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Pokemon: War of the Legends


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Pokemon: War of the Legends

Summarized plot:

The legendaries have gone mad. For two years, they have been attacking, killing humans and pokemon alike. The only one immune to whatever caused this madness was the half-human Mewtwo, who has been helping the humans. After months of research by the world's top, and remaining, scientists, a solution has been found. Using special fusion pods, teenagers and their pokemon are oble to take on a single stronger form. A legendary themself! A war is about to break out. A war of the legends. Humans, fusions, and Mewtwo against the real legends. Can they win and restore peace?

-No bunnying without permission.
-i'm not getting a discussion thread, so use PMs/VMs/OOC if you need to say anything.
-No creating plot points without permission.
-This RPG is PG-13 for mild language, blood, action, mild romance, and death.
-Do not kill anything without my permission.
-The legends are my and Martin_'s characters. You may bunny them in fights, but only me and Martin_ can post them showing up, leaving, and fainting.
-Speaking of Martin_, he is my Co-GM.
-General SPPF rules.
-Have fun
-And, most importantly, be active. If you can't be active, PM me or Martin_ so that we can work it out.

Accepted characters:
Toby Goldman-Bellosom(Bell)-Celebi(Onion)-Kissmygrass96
Arcadia North-Skarmory(Curtana)-Articuno(Sceptre)-Lvl 100 Charizard
Nethaniel "Neth" Marin-Raichu(Static)-Zapdos(Sparky)-Martin_
Abigail Robure-Fearow(Ben)-Moltres(Benigal)-EpicPip
Raiden Makray-Luxray(Rey)-Raikou(Sandagor)-FallenSanity
Judas F. Weiss-Xatu(Maria)-Lugia(Nirvana)-Hyuu
Jesse Tawnye-Froslass(Shiver)-Regice(Thief)-Floorman
Caroline "Carrie" Amerous-Flygon(Fable)-Latias(Gypsy)-MusicalMayhem
Jess Coggiin-Carracosta(Shellrage)-Kyogre(Judgrizzle)-Dan The Poke Man
John Lennon-Krookodile(Crook)-Groudon(Ground)-Ditto123
Hui Linn-Hydreigon(Shadowfire)-Rayquaza(Skybolt)-Wayjun


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Accepted Characters cont'd:
Frankie Murdok-Reuniclus(Charon)-Deoxyz Attack form(Watson)-Android Zoroark
Wynette Treuse-Slowking(Porter)-Uxie(Tiki)-Floorman
Johnathan "John/Nathan" Iksing-Gallade(Psyco)-Azelf(Will)-Fanal!
Giovanni Guillermo-Aggron(Excadrill)-Dialga(DeLorean)-Pokemon Trainer Xande
Sam Halcyon-Empoleon(Imperion)-Palkia(Strato)-deokishisu.123
Lucas Weisman-Slaking(Malorus)-Regigigas(Stalin)-AwesomeGuy
Jonas Helyos-Garchomp(Rico)-Giratina(Jericho)-Lvl 100 Charizard
Luna Somni-Musharna(Mapa)-Cresselia(Cress)- D-World
Yamiko Murakage-Spiritomb(Morgana)-Darkrai(Venifica)-Kiruria
Skylarr Horus-Leafeon-Skymin(Atmos)-deokishisu.123
Victoria Hearth-Infernape(Leonidas)-Victini(Victa)- D-World
Alex Morgan-Rotom-Zekrom(Claw)-gmoyes
Diego Vendrix-Garchomp(Omega)-Reshiram(Ivoros)-DVB
Illiust Frostthorn-Cryogonal(Cryo)-Kyurem(Arc)-KYUREM
Mina Sorrel-Wigglytuff(Chauncey)-Meloetta(Melody)-TheSequelReturns
Tom Wiseman-Staraptor(Vul)-Tornadus(Wolfe)-Kiruria
Jerry Wiseman-Magnezone(Sputnik)-Thundurus(Warhead)-Kiruria
Arthur Wiseman-Torterra(Atlas)-Landorus(Brownie)-Kiruria
Zachary Andrews-Leafeon(Quiver)-Virizion(Aramis)- D-World
Nigel Van der Clark-Rhyperior(Chief)-Terrakion(Desi)-RagingStarmie
Bryan Steek-Empoleon(Pip)-Cobalion(Cobalt)-EpicPip
Alexander Dumas-Floatzel(Ringo)-Keldeo(D'Artagnan)- D-World.


The room was full of people in lab suits. It had been one week since the last meeting and the lead scientist knew it was urgent. He was Doctor Goodman, a tall pale man with curly brown hair and brown eyes.

"Everyone." He started the meeting, addressing the gathered scientist. "It has been a week since I gave you all the vital question. Are you willing to let your children and niieves and nephews risk their lifes just to gives us a posibility of rescuing humanity and the whole Earth from legends? Well, I ask again, are you? If so, raise your hand." Some hands shot up, while others followed slowly.


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Alex smirked as he raised his hand. He was the only scientist there that volunteered themselves for this. Great way to get some respect around here, he thought. Being able to phsically kick some legendary rear, acually being a legendary pokemon, this will be awsome. Though it's kind of weird that me and Rotom can fuse like that. Ah, leave the biology to the biologists, leave the computer work to me. He waited for the other scientists ask questions.


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Dr. Goldman looked around. He already made the choice wiith his son, Toby, but who else had. Most of the hands left him with just minor shock. But, two left him with confusion. One was a doctor he didn't know the name of, but Dr. Goldman did know that his son had lung problems among other things. The second was George Dumas.

"George? I thought you were a bachelor without kids?" Goldman addressed to Dr. Dumas. "Old flame or one night stand find you?" Dr. Goldman allowed himself a small laugh at his joke.

"No, nothing of the sort." George Dumas replied. "Actually, I adopted."

"Cool. So, is that everyone willing?" No more hands went up, giving the head doctor his answer.

-Three weeks later-
Thank god the legends have been inactive lately[[. Dr. Goldman said to himself. In three weeks they had made thirty-two fusion pods. One for each child participating, with the original for Toby. "All set?" He asked a tall woman with beautiful features and lng hair. She was Dr. Julia Rothman, the second in command for Project: War of the Legends.

"All the children are in place and we have the energy level perfect so that nothing will short circuit. Shall we commence?" Dr. Rothman said.

"Yes." Dr. Goldman replied simply, walking over to a command tower. There were three of the waist high machines, each operatiing eleven fusion pods. Dr. Rothman stood at a second while Dr. Dumas stood at the third. "Prompt: War of the Legends." Goldman, Rothman, and Dumas said while they typed. "Operation: Fusion!" Lights started coming from each fusion pod as the
human and pokemon inside started the fusion process.

-Twenty minutes later-
The fusion process had finished. All operations had gone successfully, the pods opening.

Dr. Goldman watched as the slightly changed, but still recognisable, figures of thirty three lengends came out of the large machanical cacoons. He herded them to a humongous room to meet each other.

"Hello all." A small anglerless Celebi said.


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//You realise you misspelled 'Skylar' adding an extra R. No matter, Sweet, it's finally up!

*Sam Halcyon was sitting in his room, conked out in his gaming chair infront of a flat-screen; it's implyed by anyone looking at him that he was obviously on a Black Ops All-Nighter again, and fell asleep; While playing, judging from the score still on the screen, it being 2-23. His mouth was ajar, a controller in his hand, held limply. He had a gray Aéropostale tee-shirt on, khaki cargo shorts, his favorite pair of Aviator shades on his shirt collar, and wearing 'no-show' socks. In the corner of the room, a table was, with a journal, all about his adventures in the Unova region, sitting along side a picture of him and a teenage boy that looked his age standing in front of the Empire State Building. Next to that was a belt of Pokéballs, all of them filled with a Pokémon; Pikan, a Pikachu, Charzan, a Charizard, Imperian, an Empoleon, Torterran, a Torterra, Staraptan, a shiny Staraptor, and Lucarian, a Lucario. Imperian's Pokéball had a note attached to it, stating something in a scrawled writing. It looked important. Still, despite the looking of this note attached to the Emperor Pokémon's PokéBall, Sam still slept, dreaming of adventures in far off lands he has never seen...*

//It's implied he completely slept through this whole thing, and now, someone will have to fetch him. ;)


The pod shut, Lucas was inside, trapped behind a barrier of glass and looking on into a Laboratory filled with white coated men and women. Each one of them eagerly awaiting the results of their experiments. Each one of them awaiting to see if their sons and daughters would come out alright. Lucas himself was ready willing and able to do this. While he had some reserves about the risks that came with fusion one's body with a Pokemon, in the end he had decided that the reward of becoming a legendary was greater than anyone could imagine.

Lucas looked at Maiorus once more before the fusion began. Witless as usual, the Pokemon had no idea what would happen to him in the coming minutes. The trainer had to wonder what his Pokemon would think of all this if he had more intellect. Though it was probably best to just let the slaking loaf in the pod and pick his nose. Lucas just hoped that he kept his amazing mind intact through all this.

There was a click and a whir, the sounds of machines starting. Lights began to flash as Lucas could feel an electric current begin to run through his body. It was a force to be reckoned with, indeed, and the lights around the teenager got brighter and brighter with each passing second. Lucas closed his eyes just before there was an engulfing white light. Then, nothing, Lucas saw nothing, and he felt nothing. It was like this for what felt like an eternity, until finally, there was another flash.

The pods opened, and steam hissed as Lucas's fell forward out of the chamber slightly. The man known as Dr. Goldman, a collegue of his father, began to heard Lucas and the other once-humans to a room. But Lucas wasn't concerned with that, he was too busy being in awe at his hands and feet. A well of excitement began to rush up inside of him. As Lucas entered the room, he couldn't help but yell with glory.
"IT WORKED! I'm...I'm...I AM REGIGIGAS. THE GARGANTUAN GOLIATH!" He then noticed the Celebi directly across from him.
"And, Hi, by the way." The golem replied in a smug manner.


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*Imperian flashed out of his Pokéball*
...? *sees the note attached to the PokéBall, and attempts to read the Human Language.
...And he is asleep. *Imperian looks to Sam*
I warned him playing that contraption all night would make him late for something... May as well go tell them. *Imperian leaves the room and travels to the main lab, where a Regigigas has just left the room. He walks into the enromous room, seeing almost thirty gargantuan legends standing there. Still very bold, he apprached the crowd.*
"Sam Halcyon is still asleep in his room, knocked out after a video game all nighter. Anyone care to help me explain this to the scientists outside to explain his absence?"


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Going great.


"Wait a minute." Dr. Goldman said. I only counted thirty-two people. Dr. Rothman, are you sure they were all here?"

"Of course I am." Dr. Rothman said, going to her clipboard. "See, every-oh crap. I forgot Sam Halcyon."

"Dang it. Yo, Halcyon." He shouted to one of the other proffesors. "Your son somehow missed this. Can you go get him?"

"Okay." Halcyon yelled back, running off to get their son. "Really, that boy'll be late to his own funeral. Sam!" Halcyon reached Sam's door and knocked on it. "Get out here, you mised the fusion process, so we have to get you in one of the pids and get you fused." Halcyon stopped yelling and muttered to themselve as they waited for Sam. "It is a good thing each of te pods has individual controls and that it'll only take about a minute to fuse operating only one pod."


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*loud snores insue from the room, as Imperian walked up*
well, good thing i dint have to keep asking.
Empo. *opens door, revealing same in almost the exact same state as above* only this time, Imperian's PokéBall was opened still.*


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Diego Vendrix and Omega the Garchomp; Ivoros the Reshiram

Diego looked up to his adopted mother, the 4th-in-command and gave her a reassuring smile. "Everything will turn out alright," Diego said with confidence. Beside Diego was a Garchomp, looking rather serious. "Well, Omega, you read to do this?" he asked with the Garchomp nodding. Diego was wondering how we will react with the one who will turn in Zekrom and Kyurem. He stepped into the pod while he looked at his mom. Beside her was Diego's trusted partner Pikachu and a pregnant Wicca, both looking concerned but confident in their trainer's decision. The pods closed and the process began. Diego began feeling hot, extremely hot and so did Omega. All Diego saw was the light...

Out of the pod and into the room emerged a Reshiram. He was different from the normal one though. He has eyes like a Garchomp. Furthermore, the rings on its neck and tail are not white. They are vermillion and azure on its neck while on its tail they are topaz and peridot. It also has the series of 6 Secptile orbs on its back, though they are now a whitish gold than yellow. As he was getting his minde back together, he noticed the Celebi. "Hi, what's your name?" he asked lamely before he noticed the Regigigas and looked at himself. He looked at his back. "The ring colors and the pods are a nice touch," Ivoros said as he stretched his arms.


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Alex- or Claw as he now is- opened his eyes and stretched his arms. I'm a legendary pokemon, he thought. Woah. This will definatlly need to be getting used to. He sat up to step out of the chamber and cringed as he slammed his tail into the side of the chamber. Expecially the tail. Freaking generator. He looked at the other kids- turned- legendaries and grinned. It worked. The huge spending of time and money acually paid off.


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Jesse Tawnye:
Jesse stood by his father, clutching his hand, with Shiver floating at his side. "I'm ready, are you ready Shiver?" he turned to the Froslass, who nodded, fully realizing the possible outcomes, and that there was no turning back now. When the call came, Jesse squeezed his adopted father's hand once, before silently entering his pod. Shiver followed behind him.

Inside the pod, it was somewhat of a tight fit, and Shiver was right up against Jesse, and seemed to be inching closer. "Umm, Shiver could you give me a little room, I can't breathe very well?" he asked, somewhat confused. Shiver seemed to blush as she backed off a bit, leading into an awkward silence that only ended when things suddenly changed, and the pod opened.

Stepping out of the pod, he looked himself over, he honestly couldn't tell just What he was exactly, until he saw that his entire body was solid ice. He then heard thoughts that he could tell weren't his own. He still didn't realize they were Shiver's. He walked over to where he could see a Celebi and a Regigigas, and said, "Hello, I take it that you two also made it through successfully." His voice sounded grating and robotic, and it made him wince when he talked.

Wynnette Treuse

Wynnette hugged her mom, before picking up Porter, and entering the pod with tear-stained eyes. She set Porter down once the pod closed, and clutched her Tiki pendant tightly to her body. When she and Porter fused, she realized she didn't have legs, and she couldn't see through her eyes, but through her mind. "Wait, but that means, I'm probably a Uxie?" She questioned, floating out of the pod.


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*Sam was fully awake now. He was CHARGING into the room, having to come to a screeching halt*
"I'm here! What did i miss!?" Panting badly. Imperian stood beside him. *Enters the Machine. Imperian closely following. The initiation sequence follows, and the two are tuned into a Palkia.*

..."This is my new look..." Sam thought. Or was it Imperian? He wasn't too sure. All he knew was this: He was Palkia, the God of Space... or at least a copy of him. He exited the machine, silently. In this guise, he will be cold and silent, he thought, to make himself look really cool and tough for the ladies.*
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Stalin the Regigigas (Lucas Weinstein)

The Regigigas couldn't help but clasp his hands together again and again. Each time he did so, all Lucas felt was the reaffirmation that he was quite possibly the most powerful one in the room. No wait, he was the most powerful one in the room.
"I'm supposed to be the colossus who drags continents around with ropes." The fusion muttered to himself with a smirk. With one final clasp of might, Lucas looked up to see what his compatriots were like. The room was packed with beasts that one normally saw only in legends. Filled to the brim with beings once spoken of in the hushest of tones. A fellow golem approached, this one made out of pure crystalline ice, and asked if Lucas had made it through the process alright.

"Are you kidding?" He asked, "I feel better than ever! This uncrushable strength! By the way, I see you're Regice. You obviously know who I am, so I think it'll be no surprise if I end up working with you." Lucas looked around to see if he could find whoever Regirock and Registeel were. Alas there was no sing of them.

Just then a rather large pink dragon bust into the room, which was odd considering that all of the others had gotten in at the exact same time. Lucas figured he might as well see what was up with this guy.
"I see you got here a bit late." Lucas told the Palkia, "Though I don't see how you could possibly miss a day like this. I'm Lu-" He stopped himself, after all was he really still Lucas? Part of him now was Maiorus, could he really still call himself Lucas?

"Just call me Stalin, Stalin the Regigigas."


OOC: Yay, finally it's up
Will the Azelf/ Nathan Iksing

'Man, this is awesome.' Will thought as he was floating throught the room. 'I've finally achieved my greatest goal in life' as he was smiling widely. Altough the floating came like a second nature he still had to get used to his tails which were just uncontrolably waving behind him. He felt kind of weird because he knew that Psyco was somewhere in this body too although he wasn't exacty sure where he was since there was no sign of a second mind in his head or anything like that. 'Am I still me?' he wondered. 'No I'm not me anymore' he decided after ponedering on it for a minute. 'From now on I'm Will!'


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Raiden Makray - Sandagor the Raikou

The fusion-pod cracked slightly as it began to open, before its door, along with the many others, burst open, revealing smoke and silhouettes. The Artaficial-Legends all clambered out, as did Raiden, who couldn't help but examine the other 'Legendary' Pokemon. They all looked strong, and they all looked like the fusion had been a complete success. Raiden couldn't help but search for some of the other Legendary Beasts, or even Ho-Oh, but it seemed like none were here. It was strange being one of the only Legends of his Region, but just as he thought, he noticed the body of a powerful Lugia, which he knew he could at least talk to.

"Hello there, I see you have formed a Lugia during your fusion. It seems like we're the only ones to have formed Legendaries from Johto. Surprising, no?"
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"Jeez!" Claw shouted when the Raikou exploded out of his chamber. When the bolt was sent bouncing around the room, he stepped infront of it and took the hit. Double resistance to electicity. That's got to have its perks. And power me up. Every cloud has a silver lining. Then he saw the scientist get hit. I hope that was no one important. Or someone's father. He stretched his shoulders and then he heard a voice in the back of his head.
Hey! So this is want we signed up for huh? Not bad. Alex felt one of his- or thier- arms move without him moving it.
Hey Rotom, leave control to me for now. I'm used to walking on two feet and you're not.
Fine with me but give me contol sometime.
We'll settle that later, agreed?


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To Stalin
"Greeting's, Stalin." Said the Palkia's cool, metalic, yet very echoed voice, "I am Sam Halcyon and Imperian the Empoleon. together, we created Strato, the Palkia."
To himself more than another
"I wonder..." He lifted a hand, and tried to focus a forme of energy in his palm. after straing for a moment, he finally got what looked like a pink version of the kind of heat you see on top of a car on a summer day. it then, however, shortly fizzed out.
"Hmmm... Looks like i can't perform that attack just yet."


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Bryan Steek (now Cobalt):

Bryan jumped out of his pod. Well, the best he could, having turned into a Cobalion copy. He looked around for his Empoleon, only to realize that he was with Empoleon. Examining himself, he managed to get the hang of walking on four legs. He felt very powerful, a sensation he had never had before. He wondered what it would be like to attack. He went next to a wall, focused all energy on his horns, and unleashed a Sacred Sword. Actually, is was more of a headbutt with a little more color. He thought he may have hit something, but either way, attacking wouldn't be as easy as he thought.
Glancing at the other legendaries around them, he saw some that stuck out. Some were still in the fusion chambers, and though they were a bit clouded, he saw some that made him remember something. A Terrakion, Virizion, and Kerudio were in some. He remembered that they were his followers. He was the leader, and they would follow. But, from his previous experiences, he wasn't sure if they'd accept him. After all, that story was only a legend...

Abigal Robure (now Benigal):
She knew it was over, though the smoke in the machine was still there. The hatch wouldn't open. At the bottom, there was some melted metal. She realized that it was done and she was the Moltres they expected. But, her heat had melted the door shut! Using a Flame Charge, she exploded through the sealed opening and into the room, tumbling as she went. The weak Flame Charge made her unexpectedly fast, so she went flying around the room, smashing into walls, etc. This ended when she smashed a wall next to a blue blur and something that looked like a brown meteor hit her.
Glad it had hit her, she wobbled in a too-weak-to-do-anything state to a scientist, who threw something white into her mouth-no, beak. Swallowing it, she felt much better and went to a crowd of giants to see what was going on...


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"Are you okay?" Strato asked concerned. "That was quite a tackling you did."