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Pokemon white- constructive criticism required

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by Chris2010, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. Chris2010

    Chris2010 Member

    I started playing online yesterday and have been doing very well. I am at 20-0 win/loss. I can't help but think my team could be much better though.

    Zoroark- Modest @focus sash
    Ev- 252sat 252spd 4hp
    Nasty plot
    Night daze
    Hyper beam

    Zoroark is my lead. I disguise it as galvantula so my opponent does not use bug/fighting moves at first which is more effective than I thought it would be. After 1 nasty plot I can normally 1hko anything that doesn't resist it. And focus sash keeps it alive the first turn.

    Galvantula- rash @zap plate
    Evs 252sat 252spd 4sdf
    Electro ball
    Energy ball
    Bug buzz

    My electric pokemon. He can't take a hit well but just barely faster than my zoroark which outspeed alot of pokemon.

    Haxorus- adamant @lum berry
    Evs 252atk 252spd 4hp
    Brick break

    Haxorus is my physical sweeper. Highest attack on my team and decent speed dominates

    Charizard- rash @ expert belt
    Evs 252sat 252spd 4hp
    Focus blast
    Air slash

    Yea yea i know. It's a charizard. My favorite pokemon so lay off. He actually does well online so far

    Volcarona- rash @???
    Evs 252sat 252spd 4hp
    Bug buzz

    I like this bug. But I think I need to replace it

    Hydrudigon- modest @???
    Evs 252sat 252spd 4hp
    Dragon pulse
    Hyper voice

    I need to change all the attacks except dragon pulse. It just isn't working

    I have 2 pokemon in reserve I can put in also

    Spiritomb- relaxed @ leftovers
    Evs- 252hp 100def 152sdf
    Calm mind
    Dark pulse
    Double team

    I might put him in for volcarona. Doesn't seem like too bad of a mixed wall

    Shuckle impish @???
    Evs- 252hp 252sdf 4hp
    Double team

    This one I'm not so sure about but who knows

    I also need new items for my pokemon and where to get them. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to help
  2. Haxorusfan

    Haxorusfan Dragon Trainer

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hyper beam teach Zoroak any other move. Haxorus should know DD. Charizard stinks. Both Charizard and Volcarona lose half health from stealth rock. Choose one. Volcarona shouldn't have fly psychic is better. But write longer descriptions.
  3. Chris2010

    Chris2010 Member

    Charizard is way too underestimated. I'm not getting rid of him
  4. Drizzler

    Drizzler Rain Dancer

    I have a volcarona on my rotation team and trust me, you want quiver dance. Get at least one quiver dance off and he goes off on a special attacking massacre. Firey Dance or Fire Dance is his sig move and is really good. It has high power and one use of it boosts your special attack yet another stage. Crazy good. Bug Buzz is good but don't use fly you're just setting yourself up to take a hit with that which isn't so good for Volcarona. Use Hurricane if you want a flying move. Same thing as thunder only flying type. And special, over fly using physical when Volcarona is definitely a special attacker mine is-
    Volcarona @ Life Orb
    Flame Body
    Quiver Dance
    Fire Dance
    Bug Buzz

    In sunny weather his fire's power will go through the roof and in rain Hurricane has 100% accuracy and Bug Buzz will still be effective making him good for any weather and good outside of it as well.

    And while I won't dis someones favorite pokemon as mine is Politoed who has been worthless up until DW (Thank you Nintendo) Charizard will be crushed by common moves like Stone Edge or Rock Slide. So will Volcarona but lets face it. Volcarona is a better pokemon than Charizard and has better moves. Focus Blast=Hurricane>Air Slash>Ancientpower<Flamethrower<Fire Dance=Bug Buzz. Focus Blast and Flamethrower are Charizards best moves and one isn't even STAB. Volcarona is better
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2011
  5. Haxorusfan

    Haxorusfan Dragon Trainer

    If you don't want to get rid of Charizard, Take out Volcaron for a spinner
  6. FusionFantastic

    FusionFantastic Bio..bio..biology...

    Hydeigon Hypervoice change it to dark pulse or a hidden power.
    Charizard... well it really does not stand up well in Ou but if u really want it no anceint power and focus blast. solar beam and.. earthquake

    Replace some pokemkon for a ninetails lead with drought. Your fire team could really do good in sun. Could replace your electric pokemon as water does 1/2 damge in sun. Give it Solarbeam, Fireblast/Flame thrower, Hidden power rock and Extrasensory?

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