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Pokemon War of the Legends Redo


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The pokemon world lasted for centuries in peace. Humans and pokemon got along like family. Until that fateful day two years ago. Legendary pokemon, physical gods of the world, attacked. The various legendaries from every region turned on humans using their powers. The once peaceful gods became mad, slaughtering people and pokemon who stood in their way and no amount of force could stop them. However, one legendary managed to stave off whatever was controlling the others and stood with the humans. He was Mewtwo, an artificial legendary born from experiments on the DNA of Mew. He tried to awaken the other legendaries from their crazes, but he could merely hold them off. In that time however, the human scientists came up with a plan. They studied the experiments that made Mewtwo. A scientist from long ago named Dr. Fuji fused his DNA with DNA they got from a Mew. The scientist decided to take this a step further, why not mix the whole human and a whole, living pokemon. They created fusion chambers to try and mix a pokemon and a human into one being. But every time they tried, they failed and the two involved died within hours. They almost gave up when the son of the head scientist, Dr. Lazarus Goldman, made a suggestion.

"You know." He said to his father. "It always seems like you are giving too much energy into your experiments Dad."

"What do you mean?" Dr. Goldman asked.

"I mean, the little thing always says overload on when you do the experiments."

"Little thing? Do you mean the power reader Toby?" The doctor asked his son.

"Yeah!" Toby said, he was only fourteen, but he knew his way around a lab. "SO, what if you use something with less power?"

"Less power?" Doctor Goldman questioned. "Less power! Toby, you are a genius. That is perfect, come with me."

"Thanks dad." Toby replied, following his dad out of the office they were sitting in. "I wonder why I am a genius?" He muttered to himself as he went through the doorway.

The two entered a small lab with a table on it. On the table sat the blueprints for the plan.

"What is it dad?" Toby asked.

"What you said gave me an idea Toby." Dr. Goldman said. He wrote some complicated and long formulas down on the blueprint paper and double checked them. "Toby, I think I have it."

"Have what dad?" The thirteen year old asked.

"The solution to our problems. But this might take a while to perfect." The doctor replied, walking off down the hallway.


-One week later in a lab room.-

Toby sat in a small lab room, diodes hooked up to him and a small grass type next to him.

"Ready Toby?" His dad asked.

"Yeah dad." Toby said, confirmatively. "You ready Bellosom?" He said to the pokemon.

"Bell!" She cheered.

"Then lets do this." The doctor said, pulling a switch attached to a large computer. A display appeared on the screen, showing Toby and Bellosom slowly moving to each other. Finally, the models overlaid each other and a slight flash came onto the screen. It faded revealing a model of a small, green onion fairy pokemon. A bar appeared to the side and filled from one edge to the other with a green bar. "Yes!" Doctor Goldman yelled happily. "Toby, you and Bellosom can be fused without dying. This is great news. We finally made a breakthrough." Then a new thought hit the professor. "But now we have to see how many other people are willing to let their kids be used in this."


This is where you come in. You are the teen child of one of the scientists working on this project. You and your one pokemon will be fused into a legendary. All legendaries (Other than Genesect, Phione, Mewtwo and Arceus) are open to be used. The partner has to have some relationship to the legendary and it would help if they shared a similar type(Obviously, some legendaries don't have fitting or any pokemon of the same type, so one type is really all that is needed but both would be better. Unlike in the original, they do not have to be the same type, but it would help a bit. The relationship has to be more than the shared type. Like Bellosom and Celebi. They are both small, cute grass types.) In the legendary form, you will train so that you can help Mewtwo fight off, and hopefully cure, the other legendaries.

Accepted Characters:
Toby Goldman-Bellosom(Bell)-Celebi(Onion)-Kissmygrass96
Sam Halcyon-Luxray(Luxan)-Zekrom(Xaron)-deokishisu.123
Wynnette Treuse-Slowking(Porter)-Uxie(Tiki)-Floorman
Jesse Tawnye-Froslass(Shiver)-Regice(Thief)-Floorman
Yamiko Murakage-Spiritomb(Morgana)-Darkrai(Nox)-Kiruria
Victoria Hearth-Infernape(Leonidas)-Victini(Victa)- D-World
Oscar Wilde-Jumpluff (Bubbles)-Shaymin(Casimir)- D-World
Carolina Wenchess-Politoed(Aqua Beauty)-lucarioisawesome
Hui Linn-Hydreigon(Shadowfire)-Rayquaza(Skybolt)-Wayjun
Giovanni Guillermo-Excadrill(Exatus)-Dialga(Diato)-Pokemon Trainer Xande
Daniel Aster-Golurk(Voltron)-Giratina(Chaos)-Bronzong#1

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1)Post regularly, at least thrice (3X) a week.
2) Follow all SPP rules.
3) No bunnying except for special cases. These are when you get permission from the owner of that character and you have to stay in-character for them.
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10) Three strikes and you are out.
11) All posts must be at least one paragraph long.

The tall lead professor, Dr. Goldman, stood in from tof a conference room of his peers. "Hello coleagues." He said to the other professors. "You all know our current project is coming to a head. Now, there is only one thing left. We need volunteers for the experiments. Now then, I've given you all a week to talk to your children about htis and want to know, who is willing to participate?" Multiple hands went up and some of the other scientist told about their children or relatives that they got to participate. "Good, good. Now then, the fusion pods are ready. Can you guys get ready in two hours?"

-Two hours later-

Everyone was gathered in the fusion room, the large fusion pods set up and ready to fuse. "Please step into the Fusion Pods, participants and partners." Dr. Goldman said over a loud speaker.

Toby Goldman, Dr. Goldman's son and one of the participants, stepped intoone of the fusion pods with his partner, Bell the Bellosom. The lights in the fusion pod went on and Toby felt his body fusing with Bell's.
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Sam Halcyon was all reved up. His stomach was fluttered, his mind was racing, he was shivering, and his spine was locking up. He had heard of very odd experiments being done on Pokémon and on humans... but never in his life had he heard of them both together in the same zone! He was about to become one with his partner, a Luxray, Luxan. He would have used the Serperior back home in New York, but, he feared Serperior's single typing would not give him an option to fuse, as he was told that the Pokémon you are fusing into must be type-relevant to the Pokémon you are fusing with. He didn't know what Pokémon he would come out as, but he was assured that, whoever it was, he would still be Sam Halcyon. His partner, Luxan, was sitting on the ground, calm and collected as can be. He thought no negative thoughts of changing his form, or by fusing with his partner. He kept a level head, and stared at the interior of the fusion chamber's nexus, wondering how it operated.

"Well, Luxan, let's do this!" Sam shouted, half brave as a lion, half hysterical from the thought of becoming a Pokémon, "I, Sam Halcyon, along with my partner and best friend, Luxan the Luxray, will fuse into a legend! Yahhhh!!!" He picked up Luxan around the waist, as he was only about three feet tall and weighed only 120 lbs, and charged in there, like he was a line-backer heading for the Super Bowl-winning Touchdown. The moment he was in there, he slammed into the wall, smacking his face into the interior of the chamber, the door shutting behind them with a hiss.

"Alright... I hope it -is- painless... They did say it was painless, right, Luxan?" Sam inquired Luxan.
"Luxa, luxolux, ray!?" (You didn't even pay attention!?) Luxan roared.
"C'mon, man, I was just-"
"Luxa luxia Luxiko lux?" (Staring at that Yamiko girl again?)
"Alright, look, you wanna start something? I'm not going to be lectured by my own teammate!"
"Lux! Luxio, luxa-" (Then a fight it-)

But, before Luxan could finish that, there was a loud "CRHAAAAAAAAAAA... EeeeeBOOM!" in the chamber. Before either of them noticed anything, they were suddenly staring at the exact same spot in a chamber much larger than the previous one.

They were fused. And they could not see what they were. The door opened up in the large chamber, which lead into a much larger room, that looked like it could house a football field. The room was indescribably blank (I don't know what it looks like ICly), and there was no way to tell what he was.

"What... am I?" Xaron said. He lifted his hands, which were huge and dark. They looked like they were shielded by some kind of three-pronged sheet. He turned his head, seeing a large drill-like tail with glass-like panels.
"I... I must be... Zekrom?" A large wave of enthusiasm coursed through his body. And, suddenly, the panels on his tail were glowing blue. His tail was also spinning. "Whoa! I'm charging electricity!"

Xaron stood there, just waiting, as he saw more and more giant legends fill the room. The entire time, he would be making his body's trails glow, and his tail spin, faster and faster.
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I hope everybody in the blaze will be able to get along without me. It was my pride and life's work, and I hope that it will always remain strong and powerful. Now my dreams and opportunities make way for me to enter my new world and new way of living.

As the pod closed, I thought of the power of loyalty. I thought how awesome it was that Dracula would be willing to fuse with me and how dramatic this will be for him. The machine began to make noise and in a flash of mesmerization we were one.

I never thought much of new technology, but now I realize what innovation can do. One of the scientist held a mirror to my face and said "I assume you want to see what you have become." I nodded. At first glance I noticed the birthmark that Dracula had on his right eye remained on me, Dracobii. Dracula's black wings remained on me. I did it. I finally have a Moltres.

I stretched out my wings and wanted to fly, but I was indoors. I will never forget the adrenaline rush that I experienced thanks to the loyalty of a true friend. I now have the ultimate form of power. The power of flames and destruction. This power combined with legendary status will forever enlighten me. I am certain that his change is good. However I do understand that certain training is required for an extremely urgent purpose.
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Jesse Tawnye:

Jesse stood by his father, clutching his hand, with Shiver floating at his side. "I'm ready, are you ready Shiver?" he turned to the Froslass, who nodded, fully realizing the possible outcomes, and that there was no turning back now. When the call came, Jesse squeezed his adopted father's hand once, before silently entering his pod. Shiver followed behind him.

Inside the pod, it was somewhat of a tight fit, and Shiver was right up against Jesse, and seemed to be inching closer. "Umm, Shiver could you give me a little room? You're a bit too close," he asked. Shiver seemed to blush as she backed off a bit, leading into an awkward silence that only ended when things suddenly changed, and the pod opened.

Stepping out of the pod, he looked himself over, he honestly couldn't tell just what he was exactly, but, he could tell that his entire body was solid ice. He heard thoughts that he could tell weren't his own. He didn't realize they were Shiver's for a few minutes. "Whoa....I think it worked," he said, "but what are we?" His voice sounded grating and robotic, and it made him wince when he talked.

Wynnette Treuse:

Wynnette hugged her mom, before picking up Porter, and entering the pod with a look of determination. Porter yawned, completely oblivious to the events which were about to occur. She set Porter down once the pod closed, and clutched her Tiki pendant tightly to her body as Porter decided to try to nap. When she and Porter fused, she realized she wasn't touching the ground. She also had her eyes closed. She had a vague feeling of a greater knowledge. "Thanks a lot Porter....you put us to sleep when we fused." Wynnette thought to Porter, annoyed.

"No I didn't, and why didn't you warn me?!" Porter responded.

"I've been talking about this for days, haven't you been listening?" Wynette shot back, annoyed.

"I didn't know you were serious." Porter said.

Wynnette was about to respond, when the pod opened, and she floated out. Then she connected the dots. She had gained a lot of knowledge, closed eyes, and she was floating. She and Porter had fused into a Uxie. Her necklace dangled from her neck, as she looked around with her mind's eye.
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Daniel Aster

Daniel was prepared for whatever legendary he turned into and he already said to his dad that he loved him and they hugged, it felt odd he didn't remember the last time he got a loving hug. His father then started to go over all the safety precautions and then he said "Yeah whatever dad."

"Daniel are you listening!?" His father said.

"Yes, dad." Daniel said back to his father.

"Well good." Daniel's father said to him. With the diodes all hooked up to him and Voltron he waved to his father prepared for all of the outcomes from dying to becoming a god. After about a minute of Voltron inching closer he realized they had been fused together. He then walked out of the chamber and stepped into a blank roo where he saw legends but the one that stood out to him was a Zekrom standing near the middle revving itself up generating electricity.

Daniel wondering what legend he became he tried to look himself over and he found out he had somewhat small wings, deep gold rib like structures on his neck, and six golden feet, and lastly he was breathing out shadows. He then thought "Voltron can you here me? Did you know we're a..."

Voltron interrupted "Yes sir, a Giratina, I know, likely because of my bulk but at least we can be defensive and offensive. Sir, we should also make allies so we aren't seen as "the emo loner", as they did in highschool also there seems to be a Moltres, Uxie, Regice, and a Celebi.

"Good idea Voltron." Daniel thought. Daniel then walked over to the energetic Zekrom and said in his howling Giratina voice. "My name is, was, Daniel Aster, and you might be?" Daniel asked hoping they could get along at least somewhat.


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(Just a notice for all you guys playing, you aren't going to -stay- a legendary pokémon. There is a defuser, in case you're done with your training that day. ;)

-co-GM deo.)


Who did this to me!

Carolina Wenchess

"Ready Aqua Beauty?" Carolina asked.
"Politoed!(yes I am)"yelled Aqua Beauty in excitement.
“Be careful honey.” said Carolina’s parents. ”Sure.” replied Carolina. ”Does she have to go?” ask Carolina’s mom. “You know it’s the only way to save the world. She is going to be a heroine.” answered Carolina’s dad. “Bye sweetheart!” said Carolina’s parents.” Remember to have some fun while saving the world.”

With the diodes all hooked up to her and Aqua Beauty she waved to her parents prepared for all of the outcomes from dying to becoming a god. “I wonder how this will turn out. What if it doesn’t work out? What if I die?” Carolina was buzzing with questions.” There is only one way to find out.” She thought as she closed her eyes while she was getting fused with Aqua Beauty. The machine began to make noise and in a flash of memorization Carolina and Aqua Beauty were one.

Carolina never thought much of new technology, but now she realizes what innovation can do.
Her dad held a mirror to her face and said "I assume you want to see what you have become." Carolina looked around but only saw feet.” Up here.” said her dad. Carolina took the mirror and looked at herself. “I’m only a feet tall!” shrieked Carolina. ”At least I look cute.” Carolina looked up to her parents and asked “What have I become?”
I believe you have become a manaphy. They are very rare creatures.” said her dad. Carolina suddenly felt the urge to go to a deep place in the ocean.” Dad, why do I have the sudden urge to go to the ocean?” asked Carolina. “According to my research, manaphies(plural of manaphy) are born on the cold seafloor. They swim great distant to return to their birthplace. Did u know that water takes up 80% of your body.” said Carolina’s dad. ”They also have wondrous power that let them bond with any pokemon, just like you have powers to bond with any human.” Carolina blushed. “You should get going know dad, I have to begin training.”
“Are you sure that you can take care of yourself? It's going to be rough out there.” said her mom. "Mom!" whines Carolina." You know that im just taking care of you. If u need anything, call me.” said Carolina's mom as she left the room.

"Now who should i talk to know?" thought Carolina as she looked around the room. All she saw where teens getting fused. "Hey look Aqua Beauty, there are cute boys i think." said Carolina as she pointed to a Zekrom and Giratina. "Let’s go talk to them. Maybe they're nice." said Carolina as she walked over to the mighty dragons. “I I’m Carolina! As u see I’m a manaphy so don't stomp on me. Who will u be?" asked Carolina hoping the might be nice, cute and friendly. distances


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Xaron looked down at the Manaphy, seeing how indeed tiny it was compared to his massive form of a Zekrom.

"Hello, Carolina. I'm Sam and Luxan fused." Xaron said, calmly, and passively. "You look a lot like a cute plush." Xaron said, his teenage side emerging.

"You don't need to flirt with the girl. You like that other girl don't you?" Luxan said softly in Xaron's mind.

"Well, she isn't my girlfriend yet, so, I can chat with the other girls like that." Sam retaliated, rather calmly.

Xaron began to rev up his tail a bit, it sparking off electricity. He was extra careful no to zap the little water Pokémon before him. "In my legendary form, you may call me Xaron. You can also call me Sam, as my awesomeness as the Harbinger of your Halcyonity has not faded from you yet." He smiled the best he could with his muzzle-looking mouth.

"Sam, why are you not trying to win over that Yamiko girl you crave so-"

"Seeings how we're the only fusions in here, I don't presume she has fused yet. I'll be chatting with her when she comes out here."

"Yes, because the only way you can get her attention is by being a massive legendary Pokémon that could protect her..."

"That's the plan!" Sam said, affermitively.

"...that was sarcasm." Luxan said, sighing.

"Anyways, how are you guys doing? Ready to get into some legendary duels?" Xaron said proudly, reving his tail up more, faster and faster, brighter and brighter.


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"Anyways, how are you guys doing? Ready to get into some legendary duels?" I heard this and immediately started to figure out who would be a great opponent. I saw great pokemon that I only heard in ancient stories beginning to appear before his eyes. I saw Giritina who was said to live in the distortion world. I saw a tiny Manhappy that is said to rule over water types across the world. Zerkom, a legendary I only heard of recently also stood before me with all its might. Many more people were hugging their pokemon and parents ready to transform.

“Jacobii, who are we going to fight. I can’t wait to try out what a legendary pokemon’s fire blast can do.”

I was shocked to see that Dracula was somehow speaking to me. However if you looked at me you couldn’t tell that someone was talking with emotion. I decided to ignore the great mystery and casually respond to Dracula like always.

“I don’t know. The only thing my stupid Uncle mentioned is that as long as I fused with you we would defiantly become Moltres. He told me that we can defuse when it is needed. But he also told me to keep in mind that this experiment is being run for a reason.”

“What!?” Dracula replied to me. “I thought we would be able to run off with this new power and cause hell.”

That was what I always liked about Dracula. He always was ready to battle. He craved adrenaline like a coke addict and looked to raise trouble just like me. We were perfect partners ever since he was a Charmander.

“Do you think that they would just let us fuse like this for no purpose. We might eventually be able to sneak off with our powers, but we need to see what we are going up against. Remember other legendary hybrids here could stop us. We are not the most powerful thing in the universe, no one here is. We have to see what the reason we are here and what are destiny is. Until we find out, just stay calm. We have to prioritize. Our first goal should be to see what we can do as Moltres.”

“All right. I think we should pick out somebody to duel with. I hope I can still fly like I did as a Charizard.”

“You better be able to control yourself like you did as a Charizard.” I replied.

I thought to myself who would I fight; who would be a worthy opponent to test my new power? First I thought of fighting Uxie, the ruler of one of the great lakes of Sinnoh. I decided against though because Uxie has never been one of my favorite legends. I considered the Giratina that I spotted earlier, but decided against it because I knew too much about Gratins and all their tricks, but then it came to me. I should battle the Zerkom because I know nothing about my powers and nothing about him.

“I think I’ll fight that Zerkom over there.”

“Zerkom, What the hell is that?”

“I don’t exactly know, pokemon professors say that 90% of what we know about that thing has only been discovered fairly recently.”

After my conversation with Dracula, I decided to approach the Zerkom. I began “I guess I’m ready for a duel. I’m Dracobii when fused with my Charizard, Dracula, but as a human I am known as Jacobii. Who are you, and who are you fused with?”
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"Hello, Carolina. I'm Sam and Luxan fused." said the Zekrom, calmly, and passively. "You look a lot like a cute plush." The Zekrom said, his teenage side emerging.

Carolina blushed.” You like him don’t you.” said Aqua Beauty said mentally.” Shut up.” Carolina thought back.” You know you like him.” teased Aqua Beauty. “Oh fine, I’ll admitted he’s kind of cute."
“In my legendary form u can call me Water Heart.” said Carolina. “"In my legendary form, you may call me Xaron. You can also call me Sam, as my awesomeness as the Harbinger of your Halcyonity has not faded from you yet." said the Zekrom as smiled the best he could with his muzzle-looking mouth. “Come on Carolina just admit to him that you like him.” Aqua Beauty said in Carolina’s mind. When Carolina looked over at Sam the Zekrom, she saw him staring at another girl. Feeling hurt, Carolina said softly to Aqua Beauty “I think he likes another girl.” Aqua Beauty replied “Well you should try to impress him. What can a manaphy do?” Carolina answered “Well dad said they are 80% water so I’ll try an aqua ring.” Water Heart concentrated on a aqua ring and to their surprise they actually got one. “I guess manaphies aren’t just cute, they are also powerful.”


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Daniel was about to respond to Carolina and Aqua Beauty's question but the Zekrom took over and started to speak back his teenage side emerging. After the Zekrom finished speaking the Manaphy then made an aqua ring trying to impress the Zekrom. Then out of nowhere the Moltres asked the Zekrom to duel him. "Just great even with four people in the room including me I am still the loner, damn."Daniel thought becoming depressed at being the loner again.

"Stop being so depressed Daniel this can't be everyone." Voltron thought encouraging Daniel."

"Still, the Moltres is here for the powers and is just a thug, the Manaphy is here to meet "cute" boys and is attracted to Zekrom and trying to impress him. Not to mention the Zekrom has another girl he likes and is confused on who to like."



"You're speaking aloud."


"Still doing it."

"****!" Daniel said to Voltron making sure this was a thought

"Sir we'd better do something."

Daniel then thought of himself becoming invisble and oddly enough he did.

"Please let me stay like this for a while. Daniel thought hoping he wouldn't come back anytime soon.


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Toby and Bell flew out of the fusion pod as a Celebi. "Good to be back in this body." Toby mentally said to Bell. "At least we have full control this time."

"Yes, yes, yes! Really good! Let's talk to some people!" Bell happily replied.

"Okay, but first-" Onion- Their name as a Celebi- mindswept the others and gathered their names and what they looked like. "Seems like that Giratina is feeling lonely." Onion flew down to the now invisible Giratina. "Hello Daniel. I'm Toby." He greeted.


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Daniel sighed out a long sigh hoping this experience could end with some random cause he was just depressed. He then started to look at the ground a Celebi came over and said "Hello Daniel, I'm Toby."

Daniel somewhat suprised, said "Y-y-you can see me."

"Of course he can he's a psychic type." Voltron thought interrupting his train of thought.

"Oh right."Daniel thought.

"Ok." Voltron thought.

Daniel then tried to read Toby and found he was young and thought "This is weird his intentions are pure, trying to please his father and relieve his stress and pain. I should double check mynown intentions but I will do it soon."

"First question, why do you choose to talk to me, out of the other 3 people here? Second one, who are you? " Daniel said getting a wild look on his face, with shadows coming out of his mouth.


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"Because, you were lonely." Toby replied. "I scanned all of your minds, and you just seemed lonely. I'm Toby Goldman, son of Lazarus Goldman, head proffesor on this project. I'm fused with Bell, my Bellosom."

"Hi!" Bell's cheery voice took over the body for a second. "I'm Bell! Who are you!?"


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OOC: Well this is promising--four days have passed and we're not even on page 2! I'm liking the pace of this RPG so far.

Yamiko watched as one by one, everyone who had participated in this experiment fused with their Pokemon partners to become legendary Pokemon. When Vi Willow had first told her about this study, she was skeptical, but now she was seeing that it actually worked. She watched as a newly fused Manaphy successfully used Aqua Ring. Many of the legendaries were greeting each other. As they did so, Yamiko wondered how the personalities of trainer and Pokemon would mesh together into the legendary form. Vi Willow had mentioned a "clean fusion" with a blend of personalities that made "a personality that is the perfect union of the two halves, but yet distinct in each half". Now more than ever she was contemplating exactly what that meant.

And plus, she thought, looking at the Spiritomb next to her, if we fuse, Morgana will be under Celia's curse as well. I wonder how she will react to that... probably not too badly, given that A) she used to belong to Celia, and B) she absolutely loves curses herself. I wonder if the fusion will tend to express my dark side more... since Morgana always reminds me of it.

With that, Yamiko began to enter the fusion chamber. But she thought of something when she was halfway in there:

"Oh, Vi Willow... one quick question first," she said to the geeky woman in the white trenchcoat. "Once we fuse, is there any way to become, you know... our separate selves again?"

"This entire fusion process is all about establishing an equilibrium between all participants," Vi Willow answered, "and shifting that equilibrium in one direction. This fusion chamber can manipulate the parameters in order to shift the equilibrium either way." A pause. "In other words..."

"Kind of like a chemical reaction," Yamiko finished. Vi Willow nodded, happy to not have to spell it out herself. "...I guess I'll take that as a yes. Only... what happens if the equilibrium gets stuck in the middle?"

"Now now, don't you worry about that," Vi Willow replied hurriedly, helping Yamiko lift the Odd Keystone Morgana had disappeared into into the chamber.

The door on the chamber closed, leaving Yamiko and Morgana alone in there. They could but look in silence at one another, both wondering the same thing: how would I feel fused with her? A few seconds passed. And then an ominous feeling filled the chamber, followed by a dark mist of sorts. It lingered in the space for a while, a while when everything became hauntingly quiet.

From the depths of that silence, there rose a delightful madness inside of Yamiko. She became aware of a seelimgly limitless power enveloping her, one that she could yet control almost perfectly.

From the depths of that silence, there rose a feeling of serenity, yet of sorrow, inside of Morgana. She became aware of music without sound, filled with a sensation she knew was worse than the pain she felt when using Curse.

For a brief moment that seemed much longer, they hovered in a realm of ultimate darkness, one that they would only love to collect souls into. But there was a hope, a light somewhere... but where?

And then it vanished. The darkness became much more mundane. She opened her eyes... she was Darkrai.

"Nox," she hissed. "Nox, I am. The void... that is all of existence."

A pair of glasses shone in the opening doorway. A satisfied Vi Willow stepped backward, allowing the newly synthesized Darkrai to meet the other legendaries present. As she exited, Nox cast an alluring gaze at Vi Willow, which from a Darkrai probably meant that she was thinking about which dreadful fate to subject the scientist that created her to.

"Well, what can I say, except..." Vi Willow began, unphazed by the look Nox gave her, "...Very nice intro. And you look like a perfect fusion of each other. You look very... personalised. I would suggest you start by testing out your attacks, but do be careful around the others when doing so. Also, if you are interested, there is a mirror right over there."

Naturally, Nox wanted to see what she looked like first. At first what she saw didn't surprise her--Morgana's eyes, Yamiko's hair... she almost laughed out loud when she saw Morgana's ectoplasm around her neck instead of the typical red collar. And then she noticed the pendant she was wearing: a miniature Odd Keystone. Yes, she should be careful not to lose this pendant.

But when she looked down, she was shocked. That dress she was wearing... it brought back a memory, one she suddenly didn't mind thinking about. Yamiko had decided to wear that elegant black dress to a party a friend at school invited her to. That party was fun at first--a few Pokemon were there as well--but then... Yamiko wouldn't allow Nox to think about it anymore.

Ugh, why did it have to be THIS dress? she thought. I thought it disappeared after the party, so... why am I wearing it now? ...But I do have to admit, I miss it. I should fuse more often!

"Pleased, are you?" Vi Willow asked her. "By the way, I've been noticing lately that a nice young lad named Sam seems to be taking a liking to you. He would be... the Zekrom is my guess."

Yamiko remembered seeing Sam once before, and had a strange feeling when the two looked at each other. Incredulous, Nox scanned the room for a Zekrom... and saw one, firing up his tail as if ready to fight. Pathetic showoff, she thought. Probably one of those macho guys who wanted to take advantage of her because she looked weak. Amusing, really. She began to walk up to him... but realised that she didn't have any feet. For a moment she stood there, confused about how she was supposed to move. Even the Morgana half was confused--she didn't move very often, but when she did, she did so by telekinetically moving the Odd Keystone around.

Then she remembered something--Celia had a Mismagius. She remembered seeing the Mismagius floating around, teasing the newborn Morgana for having such a hideous face. She remembered envying the way the ghostly witch's dress fluttered a slight bit as she moved around... and began to mimic those movements herself. Eventually she discovered she had to use a sort of psychokinetic force to move, not being a ghost like the Mismagius was. But after a while she was floating towards the revved-up Zekrom.

As she approached, she remembered that Sam had a Luxray. Therefore he would have to fuse into an Electric-type legendary... therefore Zapdos, Raikou, Thundurus, or Zekrom. She was glad it was Zekrom rather than any of the others.

But instead of saying something, she just remained silent. How was she supposed to talk without a mouth anyway? And more importantly, what would she say?

"You look like you're ready to fight someone," was her idea of a pick-up line. When she spoke, she had no mouth to move, but a softly echoing voice, cool and rather high-pitched, emanated from somewhere on her head. "You may call me either Yamiko or Morgana... no, Nox, in this form. Shall I call you Sam, or is that too boring for the likes of you now?"

OOC: I imagine that the trainer and Pokemon being fused means having access to each other's memories. Creepy huh?


Creeping On Le Floor
Wynnette Treuse:

As she floated out of her pod, she looked around at the others in the room. There were a Manaphy, Moltres, and Zekrom, the latter two getting ready to square off. She watched as a newly fused Darkrai joined their conversation. There were also a Celebi and a Giratina. She went over to the smaller group, and hovered just out of their conversation, saying nothing.

"Well?" Porter thought to Wynnette.

"Well What?" Wynnette replied.

"Aren't you going to say hello?" Porter questioned.

"No." Wynnette tried to signify that the conversation was over.

"Fine, I'll introduce us," Porter thought smugly, and quickly took over, moving closer to the group. "Hello, I'm Porter, I'm standing in for Wynnette at the moment, she doesn't feel like talking....." As Wynnette resumed control, she stopped talking.

"Porter!" Wynnette practically yelled inside of their mind.

"The way I see it I did you a favor...Now I'm going to take a mental nap." Porter replied, and went into a state of rest.

Jesse Tawnye:
As the other legends emerged, Jesse stayed off to one side, away from the others, chatting with Shiver mentally. Hey, I think I figured out what we fused into."

"What?" Shiver inquired.

"I think we fused into a Regice, it's the only legendary pokemon that I can think of that is solid ice," Jesse thought, feeling intelligent because he figured it out.

"I guess we are," Shiver agreed.

"So, what should we call ourselves in this form?" asked Jesse.

"I dunno, how about Thief, because you stole my..." Shiver stopped herself quickly, so that she didn't spout off an awkward thought about her crush on her trainer, "I mean, you were a street thief when you were younger, weren't you? Thief would be in honor of that." She silently hoped that he hadn't caught her earlier line.

"Thief? I agree, it is kind of fitting...Why not, in our combined form, we are now to be known as Thief," Jesse agreed with the name, and luckily for Shiver, he didn't notice that she was covering up anything.
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Cell Shaded
Daniel Aster

"Well hello, Bell, I am Daniel Aster son of Flynn Aster I am fused with my Golurk, Voltron."

"Do not ask why he named me that he was a different person when I was named so the name stuck. He was-" Voltron began.

"SHUT UP VOLTRON!!"Daniel thought and then said to the Uxie "Well hello then, Wynette and Porter." Daniel unsure what to do let Voltron take over the body.

"Well judging how you two became an Uxie I say that Porter is a Slowking. I am correct, right Porter?"

Daniel then saw Voltron's memory bank and was intrigued by this and started remembering things that weren't from his memory. He remembereda mean looking Vanilluxe and Emboar firing flamethowers and Ice beams at him then he had the feeling he was tripping and saw the sky. He Emboar then saw the Emboar go to his left side and then he felt a pain on his left shoulder. Daniel saw something wierd his 8 year old face and his outstretched hand. He then saw his smiling face playing videogame and his past selfgiving Voltron his name. Then his deterimined 16 year old self beating up a punching bag. He then took control of the body he saw a Regice and then cringed a bit.


Robo-Cascoon's angry
OOC: Sorry for not writing too quickly, I was in Norway for a week and I didn't know there was no internet there.

Oscar Wilde/ Bubbles (Jumpluff)/ Casimir (Shaymin).

"Are you sure about this?", Oscar asked his mother as he got into the fusion pod.

"Look around, Oscar," his mother replied in a cold tone, "there are already several trainers that have succesfully fused, so why not you?" And without waiting any more, she hushed the boy into the fusion pod. "Now, any idea with who you're going to fuse?"

"Yes mom, I've thought alot about it, and I'm going to fuse with bubbles." he heard his mother laugh again at the "stupid" name he had given to his Jumpluff, and she released the Pokémon into the second pod.

"Right, well, let's get started," she pushed to button to engage the machine, and suddenly Oscar was surrounded in a harsh white light. His body was turning into some sort of energy to fuse with Bubbles, he felt his consciousness slip away as he merged with Bubbles, as he did that, he thought to himself:

"Maybe, maybe just I can do something with my life, I'll avenge my dad, these legends will pay for their crimes...

"What the, ugh, I can't feel my arms." Oscar said as he got up.

"You don't have any, silly." echoed a voice inside his brain. "We're fused now, but into what, I can't tell."Oscar understood that he was talking to Bubbles, his jumpluff. He looked around and everything seems bigger than when he was human. He had shrunk alot.

Suddenly, a small group of Audino encircled him and started taking notes. Oscar had seen a few of the walking about the lab, but now he seemed to understand them.
"Hello there," one of them said to him, "it appears you have fused into a Shaymin."

"A Shaymin? You're kidding me!" ,Oscar shouted out loud. Shaymin was one of his favourite Pokémon since it had the ability to purify polluted environments and turn them into fields of flowers. The Audino brought up a mirror for Oscar to look at, confirming what she had said. "Awesome! This is gonna be brilliant!" Oscar excitedly scuttled into a bin and he felt the half eaten apples and trashed papers disentegrate and enter his body, but he couldn't control the burst of energy. The trashcan exploded in a burst of pollen and petals.

"Sorry!" Oscar said as he peeked his head from under a pile of tulips. "I guess I have time to master my moves." He stood up and noticed a change in his physique. A glance in the mirror and he noticed that he was different: he had turned to Sky Forme.

"Yes, you will eventually be able to shift formes at will aswell," said one of the Audino as they started picking up the flowers and plants Oscar had created, "but before you go, we need a nickname to call you by." Oscar seemed perplexed by this need for a nickname, and the Audino seemed to have understood this by the expression on his face, "when you go out, the public cannot call you by your name because the Legendaries might attack members of your family."

Oscar thought that is was actually a good idea, but the mention of family made him think of his father. He wanted to avenge him, that's all. "You can call me Casimir, in my father's name." He attempted to fly and stumbled a little before flying out of the room. As he flew, he gradually picked up speed, Casimir enjoyed the feel of the wind on his face.

"Watch out!" Bubbles shouted at Oscar, who was too happily envelopped in his flight to notice where he was going. Casimir quickly opened his eyes and swiftly avoided the Uxie he almost crashed into, and ended up being hurtled into a massive black form that was Zekrom's torso, Casimir was envelopped in an electric charge, and reverted back to his Land Forme before falling on the floor.

Casimir struggled a little as he got up from the ground. He looked at the Zekrom, and then the Uxie. "Sorry," he muttered as he looked around him, they were a few legendaries: around him were the Zekrom and the Uxie, they were also a feisty looking Moltres, a Celebi was chatting into the air, but Shaymin felt a presence there, maybe some sort of Ghost, an anomaly in nature, a Regice was staying away from the legends, and a Darkrai that was giving off a very disturbing presence.

Casimir didn't really know who to introduce himself. Physically, he had, but he needed to say something. "Urm, Hi, I'm Casimir the Shaymin, what about you guys?

Victoria Hearth/ Leonidas (Infernape)/ Victa (Victini)

"Ready, sweetie?" Victoria's mom asked her daughter, she was already inside the fusion pod and was eager to save the world.

"Ready!" She said as the machine switched itself on. She felt her body heat up, as did her Infernape, the fusion was giving off enourmous amounts of energy, the fire of her Infernape was growing and heating up. Eventually, the two bodies were consumed by the massive energy and the whole energy condensed itself into a Pokémon.

Caroline Hearth entered the pod and picked up the Victini, who opened it's chocolate brown eyes. "Victa, are you okay?" she asked her daughter.

"I'm fine, mom, though I think this has happened before. You can let me go." with that, Caroline did, and Victa stayed floating in mid-air. "Cool, I can fly!"

"Well, Victa, you've turned into a Victini. Victini is said to be the embodiment of victory, and whoever battles with Victini is supposed to never lose. Fits you well, don't you think. Always winning, like you."

Victa hovered over to her mother's desk, on it is a photo of her and Leonidas as a Monferno. It was taken about four years back, when she had won the Pokéathlon, but that was a different world to now, it was safe back then. She looked at the gold medal. "I hope we can win this time, mom.” She said before leaving her mother’s office to meet the other legends.

As she hovered outside, a Shaymin dashed past her at a blinding speed and almost hit a Pokémon before crashing into a Zekrom. Victa managed to identify two of the Fusions: the first was Zekrom, because only someone like Sam Halycon could afford to be that much of a show-off. The second was Darkrai, because of the flowing red hair and the shapeless ring much like a Spiritomb, the Pokémon that Yamiko owned, also, she had red hair.

A group had formed near where Zekrom and Darkrai were, so Victa decided to stay away from there. She had to choose between a Regice and a Celebi, the latter was speaking to something, Victa couldn't identify what it was because, although she was of the Psychic type, neither Victoria nor Leonidas were spiritually powerful, they were better at the physical things like combat. "Maybe I should home my mental skills somehow," she thought as she hovered over to Bell, and as she drew nearer, the person he was speaking to became clearer and clearer.

"Well, aren't you a big one," she exclaimed as she looked at the Giratina, "Oh, sorry, I might seem a little rude. I'm Victa, and you are?"


Who did this to me!
“I guess he doesn’t notice me.” thought Carolina sadly, “Let’s go talk to another person, shall me Aqua Beauty?” Aqua Beauty replied mentally “We should, who do you want to talk to now?” Carolina looked around the room and saw a victini, regice, shaymin sky form, moltres, uxie, celebii, darkrai, and she can feel a dark force nearby. “Maybe we should talk to the celebii.” Aqua Beauty said while pointing to a celebii talking to himself. “I think we should talk to that uxie.” Carolina suggested. “Sure.” replied Aqua Beauty. Water Heart walked (not sure how though, maybe hop?) over to the uxie.
“Hi I’m Carolina Wenchess combined with my politoed, Aqua Beauty. In this form you can call me Water Heart the manaphy. Who might you be?” said Carolina casually.


Cell Shaded

A lot happened since Daniel cringed, a Shaymin Sky Form had come flying in and then crashed into Sam the Zekrom. Then a Victini came floating in and saw Bell talking to me and an Uxie and looked confused. The Victini then floated over in his general direction and then said in suprise "You're a big one aren't you" The Victini then said "Sorry, I may seem rude. I'm Victa, and you are?"

"I'm Daniel Aster fused with my Golurk, Voltron. He'll explain later. In this form you can call me Chaos."

"I am Voltron and I got the name when Daniel was younger and a different person." Voltron said then Daniel resumed control.

"Judging by you being a Victini, I assume you fused with, maybe an Infernape with a competitive nature and you also are very competitive and beautiful." Chaos' invisible face then blushed.

"Do you know what you said."

"Yeah, but she is different I can tell." Daniel thought.

"Sir your finally falling for a girl, I knew this day would come."

"Mother of Arceus, Voltron you sound like my dad and my bro, if I had a bro."Daniel thought somewhat annoyed.

"Sorry sir." Voltron said sounding annoyed as well.

"So what's your actual name and who'd you fuse with?" Daniel asked the Victini.