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Pokemon: War of the Legends


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Pokemon: War of the Legends

The pokemon world lasted for centuries in peace. Humans and pokemon got along like family. Until that fateful day two years ago. Legendary pokemon, physical gods of the world, attacked. The various legendaries from every region turned on humans using their powers. The once peaceful gods became mad, slaughtering people and pokemon who stood in their way and no amount of force could stop them. However, one legendary managed to stave off whatever was controlling the others and stood with the humans. He was Mewtwo, an artificial legendary born from experiments on the DNA of Mew. He tried to awaken the other legendaries from their crazes, but he could merely hold them off.

In that time however, the human scientists came up with a plan. They studied the experiments that made Mewtwo. A scientist from many years ago named Dr. Fuji fused his DNA with DNA obtained from Mew. The scientist decided to take this a step further, why not mix the whole human and a whole, living pokemon. They created fusion chambers to try and mix a pokemon and a human into one being. But every time they tried, they failed and the two involved died within hours. They almost gave up when the head scientist, Dr. Lazarus Goldman, made a breakthrough. Children.

Head Research Labs, Outskirts of Celadon City, 1330 Hours 11/11/11

Dr. Goldman walked into the boardroom and looked at the gathered board members. “Hello, everyone,” he greeted, walking to a pedestal in the front of the room. He set a folder on the pedestal and opened it. “I’m sure you all know why I called this emergency meeting.”

“Of course we do, scientist,” a gaunt blond man said. “You said you had a breakthrough to help us overcome the attacking legends. Know get on, we don’t have forever.”

“Sorry Mr. Khan. I will try and make this go as fast as I can. Well, two nights ago I was asleep when I started having a nightmare. My Musharna, who is trained to detect someone having nightmares and clear it from their minds, ate the dream. My mind was blank for a while when suddenly I had another dream. In it, we were doing a fusion project and it turned out a successful Celebi. The Celebi was then unfused and it turned out to be my son, Toby, and his Bellosom, Bell. The shock of the thing woke me straight up.”

“So you had a dream about your son fusing into a Celebi?” a tall woman with a black bun of hair asked. “I don’t get your point, professor. I’ve had dreams about many crazy things over the years, but they never mean anything.”

“Maybe not, but there was something very, what’s the word, realistic about my dream. So, later that day I conducted some calculations on my computer. All living organisms have energy in them. Well, I then did some tests on the past fusion subjects we’ve experimented fusion on. Whenever the human and pokemon fused, their energy came together and doubled. With the healthy adult humans that were extensively trained and their pokemon that were equally extensively trained, their energy was too much for the artificial legendary bodies. However, teenagers in healthy condition and adolescent pokemon that were healthy seemed to come together just below the energy limits of the artificial bodies, allowing them to use them to close to their full potential without the same chances of burning out and dying.” Dr. Goldman stopped for a second to take a deep breath and wait for the board members’ response.

“Madness,” Mr. Khan said simply. “This is utter madness. You want us to use teenagers for dangerous activities without truly knowing if they can survive it. I say that this is terrible and will be nothing but a failure. I say no, no, no.”

“I have to agree,” the tall woman agreed. “this is dangerous and I can’t stand potentially sacrificing children for nothing, I have to say no too.”

“That is disappointing,” Dr. Goldman said. “However, there are still five board members left, hopefully I can persuade you last five.”

“I’m in,” a middle aged Asian man replied. “It may not be perfect, but so many people are being killed by these blasted legends that I can’t say no to something that may potentially save us.”

“I agree with my husband,” an African woman said from the seat next to the Asian man. “We may be able to save humanity if your idea is right. If you’re not right however, I’m not sure what we can do. You better be right, Lazarus.”

“Thanks you Mr. and Mrs. Feng,” Dr. Goldman thanked the two. “I need some support.”

“Than you should be thanking me too,” an old man said from the middle seat of the board. “I’ve been your mentor for many years Lazarus, so I’ll stand by you.”

“And I have to agree with the Fengs and Professor Hershel,” a young professor said with a Cockney accent. “I’m all for this, even if it is dangerous.”

“And I guess there’s no point in my disagreeing now,” the last board member, a ginger haired woman in her forties, said. “I guess that this means you have permission to proceed with your mission.”

”This is craziness,” Mr. Khan argued. “We are risking the lives of children. You may be allowed to do this crazy mission of yours, but you’ll never have my support.”

“Behave Gerald,” Professor Hershel said, standing up. “I trust Professor Goldman. Now then, Lazarus, does this project have a name?”

“Oh, yes, yes it does. Project: War of the Legends.”

“Then see if you can get some teenagers for this project. Commence, Project: War of the Legends.”


This is where you come in. You are the teen relative of one of the scientists working on this project and have been contacted by your scientist relative to take part in Project: War of the Legends. You and your one pokemon will be fused into a legendary.

Read all rules before you post.
1) Follow all SPP rules.
2) No god-modding.
2) No bunnying except for special cases. These are when you get permission from the owner of that character and you have to stay in-character for them.
4) PG13- There will be blood, language, and some death. No killing anything without PM'ing me first or me PM'ing you.
5) All moves you use must be legit.
6) Be respectful to others.
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Role Players:
Toby-Bellosom(Bell)-Celebi(Onion)-Kissmygrass96 *Galapagos the Carracosta*
Sam Halcyon-Gallade(Gallan)-Deoxys(Galaxy)-deokishisu.123 *Riorian the Lucario* *Zoran the Zoroark*
Vosok Vesselius-Flygon(Victory)-Latios(Beyond)-Lawmaster *Aurora the Dragonair*
Charlotte Moore-Zoroark(Lilith)-Darkrai(Nicnevin)-*Jean Grey* *Amon the bisharp*
Annabeth Davenport-Togekiss(Whitestar)-Latias(Wish)-leafstormfire
Buchou-Shaymin (Reserved)

December 26th 2011 8:37 A.M.

A tall man who's clothing, a lab shirt and spotless pants, indicated he was rather important walked into a clean office. He looked at the desk of the room and saw a perfectly placed folder with his name on it; Head Scientist Lazarus Goldman. "What's this?" He opened the folder and read it. Inside was a single piece of paper with only a few words written on it-The Fusion Pods are ready. "Awesome! Err, that was rather immature, but this is an exciting development, literally. Now to gather everyone."

December 28 2011 10:46 A.M.

Multiple scientists were preparing large pods in a laboratory. In a nearby room, other scientists including the head scientist, a Dr. Goldman, and a group of teenagers and Pokemon.

"Now, then children," Dr. Goldman said to the teens, "this is the chance of a lifetime. There is no turning back now. You will go in their, enter one of those pods with your selected Pokemon partner, and, if everything goes according to calculations, you will exit as one in the body of a legendary Pokemon. It will probably take a while to get used to your new bodies, but when you do there will be a special room attached to the pod room where you can go to talk to the other fusions and that connects to two well-stocked training rooms. I'll give you a few minutes to talk with your parents or whatever guardians you have before we start this."

"You seem kinda tired dad," a fifteen year old boy with a blue hat on said to the head scientist. "You weren't up all night again, were you?"

"Yes I was Toby, but this is a magnificent breakthrough and it had to be made sure everything was perfect. I wouldn't want anything happening to you or any of the other kids that wasn't planned for."

"Well as long as you don't push yourself too far."

"I won't Toby, you don't have to remind me. Now which Pokemon are you fusing with?"

"Bell, she was my first Pokemon after all. Also, wasn't she the one you used in your original experiments?"

"Okay, although the original experiment was just a series of checks to see if it was possible. I love you son. I want to tell you in case I did make a mistake."

"You didn't mess-up dad, but thanks I love you too."

"Bel bel bel!" a small green Pokemon said cheerfully from Toby's side.

"Oh, hello Bell. Didn't notice you were out of the Pokeball."

"Neither did I," Toby muttered. "Did you just pop out again?"

"Bel lossom som," Bell said with a small laugh.


A few minutes later,

"Please step into the chamber," a scientist in a hazard suit told Toby and Bell who walked into one of the fusion pods. The door closed behind them and lights lighted up in the pod. "Initializing fusion process. Code F251, go." The lights in the pod flared quickly, forcing its inhabitants to close and shield their eyes. After a few seconds, the human and Pokemon felt themselves being fused together.

"This is so odd," Toby muttered as the fusing sensation overcame him.


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Sam and his Gallade stood their in the primary chamber, awaiting to be fused. He was given a thumbs up from the person that was controlling the fusion machine.
Gallade looked to Sam, who wasn't really even watching. He was more or less staring off into space, possibly locked up in his own little world.
Sam was, indeed in his own world. He didn't even bother trying to get into the machine. He felt to tired. Not only that, but it's not like it would have mattered. He only did this because his uncle persuaded him into it. He walked into the machine, quietly as he was introverted (I don't remember if my bio say if he was now an introvert ot not. Lol.), and waited for the process to begin. His uncle didn't even bother to hold him up for words of conversation. Sam didn't care- he would only be prolonging the fusion.
The process was finally compete, he felt a white hot light zap him, and he forced his eyes shut. He just allowed the machine to do it's work. He felt an odd sensation on him, and then felt himself alone. He wasn't in the chamber anymore with Gallan. He didn't see Gallan anywhere. He looked down at himself. He didn't feel shocked or amused. He looked passive. He was a Deoxys. His red and blue tentacle arms swung at his sides, and and felt limp. He watched the pod open to another pod into a large room. He tried to walk forward, but stumbled awkwardly to the ground. He tried to pick himself up with his feeble tentacle arms, but could not. They were too weak and unmuscular. He tried to lift himself, this time with his mind, but found himself unable to use psychic powers. He assumed he was not mentally able yet to operate that region of his mind. He lifted himself with just his legs, and tried to walk again. This time he did it. He needed to bend his legs a bit more. He began to step forward, and tried to break into psychic flight. He lifted his legs off the ground, focusing purely on keeping himself up, forcing the air under him to hold him aloft.
That did it. He was now suspended in the air. He was not amused yet. He lifted himself up higher, and unsuspended himself, dropping down to the ground, and then picking himself back up into flight again just before reaching the ground. He still didn't feel exhilarated. Then he attempted to change forms. He focused on trying to... block. He felt the notion of defense.
His arms flattened, and his head rounded. He felt himself slightly heavier than normal.
He nexts focused on offense. His arms stringed out again, and he felt as though his hair had been spiked with gel.
Finally, he tried speed. He felt a sudden rush of adrenaline, and felt his body become super light. His arms were now only solid colored strands. He felt much like he was going to launch himself at the wall. He quickly tried to revert back to his original form. He then felt something... he felt others. He turned his head and looked with his bland, yet cold stare to the door, seeing others begining to walk in. three others to be exact, were walking over to the small green creature that was in the room too.
He had met the other teenagers that were to be in this project in an orientation before the projects was initiated. He didn't have much contact with them. He sat away from the rest of them, who didn't seem to recall him being there. They continued to chatter until it was time to leave for bed. Sam didn't care. It was only natural that people didn't notice him. He didn't exactly stand out. This time, being a Deoxys, was no exception. He simply stood there, not talking to anyone. He didn't even turn to face voices that may have spoken to them.

For they were only distractions.

(That wasn't the slightest bit long, shush. >:/)


~Freezing Winds~
Annabeth Davenport

Annabeth rolled her shoulders as the pod doors closed with a swish. "This is it," she whispered to herself. Whitestar the Togekiss hovered next to her, tapping his trainer lightly with his wing, reassuring her. A second later, a bright light filled the pod. Annabeth felt herself changing form. She winced, though it didn't hurt in the least. The fusing process could be described as a bit uncomfortable, but nothing more. Wings sprouted out of Annabeth's back, not feathery and light, but hard and strong. Her arms became shorter and her hands rounder, turning red as Annabeth and her Pokemon began to fuse. Her once long legs seemed to disappear, and only a slight feeling of them remained. And her ears shifted to the top of her head, making them pointier than ever.

Annabeth was indeed a different creature. In the reflection of the pod, she saw a Latias. The only thing that was kept the same were her eyes, staring right back at her with wonder.

She floated out of the pod, spreading her wings naturally as if she had done it all her life. But then she tried to go the slightest bit faster. Her wings tipped, and she struggled to balance. Landing lightly on her feet, she sighed in relief.

"Hey, Anna," Annabeth's brother Jake strolled over. "You look like a mix between Elmo and Big Bird."

"Oh, shut up," she sniffed. "I can turn invisible, you can't. That's all there is to it."

"At least you don't look as bad as that guy over there," Jake said. "He looks like he's having a spasm."

Annabeth turned her head and noticed a Deoxys. "No, he looks-" Annabeth started.

"Weird? Alien? Like E.T?" chirped her brother.

Annabeth rolled her eyes. "Lonely," she finished. "I might as well go over and say something."

"Suit yourself," Jake replied offhandedly. "But don't come crying to me and dad if he's just a big bully. And I think you're supposed to talk to that small green vegetable over there, but whatever."

"I swear, you're going to be dead in five seconds if you keep that up." Annabeth turned her back on her younger brother and started over to the Deoxys. "Hi, my name's Annabeth." she said.


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Galaxy turned to face the red birdlike creature floating to him. He didn't speak in any traditional manner, but he made words with his mind.
"Hello." Galaxy said in an autotuned voice. "I am the accumulation of Galan the Gallade, and Sam Halcyon. I have fused to form Galaxy." He floated closer. "I'm sorry if I seem distant. I'm not used to having company" everyone there seemed slightly oblivious to the fact Sam was at the orientation, and he stayed away. He was not sure as to why this girl would approach him now.

(Because I'm grounded, I must use this smartphone my mother has. This means no colored text for me. And I appologize for shortness of posts. Phones aren't suitable for typing a roleplay on.)


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(Using my mighty co game master powers, I incantate...

War of the Legends won't die a third time, good sirs. Jean gray and the Latios person, please respond. I will pewter Yeh if Yeh don't. :/)

*Jean Grey*

Night Triumphant
Charlotte Moore

Charlotte stood with Lilith together with a bunch of other teenagers. Looking back, she saw her father, the one who dragged her into this in the first place. If it weren't for him...she could still be travelling, like any normal girl.

"Now, then children, this is the chance of a lifetime. There is no turning back now. You will go in their, enter one of those pods with your selected Pokemon partner, and, if everything goes according to calculations, you will exit as one in the body of a legendary Pokemon. It will probably take a while to get used to your new bodies, but when you do there will be a special room attached to the pod room where you can go to talk to the other fusions and that connects to two well-stocked training rooms. I'll give you a few minutes to talk with your parents or whatever guardians you have before we start this." The Head Scientist explained. Charlotte cast a doubtful look at the man. He was just like her father, always reassuring...not that it was a good thing. She looked back and spotted her father, or rather, her adoptive father.

She said nothing. She had already agreed to do this, and there were no more words needed. They had reached a compromise, he wanted her participation, she wanted her choice. They got what they wanted, there was no need for anything more. Dr. Moore gave her a reassuring smile. Grinning back halfheartedly, she stepped into the chamber with her Zoroark.

Seconds later, a bright light flashed in the chamber mere seconds later. After that, Charlotte felt herself...change. As if her body was reforming itself. Closing her eyes, she waited, knowing what to expect. Her father at first wanted her to be a Dialga, but agreed to Darkrai after she made the deal.

Moments later, the chamber reopened. Charlotte opened her eyes to see herself floating above the ground, her legs replaced by the hem of a Darkrai's tattered robe and Lilith missing. Floating out, she looked down at herself, noticing that she had turned Darkrai.


Looking back, she saw her reflection in the glass walls of the chamber. No longer was it the blond seventeen-year-old who looked back at her, but the Pokemon of nightmares....just as promised. Her eyes had remained aqua however, for good reason. She was often described as having "eyes of a Darkrai" when she was in foster care. Darkrai had aqua eyes and so did she.

Looking around, she saw two more who may be just like her. A male Deoxys and a female Latias. Hovering towards them, she examined them carefully, realizing that they were also fused.

"Hey, name's Charlotte. Yeah, I'm a girl." She said, floating near them, putting emphasis on her gender if in case they would think her male.


What is that?
Vosok Vesselius

Vosok listened as the man said "Now, then children, this is the chance of a lifetime. There is no turning back now. You will go in their, enter one of those pods with your selected Pokemon partner, and, if everything goes according to calculations, you will exit as one in the body of a legendary Pokemon. It will probably take a while to get used to your new bodies, but when you do there will be a special room attached to the pod room where you can go to talk to the other fusions and that connects to two well-stocked training rooms. I'll give you a few minutes to talk with your parents or whatever guardians you have before we start this." I don't need to talk to him, Vosok thought to himself, I already am sure that I will do this so me and Victory can be closer.

Vosok's uncle walked over to him and then said with sympathy "You sure you want to do this because if you don't you have no other opportunity but now to say it?" He then sighed as Vosok did nothing but stare at him and walk away. "Why can't he see that I just want the best for him and to show him I love him" He looked up to the roof and raised his eyebrows as if asking god.
Vosok walked with each step making a small echo as his boots thudded on the ground. He pulled out a pokeball and out popped Victory who was in a fighting pose as soon as he came out. "We are going to merge now Victory." Using a light, nice voice to show his pokemon that it will be OK. He stepped into his pod and closed his eyes waiting for it to start. A moment later he looked at himself He was white and green. As he looked into the glass on the pod he saw he was latios. Good just what I wanted.

That is when he felt Victory's presence inside him. It was warm and ferosious, loving but determined. Vosok was overjoyed knowing that they were closer then anything and that they always would be. As Vosok went out of the pod hovering off the ground he leaned a little and whirled around. He stopped himself and went forward a little he found that going slow he could handle at least.He saw that the others were standing together but Vosok drifted away from them and floated wondering what possibilities lied within himself now.


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Welcome back everyone! I had some problems that kept me off the computer, but I'm back and hopefully so will be War of the Legends.

Toby Goldman

Toby and Bell floated out of the machine, and looked at the reflective pod.

"Seems we became a Celebii," Toby thought.

"But we don't have the little antanae," Bell added.

"Woah, Bell? I can hear you? Well, we are sharing a body and mind, so it makes sense, but it's still weird."

"I wonder if we can talk to other Pokemon, do you have any of the others?"

"No, I left them in the room, but we can always go into the special room the others are in and talk to them. Also, what should we call ourself in this form?"

"How about a plant? Umm, Guatamala!"

"That's a country, not a plant. How about Garlic, that's good for you and all."

"No, they're ugly. How about Onion? The purple one's look cute and they're like bigger garlic?"

"Okay, let's do this." They flew into the room the other fusions and saw them talking. "Hello everybody," Onion greeted, flying towards the others.


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Galaxy looked at all the other Pokémon. He did not say a word. He simply floated upwards, away from everyone else. He preferred to be alone. He watched as the others conversed, almost oblivious to his ascension. He looked down to them, thinking them... not his type of friends. They were too bright, too happy.
Even though Gallan was holder of his psychic powers, Sam was the one that made Galaxy a recluse to everyone there. He looked off into space, losing himself in his imagination. It was a typical blank. As always. Not a constructive thought passed through his brain lapses. A Celebi, apparently, but it's head antennae were missing. He assumed this was Toby, as he was the only one among the children who had possessed a grass-type Pokémon.

"This world is filled with people, Pokémon, and various other life forms." Gallan said, in their mind.
"I know." Sam said with colorlessness. "Loud, obnoxious, and too much for me to handle. That's why I don't speak with them."
"No. I know why you don't speak with them." Gallan said. "You want to hurt yourself mentally and emotionally by separating yourself from them, so that they may give you the sympathy no one else ever gave you."
"Thanks for making me feel better." Sam said bitterly.
"Any time." Gallan said.

WotL? Die? Third time? Bollocks, now post, yeh weirdies, or I'll give you an arrow to the knee. >:/

*Jean Grey*

Night Triumphant
Charlotte Moore

"Hello everybody." Somebody called, which made Charlotte turn around. It came from a Celebi...or what looked like one, except it or rather, he had no antennae.

"Charlotte, how'd you like it so far ?" A voice asked in her head, which bewildered the teen for a moment as she looked around. It didn't seem to be coming from around her, but in her. Could it be...Lilith?

"Good, but hopefully I don't creep anyone out. I don't want to give dad any pleasure from my misery. Dude may have Schadenfreudic tendencies." Charlotte replied mentally. Lilith's voice sounded low and sexy, definitely how she pictured it. Charlotte herself had an unfortunate soprano which she despised greatly.

"Glad to hear that, I know what's going on in your head. You're relieved that you didn't go Dialga." Lilith replied, to which Charlotte nodded.

"Anyway...what do we call ourselves now? We can't be known as 'Charlotte and Lilith' or 'Darkrai'. Too boring, too basic...not us at all. Any ideas?" The Zoroark continued.

Ideas? Well...something interesting...something beautiful that may or may not tick off Daddy...

"Nicnevin. Queen of the Dark Fey, if you'd want to know." The name rolled off Charlotte just as she thought of it. It definitely was a good name. Dark and regal but still feminine, definitely something Dr. Moore would protest.

"Lovely, we are now Nicnevin. You have good taste, I must say." Lilith said, pleased.

"I know, I definitely have better taste than Daddy. Anyone has better taste than a fiftysomething-year-old man obsessed with Steel-types." Charlotte replied in her mind with pride. Nicnevin then rose up to greet the Celebi.

"Hey...name's Nicnevin." She greeted, trying to smile...even if she had no sign of a mouth. The last thing she wanted to be thought of as was standoffish and evil.


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"Nicnevin? Well that is a bit odd, but my name in this form is Onion, so I can't really say much. And who are you Deoxyss?" Onion asked the others.

"Hello!" Bell greeted loudly, taking control of Onion's body. "I'm Bell! I'm Toby's partner in this experiment! Who are you guys!?"

OOC: Sorry, just couldn't think of much for the general small level of action right now.


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Galaxy looked down from the ceiling. The Celebi had apparently spotted him when looking up, and inquired whom he was. He had no choice- Toby was the son of the leader of this experiment, ignoring him would certainly earn him some negatives with him. He mustered.

"...I am Galaxy, fusion of Gallan and Sam Halcyon." Galaxy said, colorlessly. "I'm sure you mean well by introducing yourself to me, but having a socially introverted teenager controlling my emotions, I have to say I prefer to be alone. It's better for him that way. I'm sorry if I hurt any of you in this parade of negativity from him, but you can't really help a hedgehog."


What is that?
Vosok Vesselius

Vosok floated off the ground and slightly bounced. His shadow growing then shrinking. Victory, Vosok thought, what should we call ourselves? Victory then said It should be something strong, like Power. Vosok liked this named and decided he would call himself power.

A celebi walked in then and asked who everyone was. Let's introduce ourselves as Power. Victory said to Vosok. Then a deoxys spoke up and sounded like he rather not be with any of them. "I'm Power." said Vosok as he floated over to the group slowly as to keep from tipping.

(O.O.C. Not a lot of action so I can't come up with that much to write.)


~Freezing Winds~
Annabeth Davenport

"Hello," said the Deoxys. "I am the accumulation of Gallan the Gallade, and Sam Halcyon. I have fused to form Galaxy." He floated closer. "I'm sorry if I seem distant. I'm not used to having company." Annabeth felt the presence of not one, but two pairs of eyes staring at her. She realized that this must be Gallan and Sam together, and felt the need to back away. Not wanting to be rude though, she looked Galaxy in the eye as hard as it was. But before she could reply, the Celebi's voice cut through the air.

"Hello!" the leader chirped. "I'm Bell! I'm Toby's partner in this experiment! Who are you guys!?"

Annabeth mentally facepalmed. So here she was, in a room with powerful legendary-fusions, and she had met a socially unstable alien and a hyper small green fairy. What was going on?

Annabeth, Whitestar, before silent, nudged in to Annabeth's thoughts. Since we're together, we need a name. The wish to be here, the wish to save the world...our actions and thoughts will be recorded in history. And the generations ahead will remember our names forever. So think hard about it, it is more important than you think.

Annabeth was quiet for a minute. "The wish to be here, the wish to save the world...Whitestar, our name will be Wish."

Annabeth felt Whitestar's silent approval, his presence slowly fading until he was barely there. She smiled for a second, and then snapped back to reality.

"I am Wish." Wish looked around. "Pleased to meet you all."


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"What?" Onion asked as Galaxy finished talking. "I don't know what you mean, but hello!" Power and Wish then introduced themselves, eliciting more responces from teh Celebi. "Hello, Wish! Hello Power! I'm Bell! Oh no, I guess that in this form I'm Onion! But I'm Bell all alone! I like Spring, and Summer, and Fall, and Flowers, and Fruits, and-"

Onion stopped talking, before resuming in a slower, calmer voice. "Sorry about that. I'm Toby, the human in this fusion. I let me partner, Bell, take over for a second to introduce herself. I guess that wasn't such a good idea after all. Well, hello all. I guess that we are a team, since we are the only fusions."