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Pokemon Who Neeed to Appear Again


Izit cuz I is black?
TeddiUrsa said:
I was never a big fan of the fire horses but it´s true that they need more screentime in a bigger role. I m sure the new BF arc will help with that.

No way. They weren't overshowcased in Kanto, so they won't even get a cameo in this saga.


Team Rocket Admin said:


Ash's Chikorita, (Appeared for a fair amount of episodes.) Casey's Chikorita, (Appeared for one episode.) Jun'ichi's Chikorita (Flashback) and Silver's Chikorita. (Hoso.)

Yup, that sure thing is dying for more screentime.


...Do I really need to say it? Jupetta! One little bit of awesome appeal time and one equally little bit of getting his butt kicked is not cool man. Harley needs to use Jupetta-chan again, or we need another one. Both would be nice. <3

I'd like to see another Upaa (not necessarily an entire episode like in Johto) too, but I'm sure I'm the only one. ^^;


Storm Trainer
Team Rocket Admin said:
Charmander, Charmeleon, Ponyta, Porygon/2, Moltres, Chikorita, Nosepass, and more.
Actually, there's a lot of people who have Charmeleons. Oak when he was younger, Ritchie, the boy from the Crystal Onix episode.

Porygon/2 has been unfairly banned, so he probably won't have any appearances any time soon.
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Contaminated KFC
Bar Sceptile, the rest of the R/S starter final evo's have had enough. Blaziken had a massive amount of focus in the league, and a pretty major role in one of the films. Swampert got a whole episode based on it, and was seen here and there a few times. The only final starter evo pokémon that actually need a bit more screentime are Sceptile and Feraligatr, and thats all. The rest have had their time in the sun as far as I'm concerned.

Duskull hasn't even had a proper episode to itself yet, so thats a given.
Tropius got overshadowed by a Swalot in its only appearence, so it needs some screentime.
Shedinja AND Ninjask need something other than showing us that one species is fast and the other can fire solar beams constantly.
Nosepass. 'Nuff said.
Zangoose needs a decent episode battle-wise.
Shuppet AND Banette need more screentime than they got. One had a bland-as-fark filler, the other gets subjected to lame-ass animation teams and a sucky battle.
Girafarig needs to do something other than embarrass itself constantly.
Doduo was almost battered to death in its rather worthless cameo, so there's another one for the list.
Electrode should be given a task other than plot-device.
Breloom hasn't been shown enough. Its debut episode was good and all, but c'mon...
The horses. Do they have enough appearences? Nay! *bricked*
Sudowoodo is hillarious, thus DESERVES another episode.
Yanma needs to show up again at some point.
Smeargle really should get a chance to show us Sketch.

And a crap-load of others that people have more than likely already mentioned. Well, the reasonable ones at least. Not pokémon like Raichu and Charmeleon.


Storm Trainer
I think someone might actually catch Sudowoodo in the BF...
Feebas has only been shown once, and it was a cameo.


Well-Known Member
Porygon/2, Sudowoodo,Sceptile. They could do something like have porygon/2 in an episode. but not have him do whatever he did in that other episode he was in


Poison Tail!!
Here are some i think need to be seen again and i would love to see more of:

Raikou! Of course i would want more of him. He's had two normal appearences, one which was just a piece of his back, and robotic ones. Since the Raikou special hasnt been shown in America and Raikou has been shafted severely compared to all of the other legendaries, he needs more show time.
Ivysaur Very few appearences. For a pokemon that evolves from a pokemon owned by two main characters he isnt seen very often at all.
Ponyta/Rapidash My first favorite pokemon. Ponyta and Rapidash need more than cameos.
Lickitung Been so long since ive seen this pokemon i forget it exists and that Jesse even owned it.
Dratini Its so cute and i think has only been in two eps, one which was banned.
Typhlosion He has had a few appearences but he is still one of the most shafted Fire pokemon(Starter Fire pokemon) Hes got the Raikou special, a brief appearence in the Trainer School ep and Flannery's grandpa owns one. Am i missing any?
Croconaw Hes got like what? 2 appearences?
Feraligatr Hes a good ep but definetly needs to be shown more.
Houndour/Houndoom Can never have enough of these two.
Houou Needs a better actual appearence. One where he actually comes close into view and does something.
Sceptile Needs more than one appearence. But we might get it if Grovyle evolves
Electrike/Manectric Pikachu has nothing on these two. They are much better than a little Pika.

Long list i know.


The Original Shiny Pokemon
Houou could make a proper appearence in the series, I've always wondered what Houou's personality was like... hehe

Rapidash could make more appearences, most of the times it was in very minor rolls... >_> | <_< Shiny Ponyta ^^()

Obviously I'd pick the three favorite pokes of mine (tied with the chars) should make more appearences... (Latias/Latios/Myuu, even though Myuu's been in two movies now =P)

I'd say none of the main companies pokes shoud be anywhere near the top ten on who should make appearences... IMO ^^()

Proygon could use an episode, with Proygon 2 who has yet to appear in an episode (yes yes, I know they appeared in the episode that cause so much trouble in japan... But does that mean they need to basically "disappear" from the series?)

Tangala(sp?) could use some more appearences, I don't think it appeared outside of the Kanto era correct?

I'd like to see Denryuu again (It's funny, I still don't know Denryuu's American name, I've been told several times too and still forget ^^() )


Well-Known Member
Cerberus said:
Ash's Bayleef most of all.

If only to see it evolve and lost that ridiculous voice it has in the dub!


Sibling Love
Goldeen~ Misty barely used her's unfortunatly, and I really wanna see a Goldeen get a showcase episode.


Contaminated KFC
JazzJazz said:
If only to see it evolve and lost that ridiculous voice it has in the dub!
Its got the same voice in the japanese version.
....ridiculous? First time I've seen anyone have a problem with Bayleef's voice o_o Now, Casey's Bayleef I could understand, but Ash's?...


Spider Sceptile
Kyogre and Groudon by far i thought for these two titans of the Pokemon World they should have gotten more then 2 episodes even though the fact that They were following Emerald seeingly starting at that point in Pokemon Advanced Battle ticked me off. Also I think Marshtomp is the most neglected evolution of the Starters. I mean the last ep. with one to my knowdledge is Zig, Zag Zangoose.
As for Johto i think Dunscarpe and Quilva takes the cake also Furret but it appeared in Advanced Challenge


Charizard!...... seriously though I think that Larvitar should be brought back just sh**s and giggles.


Psychic Master
I want to Latios to appear in the Anime, no in a Movie, the same for Flygon (At least May's rival had one now), Ampharos, Yanma, Scizor, Espeon, Togetic, and the one I most want because it has NEVER appeard even in a movie:



Well-Known Member
Orion said:
I want to Latios to appear in the Anime, no in a Movie, the same for Flygon (At least May's rival had one now), Ampharos, Yanma, Scizor, Espeon, Togetic, and the one I most want because it has NEVER appeard even in a movie:


although scizor is cool I think other cool pokemon deserve more spotlight because scizor had way too much.


The Original Shiny Pokemon
Orion said:
I want to Latios to appear in the Anime, no in a Movie, the same for Flygon (At least May's rival had one now), Ampharos, Yanma, Scizor, Espeon, Togetic, and the one I most want because it has NEVER appeard even in a movie:


I have to admit, Latios was kindive over shadowed by Latias in the movie (well, it seemed to revolve more around her then him)... So I guess they could give them guy more of an appearence later on... ^^