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pokemon: warriors of the soul

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Hey. welcome....(drumroll) to my fanfic! so, i've been inspired by the stories here(*cough*Mix*cough*):) so, here's a fanfic of my own. set in sinnoh. This is not a dj ripoff. ,Yes, it has a prophecy and elemental features, but it is different. I hope mix doesn't disagree, cuz she's my favorite writer. srry if it feels that way. no idea where this will go, but stay 4 the ride, okay? let's go.
Winston Icharias Zacharias (Wiz): 12, February 24. A diminutive boy with a love for books and computers, and an extreme dislike of his name, he dreams of two things: a pokemon and an adventure.
Kimberly Anne: 13, July 8. A fiery girl who doesn't care about her studies, and wonders about life who unexplicably finds herself drawn to this small kid.
Seth Johansen: 13, Wiz's only friend and the most popular kid in school, he is cool and laid back; however, he often forgets the larger goal.
pm me if you want teams or have a suggestion.


Really and truly
If you had read the Fan Fiction Rules, you would know that the first post MUST contain either a first chapter or prologue.

If you would like to have a fic here, please read these rules and other stickies in this section thouroughly.

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