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Pokemon: While I'm in Sinnoh

buneary dude

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Buneary dude here! You all might know me. You all might not. But anyway I am going to start writing my own Pokémon fiction because I’m bored. I hope you like it! Well...here it is:

Pokémon: While I’m in Sinnoh.
Episode 1: Process Beginning.
Today we are going to read a tale. A tale about Pokémon…who roam the land of Sinnoh. This is where you imagine Sinnoh Pokémon walking around. But not just Pokemon of course inhabitant Sinnoh, also humans. Most people or kids when they are old enough, they go on journeys of their own. To be a Pokémon champion or a top co-ordinator. Most kids used to start out of ten, but were being sued by the government for them being too young. Now the age is thirteen. In Sinnoh anyway. And now we focus this story on two thirteen year old boys. Ones who were about to start their Sinnoh journey.
In a house of Twinleaf town, Sinnoh…there was a boy. This boy was in a large house that was mostly bricks. He had many siblings. Actually all sisters. He had three sisters. This guy’s name was Palmer Keen. He was tan, strong, and had glasses. What Palmer had hanging up for tomorrow was a white under shirt, barely seen by a dark gray vest that had a think gray line going across in the middle. He had a yellow back-pack but that was aside of him. He also had blue baggy pants and red beret hanging up too. Right now he was just wearing pajamas. It was twelve fifty-two a.m. and Palmer was in his room. He was squatting on the ground holding a post card. Palmer was next to his window having light shine down from a crescent moon on the post card. On the post card was showing three different Pokémon. The first one was a turtle Pokémon that had yellow eyes, a brown shell with a black stripe in the middle, flat feet that were yellow on the bottom, a giant lower jaw that was yellow, and a stick growing out of his head. This Pokémon appeared to be a grass type Pokémon. Under the picture of the turtle said, “Turtwig”. Palmer shifted his eyes to the next picture. It showed an orange chimp Pokémon that had tan face, belly, hands, and feet. On top of this Pokémon’s head there was hair sticking up, looking like a flame. But it had a real flame for a tail. This Pokémon was obliviously a fire type. Palmer looked at the name below the Pokémon. It said, “Chimchar”. Palmer eyes moved onto the next Pokémon which was a blue penguin type Pokémon that had gleaming blue eyes with white around them. It had a dark blue shell type thing on its back. A soft cuddly thin one. It also had white spots under its thick blue collar. Palmer knew this was the last Pokémon on the cards so it had to be a water type Pokémon. The letters below it said, “Piplup.”
Palmer then put the post card down and looked at his room. It was messy with stuff lying all over the floor. His bed was also messy. Palmer reached toward the dresser by his bed. He grabbed a torn up cell phone with no screen on the outside. Palmer opened the phone, pressed a button, and scrolled down to a name resembling to, “Brad.” Palmer pushed the button in the middle and put the phone to his ear.
A couple of miles away were a white house with a blue roof. The waves from Palmer’s cell phone went into a window. It was now in a room that was clean, organized, and had a lot of Buneary plushes. Then the waves from Palmer’s cell phone went into a blue RAZR that was on a small dresser by a bed. The RAZR started shaking and was ringing a techno jingle of The Simpsons theme song. In a bed was a thirteen year old boy. He had long red hair that went in front of his eyes. He also had some freckles on his face. If you had X-ray vision you would see that he was wearing a black shirt, with a picture of a Buneary head on it, and had tan letters under the head. The letters were saying, “Be Afraid!” He also had baggy pants with huge pockets on. Also next to him was a small dog like Pokémon that was brown, had a fluffy tail, and tan collar of fur around its neck. This Pokémon is known as Eevee. But anyway the RAZR next the teenager kept ringing. It rang one more time and the teen snorted and turned to the other side. The cell phone started the Simpsons theme over again.

“Oh god!” The red headed boy yelled angry, throwing his arms in the air. He reached for the phone and opened it. “WHAT!?”

“Hey Brad”, Palmer said. “It’s Palmer. I was just wondering if you would know what Pokémon you were going to pick tomorrow.”
Brad sat there with his eyes half open and the RAZR to his ear.

“Uh-huh”, Brad replied yawning. “Palmer. It’s the middle of the night. Get some sleep. And happy birthday.”
A few miles away Palmer heard the dial tone on his phone. He knew that Brad hung up. Palmer got up from the floor and put his cell phone on the dresser.

“Brad’s right”, Palmer yawned. “Tomorrow’s a big day.”
Palmer pulled the covers up from his bed, lie down in the bed, and fell asleep.
The next day…
Back at Brad’s house it was now six o’clock. Brad opened his eyes from sun light shining down on his face from his window. Brad hopped out of his bed with his Eevee falling out of his bed.

“Today is the day!” Brad exclaimed. “Ready Sophie?”
The Eevee rubbed her eyes. She had a collar with smiling yellow faces, and a gold tablet hanging down. It said, “Sophie.”

“That’s right”, Brad sighed. “You’re not a battling Pokémon. You are just the pet.”
Sophie whined.

“Don’t be sad, Sophie”, Brad said, putting his hand on her shoulder, and squatted down. “I’ll be back in a year or two.”
Sophie barked in sadness.

“Okay okay”, Brad said. “One year. Why don’t we go downstairs?”
Brad opened the door to his room and Sophie followed. Brad walked all the way downstairs and saw his living room. The floor was wooden, had a long burgundy, leather couch, and normal sized television.

“Mom!” Brad called.

“I’m in here!” A voice called.
Brad walked to his left and into a kitchen with a short woman that had short brown hair. Brad looked at the kitchen table and saw a plate of blueberry waffles on it.

“Waffles!” Brad yelled, running to the table, sitting in a chair, and eating his pancakes.

“So have you decided your starter Pokémon yet?” Brad’s mom asked.

“No”, Brad said, swallowing a bite. “They are all cute. But I think I’ll go with the water type.”

“Good choice”, Brad’s mom said. “However I started with the fire type.”

“I know”, Brad sighed. “I know. You chose Charmander.”

“And then I found Squirtle” Brad’s mom said. “It’s rare to find another starter Pokémon. Charmander! Squirtle!”
After Brad’s mom called, a lizard like Pokémon that was orange, had a flame on his tail, a tan belly, and a cute face came from outside of the porch. Now another Pokémon that was blue, and had a turtle-like shell. This Pokémon was actually right beside Brad’s mom spitting out water on dishes. These Pokémon were called Charmander and Squirtle.

“Charmander”, The Charmander said.

“Squirtle!” Squirtle exclaimed, wiping the dishes with his tail.

“What happened to your other Pokémon?” Brad asked.

“Well…I had to release them”, Brad’s mom replied. “I promise I’d come back for them someday, but of course that never happens. But once I go back to Kanto…I’ll find them.”

Brad looked around. “Where’s dad?”

“He’s in Veilstone City from a DJ job last night”, Brad’s mom answered.

“Oh”, Brad said disappointed. “Is Marowak still here?”
A Pokémon with a skull as a head, a lizard like body, and bone in its hand came through the doorway of the kitchen. The Marowak jumped on Brad’s lap and gave him a hug. Charmander and Squirtle did as well. Sophie was sitting in front of Brad from the floor. She looked angry and made way for room on Brad’s lap. They all huddled together.

“Now guys”, Brad said, pushing away the Pokémon. “I need to go.”

“You’re got stay a little longer?” Brad’s mom asked.

“Sorry, mom”, Brad said serious, getting out of his chair. “I’m too excited!”

“Before you go”, Brad’s mom started. “Are you doing contests or gyms or both?”

“I told you mom”, Brad said. “I’m definitely doing gyms, but I might do contests.”
Brad’s mom was going to ask another question, but Brad ran out of the kitchen, and up the stairs.

“Eeeee…”, Sophie whined.
She ran up the stairs after Brad. Brad got to his room and picked up a navy blue bag with a yellow stripe. Brad started to walk out, but reached into his bag. Brad pulled out a black DS Lite.

“Sorry”, Brad apologized, setting the DS Lite on his bed. “I’m afraid I don’t need you anymore Pokémon Diamond. You helped me through a lot. But now it’s time for me to start my own Pokémon journey.”
Brad then ran out of the door and tripped over his pet Eevee Sophie.

“What is it Soph?” Brad asked, lifting his head up.
Sophie whined again in sadness.

“Sophie I know that you’ll miss me,” Brad said. “I’ll miss you too. But I have to go.”
Sophie nodded.

“Just stay here with Charmander, Squirtle, Marowak, and mom and dad”, Brad said. “Good bye Sophie.”
Sophie looked at the ground sad. Brad got up and ran down the stairs. Sophie paid attention and Sophie did too.

“Good bye mom!” Brad exclaimed, running past them. “Bye Charmander, Squirtle, and Marowak!”
Sophie ran after Brad and Brad ran out the door. The screen door closed and Sophie put her paws on it.

“Eeee!” Sophie barked with sadness.

“Bye Sophie!” A voice yelled.
Sophie looked beyond the screen door and saw Brad waving. Sophie had a tear drop and she smiled from knowing Brad would say good bye.
Exactly at six a.m. when Brad got up, Palmer woke up too from the sound of his cell phone vibrating. Palmer barely opened his eyes and looked up at the ceiling for a couple minutes. He then got up, turned off the alarm from his cell phone, and put it in his yellow bag that was beside his bed. Palmer walked to his front door and saw his new traveling clothes. He took them off the hanger, took a shower, and dressed into them
Palmer walked out of the bathroom and was on the balcony of his house. He looked down and saw the living room. He then walked down the giant set of wooden stairs and went to the living room. He saw a tall purple cat that had a tail like a spring and looked very high class. It is known as Glameow. The other Pokémon next to it was a kitten Pokémon that pink and yellow. It had its eyes closed even when it is awake, a small body that was half pink and yellow, yellow face, and a tail with three needles with a yellow circle at the end of them. The Pokémon was known as Skitty. Palmer looked at them brightly, sat on the couch between them by making them wake up, picked a remote, and turned on the television that was across from him.
Back with Brad.
Brad was still walking through Twinleaf town to reach Palmer’s house. Brad looked up in the sky and grayish birds flying. A flock of them you would see all day if you lived in Twinleaf town. These Pokémon were known as Starly. They were gray, had an orange beak with a black tip, s collar of spiky brown feathers, and orange feet.

“Man I see those things EVERYDAY”, Brad said to himself. “But today is a happy day! Hello Starlys!”
Brad waved at all of the Starlys in the sky. Brad continuously waved and then white Starly poop splattered on his face. Brad kept his smile on, but stopped waving. Brad wiped the crap off of his face and threw it on the ground. Brad wiped his face more and then stopped from hearing a sound. Brad looked down and saw a beaver Pokémon with a red nose, small black eyes, tan face, lumps around its face, and lumps for a tail. This Pokémon was known as Bidoof. They were a common Pokémon in Twinleaf town just like Starlys. There were about a dozen Bidoofs in front of Brad. And as he threw the Starly poop down, it hit a Bidoof in the face. The Bidoof wiped off the crud and glared angrily at Brad.

“Bidoof!” the Bidoof said to the others.

“Doof…” all the Bidoof growled, glaring angrily at Brad.

“Hey”, Brad said scared, blocking himself with his hands.
Brad yelled and then the clan of Bidoofs started chasing after Brad. Brad was being chased for a couple seconds, he turned to his right, and started running away from the Bidoofs. The Bidoofs paused and looked confused. Then one realized that they still had to chase Brad. And they did until...

“Might!” A voice barked.
Brad looked ahead of him and the Bidoofs stopped from the bark. The creature that made the bark was a large gray dog Pokémon. It had long darker hair at its legs, back, and tail. It had a red nose and an evil eye.

“Might!” The Pokémon yelled.
This Pokémon is known as Mightyena.

“Yen!” the Mightyena yelled again.
The Bidoofs were frightened and ran off. The Mightyena still looked mean and then grew a smile to her face. She started running toward Brad.

“No no Kirby”, Brad said, shielding himself.
Brad couldn’t do anything. The Mightyena who must have been nicknamed Kirby tackled Brad on the ground and started licking him.

“Kirby!” Brad yelled. “Get off of me!”
Brad pushed Kirby off of him and got up. He saw that he was standing on a driveway and in front of a large brick house. The door across from him opened. Then Palmer walked out the door and was dressed in his new traveling clothes. He had the Glameow and Skitty at his feet.

“Ready to go!?” Palmer asked excited.

To Be Continued…

Well I hope that you all enjoyed the very first episode of, “Pokémon: While I’m in Sinnoh.” This is re-edited part of this fiction so if you look below…the second episode is on your way! In the second episode Brad and Palmer finally obtain their first Pokémon! “What will they be?” you ask. You’ll have to find out! The next episode is called, “All of the Thoughts of a Turtwig are Turtwig.”
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I like it so far

Where the Squirtle and Charmanbder pets? Sorta weird ones if they are..

buneary dude

Well-Known Member
Buneary dude here! Just wanted to let you that I will make another chapter today. Well, here it is:

Pokemon: While I'm in Sinnoh.
Episode 2: All the thoughts of a Turtwig are Turtwig
"Of course!" Brad said satisfied. "I can see you are!"

"Then let's go!" Palmer yelled.

The two friends started walking away from Palmer's house. As they left the Glameow walked in the house like nothing happened. The Skitty looked sad then followed the Glameow into the house. Palmer and Brad were walking north of Twinleaf town until they ran into...Blake was a kid who was lonely and really annoying to Brad and Palmer because he thought he was their friend but really wasn't. Blake has blondish red hair and glasses. He was wearing a polo shirt with thick orange and white stripes, a lime green scarf, grayish black jeans, brown leather shoes, and was holding a brown leather bag.

"Hey guys are you excited about traveling Sinnoh together?" Blake sounded sure.

Brad grew a mad face because he hates Blake more then Palmer did. "Blake for the last time, we are not your FRIENDS!"

Blake’s eyes got watery and said, "Palmer what does he mean?"

"We don't want to travel with you", Palmer tried to sound nice.

"Then I'm your rival for now on!" Blake yelled. "I want a battle!"

"Fine!" Brad yelled. "Winner gets twenty bucks!"

"And five pokeballs!" Blake suggested.

"Deal!" They both shook hands.

"I guess I'll be the referee?" Palmer suggested. "So let's go!"

The three teens walked out of Twinleaf town and into Route 201. They only saw two kinds of different of Pokemon. One was Starly. It was a grayish bird with a brown collar of spiky feathers, gray and brown wings, three tail feathers (one white, two brown), an orange beak with a black tip, and a white face. There was also a beaver Pokemon with lumps for a tail, lumps around its face, buck teeth, and a red button nose. The Pokemon were gentle so they didn't hurt them.
When they all got to Sandgem town, Brad stopped walking.

"Hey wait! Why is Blake with us and what is with the name of this town?! Brad yelled. Brad noticed he was alone. Palmer was walking toward the lab but Blake was gone.
Brad caught up with Palmer as soon as he got to the front door. Palmer knocked on the door as soon as he was going to ask him which Pokemon he would choose.

"Where'd Blake go?" Brad asked as they waited.

"He went to the Poke mart. I don't know why though", answered Palmer.

They heard from inside feet walking toward them. Some scientist guy answered the door with tan pants, light blue buttoned up shirt, a lab coat, and huge glasses.

"Welcome!" said the scientist. "C'mon in!"

They all walked into the lab and saw a man at the back wearing a blue vest with a brown tie, black pants, and a brown trench coat. He was standing by a table with a sleeping Turtwig and an eating Chimchar, but no Piplup! The assistant scientist guy ran up to Professor Rowan and was whispering for a minute. The assistant went into another room.

"Hello", said Professor Rowan. "Where's the other trainer?"

"He went to the market but he'll be back", answered Palmer.

"Yes", Professor Rowan said. "My assistant is getting a Piplup because another girl got one earlier today".

"That was close, that is the one I wanted anyway", Brad said

Professor Rowan's assistant came out of a room carrying a Piplup. Piplup didn't look happy about leaving the lab. The assistant put Piplup in Brad's arms and handed the pokeball to him.

"Hey there Piplup!" Brad sounded exciting giving a hug.

Piplup acted as if it didn't care but did and gave him a hug as well.

Palmer knew what he would choose because he thought about for a long time. "I choose Turtwig!" Palmer yelled excited. Palmer head toward the table with the sleeping Turtwig.

Palmer touched the Turtwig gently to wake it up. Turtwig opened its eyes and looked up at Palmer smiling.

"You're going to come with me now", Palmer said happy but gentle.” Okay Turtwig?"
The Chimchar looked jealous. Turtwig jumped into Palmer's arms and started sleeping again. The assistant gave Palmer a pokeball.

"Yes", Professor Rowan said trying to rush. "You won't be able to learn about Pokemon without these".
Professor Rowan's assistant walked to them with a tray of three Pokedexs. Palmer and Brad grabbed them and said, "Thanks".

"I hope you enjoy your Pokemon!" The assistant said.

"Yes", Professor Rowan said. "Bye".
Brad and Palmer walked out the lab with the two Pokemon in their arms.

To be Continued...

Well I hope you enjoyed the second chapter of "Pokemon: While I'm In Sinnoh" PM me if you have questions. The next chapter is called, "Pipluppy Love!"
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The true master
Only problem I have is the poor structure of the story, but you can fix that easily.

Also some grammer errors, and one odd habit of you keep having is how you end dialouge. It sould be "said, sounding happy." not just "sounded happy." That extra said makes a big difference, as it adds tone to the dialouge.

Shadow Lucario

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I can't wait a week!I need the next chapter now!

buneary dude

Well-Known Member
Buneary dude here! Sorry I didn't write the third chapter yesterday. I was at a party. Well, here it is:

Pokemon: While I'm in Sinnoh.
Episode 3: Pipluppy Love!
The two friends came out of Professor Rowan's with their two new Pokemon. Piplup and Turtwig.

"Where should we go now?" Brad asked.

"Let's go to the Poke mart, so we can get the twenty bucks", Palmer suggested.

"Good idea", Brad mumbled.

They both started walking to the Poke mart. They closer they got they couldn't see anyone.

"Maybe he went back to Professor Rowan's lab", Brad said to Palmer. "Maybe we should walk back to the lab".

So Brad and Palmer started walking west, to Professor Rowan's lab and got to the door.
Brad took out the pokeball that belonged to Piplup, pointed it at Piplup, and a red beam came out taking Piplup in.
Blake walked out of the lab and said in a sassy voice, "Ready to battle!?"

"Of course!" Brad said sassy as well. "Let's go into Route 201".
Brad, Palmer, and Blake walked out of Sandgem town and in to Route 201. It didn't take long to get there because the lab is the first building at Sandgem town. Brad and Blake got really far from each other so there was room for the battle. Palmer was on the side with his sleeping Turtwig by him.

"This will be a one on one battle!" Palmer yelled. "Begin!"

Blake took out a pokeball and threw it in the air. The pokeball opened and a white beam hit the ground and disenagrated into a monkey shaped Pokemon Chimchar.

"Chimchar!" Blake’s Chimchar said in a cute voice.

"A Chimchar!" Brad said amazed.
Quickly Brad took out the Pokedex he got from Professor Rowan and pointed it at the Chimchar. Brad pressed the button and the Pokedex said in its girl computer voice, "Chimchar, the chimp Pokemon. It agilely scales sheer cliffs to live atop craggy mountains. Its fire is put out when it sleeps."

"Can we get this over with!?" Blake yelled.

Brad put his Pokedex away and threw his pokeball in the air. The pokeball opened and the white beam turned into Piplup. Piplup was shook like a wet dog to get some of the white stuff off.
Piplup looked at its surroundings and ran to Brad.

"Piplup what's the matter?" Brad asked.

"Piplup!" Piplup said, sounding scared.

"I know we haven't gotten to know each other that well, but we have to beat our rival", Brad encouraged Piplup.

Piplup grew a mean face and stood up straight.

"Piplup!" Piplup said ready to battle.

"Hurry up Brad!" Blake yelled. "Me and Chimchar are getting impatient!"

Blake's Chimchar was just sitting there picking its nose.

Piplup got mad, acting like Chimchar didn't think he was a threat and used a Bubble attack! Chimchar flicked the booger off its finger and looked up. Chimchar was hit by the bubble attack. Chimchar was on its stomach.

"Chimchar get up!" Blake yelled. "And use Ember!"

Chimchar jumped and a bunch of orange ovals came out of its mouth heading toward Piplup.
Brad looked scared because he didn't want Piplup to get hurt. Brad was think hard and got an idea.

"Piplup use Water Sport!" Brad yelled in a hurry.

Piplup took his head up and was firing some water into the air. The pieces of water were hitting Chimchar and the ovals of fire. The ember attack went away from the water sport. Chimchar grew an angry face, as well as Blake.

"Chimchar use Fire Punch!" Blake yelled.
Brad and Palmer looked surprised. Chimchar held up its left fist, it got on fire, and was running toward Piplup.

"Piplup!" Piplup said in high-pitched voice frozen with fear.

Once again Brad didn't know what to do.

"Piplup use Peck!" Brad yelled in terror.

Piplup just stood there in fear and then Piplup took the punch. Piplup got a bruise on his forehead and his eyes turned red. Chimchar was laughing
at Piplup. Since water sport weakened fire attacks Piplup just felt a punch. Piplup grabbed Chimchar's head and started pounding Chimchar non-stop!

"Chimchar!" Blake yelled mad. "Don't take that!"

"Go Piplup!" Brad yelled.

Piplup got up after Chimchar quit moving. Piplup went to Brad liked nothing happened. Chimchar had a black eye, a fat lip, its leg and arm were tied together, and Chimchar's tongue was out.

"Chimchar is unable to battle! The winner is Brad!" Palmer yelled proud.

"CHIMCHARRRRR!" Blake's Chimchar was crying in pain.

"Chimchar shut up and don't be a baby!" Blake yelled recalling Chimchar in its pokeball.
Blake grew mad and just threw six pokeballs and a twenty dollar bill in the air without saying a word, then just walked away.

"Piplup!" Piplup nah-nahed Blake.

"Nice work Piplup!" Brad said proud.

"Piplup!" Piplup yelled happily.
Palmer picked up his sleeping Turtwig, the pokeballs, and the twenty bucks. Palmer walked over to Brad.

"Here's your twenty bucks Brad", Palmer said handing it. "And Blake left six pokeballs, I thought he said five."

"Let me see that!" Brad said taking them. "One of them is a Premiere ball. Palmer I want you to have three of the pokeballs."

"Okay", Palmer said taking the pokeballs.

"Where's Piplup!?" Brad yelled worried and was looking around.

"Maybe he went back into Sandgem town", Palmer suggested.

"THEN LET'S GO!!!!!!!!" Brad said running into Sandgem town. "Split up!"
Brad's yelling woke up Turtwig. Turtwig opened its eyes and looked up at Palmer and said, "Turtwig?"

"Let's go Turtwig", Palmer sighed.

"Turtwig", Turtwig said jumping out of Palmer's arms.
Palmer and Turtwig started walking into Sandgem town.


Piplup had hearts all around it's head and was following a tan girl with brownish blond hair wearing a white stocking cap with a pink pokeball on it, a reddish pink scarf, a black tang-top, and pink shorts and shoes. She also had Piplup that was standing on her left shoulder. Her Piplup looked behind and noticed Brad's Piplup was following them.

"Piplup!" Piplup yelled tugging on the girl's hair.

"What's the matter Piplup?" The girl said looking at her Piplup.

"Piplup!" Piplup yelled and pointing at Brad's Piplup.
The girl looked back at Brad's Piplup. Brad's Piplup was making a cute sad face with innocent eyes.

"Aww...You must be lost", The girl said. "You can come with us until we find your trainer."

"LUP!?" Her Piplup yelled in astonishment.
The girl went over to Brad's Piplup and put him on her right shoulder. Piplup jumped over her head to get by her Piplup.

To be Continued...

I hope you enjoyed the third chapter! I probably won't make another chapter until Wednesday...I have to go to my cousins. If you have comments or questions post now. The next chapter is called "True Pipluppy Love!"
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buneary dude

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Buneary dude here! Sorry I haven't written in a while...I was visiting my cousins. I hope you enjoy the fourth chapter! Well, here it is:

Pokemon: While I'm in Sinnoh
Episode 4: True Pipluppy Love!
We last joined Brad, Palmer, and Turtwig looking for Piplup.
Piplup was still with the girl who found him and with her Piplup.

"Piiipluup", Brad's Piplup yawned putting his wing over the girl's Piplup's shoulder.

"Piplup!" The girl Piplup smaked Brad's right in the face.
Piplup thought sorry and as thinking of someway, on how he could make it up to her. Piplp was looking around the the town from the girl's shoulder to find something to give to her Piplup. He saw some sort of green leafed plant sticking out of cocoaish brown soil around an over flowered one-story house like a plant. Piplup jumped off the girl to get the green leafed plant to give to the girl's Piplup.

"Piplup!" The girl trainer yelled following Brad's Piplup.

Piplup puled out the weed and held it out to the girl Piplup to see. Brad's Piplup was expecting a smile, but her Piplup had a worried face. Brad was confused and looked down at the plant and he realized it was a pokemon! It was a sphere with feet and was blue, with tiny red eyes, and had a weed on it's head. An Oddish!

"Oddish!" The Oddish yelled. In pokemon language it said, "Hey! I was freakin' sleeping!"

"An Oddish!" The girl yelled taking out her pokedex.

"Oddish, the weed pokemon", The pokedex was saying. "it often plants its root feet in the ground during the day and sows seeds as it walks about night".

"Odd!" The Oddish yelled. Or as Piplup heard, "Nobody messes with me!"
The Oddish pointed it's plant at Piplup. It's leaves grew smaller than big when it fired a gust of lime green powder, right into Piplup's face! The Oddish jumped out of Piplup's hands and kicked him in the forehead an ran off into the house. Brad's Piplup felt woozy and fell on the ground snoring.

"Piplup!" The girl yelled running to get Brad's Piplup.
The girl picked up Brad's Piplup and looked around for a pokemon center.

"Aww man Piplup", The girl said. "I can't see a pokemon center anywhere! We'll have to find a house that may be able to cure this lost Piplup."
An Oddish that looked simialar to the one that fired a sleep powder from earlier was peaking from the corner of the flowery house.

"This is my chance!" The girl yelled. "Piplup use Bubble!"
The girl's Piplup jumped off her shoulder and fired some bubbles at the Oddish. The Oddish was hit, and fell on the ground without able to get up with not having arms and all.

"Good job Piplup!" The girl yelled proud throwing a pokeball.
The pokeball hit the Oddish and opened. A red beam came out and the Oddish had a red glow around it from the pokeball. The Oddish almost got sucked in but the red glow stopped. The pokeball fell on the ground. The girl picked it up and the Oddish ran inside the flowery house.

"Maybe the Oddish belongs to the person who lives here", The girl thought. "Wait a minute! Maybe they would know how to cure this Piplup!"
She carried the sleeping Piplup to the front door and knocked on it. She could hear footsteps coming toward the door. The door opened with a lady that had gray hair, big glasses, tons of wrinkles, with a teal shirt that had pink flowers and tan high pants.

"Well what could I do for you gally?" The old woman asked.

"Hello are you the person who owns the Oddish?" She asked.
Two Oddish's came from behind the old lady.

"Why yes", The old lady answered.

"You see, this Piplup I'm holding pulled out one of your Oddish and it used sleep powder on him. And I can't find a pokemon center."

"Well then c'mon in", The old lady said. "I'm Mable."

"I'm Bailey."
Bailey walked into the house.

"Take a seat", Mable said.
Bailey sat in a chair and asked, "So do you have a cure for this Piplup?"

"There can't be cure, it just has to wake up. Also I noticed you got two Piplups. Isn't Piplup a starter pokemon?"

"Yes", Bailey anwsered. "I found this Piplup lost, so I'm trying to find it's trainer."

"Have ye put up any flyers?"

"I haven't thought about that. I do have a camera phone."

"Well I will keep the Piplup here and until you are done with flyers?"

"Okay I'll be back", Bailey answered leaving the house with her Piplup.

An hour twenty-six minutes later, Bailey got done putting up flyers all around Sandgem town.

"Let's go back to Mable's house", Bailey said to her Piplup.
Bailey and Piplup started walking back to old lady Mable's house.

Another half hour later Bailey got Brad's Piplup and were traveling Sandgem town. Piplup was awake now.

Back with Palmer and Turtwig they were still looking around Sandgem town for Brad's lost Piplup. As Palmer and Turtwig were looking around Palmer noticed a flyer on a light post. Palmer and Turtwig started running to it. Palmer read the flyer.

"Turtwig we just found Piplup!" Palmer said proud.

"Turtwig", Turtwig answered.
Palmer pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number.

"Hello?" The cell phone asked.

"You are the one with the lost Piplup?" Palmer asked.

"Yes, do you know who is missing it?"

"Yah, so where should we meet?"

"How about Lake Verity?"

"Okay see you there", Palmer said hanging up.

To be Continued...

I hope you enjoyed the fourth chapter! The next chapter will be posted tommorow. The next chapter is called,"A lake Verity carries you!"
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It was good. there were a couple grammer mistakes but who cares. I liked the part where Piplup thought that an Oddish was a flower

Shadow Lucario

Lone Vanguard
It was good. there were a couple grammer mistakes but who cares. I liked the part where Piplup thought that an Oddish was a flower


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Not bad, but as mentioned before, there are a few grammatical mess-ups.
The story just seems as if you wrote it to fast. Slow down and this story will be much better. Good job.

buneary dude

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Buneary dude here! I hope you enjoyed yesterday's chapter! Now you want to read this chapter. Well, here it is:

Pokemon: While I'm in Sinnoh.
Episode 5: A lake Verity carries you!
We last joined our six-pack ready to go to Lake Verity. Except for Brad. Nobody knew where he was.
Palmer was still in Sandgem town ready to go to Lake Verity, to find Piplup. Palmer walked about twenty-five minutes looking for Brad with his Turtwig. Turtwig didn't seem that tired. Palmer was surprised because when he got until Piplup was missing, he was sleeping the whole time.

"You must only be awake when something important is happening", Palmer told Turtwig. "Is that right?"

"Twig?" Turtwig said, sounding confused.

"Nevermind", Palmer said. "Let's just focus on finding Piplup. But first Brad!"

"Turtwig!" Palmer's Turtwig yelled pointing straight.

"What is it Turtwig!?" Palmer asked.

"Turt!" Turtig yelled again, running to where he pointed.
Turtig was running fast as lighting. Palmer was surprised for a Turtwig to run as fast as that.

"Turtwig wait up!" Palmer yelled chasing him.

"Turtwig, turtwig, turtwig, turtwig, turtwig", Turtwig kept on going on saying his name.

Palmer got a little closer to Turtwig but not by a lot and he noticed what Turtwig has saw. Palmer saw a person on the ground. From Turtwig's point of view he saw Brad lying on the ground sweating. Turtwig was sweating as well from all the running. The closer Turtwig got he jumed up and yelled, "TWIG!" as he tackled Brad in the back.

"OOWWW!" Brad yelled getting up and rubbing his back at the same time.
When Brad got up Turtwig was standing there panting waiting for Brad to notice that he tackled him. Brad got looked down and he noticed that Turtwig had tackled him.

"Turtwig!" Brad yelled. "What was that about!?"

"Twig!" Turtwig yelled while jumping on to Brad's head.
Before Brad could yell again, Turtig sniffed Brad's head. Then licked it. Tutwig didn't seem it would do anything but all of the sudden, Turtwig started stomping Brad's head with all his might!

"Oh my god!" Brad yelled.
Brad put his hands on Turtwig's shell and started pulling as hard as he could, but Turtwig wouldn't budge from having his jaw biting Brad's head.

"Turtwig I'm already awake!" Brad screamed.
Turtwig's eyes opened wider when he heard Brad and then jumped off of Brad. Turtwig started rubbing his head from being embarrased.

"It's okay Turtwig, you're just kind of dumb", Brad appoligized.

"Turt!" Turtig grew a mad face and then laughed because he thought Brad was kidding.

"Hey Brad!" Palmer yelled running up to Brad.

"What is it?" Brad asked.

"I know where Piplup is", Palmer answered.

"That's great!" Brad yelled in excitement. "So then where is he?"

"He is with a girl at Lake Verity."

"Ahh yes girl. I mean where is Lake Verity?"

"It's at the west side of Route 201."

"We were already there though!"

"I know but you want Piplup back right?"


"Then let's go!"
Brad, Palmer, and Turtwig started to walk out of Sandgem town, but they weren't out yet.

"I'm bored!" Brad yelled.

"Turtwig", Turtwig agreed.

"Turtwig, if you're bored you must be tired", Palmer asked. "Is that right?"

"Turrrrtwig", Turtwig nodded his head. Then jumped into Palmer's and started snoring.

"I would catch a pokemon right now but I saw Bidoof and Starly outside of my house everyday before we started our journey", Brad said.

"Speaking of Starly when I moved here I befriended a Starly and I promised it I would catch when I start my journey", Palmer said.

"Palmer you were like six when you promised it", Brad reminded Palmer.

"Yah but I see it every month", Palmer reminded Brad this time. "You've met it before."

"Starly, starly, starly, starly, starly, STARLY!" Brad yelled. "Oh yah! The one with the spray-painted wing!"

"I spray-painted it's wing to find when I start my journey", Palmer said. "i now realize that was stupid."

"Well are you going to catch it?" Brad asked.

"We do have a long walk, I'm sure I'll see it", Palmer told Brad.

Ten minutes later they all got out of Sandgem town and into Route 201.

"Were almost there!" Palmer yelled.

"While we are walking let's try to find your Starly", Brad suggested.

"Okay", agreed Palmer.

"STARRRRLLYYY!" Brad yelled.
One second after Brad yelled the trees rustled and dozens of Starly were flying all around Brad, Palmer, and Turtwig.

"Look for a red wing!" Palmer yelled loud from all the wings flapping.

"OKAY!" Brad yelled.
A couple of seconds later Brad noticed a wing with partly red paint on it.

"I see it!" Brad yelled pointing.
Palmer was looking where Brad pointed and then yelled, "Star!" The Starly with the red painted wing, looked down and saw Palmer. The Starly flew down like a missle to Palmer.

"Starly!" It yelled in it's high-pitched voice.
All the Starly from the trees flew North east from where Brad and Palmer were standing at.

"Star!" Palmer yelled holding his arms out.

"Starly!" The Starly yelled again.
Starly hooked his claws into Palmer's shoulders.

"Wait Star!" Palmer said excited. "I have to catch you first. Remember?"
The Starly's eyes grew mad and then it jumped off of Palmer ready to battle.

"Starly!" Star yelled.

"Okay Turtwig, I choose you!" Palmer yelled.
Turtwig barely opened his eyes and noticed there was a battle. Turtwig's eyes opened wider and jumped out of Palmer's arms.

"Turtwig!" Turtwig yelled.

"Starly!" Star yelled.









"C'mon guys focus!" Palmer yelled ending their chatter.

"Starly!" Star yelled fly toward Turtwig.

"Palmer that is a Tackle attack!" Brad yelled.

"Turtwig use Withdraw!" Palmer commanded.
As Star kept flying toward Turtwig, Turtwig used Withdraw by getting into it's shell. Star kept on going so it ran into Turtwig's shell.

"Ly!" Star yelled in pain.

"Now Turtwig use Tackle!" Palmer yelled.
Turtwig took a few steps back and started running toward Star with tremendous speed. Star grew a confused face from seeing a Turtwig this fast! Star froze and took the Tackle. Star was down, but not out.

"Starly!" Star yelled.
All of the sudden Star turned black, and then it was multiplying all around Turtwig. Double Team! Turtwig had a drop of sweat on the side of it's head.

"Star!" Star echoed from having clones. Star's clones started locking in on Turtwig. Another Tackle!

"Turtwig use Withdraw!" Palmer yelled.
Turtwig went into it's shell and Star and his clones all ran into Turtwig's shell. Star's Double Team dissapeared as it ran into Turtwig.

"Go pokeball!" Palmer yelled throwing one of the pokeball's he got from Brad. Turtwig got out of his shell and got out of the way of the pokeball. The pokeball hit Star and the red beam sucked it in. The ball shook once, and again, and again, and again! Finally the red light dissapeared and Palmer caught Star!

"Yes!" Palmer yelled picking up the pokeball. "I finally got Star!"

"Bravo!" Brad yelled bored clapping his hands. "Why is it called Star anyway?"

"Remember I was six", Palmer answered.
Without Brad, Palmer, and Turtwig noticing it they were at the entrance of Lake Verity. Brad jumped and ran past the sign.

"We are here!" Brad yelled happy.
Palmer sent out his newly captured Starly out of the pokeball he caught it with. Palmer threw the ball in the air and a white beam came out disenagrating into Star.

"Starly!" Star yelled flying on to Palmer's shoulder.
Turtwig was still on the ground looking at Palmer and Star jealous. For Palmer to notice Turtwig he jumped into Palmer's arms and was fake snoring. Palmer with his two pokemon walked into Lake Verity.

With Bailey and the two Piplups waiting at Lake Verity, The two Piplup's were looking at each other both with hearts around their heads. Brad's Piplup's hearts disapeared when he could hear, "PIPLUP!". Piplup jumped off of Bailey and started to run in slow-motion where he could hear his name being called. Now both Brad and his Piplup were running in slow-motion.

"Piplup!" Brad yelled.

"Pip!" Piplup yelled back.
They both got to each other and gave each other a hug.

"I missed you Piplup!" Brad said.

"Lup!" Piplup told Brad.

"You know Piplup, when I was looking for you I gave it a lot of thought that I will nickname you".

"Pip?" Piplup asked.

"You will now be MC!" Brad said excited.

"Piplup!" Piplup yelled giving Brad a hug.

"Hi", Bailey said quiet.
Brad looked behind him and saw Bailey.

"Why hello", Brad could barely talk. "I'm Brad".

"I'm Bailey".

"So you found MC for me?"


"How'd you find him?"

"Oh he was following my Piplup with hearts all over him".

"Oh!" Brad said looking excited at MC. "You got a crush MC?"

"Piplup!" MC said embarresed.
After Piplup yelled, Palmer came in and said, "Hi!"

"Oh Palmer!" Brad yelled taking Palmer behind a tree to talk.
Bailey looked confused.

"Palmer I know you haven't met this girl, but can she join our duo? So we can be a trio!" Brad whispered.

"Why?" Palmer asked.

"Palmer look at her she's HOT!" Brad whispered loud.
Palmer looked over and saw her.

"Yah she's hot, so?" Palmer whispered.

"I feel a connection!" Brad yelled loud even Bailey could hear.
Brad and Palmer went back over to Bailey.

"Bailey I know we just met but would you like to travel the region with us?" Brad asked.

"Well I haven't even met...", Bailey paused.

"Palmer", Palmer said. "And this is my Turtwig and Star!"

"Hi there", Bailey said.

"Twig!" Turtwig said happy.

"Starly!" Star said happy as well.

"Piplup!" Bailey's Piplup said. Or as the pokemon heard, "Hello!"

"Well I guess we could try it for a week an see how it goes", Bailey suggested.

"Awesome!" Brad said. "I just don't want MC to get lost."

"Okay then", Palmer said, Then let's go!"
Brad and Palmer started walking out of Lake Vertiy until they noticed Bailey wasn't moving. Bailey was just staing at the lake.

"Bailey are you coming?" Palmer asked.

"Did you see that?" Bailey asked.

"See what?" Brad and Palmer asked.

"I saw a pokemon", Bailey said surprised. "Nevermind let's just go."
Now the new trio started walking out of Lake Verity.

To be Continued...

I hope you enjoyed the fifth chapter. Post now if you have questions or comments. The next chapter will be posted tommorow. The sixth chapter is called, "Shinx Therapy!"
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Cool! The chapter kinda confused me, but I got most of it. It's more original than some other Journey Fics, especially if it's your first one. Anyway, I'll be here tommorow. And the next day. And the next day. And the next day. And the, never mind.

Shadow Lucario

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I'm guessing you based Bailey off of Dawn anyways I like this chapter!So someone actually caught a Pokemon!And by the name of the next chapter I'm guessing someone catches a shinx

buneary dude

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Buneary dude here! Sorry I didn't right the sixth chapter as early as I said I did, but at least I still wrote it. Well, here it is:

Pokemon: While I'm in Sinnoh.
Episode 6: Shinx Therapy!
We last joined our trio at Lake Verity. Well now it has been two days since all the chaos that happened and now Brad, Palmer, and Bailey was at Bailey's mom's house.
They were all having dinner their and got finished then left. Now Brad, Palmer, and Bailey were all walking away from Bailey's house.

"I'm glad you're mom let us stay at your house Bailey", Brad said.

"Yah, since we got to know each other I think I'll stay with you guys", Bailey said.

"Awesome!" Brad cheered quietly.

"Hey guys how llong has it been since we stayed here?" Palmer asked.

"About two days", Brad answered.

"Two!?" Palmer yelled in astonishment. "Guys we have to get our journey started by getting out of this town!"

"Palmer settle down", Brad said. "We'll just go now."

Since Bailey's house was close to Route 202 Palmer, Brad, and Bailey were going to start their journey. They were all in front of the sign that siad, "Route 202". And so thay all walked into Route 202.

"Okay Star and Turtwig come on out!" Palmer yelled throwing the two pokeballs in the air. The two pokeballs opened and the white beam came out, hitting the ground, disenagrating into Star and Turtwig.

"Starly!" Star yelled flying on to the top of Palmer's head.

"Turtwig", Turtwig yawned, jumping into Palmer's arms.

"Palmer why do you always let your pokemon out of their pokeballs?" Brad asked.

"I don't know", Palmer answered. "Just to know where they are."

"I guess you are right", Bailey agreed getting out a pokeball.
Bailey threw the pokeball in the air, with the white beam coming out, disenagrating into Piplup.

"Piplup!" Piplup yelled happy shaking off some of the white stuff.

"What the heck", Brad said taking out his pokeball. "MC come on out!"
Brad also threw a pokeball in the air but instead of MC coming out, the pokeball just hit the ground.

"Oopps wrong one!" Brad said picking up the empty pokeball.
Now for real, Brad threw MC's pokeball in the air and the white beam came out disenagrating into MC.

"Piplup!" MC greeted Star and Turtwig.

"Starly!" Star said hello as well.
Turtwig said nothing because he was sleeping.

"Piplup", MC said shy to Piplup.
Piplup waved back.

"Starly!" Star yelled happy, marching on Palmer's head.

"Star! Quit it!" Palmer laughed.

"Your Starly seems to be retarded", A voice said.
Palmer, Brad, and Bailey all looked behind them to see where the voice came from. It was Blake. Brad and Palmer's rival. Something was weird about Blake. He looked the same but just looked goth without any black. If that make since.

"Who's that?" Bailey whispered to Brad.

"He's just some annoying weird kid who bacame our rival before we got our pokemon", Brad whispered back.

"Hey Blake", Palmer said serious.

"Oh Brad I see you got a girlfriend!" Blake yelled.

"She isn't yet!" Brad yelled looking down at her. "I mean...she's not my girlfriend! And Blake what is with your insults!? Your Starly's retarded, you got a girlfriend. Come on! Blake you don't make a good bully because I'm tougher than you!"
Blake just put his hand in front of Brad's face. You can tell he's not that tough. Blake got closer to Palmer and said, "Palmer I see you are the only one here with two pokemon. So let's battle!"

"Alright", Palmer answered.
Palmer and Blake backed up for there to be enough room for a battle. Brad and Bailey were on the side lines watching. As soon as Palmer and Blake they both looked at Brad.

"Oh so I'm the referee", Brad realized. "Begin!"

"Turtwig I choose you!" Palmer yelled.
Turtwig was in Palmer's arms snoring until Palmer commanded. Turtwig's eyes barely opened and then they got all the opened when he noticed he was in a battle. Turtwig jumped out of Palmer's arms and stomped his foot when he yelled, "Turt!"
While Blake was searhing for a pokeball Brad looked behind him and saw some sort of pokemon.

"Shinx!" The pokemon yelled.

"Finally a I see a new pokemon, but what is it?" Brad wondered pulling out his pokedex.

"Shinx the flash pokemon", The pokedex started. "All of it's fur dazzels..."
The pokedex stopped because the Shinx accidently shocked it with it's tail!

"Shinx!" The Shinx said running away.
Now the pokedex had a lot of charge. The pokedex screen went white and was going on about Shinx in a high-pitched voice really fast!

"Oh no! That stupid Shinx! But it looked so cute and cool", Brad said to himself.

"Brad your pokedex is going crazy!" Bailey yelled.
Palmer, Blake, Turtwig, and Star all looked over to see what was happening. Now the pokedex was going crazy about every pokemon it has seen. Now sparks were flying and the pokedex was about to explode!

"Uh-oh!" Brad yelled throwing the pokedex far away in the air.
The pokedex went flying through the air as everyone watched it and the pokedex exploded in the air. Brad thought it was fine until a Starly was flying around on fire!

"Starly, starly, starly, starly, starly, STARLY!!! The Starly yelled.

"Quick MC! Bubble!" Brad pointed.

"Piplup!" MC yelled firing bubbles at the Starly on fire.
The Starly got hit and wet.

"Sorry!" Brad yelled.
The Starly just looked at Brad mad and flew on with a flock.

"Hey guys back to the battle!" Brad yelled trying to act like nothing happened.

"Whatever", Blake said throwing a pokeball in the air.
The pokeball opened making a white beam come out, hitting the ground, and disenagrating into Blake's first pokemon Chimchar.

"Chimchar!" The Chimchar said happy.

"Okay Chimchar show them your new move Flame Wheel!" Blake commanded.
Chimchar had a ball of fire in his mouth and let it out while it did a flip. Now the the Chimchar was in the whell and heading toward Turtwig.

"Turtwig use Tackle!" Palmer yelled.
Turtwig just stood there and raised his foot. Chimchar was getting closer and Turtwig stomped his foot. Chimchar got relly close but for some reason the ground went lower. And a bunch of sand, was leaving Chimchar trapped unable to get out.

"Sand tomb", Palmer said to himself. "But how?"

"CHIMCHAR!" Chimchar yelled scared by trying to poke his finger out of the sand tomb.

"Chimchar shut up and barely touch the Sand by using Blaze Kick!" Blake yelled.
Chimchar got focused and put his foot on fire and barely touched the trapping sand with his foot. The sand went slower and turned into glass. Brad, Bailey, Palmer, and Turtwig all looked surprised. Now Chimchar was trapped in poorly made glass.

"Now Chimchar use Fire Punch!" Blake commanded.
Chimchar ducked, his fist was on fire, and he broke out of the glass with the Fire Punch.

"Turtwig use Tackle!" Palmer yelled.
With Turtwig's fast as lighting speed, Blake didn't have time for an attack.

"Chimchar!" Chaimchar yelled in pain getting hit by Turtwig.

"Now Turtwig use Bite!" Palmer yelled.
Turtwig opened his jaw and bit as hard as he could on Chimchar's head.

"Chimchar don't take that pull it off!" Blake yelled mad.
Chimchar grabbed Turtwig's shell and pulled as hard as he could. But Turtwig wouldn't budge. Chimchar gave up on pulling so he started shaking his head all around.

"Dang that Turtwig has a powerful bite", Blake said to himself. "Chimchar get Turtwig in front of you and use Fury Swipes!"
Chimchar pulled Turtwig around and started scrathing him really fast to get Turtwig off. And it worked! Palmer just watched not knowing what to do.
Since Turtwig was off Chimchar noticed a bite mark. Chimchar got furious.

"Uh Turtwig use Razor Leaf!" Palmer yelled fast.
Turtwig's plant spun around and came two spinning leaves heading toward Chimchar.

"Chimchar Ember!" Blake yelled.

"Chimchar!" Chimchar yelled releasing the orange ovals of fire.
The ovals of fire burnt the Razor Leaf attack and headed toward Turtwig. Turtwig was hit and on the ground. Without being told, Chimchar's fist was glowing and was heading toward Turtwig. The closer Chimchar got for some reason the glowing fist went on fire.

"Fire and Focus Punch", Palmer said. "Hurry Turtwig get up!"
Turtwig got up slow from being exausted and looked straight. Chimchar had nailed a Fire Focus Punch right into Turtwig's head. Turtwig fell on the ground and had circles in his eyes.

"Chimchar!" Chimchar yelled spitting on Turtwig.

"Turtwig is unable to battle Chimchar wins!" Brad yelled.

"Poor Turtwig", Palmer said coming up to Turtwig. Turtwig still had circles in his eyes. "Turtwig?" Turtwig still just laid there unable to move at all. Palmer pulled out Turtwig's pokeball and the red beam sucked him in.

"It's about time you toughened up!" Blake yelled at his Chimchar.

"Chimchar!" Chimchar yelled tired.

"What do you want a break?!" Blake said mad.
Chimchar shook his head yes.

"Too bad! That was nothing!you were the one causing the damage!" Blake yelled.
Chimchar grinded his teeth in frustation and turned around to battle.

"Begin!" Brad yelled.

"Star I choose you!" Palmer yelled.
Star flew off of Palmer's shoulder and got onto the battle field.

"Chimchar use Scratch!" Blake yelled.
Chimchar just stood there and then his eyes went white and drool came out of his mouth and then he fell on the ground of exausetion.

"Chimchar is unable to battle I guess", Brad said. "Blake send out your next pokemon."

"Darn you Chimchar!" Blake yelled recalling it into it's pokeball. "Go Starly!"
Blake threw a pokball and the white beam came out disenagrating into a Starly.

"Starly!" It yelled.

Brad and Bailey were both sitting by each other in front of a bush watching until Brad saw a black line with a four-pointed star on it.

"Bailey what's that?" Brad asked pointing.

"I don't know", Bailey said grabbing the line.

"Shinx!" The bush yelled.
The line started to electracute Bailey.

"Bailey let go!" Brad cried.

"It's a pokemon", Bailey answered all crispy.

"Shinx!" Cried the same Shinx that made the pokeball go crazy.
The Shinx stuck it's head out. It was light blue with big ears that had a four-pointed star design, fur on the top of it's head, yellow eyes, and cute button red nose.

"Shinx!" It yelled running into the bush.

"I'm going to capture that Shinx!" Brad yelled chasing after it.

Bailey turned around and noticed that Palmer's Starly was down on the ground.

"Uh Blake is the winner", Bailey said.

"Palmer your Starly is weak! It doesn't even know Aerial Ace! I'm out of here!" Blake yelled walking away with his Starly.

"Starly return",Palmer said sad recalling Star.

"How was Star's battle?" Bailey asked.

"Not good", Palmer answered. "Star was down in two shots."

"It's completly dark out here", Bailey said. "We should camp out."

"Okay, but where is Brad?" Palmer asked.

"He's trying to catch a Shinx", Bailey said.

"Piplup", Piplup nodded.

"Let's go find him", Palmer said.
Palmer and Bailey started walking up Route 202. A couple minutes later they saw Brad up in a tree.

"Brad what are you doing?" Palmer asked.

"Me and MC are sleeping up here", Brad answered.

"Piplup", MC yawned.

"Okay well we are making a tent here", Palmer said.

"Okay", Brad said.

A couple minutes later the tent was set up and everyone was asleep.

To be Continued...

I hope you enjoyed the sixth chapter! The seventh will be posted tommorow. It is called, "Catch Shinx if You Can!"
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Not bad, but the battle sequence kinda moved to fast. Besides that, I'll be waiting for the next chapter.

Shadow Lucario

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That was one heck of a chapter!I noticed that you said Shinx made the Pokeball go crazy instead of Pokedex but I could tell it was an accident.can't wait for the next chapter!

buneary dude

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Buneary dude here! Still at my friend's apartment, so I will try to type some of the chapter right now. And also if you could, please don't post after I've only written half the chapter because it wouldn't be over yet. Well here it is:

Pokemon: While I'm in Sinnoh
Episode 7: Catch Shinx if You Can!
We last joined Brad, Palmer, and Bailey just arriving at Route 202. While there, they all ran into Blake. Brad and Palmer's rival. Since Palmer had two pokemon, Blake challenged him to a battle. It was Turtwig versus Chimchar. Turtwig didn't do good, due to Chimchar mostly using fire type attacks. Turtwig lost. Then Palmer sent out Star. Chimchar immediatly fell down when Star was sent out. So now it was Blake's newest pokemon, a Starly versus Star. We didn't really see the battle against the two Starlys, but Star lost. During all that Brad met a very strong Shinx that didn't even know it's own power. The Shinx accidently destroyed Brad's pokedex. Brad seeing it's power, he now wants to catch it.

"Piplup", MC yawned waking up.
MC noticed that it was still night time, and was still in a tree with Brad.

"Lup", MC yawned again.

"Shinx", a voice yawned as well.

"Pip?" MC said, sounding confused.

"Shinx", The voice yawned again.

"Piplup", MC yawned, accidently falling asleep.
A couple hours later, it was day time and Bailey was the first to wake up. Bailey yawned and noticed she was still in the tent and pulled out a mirror and her hair,her make up, stuff like that. Another couple minutes later, Bailey was done and got up out of the tent. Bailey saw that Palmer was still asleep as well as Brad and MC in the tree.

"Piplup come on out!" Bailey whispered throwing a pokeball.
The pokeball in the air opened having a white beam coming heading toward the ground. The white beam hit the ground and disenagrated into Piplup.

"Piplup", Piplup yawned from still being tired.

"Come on Piplup", Bailey said. "Let's try to catch a pokemon today."

"Piplup!" Piplup cheered.

"Piplup be quiet", Bailey whispered. "Brad, Palmer, and MC are sleeping. So let's go."
Bailey looked around and all she saw were trees, grass, and a dirt road. Bailey and Piplup started walking up the dirt road. A couple minutes past and all Bailey and Piplup saw were Bidoofs.

"Piplup", Piplup said, pointing at a tree.
Piplup was pointing at a tree with a Starly in it.

"No thanks Piplup", Bailey sighed. "Palmer already has a Starly."
More minutes later Bailey and Piplup got farther seeing only Bidoofs and Starlys.

"Piplup", Piplup said again, pointing at another tree.
Without Bailey looking at the tree Bailey said, "I said I don't want a Starly."

"Piplup!" Piplup yelled for attention.

"Okay. I'll look", Bailey said.
Bailey turned to her right and saw a tree with yellow leaves and bark peeling off. On the side of the tree there was a pokemon that was long like a worm with a red jagged back, two yellow pins on it's butt, a yellow pin on it's forehead, five little arms on each side, tan belly and mouth, and big yellow eyes.

"Wurmple?" She said with her head tilted.

"What's that!?" Bailey asked excited pulling out her pokedex.

"Wurmple, the Worm Pokemon", The pokedex started. "It spits a white silk that turns sticky when it contacts air. It is used to immbolize foes."

"Cool", Bailey said to herself.

"Look Bidoof!" A voice yelled. "The honey on the tree worked!"
Bailey looked behind her where the voice came from and saw it was a boy about ten years old and was wearing a light blue cap and shorts, a yellow t-shirt, and a Bidoof at his side.

"Hey you!" The boy yelled at Bailey. "I put the honey on the tree, so I get to capture the Wurmple!"
Before Bailey got to say anything, the boy yelled, "Bidoof use Tackle!"

"Bi!" The Bidoof yelled running toward the Wurmple.

"Wurmple!" The Wurmple screamed.
Quickly the Wurmple started firing a bunch of purple poison pins at the boys Bidoof.

"Bidoof dodge!" The boy commanded.
The boy's Bidoof jumped over the Poison Sting and still was running toward the Wurmple.

"Now use Headbutt!" The boy yelled.
The Bidoof ran even faster to the Wurmple and then jumped in the air. Bidoof dived down and headbutted the Wurmple's head into the tree which did a lot of damage. The Wurmple's eyes crossed and fell off the side of the tree.

"Now go pokeball!" The boy yelled, throwing a pokeball.
The boy's Bidoof backed up so he didn't get hit by the pokeball. The pokeball zoomed in on Wurmple and hit in the head. The pokeball bounced off the Wurple and opened. When the pokeball opened a red beam came out, making the Wurmle red, and sucked it in. The pokeball was shaking with a red light on and the ball shook and shook and shook. The pokeball quit shaking and the red light disapeared.

"Oh yah I caught a Wurmple!" The boy cheered. "In your face!"
Bailey didn't say anything.

"Okay Wurmple I choose you!" The boy yelled, sending out his Wurmple.
The pokeball opened haveing a white beam come out, hitting the ground, and disenagrating to the newly captured Wurmple.

"Maybe next time!" The boy yelled. "Come on Wurmple!"
The Wurmple turned her head to look at the boy and his Bidoof. She had a sad face. Now she look at Bailey and Piplup and closed her eyes. The Wurmple started to glow white.

"Wow!" The boy yelled amazed. "It's already evolving!"

"Piplup I've never seen a pokemon evolve, so let's just watch this", Bailey said.
The Wurmple was still glowing and was turning into an oval with pins sticking, enabling it to stand up.

"Silcoon", It said.
The Silcoon was a white oval with pins sticking out, big red eyes, and thin black lines.

"What's that?" Bailey wondered pulling out her pokedex.

"Silcoon,the Cocoon pokemon. And the evolved form of Wurmple", The pokedex said in it's bored voice. "It drinks dew that collects on its silk and waits for evolution. Its hard cocoon repels attack."

"Silcoon!?" The boy yelled. "That means it will evolve into a girly Beautifly! Errr! Girl you can have it!"
The boy threw the Silcoon's pokeball over to Bailey and she caught it.

"Piplup!" Piplup cheered.
Slowly Bailey's newest pokemon Silcoon started walking over to Bailey.

"Hi Silcoon but why did you evolve?" Bailey asked. "Hmmm you must of not want that kid as a trainer."

"Silc", she said.

"Okay Silcoon, return!" Bailey said recalling Silcoon into it's pokeball. "Come on Piplup let's go show Palmer and Brad."
Now Bailey and Piplup started walking to where they all camped out. They weren't there yet, but with Brad and Palmer at the campspot Brad was fisrt to wake up.

"Ahhhh", Brad yawned just starting to wake up.
Brad looked around and saw MC was still asleep.

"Wake up MC", Brad said tugging on MC.

"MC?" MC asked.

"It's morning", Brad said.
Brad quickly took off the blanket he was using and let it fall to the ground. When Brad took the blanket off, he saw some sort of thing at his side. The opposite where MC was on.

"Huh?" Brad wondered. "Oh my god! AHHHHHH!"
The thing next to Brad was the Shinx that destroyed his pokedex. The Shinx woke up from the scream and screamed too setting off an electric attack.

"Owwwww!" Brad was yelling from the electric attack.

"Piplup!" MC yelled as well.
After the Shinx was done using an attack called Discharge it jumped off the tree and ran away. From Discharge, Brad and MC were crispy and burnt and fell off of the giant tree branch.

"Owww!" Brad yelled.

"What's going on?" Palmer asked peaking out of the tent.

"That Shinx decided to camp with me and MC", Brad said. "Then shocked us!"

"So what are you going to about it?" Palmer asked getting out of the tent.

"I'll capture it and use it in battles", Brad answered. "I noticed when it does it's electric attacks it's blue. That is a sign it's strong. I know because I got shocked by it."

"I wonder where Bailey went?" Palmer wondered, changing the subject.

"I don't know either", Brad said. "Wait a minute she's over there!"
Palmer looked to where Brad was pointing and saw Bailey from far away. Bailey got closer and said, "I've got to show you something, I...Brad why are you all burnt?"

"That Shinx shocked me", Brad answered.

"Well I've got to show you something", Bailey said throwing a pokeball in the air. "I chose you!"
The pokeball opened from the air and the white beam came out disenagrating into Silcoon.

"Coon", It said.

"He-hey! A Silcoon!" Brad said. "Awww...man I forgot."

"What?" Bailey asked.

"The Shinx destroyed my pokedex", Brad sighed.

"Piplup", MC said. Or as Silcoon heard,"Hi."

"Silcoon", Silcoon said. But MC heard, "Hello."

"How'd you catch this Silcoon?" Palmer asked.

"Well I didn't catch, I...", Bailey started.

"Yes! So I'm not last to catch a pokemon!" Brad interrupted. "I'm sorry go on."

"Well it was a Wurmple when I first saw it but this kid already caught it and...", Bailey said.

"You stole it!?" Brad yelled in astonishment.

"No!" Bailey explained. "After he caught it, it evolved instantly."

"Weird. Pokemon evolving when they want to", Brad mumbled. "Piplup evolve!"

"Lup!?" Piplup yelled.

"What I won't make MC evolve now! He'll evolve when he's ready!" Brad said.

"Guys we better start to get to Jubilife City", Palmer said.

"Ahh finally!" Brad said happy. "A big city for once!"

"Do you live there or something?" Bailey asked.

"No I lived in Hoenn at first and then I lived Hearthome most of the time and then Twinleaf while I'm getting a new house in Hearthome City."

"I lived in Hearthome too!" Bailey said.

"Really!?" Brad asked. "I wonder why I never saw you there."

"Probably because it's such a big city", Palmer answered.

"Did you live there too?" Bailey asked.

"Yep", Palmer answered. "But we won't be able to get there, unless wwe go now."
Now Brad, Palmer, Bailey, MC, and Piplup all started walking up the dirt road to Jubilife City. Bailey was on Brad's left, Palmer on Brad's right, and MC and Piplup in front of Brad holding hands. After a couple minutes of walking, Brad all of the sudden stopped.

"Brad what is wrong?" Palmer asked looking back.

"Look", Brad whispered pointing staraight in front of them.
Now everybody stopped. In front of them was the Shinx that destroyed Brad's pokedex and shocked him in the morning. The Shinx was standing there in front of them with his head tilted to the right.

"Get ready MC", Brad whispered.
MC let go of Piplup's hand and got serious and ready to battle.

"Shinx", The Shinx cried.
The Shinx grinded his teeth and thought about running, but decided to face up to Brad.

"MC use Peck!" Brad yelled.
MC's beak started to glow white and MC was running toward Shinx.MC got really close to the Shinx, but it dodged by jumping over MC. Kind of like leap frog. MC looked up at the Shinx jumping over and accidently tumbled onto the ground with his beak still glowing. MC's head hit the ground and got his beak stuck in the ground from the power of the Peck attack.

"Piplup!" MC whined trying to get his beak out of the dirt road.

"MC hurry try to get out!" Brad shouted.
Since the Shinx jumped over MC, he was behind him. The Shinx smiled and started running toward MC from behind. Ouch! Shinx nailed a Tackle attack from MC's back. The Tackle attack was so hardthat it mad MC do a somersault and got his beak out of the ground.

"Hurry MC! Bubble!" Brad commanded.
MC turned around to face Shinx and bubbles started shooting out of MC's mouth. Since Bubble is a slow-moving attack, the Shinx moved to the side and dodged the attack easy! MC noticed that the Shinx dodged his attack, so MC turned to the side and for some reasons the bubbles shooting out of MC's mouth, were going three times as fast! Now the Shinx couldn't dodge this time.

"Awesome!" Brad cheered. "I guess MC learned Bubblebeam!"
After a couple seconds of MC using Bubblebeam on the Shinx, MC got tired and sat on the ground panting because for it being MC's first time of a new attack.

"Hurry MC try to get up!" Brad yelled.
While MC was down, Shinx had a chance to attack. Instaed of the Shinx firing an attack, for some reason electricity coming from nowhere was getting absorbed by the Shinx's body.
MC got up off the road and was awaiting Brad's orders.But before Brad could even shout out an attack, the electricty being absorbed by the Shinx disapeared. Sudenly, Shinx yelled and blue electricity coming from the Shinx's body, satarted shocking everyone around it. While Shinx was using the attack everybody got shocked and fell on the ground. The Shinx was done using the attack and saw everyone was down, then ran off from the scene of the battle.

"Ouch", Brad flinched getting off the ground. "Hey where'd he go?"
Everybody got off the ground looking crispy and burnt. Except for MC. He was still crispy and burnt, but he layed on the ground with swirlies in his eyes.

"Aww...poor MC fainted", Brad said holding out a pokeball. "Come back."
A red beam came out of the pokeball Brad was pointing, turned MC red, and sucked him back in.

"Oww", Bailey said getting off the ground, "Hey Brad if you ever do catch that Shinx you should use him in contests."

"Huh?" Brad said confused.

"Yah, that Shinx was smart for him to use Charge than Discharge for him being a wild pokemon", Palmer said. "I think he would do good in contests."

"Hmm...", Brad wondered. "Contests."

To be Continued...

Well I hope you enjoyed the seventh chapter! If you have questions or comments, post now. I will post the eight chapter later today. It is called, "Shinxing!"
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Buneary dude here! I don't know if you noticed but I finished chapter seven if you look up. Anyway just to let you, if any of you like my story a lot and if you can't wait for the next chapter, I try to write as much as I can but the only day I won't try is July 27. That is when the Simpsons movie comes out. I can't wait! Oopps... sorry. Well, here it is:

Pokemon: While I'm in Sinnoh.
Episode 8: Shinxing!
We last joined Brad, Palmer, and Bailey still at Route 202.They didn't get real far, but Bailey got a Silcoon from this kid who did'nt want it anymore. ALso while they were traveling Brad once again met the very powerful Shinx but failed to catch him. After the Shinx showing his moves, Bailey and Palmer encoured Brad to compeat in contests. Will Brad do it or not!? Stay tuned!

"Sure why not!" Brad said. "But first I have to catch that Shinx! I guess I'll practice with MC for now. Okay MC!"

"Piplup!" MC yelled putting his wing on his forehead.

"Good job MC!" Brad said.

"Guys I heard on the way to Jubilife City that two paths seperate", Palmer said.

"Why are doing this Palmer!?" Brad mumbled. "We were friends and then we were choosing pokemon and then we were..."

"Brad!" Palmer shouted.

"Yah", Brad asked like nothing happened.

"I'm just sugesting that you go on the other path MC to train and to look for that Shinx", Palmer explained.

"Wait a minute", Brad said supicous taking Palmer away from Bailey so she couldn't hear.

"What!?" Palmer whispered.

"You're trying to hit on Bailey when I'm not there, aren't you!?" Brad whispered.

"Brad I don't have feelings for Bailey okay!?" Palmer whispered.

"Oh alright", Brad said his normal volume.
Brad and Palmer walked back over to Bailey.

"Bailey since I'll compeat in contests that means I'll be your rival right?" Brad asked.

"I guess so", Bailey said. "Also to let you know the next contest is in Jubilife City."

"Jubilife City!?" Brad yelled in astonishment."That'll take us like one or two chapters to get there! I mean...one or two days to get there! That doesn't give me a lot of time to train with MC."

"I know, same for me too", Bailey sighed.

"Well I guess I see where the paths split", Brad said looking right.

"Piplup",Piplup said hugging MC.

"MC come on!" Brad said pulling on MC's back.
MC and Piplup got seperated just until the paths cross again. Brad and MC took the right path as Palmer, Bailey, and Piplup took the left. After they couldn't see each other Palmer whispered to Bailey, "Can you believe that Brad almost revealed that we are actually actors? Hey camera guy you're supposed be with Brad and MC."
When Palmer told the camera guy to go to Brad, he showed Brad and MC walking together.

"MC what is it like to be in love with someone who's in love with you?" Brad asked.
MC gave two thumbs up.

"Why am I asking you? You're a Piplup."
MC grew a mad face.

"Kidding MC", Brad said. "h I got a perfect strategy when we are in the contest!"

Pip?" MC asked.

"Well you probably don't have any Ice-type moves", Brad sighed. "Unless...unless your dad inheredit some moves to you. Just like Blake's Chimchar! It knew Fire Punch and Blaze Kick! I don't really know what pokemon knows those moves, but a Chimchar doesn't learn those from...not birth."

"Piplup?" MC said confused.

"Nevermind just try an Ice-type move", Brad said.
MC focused and started sweating, going cross-eyed, and turning red. MC looked like he was constipated but was just trying an ice move.

"Sorry MC I don't have Pepto Bismol", Brad said.
MC looked at Brad and still tried an Ice-type move. MC's face went normal as a beam of ice came out of MC's mouth and froze a tree. As tree got frozen, Starly's in blocks of ice fell out from the frozen leaves.

"Oopps", Brad said. "Let's keep this to our selves."

"Piplup", MC said.
MC and Brad looked back at the tree and saw the frozen Starly. They both ran farther away from the frozen tree.

"So you know Ice Beam!" Brad said proud.
MC nodded his head.

"Well if you knew Water Pulse, I have the perfect entance for you", Brad said.

"Pip?" MC asked.

"Well if knew Water Pulse I could throw you out of your pokeball and shoot three rings water in the air, that's Water Pulse and then when while the rings are in the air you shoot Ice Beam at the rings, so then fall down quickly and from below you are you're in the middle from below and they fall down while you are shaking your hips, so they are like hoola-hoops", Brad said.
MC looked confused.

"Trust me the audience would love that!" Brad said. "So try Water Pulse, your dad may have given it to you."
MC focused and he did it! Three rings of water came out of his mouth.

"Good job MC that looked easier than the Ice Beam", Brad said proud. "Okay MC now look at the sky and use Water Pulse then Ice Beam then shake your hips."
MC gulped and looked at the sky.

"C'mon use Water Pulse", Brad said to himself.
MC was still looking at the sky and then shot a Water Pulse in the air.

"Good MC,now Ice Beam", Brad said.
MC saw the three rings of water in the air and turned red. But it was too late to use Ice Beam. The Water Pulse fell down then MC used Ice Beam.

"MC", MC said disapointed.

"It's alright MC", Brad understood. "I see it's still hard for you to Ice Beam, well we'll get it next time. Let's just walk."
Now Brad and MC were just walking up the dirt road.

"Oh my god", Brad whispered pointing at a tree.
MC looked up and saw the Shinx that he battled earlier. The Shinx was in the tree sleeping.

"MC while he's sleeping, Ice Beam!" Brad whispered.
MC turned red and sweaty trying to use Ice Beam. Now picture this part in slow-motion.

"Piplup!" MC yelled firing Ice Beam at the Shinx.
Since this in slow-motion the Ice Beam was slowly headed toward the Shinx. The Shinx's ears moved and the Shinx jumped off the tree branch. Now this normal speed.

"Shinx!" The Shinx yelled jumping off the tree branch to another tree.
The Ice Beam was still headed toward the tree. The beam of ice hit the tree, froze it, and two Starly's in blocks of ice came down on the ground.

"Man that Shinx made us freeze two more Starly!" Brad shouted. "MC the Shinx is in the tree!"
MC turned to the tree still using Ice Beam. The Shinx jumped to another tree and the Ice Beam froze that tree and two other Starly in blocks of ice fell down. MC quit using Ice Beam and looked at the Shinx in the tree with tears in it's eyes. MC looked calm and sorry for the Shinx. MC noticed it was a baby. Probably one year old.

"Piplup", MC said to the Shinx.

"What's going on?" Brad asked.

"Shinx!" The Shinx yelled.



"Plup", MC nodded.
The Shinx jumped off the tree and went to Brad and MC. Shinx grabbed the zipper of Brad's backpack with his mouth. The back opened and three pokeballs fell out. Two were regular and one was a Premier Ball.

"Shinx what are you doing?" Brad asked.
The Shinx was looking at the pokeballs and touched the Premier Ball with his right front paw. The Shinx turned red and got sucked into the Premier Ball. The button on the Premier ball turned red and shook and shook and shook until the red light went away.

"Wow that's not how I was expecting to catch Shinx, but I'll take", Brad said. "Thanks MC."

"Piplup", MC said proud.
MC looked around and saw frozen Starlys on the ground and said to Brad, "Piplup."

"I know", Brad said picking up the pokeballs. "Let's run."

1000 years later...

"Starly!" A Starly yelled getting out of a block of ice.
The Starly looked down and saw three other Starly almost out of their block of ice.

"Starly!" The unfrozen Starly yelled flying down and pecking at the ice blocks.
While the Starly was helping its friends a guy with red hair, a white t-shirt, a red-jacket it over it, and blue jeans was walking with a robot with an attena on his head, bulgey eyes, three sets of fake teeth, a door on his stomach, a bendy arms and legs. Fry and Bender from Futurama!
Fry was talking and Bender was drinking hard liquor.

"Hey look!" Fry said pointing at the Starly.
Fry and Bender walked up to them to get a better look.

"What are they?" Bender asked sounding drunk.

"There Starly", Fry answered. "But they seem to be frozen."

"I'll help them out", Bender said.
Bender opened the door on his stomach and put the hard liquor in and took out a lighter and a cigar. Bender lit the cigar and started poking the ice with it. After a couple minutes of getting them with a lit cigar, Fry looked at Bender.

"What?" Bender asked.

To be Continued...

Brad...as himself
Palmer...as himself
Bailey...as herself
MC...as himself
Gloria...as Piplup
Shinx...as himself

Special Guest Voices
Billy West...as Fry
John Di Maggio...as Bender

Well I hope you enjoyed the eigth chapter. If you have questions or comments post now. Might post tommorow or day after. The ninth chapter is called, "Sorry I'm Blake"
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I liked the whole "Breaking the third wall" thing it's hilarious. In the anime Team Rocket does that all the time I just loved it