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pokemon white 2 random matchup problems

Discussion in 'Technology Help' started by xnitro, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. xnitro

    xnitro Member

    I go to the gts and try to random match up. It tells me to wait one hour then come back even though I didn't even enter any battles that day. So I wait an hour with the dsi xl off nothing still. So I waited one hour with it on playing the game nothing still. Everything else stills works the gts and stuff. Then I formatted the ds changed the clock and stuff. Before anybody says anything about changing the clock I was having problems before even doing that. I called nintendo support and they couldn't even come up with a solution, told me to go check the forums. So here Ian now I only bought pokemon because I wanted to play online.
  2. gregjammer

    gregjammer Feather Trainer

    Try this solution and see what happens. If you get in without problems, then it's your system's internal battery(which regulates whether you spent your 1 hour in dream world, whether or not you still have a daily event to access if you want to for such and such day, among other time-caused events)failing to recognize a major time-related problem, and when that happens, although time-related events are still possible, including dream world, the penalty could be deceiving, and that means it won't be lifted as long it's in the ds, meaning you need another ds and patience to lift the penalty. I don't know what I tell you if it doesn't solve your problem, but anyway...

    ^ In short form, my suggestion entails: remove card from problem ds, insert card into another ds, try to log on to wi-fi(Dream World, random match, etc., although I'd try Dream World first)after it succeeds without any error messages(other than the usual "please wait a day" message that occurs when you try to connect to dw with another ds), then wait for an hour and one stroke of midnight, then transfer wi-fi configuration to the old ds, then switch back...

    Sure, you may lose dream world data, your history, etc., and you might not be able to get it back unless you start over, but if you have to start over, find a second pokemon b/w 1/2 game card to hold your prized pokemon until you progress enough on your new file so that they'll obey you, then trade them back, no biggie...

    ^ Does that solve problem?
  3. xnitro

    xnitro Member

    Hey your the first person to give me a good answer. My battery has been acting funny,because whenever I would place the ds hard on a surface it would shut off. I thought I kept accidentally pushing the button,but I didn't. Then it short circuit an wouldn't turn on so I banged in until it could keep a charge. Then I was playing random matchup fine the day prior. The next I went to the gts no random matchup and got a garchomp and wanted to matchup. Then I got the message even though I didn't participate in any time event and I didn't change ds or time or anything.mso it's probably the battery. Thanks for the advice.

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