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Pokemon War of the Legends Redo


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Pokemon: War of the Legends Redo

This RP was really popular durin gsign-ups, but died quickly. So, I'm remaking it.

The pokemon world lasted for centuries in peace. Humans and pokemon got along like family. Until that fateful day two years ago. Legendary pokemon, physical gods of the world, attacked. The various legendaries from every region turned on humans using their powers. The once peaceful gods became mad, slaughtering people and pokemon who stood in their way and no amount of force could stop them. However, one legendary managed to stave off whatever was controlling the others and stood with the humans. He was Mewtwo, an artificial legendary born from experiments on the DNA of Mew. He tried to awaken the other legendaries from their crazes, but he could merely hold them off. In that time however, the human scientists came up with a plan. They studied the experiments that made Mewtwo. A scientist from long ago named Dr. Fuji fused his DNA with DNA they got from a Mew. The scientist decided to take this a step further, why not mix the whole human and a whole, living pokemon. They created fusion chambers to try and mix a pokemon and a human into one being. But every time they tried, they failed and the two involved died within hours. They almost gave up when the son of the head scientist, Dr. Lazarus Goldman, made a suggestion.

"You know." He said to his father. "It always seems like you are giving too much energy into your experiments Dad."

"What do you mean?" Dr. Goldman asked.

"I mean, the little thing always says overload on when you do the experiments."

"Little thing? Do you mean the power reader Toby?" The doctor asked his son.

"Yeah!" Toby said, he was only fourteen, but he knew his way around a lab. "SO, what if you use something with less power?"

"Less power?" Doctor Goldman questioned. "Less power! Toby, you are a genius. That is perfect, come with me."

"Thanks dad." Toby replied, following his dad out of the office they were sitting in. "I wonder why I am a genius?" He muttered to himself as he went through the doorway.

The two entered a small lab with a table on it. On the table sat the blueprints for the plan.

"What is it dad?" Toby asked.

"What you said gave me an idea Toby." Dr. Goldman said. He wrote some complicated and long formulas down on the blueprint paper and double checked them. "Toby, I think I have it."

"Have what dad?" The thirteen year old asked.

"The solution to our problems. But this might take a while to perfect." The doctor replied, walking off down the hallway.


-One week later in a lab room.-

Toby sat in a small lab room, diodes hooked up to him and a small grass type next to him.

"Ready Toby?" His dad asked.

"Yeah dad." Toby said, confirmatively. "You ready Bellosom?" He said to the pokemon.

"Bell!" She cheered.

"Then lets do this." The doctor said, pulling a switch attached to a large computer. A display appeared on the screen, showing Toby and Bellosom slowly moving to each other. Finally, the models overlaid each other and a slight flash came onto the screen. It faded revealing a model of a small, green onion fairy pokemon. A bar appeared to the side and filled from one edge to the other with a green bar. "Yes!" Doctor Goldman yelled happily. "Toby, you and Bellosom can be fused without dying. This is great news. We finally made a breakthrough." Then a new thought hit the professor. "But now we have to see how many other people are willing to let their kids be used in this."


This is where you come in. You are the teen child of one of the scientists working on this project. You and your one pokemon will be fused into a legendary. All legendaries (Other than Genesect, Phione, Mewtwo and Arceus) are open to be used. The partner has to have some relationship to the legendary and it would help if they shared a similar type(Obviously, some legendaries don't have fitting or any pokemon of the same type, so one type is really all that is needed but both would be better. Unlike in the original, they do not have to be the same type, but it would help a bit. The relationship has to be more than the shared type. Like Bellosom and Celebi. They are both small, cute grass types.) In the legendary form, you will train so that you can help Mewtwo fight off, and hopefully cure, the other legendaries.

Read all rules before you post.
1)Post 'The GM is awesome' in your sign-up post.
2) Follow the sign-up form.
3) Follow all SPP rules.
4) No god-modding.
5) No bunnying except for special cases. These are when you get permission from the owner of that character and you have to stay in-character for them.
6) PG13- There will be blood, language, and some death. No killing anything without PM'ing me first or me PM'ing you.
7) All legendaries except the ones previously stated (That is Phione, Arceus, Mewtwo and Genesect) are available for use.
8) All moves you use must be legit.
9) Be respectful to others.
10) Due to the large amount of legendaries, everyone can have two sign-ups.
11) Any fully-evolved non-legendary is usable as your partner.
13) Please be active. Try to have to have at least three posts each week.
14) If you won't be here for a while then please PM me and PM me when you get back. After you get back, please post to catch up for everything you missed.
15)If at any point you need to drop out for whatever reason, PM me. Either me or someone else will control your character for a bit and you can reclaim them and rejoin at any time.
16) Once an NPC is introduced they can be used by anyone.
17) Each legendary can only be used once.
18) I am god for this RPG, except for when I am RPing. Do not try and make a major plot point without PMing me first AND GETTING PERMISSION. Doing so will require that you edit/delete the offending post and you get a strike.
19) Three strikes and you are out.
20) Do not follow rule one.

Name: Obvious. First and Last Needed.
Gender: Obvious again.
Age: 14-18.
Description: At least one full paragraph. Include as much info as you can.
History: Two solid paragraphs at least. You don't have to give me a highly descriptive history, but I need enough to tell something about you. Remember, you are the child of one of the people working for the lab.
Personality: Two or more solid paragraphs. No clichés or Mary Sues/Gary Stues.
Other: Any other things that need to be known.

Name: What you call it. Can be a nickname (the preferred) or just the species name.
Species: Either an icon or the species name. Must be fully evolved.
Gender: Unless they are genderless of course.
Abiliity: Any one they can have, including Dream World abilities.
Description: At least one paragraph. Put as much as you can. Your pokemon can look normal, or you could always give a little twist to make your's stand out.
Attacks: Six. All must be legal through normal game play (That is, level up, breeding (only if hey were raised from an egg), TMs and moves they learned before they evolved).
Personality: One solid paragraph.
History: Also one solid paragraph. Describe their live both before and after being caught if they are wild or just growing up around people if they were bred in captivity.

Name: You got to go by something that the others can call you in this form.
Species: Same as with pokemon.
Gender: The same one as your trainer.
Ability: Either their In-Game or Dream World ability.
Description: Same as with the pokemon.
Attacks: Same as with the pokemon, but ten instead of six.
Connection to pokemon: You have to find a way (other than type because that is a default needed) to connect the legendary to the normal pokemon.

Toby Goldman-Bellosom(Bell)-Celebi(Onion)-Kissmygrass96
Sam Halcyon-Luxray(Luxan)-Zekrom(Xaron)-deokishisu.123
Wynnette Treuse-Slowking(Porter)-Uxie(Tiki)-Floorman
Jesse Tawnye-Froslass(Shiver)-Regice(Thief)-Floorman
Yamiko Murakage-Spiritomb(Morgana)-Darkrai(Nox)-Kiruria
Victoria Hearth-Infernape(Leonidas)-Victini(Victa)- D-World
Oscar Wilde-Jumpluff (Bubbles)-Shaymin(Casimir)- D-World
Carolina Wenchess-Politoed(Aqua Beauty)-lucarioisawesome
Hui Linn-Hydreigon(Shadowfire)-Rayquaza(Skybolt)-Wayjun
Giovanni Guillermo-Excadrill(Exatus)-Dialga(Diato)-Pokemon Trainer Xande
Daniel Aster-Golurk(Voltron)-Giratina(Chaos)-Bronzong#1
Melissa Palmer-Vaporeon(Star)-Suicune(Aqua)-Flame Mistress (Irony!)




This time, I'm putting on a limit. If you aren't on much, then please DO NOT sign-up. You may be a good RPer, but if you'll be gone for days at a time, or even just won't update every day or two on a regular basis,then please don't take a spot from someone more active. Only 14 people will be accepted, including Toby. NOw, start the re-sign-up!
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You remade it!


Creeping On Le Floor
Hey, I've been waiting for a redo of this. Could I one (or both) of my characters from the first one?


Creeping On Le Floor
Yeah sure, here are both of them

Name: Wynnette Treuse

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Description: Wynette has mahogany colored hair that is often cut short, causing her to often be mistaken for a boy. She has soft brown eyes. She often wears the same clothing from day to day, a pair of khaki Capri pants, green flip-flops, and a blue and white striped T-shirt. One thing she always wears though, is a small wooden pendant. It is hung on a black, woven necklace, and is hand-carved in the figure of a Tiki statuette.

History: She had a great life growing up, her mom was a well known scientist, and her father a naturalist, both of whom spent much time with her at their home in the tropics. Then it all changed two years ago, when the end began. Her father, Sydney Treuse, was well known for his studies of legendary Pokémon, specifically that of the legendary dogs. For some reason, they would allow him to see them and study them without fleeing. Then it all changed. Her father disappeared after the Legendary Pokémon began to attack, and his body wasn't recovered for a week after his death, but even before then it was obvious what had happened. This event took her by storm, and she was never the same since.

A week or so after her father's body had been discovered, a package for her had arrived in the mail. It was from her father, and was actually an 8th birthday present, which had been lost somewhere along the way through the postal service. Inside was the pendant, which is now her beacon, her guiding light. When she recieved it, she took it as a message that she was supposed to fix this, but she didn't know how to. Then, her mom got involved with the project, and when the breakthrough occurred, Wynnette was one of the first to sign herself up, with the family pet, and her only "Friend," a Slowking named Porter.

Personality: She is soft-spoken, and is the kind of person who is often overlooked, who hides in the corner. She wasn't always like this though. She is still in a state of denial over what happened to her father. She is almost perpetually depressed, and it is rare to see her smile. The only things in life that seems to matter to her are her mom, her Father's pendant, and ending the nightmare that started 2 years ago.

She is actually very motivated, even though she's depressed. She refuses help from others, and intends to do things alone, or with Porter. She isn't afraid to tell someone how she really feels about them, and sometimes her language isn't the best, considering she sees most people as morons. She isn't usually one to break down at one word ,however saddened she may be, but she is easy to set off, and once started crying, she doesn't stop for about three hours at minimum.

Name: Porter

Species: Slowking

Gender: Male

Ability: Own Tempo

Description. Porter looks like an overweight, but otherwise average Slowking.
His obesity is most likely due to the life of a pet that he led. The only abnormal thing about him is that he is missing the left branch of his crown.

Attacks: Yawn, Rest, Growl, Psychic, Attract, Ice Beam.

Personality: Porter is usually a lazy, good-for-nothing house cat. ( He isn't actually a cat, but you get the idea) He is usually very docile, until someone accidentally steps on his tail. Then, Ice beams start to fly, and chaos breaks loose. He isn't a part of this by choice, but he does share a strong bond with Wynnette, as it's only due to her father that he isn't dead. It's probably also due to her that he hasn't been disowned.

History: He grew up in the wild, and actually led a group of Other Slowbros and Slowpokes, until they decided to revolt. The end result was that his crown was broken, and he was left for dead on a beach in the middle of nowhere. He would've died there too, had Wynnette's father not come along, and nursed him back to health after taking him to his home. As he was about to be sent back out into the wild, a three-year-old Wynnette pleaded her dad to let them keep him. From then on, he has enjoyed the life of an average pet, and gotten obese.


Nickname: Tiki

Species: Uxie

Gender: Female

Ability: Levitate

Description: She is always seen with her necklace, even when fused, as it is still around her neck. She looks like a normal Uxie, and constantly has to be reminded to keep her eyes shut, lest she accidentally cause an accident where someone's memory is lost.

Moves: Yawn, Rest, Future sight, Amnesia, Psychic, Confusion, Memento, Flail, Calm mind, Light Screen

Connection to legendary: Uxie is the pokémon that is the embodiment of knowledge, and Slowking are known to be wise.

and the other:

Name: Jesse Tawnye

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Description: Jesse has thick, Jet black hair, which is often hidden under his signature stocking cap, which is a bright yellow. He wears it wherever he goes. His eyes are an icy blue, and they seem to sparkle in the sunlight. Other than his hat, he wears a tarnished red coat, and faded blue jeans, even in the Summer. Under his coat he wears no shirt, coming from the cold of the North, he never needed one. He has a bright, round face.

History: He was abandoned at a young age by his real parents and left to fend for himself in the winters in the cold North. It was there that he found a fainted Snorunt who looked to be almost frozen to death. He revived the Snorunt and kept it from freezing by rushing into the nearest house he could find, not even thinking about the consequences.

The home just so happened to be that of a well known scientist, Dr. Richard Tawnye, who was startled by the young boy. After Jesse managed to explain it to him, though, he gingerly agreed to let the boy and the Snorunt stay for a few nights. He would eventually adopt Jesse as his son. From then on, Jesse has gone almost everywhere with his adopted father, and was happy to oblige for the Project.

Personality: Jesse can be cold to new people, mainly because when you live on the streets, you have to earn your respect. This philosophy is one he believes in above all others, and he can be very harsh when someone lets him down. He is really a gentle person deep down, past his icy shell. He keeps the fact that he was adopted hidden, because if anyone knew, they'd probably shun him, at least in his head they would.

Around his friends and Pokémon, he is kind, and warm-hearted. He is a person who resists change, and wishes things were just the way they always were, before the legendaries started slaughtering people left and right. He is impulsive, and would probably rush headlong into sure-death if there were even a small chance he could save another's life. He doesn't treasure his own life much, and would gladly give it for his cause. He can be stubborn, and refuses to go with the group if he doesn't agree with them, which is where his downfall is.


Name: Shiver

Species: Froslass

Gender: Female

Appearance: Shiver looks like a normal Froslass, with the exception of the fact that her outer shell is Black instead of white, and her inner body is an icy blue.

Moves: Icy Wind, Destiny Bond, Bite, Ominous Wind, Blizzard, Hail

Ability: Snow Cloak

Personality: Shiver is much like her trainer in that she also believes that respect must be earned. She is seemingly infatuated with Jesse, to the point where she is almost seeming to flirt with him, unsuccessfully. This can cause some awkward moments. She is very headstrong, and will protect her Trainer at all costs, much like he would do for her.

History: As a Snorunt, she was separated from her group, and got lost. She had passed out from the cold when she had been found by Jesse, who nursed her back to health. She is still technically a wild pokémon, since Jesse could never afford a pokéball, but the two are inseparable. When the two found an oddly colored stone in Dr. Tawnye's lab one day, it caused her to evolve into a Frosslass. When Jesse asked to become a part of the program, she was with him every step of the way.

Name: Thief

Species: Regice

Gender: Male

Description: As a Regice, He takes on a little bit more of Shiver than himself. For example, he has black spots of ice on his back, and another spot of black on his palms and Forehead. Other than this, he looks like the legendary itself.

Attacks: Explosion, Blizzard, Zap Cannon, Ancient Power, Hyper Beam, Earthquake, Brick Break, Giga Impact, Amnesia, Toxic

Ability: Clear Body

Connection to Pokemon: Regice is made of crystal-clear ice, and there are little crystals of ice all over your average Frosslass.


Creeping On Le Floor
Ok, I'm just happy I have my spots filled, so no one else does it first.


La Melancolie Noir
Hey-hey, look what's back! Well, before I re-post my signup, let me tell you why I dropped out of the last version of this RPG. In my opinion, that RPG was way too crowded, and there were so many people posting short posts that it just annoyed me (for the same reasons that Wayjun kept complaining about). Eventually I decided I had enough of that nonsense and decided to just drop out. It had nothing to do with you--I think the RPG was a fantastic idea. Although you might want to think twice about letting twenty or so people into the RPG--otherwise it just becomes chaos.

...You know what? I'm gonna act the complete opposite of Yamiko and push my luck. It's a good thing I save all my RPG signups on my computer... And I'm not signing up as the E-Gang/Sky Trio again because they were too much of a distraction for me...

Also, a funny thing happened. Remember how I said that Venifica was named after a previous RPG character? Turns out that the RPG the original Venifica was in got re-started--perhaps another reason why I dropped out of this one was because I was afraid of confusing the two Venificas. So I changed Darkrai's name to something else.



Yamiko Murakage
Gender: Female
Age: 17

Description: Yamiko is built as gently as a faery (although she has no wings nor magical powers of course)--her skin is smooth and soft and her body is light and quite flexible, though a little on the thin side. She's 5'2" tall and has a pleasant peach tone to her skin, and her eyes are a deep indigo. Her straight, soft hair falls down to her chest and is the colour of blood--though more black on the inside. Atop her head is a black hat with a blue and purple band around it.

Yamiko likes to be just a tad bit fashionable in her clothing, and her hat is only one example. Her shirt is a deep mauve in colour with broad navy blue stripes. Its sleeves are long enough to almost cover her hands, but they have hidden buttons on the inside that can attach to the inside of the elbows, so Yamiko can wear the sleeves at mid-length too. Her blue jeans flare out a bit near the bottom, where they end in more blue and purple stripes and slightly cover her black sneakers. Yamiko also carries a large black shoulder bag with a rectangular shape and hints of a purple Darkrai design on it.

History: After Celia Murakage died at the age of 92, she put a curse on her family, though nobody knows why. As a result, her granddaughter Mai died while giving birth to Yamiko. So Yamiko lived with her father, a stage magician known as Happy Dan. In the first three years, Yamiko had several opportunities to perform with him, usually on the street or a corner in a park, and to learn some of his tricks as well. However, after he contracted a type of arthritis that weakened his hands, he and Yamiko ended up homeless. But at the time she and Dan did a lot of exploring around town, especially to places where the Pokemon were, such as the parks and the surrounding routes.

After a while, the police decided Yamiko lived in "unsafe conditions" and arranged to find another family for her to stay with. After some research they found an aunt of hers, a lab worker and prospective Pokemon researcher who went by the alias "Vi Willow". But this Vi Villow was too busy to be able to take care of her, so Yamiko found another family to stay with for a while. All was relatively well for the next few years. Yamiko started taking ballet lessons at this time, finding that dancing was the perfect way for her to express her emotions in a way that was universally understandable. At the time her favourite Pokemon was Gardevoir, and she dreamed of a time she could start a Pokemon journey with a Ralts.

Despite living with an adopted family, Yamiko was not without connections to her real family. She still tried to visit Dan whenever she could, which was often hard because he was both homeless and an ex-magician. Celia was often on her mind, especially during the nightmares she frequently had. And during her teenage years she kept in touch with Vi Willow on several occasions. Vi Willow was quite the odd individual--not only did she want to become a prestigious Pokemon researcher like Professors Oak and Elm, but she was very much into computer design, and working with the creation of virtual spaces. She was also working on a project with a few other scientists--one that involved Pokemon and human fusion, one aimed at stopping the attacks by the legendary Pokemon. Yamiko's adopted mother was a victim of one such attack, being imprisoned in the Distortion World by Giratina.

One night when Yamiko was sixteen, she had a dream. In it, the ghost of Celia danced around her, and some unknown ghost Pokemon stood in the background. Celia told Yamiko that in order to remove the curse she put on her, she must defeat her in a Pokemon battle. However, Celia also said that she must also "bond with the darkness" to remove the curse, and Yamiko had no idea what that meant. At any rate, the following day, Yamiko talked to Vi Willow to see if she could help her get started on a Pokemon journey. Vi Willow didn't yet have the authority to give her a Pokemon to start with, but decided to go along with her to find the Ralts she always wanted.

They never found the Ralts. Instead, that night Yamiko strayed away from Vi Willow and came upon a small tombstone with strange markings. Actually, it was a Spiritomb, one who used to belong to Celia and had been looking for Yamiko for years. Yamiko didn't trust this Spiritomb (who was named Morgana) at first, but after much convincing, she decided to let Morgana accompany her. After all, it sounded like Morgana really wanted to help Yamiko out with the curse.

The following year saw Yamiko traveling around Sinnoh with Morgana, honing her skills as a trainer. Rather than catch other Pokemon, she decided to just get to know Morgana better. Besides, every Ralts that came into their midst was scared off by the evil air about Morgana. It was true that Morgana was quite a sadistic Spiritomb, but Yamiko found it easy to identify with her attitude. The two even gained a little bit of recognition in Hearthome City's contest hall. But Yamiko began to get frustrated when they failed to defeat some of the gym leaders, thinking that she wasn't good enough a trainer to be able to defeat Celia.

After a while, Vi Willow approached Yamiko again, this time with a very bizarre idea: to fuse her and Morgana. Apparently, doing so would give them the powers of a legendary Pokemon. It was an unsettling idea, but in the end, Yamiko agreed to the experiment, hoping it would help her bond with Morgana and make her better able to stand up to Celia. Speaking of which, an idea dawned on Yamiko: that this was what Celia meant when she told her to bond with the darkness...

Personality: Yamiko is definitely an introverted person. She has a habit of avoiding people's gaze, and of doing things secretly. Also she hates asking favours of people. She is hardly ever the one to start a conversation, and has trouble keeping one going. When she does decide to talk to people, she speaks in quite a passive fashion, adapting to what others say, and frequently agreeing with people. Because of this, she comes across as easy to get along with, and also easy to manipulate. It is true that she is quick to forgive people, to give them a second chance. As long as they don't seem like they want to harm her directly, she trusts people quite easily, though it might take her a while to do so at first (Morgana being one example).

But because Yamiko likes to have fewer friends, that also means that she wants to keep whichever ones she has. Though she might still appear avoidant as usual around her friends and family, she cares deeply about them, and will often go out of her way to protect them in case of danger. She also enjoys physical contact with her friends--a hug from one of them almost always cheers her up at least somewhat. That and a dance. Yamiko has loved to dance ever since she was little--sometimes she can get carried away and accidentally slip a dance step into her regular movement. She shows a great appreciation for music and visual beauty, and an unquestioning belief in magic.

Yamiko is also known for being very emotional. It's very easy to make her cry and feel depressed. When frustrated, it's common for her to push people away. She's gotten a bit better on controlling herself when angry, but often she won't make the wisest of decisions in that state, and won't hesitate to become violent. On past occasions she's gotten into trouble for starting a fight with a bully, and the brave and relentless way in which she fights certainly didn't help. But it's easy to make her feel positively ecstatic as well, and she has a habit of cheering excitedly when something good happens. And she sees romance as being a very positive and spiritual thing.

But remember that Yamiko's name means "child of darkness"--her nature does not ignore this fact. She has a hard time apologising to people and expressing gratitude, being more likely to slip quietly out of a conversation. Though she does try to be nice to most people, she does pity many of them, especially with her secret wish for all the Average Joes in the world to be available as slaves. And she only feels guilty for hurting someone when someone else is there to scold her about it. If she can lie, cheat, or steal to get what she wants, she will. Probably her greatest skills are in lying, hiding, keeping secrets, and appearing innocent. Another thing she hates doing is following orders. However, she will never blatantly refuse one--instead she will bend it to her own advantage and do a lot of side stuff with it. Perhaps it was her upbringing by a magician that preluded her sneaky nature.

Other: I believe I covered everything in the Personality and History... If I think of anything else, I'll edit it into this area.


Species: Spiritomb
Gender: Female
Ability: Slip Through (that's the Dream World ability--the one that bypasses Reflect and Light Screen)

Description: All Spiritombs consist of of a ghastly face that emerges out of an Odd Keystone. Morgana especially likes to hide her face among strangers. When she does so, she looks like a small, thick tombstone, with a few jagged cracks in the shape of an M, and small circles on the side. This stone is a bleak gray in colour, giving it an eerie air when spotted under moonlight. One of the cracks looks like it's actually a message scrawled in chicken scratch, but that is a purely accidental effect.

Morgana's face rises up high out of the stone, usually to the height of either Yamiko or whoever she's trying to scare. Her face is amorphous and made of a deep purple ectoplasm, the energy ring around it a sea green with an eerie glow. Her eyes are both the same size, and glow when she uses any form of magic (including all her attacks). Unlike some Spiritomb, she has none of those squiggly lines in her eyes, and her mouth is not as jagged.

Attacks: Curse, Confuse Ray, Ominous Wind, Dark Pulse, Psychic, Will-O-Wisp (the last two are TM moves)

Personality: Morgana has a very sadistic nature. Causing pain to others is a wonderful source of energy to her, just as much as any sort of fear is. Stealing energy from others is a much-enjoyed pastime for her. She loves to battle, since it gives her a valid excuse to really torture her opponents. In fact, she can get carried away by attacking a Pokemon long after it has fainted or given up. And in her wicked methods of toying with her victims, she likes to get a bit creative. This has led her to experiment quite a bit with her attacks, forming shapes out of them (her favourite is making her Dark Pulse resemble a dragon). But this can't change the effect of the attack--just the appearance. She also likes to communicate by making little illustrations out of the same ectoplasm that makes up her face.

But Morgana doesn't exactly fit the cookie-cutter of a Spiritomb personality otherwise. Deep inside, she is actually benevolent, not prone at all to bearing grudges, except maybe for short periods of time during a battle or something. And as long as her lust for demise is at bay, she is very loyal to those she trusts, and seeks the best in them. She also loves to do favours for her friends, as well as to tease people who are afraid of the dark or other petty things. Perhaps she believes in "Shadowism" and seeks to enlighten others with it. Naturally, because she's a ghost Pokemon, she readily shares her opinions about death.

History: Morgana originally belonged to Celia, Yamiko's great-grandmother. Celia received her as a present from a mysterious breeder just after her husband died, and just a few years before her own death. During those few years, Morgana didn't receive quite as much attention as Celia's Banette, who she had known for over fifty years. Thus, upon Celia's death, while the Banette was trapped in her haunted house, Morgana was free to roam about the world. And plus, Celia mentioned in her will that Morgana would be passed on to Yamiko. The reasons behind that, though, remain a mystery. Morgana had to do quite a bit of searching in the years after Celia's death, and had to consult a few Xatus and Sigilyphs and other fortune-tellers in order to finally find Yamiko sixteen years later.


Nox, but she often goes by either Yamiko or (less commonly) Morgana as well.
Species: Darkrai
Gender: Female
Ability: Bad Dreams (seems it doesn't even have a separate Dream World ability...)

Description: Because of Morgana's tendency to draw herself up to the height of whoever she's with, Nox is the exact same height as Yamiko. The "dress" she "wears" is ruffled rather than jagged at the bottom, and has a satin-like texture. (Yamiko actually has a dress that looks like this.) Only you won't find any feet underneath it. Nox's shoulders are very pointy, and curve upwards a slight bit. And because Morgana is part of the fusion, an occasional wisp of dark purple ectoplasm darts around her body, and also forms a shapeless "ring" around her neck in place of Darkrai's usual red collar. Also around her neck is a pendant consisting of a miniature version of Morgana's Odd Keystone.

Nox retains Morgana's eyes, the spectral green ones with a menacing glow. But unlike Morgana, she can close them if she wants to. Her hair is a deep blood red, just like Yamiko's. But it's quite a bit longer, and floats upward as if defying gravity, as is typical of Darkrai. The "wings" that sprout from her shoulders look more like actual wings, and appear to have feathers. And finally, her pointy fingers are rather long and thin, making it easier for her to pick into people's minds and pockets alike.

Attacks: Dark Pulse, Dark Void, Psychic, Nightmare, Thunderbolt, Thief, Shadow Claw, Dream Eater, Focus Blast, Substitute
**Like Morgana, Nox can change the shape of her attacks somewhat. When she uses Substitute, what appears is either an Odd Keystone or a doll that looks like Yamiko.

Connection to Pokemon: What connects Yamiko and Morgana are their personalities, specifically the darker parts of them. And also that both have a connection to Celia. In fact, they both kept Celia in their minds during the transformation...
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Oooh, this is back

ooh, just in time, I had a third character:

Name: Victoria Hearth
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Description: Victoria has running legs, she stands at about 5"2' and has warm chocolate eyes. Her hair is a vivid red color, with streaks of orange, gold, yellow and brown, it's wildly combed and falls to her shoulders. She wears very little make-up, just some waterproof mascara and eye liner.
Clotheswise, her everyday outfit consists of some brown leather walking boots, some classic Denim slim jeans that are buckled at the hip joints by a brown leather belt, though she also wears a dark red minishort. She wears a short black and red tank top that ends at the top of her hips. She wears a brown beret that complimpents her eyes, and some gold and aquamarine earrings. She also has a scar on her back, near her left hip, and a flame tatoo on her right hip. She sometimes has a Woolly jacket when it's cold.

History: Victoria's father left before she was born, her mother keeps saying that he was nice, but not ready for children. Since she was young she took a liking to sports such as running, cycling, and kitesurfing and has been trained at a professional level. She even won the Junior Pokéathlon contest when she was twelve. She gets along very well with her mother, and they always find time in their busy schedules to meet and chat about everything and anything.
Last year, when she was training in Nimbasa City's Big Dome for the next Pokéathlon, it got attacked violently by the Legendary Pokémon Terakion, Virizion, Cobalion and Keldeo. In a struggle to escape, Cobalion cut her with its Sacred Sword. The cut is now a permanent scar.
Since, Victoria has gotten over the attack and spends time with her mother, in the laboratory she works in. She agreed to the Fusion Program because she saw it a a challenge and because she wanted to make her mother proud.

Personality: Victoria is light-minded: she's a very joyful person, she gets along with just about anyone, she always wants good of people and has a very playful nature. She's also extremely competitive, never denying a challenge whether it's in Kickboxing or Chess. She's also a very curious person and likes to have a nose around. She's also a bit of a romantic, but ironically, isn't that serious about relantionships.


Name: Gruff
Species: Sawsbuck
Gender: Male
Ability: Serene Grace
Attacks: Horn Leech/ Secret Power/ Jump Kick/ Megahorn/ Synthesis/ Thunder Wave
Info: Old friend and mentor

Name: Mystery
Species: Starmie
Gender: Genderless
Ability: Natural Cure
Attacks: Water Pulse/ Psyshock/ Thunderbolt/ Ice Beam/ Recover/ Signal Beam
Info: Battling pokémon, quick and swift

Name: Digger
Species: Sandslash
Gender: Male
Ability: Sand Rush
Attacks: Bulldoze/ X-Scissor/ Shadow Claw/ Rock Slide/ Seismic Toss/ Night Slash
Info: Battling Pokémon, quick and swift

Name: Eliza
Species: Furret
Gender: Female
Ability: Keen Eye
Attacks: Hyper Voice/ Surf/ Thunderbolt/ Flamethrower/ Ice Beam/ Shadow Ball
Info: Agile Pet and friendly companion.

Name: Leonidas (or Leo)

Species: Infernape

Gender: Male

Abiliity: Blaze

Description: For an Infernape, Blaze is a little smaller than normal, but the fire on his head is almost twice as big. His brown hair is a little shinier than usual and gives off a scent of melted chocolate, a scent that Victoria loves.

Attacks: Blaze Kick/ Close Combat/ Thunderpunch/ Gunk Shot/ Mach Punch/ Stone Edge

Personality: Leo is a hyperactive Infernape: He runs, jumps, punches, kicks, and burns anything as though his energy was limitless, but he is however a brave monkey and protects his friends and allies with his life. Like Victoria, he's very competitive, but unlike her trainer, he's a really bad loser and tends to get frustrated if he doesn't win.

History: Leonidas was a gift to Victoria by her mother when she was eight, the year she started professional sports. Ever since he was inseperable with his trainer. They trained together for everything except watersports. He evolved into a Monferno just before the Pokéathlon, and the evolution made them win. He then evolved into an Infernape when he tried to defend Victoria from Cobalion and Terakion in Nimbasa City. He now holds a grudge against these two Pokémon.

Name: Victa

Species: Victini

Gender: Female

Ability: Victory Star

Description: Victa's eyes are the same chocolate brown as Victoria's, and her hair, which is a powerful red rather than orange, has streaks of orange and gold. Her hands and feet are a dark reddish brown. She still keeps her scar by her left wing, though it's alot less visible. Her wing like extensions on her hips are large and enable Victa to fly with them.

Personality: Victa is a very happy person, she's a bit simple-minded in that she gets distracted alot, but she loves to play and have fun. She's competitive like Leonidas and Victoria, but she prefers teamwork to sole training. Her "limitless" energy and ability, combined with her sport know-how mean that she's always there to support others. She can be afraid when she sees any member of the musketeer quartet, but she's learnt to control herself around the Human Musketeers.

Attacks: Searing Shot/ Psyshock/ Shadow Ball/ Brick Break/ Thunderbolt/ Energy Ball/ Hidden Power (Water)/ Substitute/ V-Create/ Final Gambit

Connection to pokemon: They're both competitive, have a disliking for the musketeer trio, and like to protect and help their allies.

Posting my favourite character.

Also, can I reserve a different one? (Shaymin and Jumpluff)
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7) All legendaries except the ones previously stated (That is Phione, Arceus, Mewtwo and Genesect) are available for use.

Genesect isn't reservable.

Also, if/ when i post my Shaymin character, will it be able to change formes at will? Or are both formes two entirely different characters?


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@ D-World. Change forms at will, as long as its the day. During Night it's stuck in Land forme. And Victoria, Leonidas, and Victa are accepted. The fields are a bit short, but I accepted you last time so I'm letting you in. And the Shaymin is reserved.

@ Bronzong#1. Sorry Bronzong#1, but Genesect doesn't exist in the RPG because there is no Team Plasma to experiment on his fossil.