timburr.

"Burr." The fighting-type fell down, fainted.

"No fair," N pouted. "I give up." He jumped back onto the stage and threw down a smoke bomb. When it cleared, N was nowhere to be seen.

"Good job Jason." Drew said, returning the Pawniard.

"Awesome!" Tom yelled loudly from the back of the crowd.