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Pokemon White- The Quest To Get Home

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Number 1
Disclaimer: I don’t own Pokemon. I just like to be in the story.

This chapter is an intro, so if you don't like it! TOO BAD!

A Typical Day at School

Eddie Harrison sighs and puts his head on the lunch table. The cafeteria was loud and filled with 8th, 9th and 10th graders in the high school. Being in the high school is okay. He really didn’t care for it. Eddie packs up his books, finishes eating and heads upstairs to the library where his friend Spike Matthews comes in and pokes him in the shoulder.

“Hey, Eddie. What’s wrong?” Spike asked.

“Oh, nothing. I was just heading toward the library,” he said.

“Oh, okay,” he said.

Then, a ghetto kid came in and pushed Eddie. The guy had a knife in his pocket and used it against Eddie. Eddie was really worried because this kid does not take no for an answer.



The Ghetto Kid was about to stab him when someone punched him in the eye
Spike decked him.

“You threaten him one more time. It will be you, dickhead. Ed, do the honors,”

Ed picked him up and decked him in the face. Blood splattered out. Before the teachers came he quickly ran up to the library.

Ed was walking up the main staircase to the science wing. That’s were the library was until everything went black and white. He disappeared from the library, his books were on the ground. Ed froze for a second, scared at first. But suddenly calmed himself when he landed on green grass. He looked at hands.

“Oh, cool. I’m animated!”

Ed looks around. To his right, there is a big grassy slope going up. He can’t see what’s beyond it. To his left, there seems to be a large body of water. He went over to look at his reflection; his hair was black, well combed and clean. His eyes were black, but his clothes changed. He was wearing a red vest, a black t-shirt under it with blue jeans. He was wearing red sneakers with black socks. He kept ran into a town not that far up the road.

‘Welcome to Pallet Town’ the sign said. “Yay, I am in the Pokemon World!”

“I guess I better run and find the Professor,” he said. He took off. An elderly man looks out his window as he passes by.

“Wow, a new kid in Pallet, that’s kind of awesome, we never have new kids. Ever,”

So, what do you think? I think this chapter is kind of short. But, that’s my opinion. Now let me hear yours! Review!


Number 1
My New Pokemon


Never owned Pokemon
Don’t sue me

Before we start, I forgot to tell you how old Eddie is: He’s 14 in the real world, but in the Pokemon World, he is 10.
I will update ages to new characters.

Chapter Two- My New Pokemon

There was no use running into town, so Eddie slowed down and continued walking through the town. Eddie was talking to the townspeople to find out where the lab is.

“If I’m correct, Professor Oak should be on that other side of the river over there,” one of the townspeople said.

“Thank you,” Eddie said. He took off.

Eddie went back to the river and saw a big white building with a gray roof. The sign said:

Professor Oak’s Pokemon Laboratory

Eddie went inside, looked around to find Professor Oak. Apparently, Oak was not there. But, what he saw was unremarkable! Books were neatly placed in the bookshelves and no computer was dirty or wet. He noticed something from the catch of his eye. He saw three Poke Balls. All of the balls were crimson on top and white on the bottom. He went to the table and snatched a Poke Ball when some old man comes inside.

“What the hell are you doing?”

Ed froze and turned around.

“Are you stealing Pokemon, young man?”


“It’s okay, you must be new in town,”

Eddie nodded.

“You must be Professor Oak. I’m Eddie Harrison. Yes, I’m new in town and I want to start on my journey.”

“Then, why did you sneak in?”

Ed laughed. “You had your door open to your lab!”


“Come with me. I’ll fix you something!”

“Thanks!” Eddie said. He put the Poke Ball on the table. What he didn’t know was that the Poke Ball opened up. A bulb-like Pokemon appeared and ran after Eddie.

After drinking some green tea and eating crumpets, Professor Oak and Eddie were having a conversation.

“So, where do you live?”

“Uh… Pearl River, Louisiana?”

“Never heard of that town. Are you from the real world?”


“Wow, what are you going to do in the meantime?”

“Try to find a way home, even if I “have” to go out of town!” Eddie said.

Eddie had no food, supplies or Pokemon. Professor Oak was thinking for a minute. Then, he snapped his fingers, showing that he got an idea.

“I got it! Get into my lab!”

Eddie and Professor Oak were walking to the lab when suddenly, the bulb-like Pokemon pounced on top of Eddie. He was licking him all over and tickling him with its vines. “A Bulbasaur, right?”

“Right! You certainly know your Pokemon!”

“Yup, I guess I’ll choose him. This grass guy has a liking to me.”

“Before you go, I’ll have to give you these Poke Balls and your very own Pokedex. Turn them on and it will scan your face, showing that its your very own Pokedex. Also, I have one more thing!”

He went into one of the cabinets and pulled out a golden rock.

“A Nugget! Sell it for $5000 at the nearest Pokemon Mart, which is called Viridian City.”

“Why can’t I go to Cinnabar Island,”

“1 reason why: There’s no ferry to get to Cinnabar Island, so that’s why I insist that people travel up north.”

“Oh, cool! If I want to get to Viridian City by sunset, I better get a move on! See ya!”

Oak watches the kid leave while his grandson, Gary walks up to him. “Do you think Eddie is going to be all right?”

“Yeah, I’m sure!” Oak said.

“Maybe, I should go too,” Gary said.

“But what about your work as Professor?” Professor Oak asked.

“Maybe, I can study Pokemon if I go out and see the world.”

“Oh,” Professor Oak said.

He ran to catch up to Eddie.

Well, that’s all for now. The action comes in NEXT chapter. Bye!


Number 1

Every 3 chapters, I answer questions:

To the person who reviewed in Chapter 2, this takes place after Ash’s League. Professor Oak is not nice, you are correct about him being a rocket, but he really isn’t. It will get better when it gets to Saffron. You just got to be patient.

The last two chapters was just an intro to the story, now we get really into it. (I hope)

New Character Updates:

Gary- 13

New Friends

After Gary caught up with Eddie, Eddie and Chris are walking down the main path of Pallet Town, heading for the road that leads to Viridian City.

“Hmmm...” says Eddie. “Did Oak say anything about how long the trip will be? Is your father always that nice, he thought he saw me steal a Pokemon, then his mood changed? How can that possibly be?”

“No, I don’t think so,” Gary replies. “It probably won’t be that long. Also, he isn’t that generous just to give you a nugget and a Pokemon. But, think about it. You come from a different world, and he helped you out. You could’ve said thanks. Also, he can sometimes change his mood,”

“I thought women get moody,” Eddie said.

Ed takes out his Pokedex yet again and looks at the time... yet again. “It’s 9 o’clock,” he says anxiously. “This is when those kids are supposed to go to Oak’s and pick their Pokemon.”

“I feel bad for the kid who doesn’t have Bulbasaur,” Gary said.

“You got that right,” Eddie said.

Gary replies. “He said they’re nice kids, and they’ll understand. Why are you so worried?”

“I dunno...” Eddie says slowly. “I mean, think about it. How would you feel if you’ve been looking forward to this day since you were, like, 4 or 5 years old, and suddenly, these two complete strangers just walk in town and completely ruin it for you? I’d be pretty damn upset, myself...”

“I guess...” says Gary, obviously not as upset as Eddie is. “You know, I’ve never seen this side of you before. I’ve never seen you care about someone’s feelings so much! I mean, look at our positions. You’re stranded here. You have no way of getting home, and no way to protect ourselves. I mean, what was Oak supposed to do? Just ignore you and make you think that you were one of Team Rocket? I don’t think so.”
They both stay silent for a good while. Eddie looks at the time again. Ten after. He sighs.
Suddenly, someone behind them shouts. Eddie and Gary stop and turn. They can make out a figure running full speed towards them.

“You don’t think...?” Gary gasps.

Eddie bows his head. His eyes become hidden in shadow. “I knew it,” he mutters. “They’re angry.”

They stand and wait for the three kids to catch up to them. After about a minute, they finally do. Two of the kids go down on their knees, trying to regain their breath. The kid in front stays standing, glaring at Eddie and Gary, sweating and breathing very heavily.

“You... two... give us the... Pokemon... NOW!” Gary looks at the kid yelling at them and the two on their knees behind him. The two kids behind him are a boy and a girl. She has blonde hair. She has very neat hair, and blue eyes. She looked like Paris Hilton. The one yelling at them has wild green hair, and a lot of it. It looks like it hasn’t been brushed in ages. His brown eyes are filled with anger.

“Those Pokemon belong to us. Hand them over!” At this point, the two kids behind him get up and start glaring at Eddie and Gary along with their companion.

“Um... well... you see...” Gary fumbles with his words trying to figure out what to say. “I am Professor Oak’s grandson. We have every right to have these Pokemon in our possession!”

“That’s what you think!” she said.

“Who are you anyway?” Eddie asked.

“I’m Katie Conlaine and this is my cousin Mark Tremmolen.” The girl said.

“Howdy,” he said.

“I’m Eddie Harrison and you know Gary Oak,” Eddie said.

“I guess we will have to take them from you!” Katie said.

Eddie rolled up his sleeves. “Okay, but I don’t take prisoners!”

Gary held him by the shoulder. “This is Pokemon World. We battle using Pokemon! This isn’t the Ultimate Fighter?”

Eddie rolled his eyes. “How do you know about Ultimate Fighter?”

Katie started to scream.


Katie and Mark stood on the opposite side of Eddie and Gary and threw their Poke Balls.

“Go Eevee!” Katie said.
“Go Charmander!” Mark said.
“Squirtle! Show them!” Gary said.
“You heard Gary, Bulbasaur! Let’s go!”

Battle Layout:

Double Battle

Mark’s Charmander vs. Ed’s Bulbasaur
Katie’s Eevee vs. Gary’s Squirtle

No Time Limit! BATTLE BEGIN!

“Bulbasaur! Tackle Attack!” Ed said. Bulbasaur throws his entire bodyweight into Charmander’s chest, causing it to go flying. Bulbasaur lands on its feet and Charmander hits the ground hard and rolls a few feet. It gets up, battered and bruised.

“Squirtle! Tackle attack!”

Squirtle goes into its shell and starts spinning into Eevee.

“Eevee! Tackle too!”


Eevee fell to the ground, due to Squirtle’s hard shell. Eevee tried to get up, but fainted easily.

Charmander however got a little bit stronger.

“Charmander! Ember!”

Charmander spat out flames at the plant.


Bulbasaur dodged to the left.

“Use Leech Seed!”

5 seeds popped out of Bulbasaur and on to the Charmander.

“Squirtle! Bubble!”

Big bubbles appeared out of Squirtle’s mouth. It hit the face of Charmander. Charmander fainted.

“CRAP!” Mark said. “Not bad,”

“Definitely!” Katie said.

They recalled their Pokemon inside their Poke Balls. Mark and Katie told them the real truth.

“We are also from the Real World.”

Ed’s jaw dropped and Gary’s expression was surprising. His eyes widened. He never expected that to happen.

“I never expected that kids come from the real world. I thought I was the only one,”

Ed, Gary, Katie and Mark continue to head north. Eddie just thought of something.

“How about you come with us?” Eddie asked.

“No, too much trouble!” Mark said.

“Yeah,” Katie said.

“Maybe we can find a way home together,” Eddie said.

“You know,” Mark said. “Trying to find home and being in this world is the best idea we had all day.”

Will Eddie, Mark, Gary and Katie get Pokemon and head to Pewter City without killing each other? Find out on… POKEMON WHITE!

Yami Ryu

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.... this is bad. Just, utterly bad. You seem to like staring multiple stories and deleting them if they get no results. I bet you didn't even write this out in word. This is un original, tacky, lacking in plot and depth and character emotion and very poorly written.

I suggest you actually attempt to put effort into writing and making a plot instead of thiefing from others plots and ideas.
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